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ITT Technical Institute

If you're seeking a new career or to further the one you're already enjoying, and tend to have interestes in technology fields, ITT Technical Institute could be the next step in your education. ITT has been a leading educator in the U.S. since 1969, and currently has about 48,000 students on its roster.

ITT offers over 100 locations in about 30 states with varying degree programs at each. Additionally, ITT has embraced the digital age and offers a variety of online programs.

There are six schools within ITT that allow students to truly focus on their interests and find a degree that best suits them for the start of a successful career. Not all programs are available at each campus. These schools are:
- School of Information Technology
- School of Drafting and Design
- School of Electronics Technology
- School of Business
- School of Criminal Justice
- School of Health Sciences

- Over 100 locations in 30 states
- Broad offering of degree programs
- Web site is easy to use and informative
- Online- and classroom-based programs
- Online application process
- Accreditated
- Accepts international students
- Active student life

- Few Master's programs
- Does not present financial costs
- Not all locations eligible for federal student aid
- Degree programs not offered at all locations

Cost varies from program to program, and may change over time.

Most ITT campuses are authorized to participate in federal student loan and financial aid programs.

ITT primarily focuses on offering Associate's and Bachelor's degrees.

Degree programs will vary by location, but the most popular offered include:
- Criminal Justice
- Business Administration
- Computer Drafting and Design
- Computer Network Systems
- Web Development
- Software Engineering Technology
- Information Systems Security
- Construction Management

ITT offers over 100 campuses across the U.S., in about 30 states. ITT makes learning convenient for students by offering class schedules to meet varying demands, year-round classes for faster completion, input from local businesses to ensure learning is relevant, job placement service and practical application in the classroom.

ITT also offers a Web-based program. Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's Degrees are available via the online program, with an ever-increasing number of degrees available and similar to those offered in traditional classrooms.

Life on campus will vary by location, but for many ITT campuses, there are several regularly scheduled programs, events and organizations that enhance the student experience. These can include:
- Honor Societies
- National Student Clubs
- Sports: Flag Football, Basketball
- LAN Parties
- Career Fairs
- Barbeques
- Holiday Parties

ITT Technology Institute is one of the oldest and most respected technical schools in the U.S., graduating thousands of students annually and assisting them to find careers in their area of study. ITT provides a well-rounded and relevant education and has a broad catalog of degree programs. While the school is primarily focused on technical studies for Associate's and Bachelor's degrees, they do offer some Master's Degree programs.

ITT has campuses across the U.S., as well as online-based programs, making the school conveniently accessed by almost anyone interested in pursuing a degree with this institution.

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R Yeager

Thumbs Up

I find it interesting that so many bad mouth ITT, yet they cannot spell. ITT is a tech school! You learn a trade, dont expect to transfer it. If you want a generic degree, which will transfer but not get you a job, go to a community college. Everyone should have a basic knowledge of life. Just dont expect an associate from any straight up school to set you up. I have an AA in Gen ED. I know my chemistry and physics. I also have a BS in Aviation Management, No job. I have been to an aircraft maintenance school, 24 years work with a top salary of $85,000 in which I needed no other school than the tech school. Judge for yourself!!! posted Mar 11th, 2015 12:01 am



does ITT have anything that has to do with voice acting. voice actors get payee a lot more than regular actors. its a carrier I've been wanting to do for awhile now and just a few months ago I got a letter from the school wanting to invite to be a student. voice acting has a lot to do with technology and design. just curious. posted Feb 17th, 2015 3:29 pm



Any one have the work for the Software Development 7-Quarter Associate of Applied Science Degree Program I will pay for all The work you have. posted Nov 10th, 2014 8:21 pm



do we Get money back at the end of the semester??

cause my old school ASA did and does any of our credits from our previous school..?? posted Nov 3rd, 2014 9:04 pm


Thumbs Up




Stay away from Madison AL. Electronic engineering. Piss poor and a crime its so bad. posted Feb 21st, 2014 7:37 pm



I am an ITT Tech Grad. I earned my Bachelors Degree in Construction Management. The real problem is students who have no drive or goals. This applies to traditional schools as well. I have worked my way up the ladder and have found that alot of individuals think like fromthetrenches that the focus is too much on technology at ITT Tech, however I will point out the skills to hit the ground running are what all shools should provide. The drive to succeed and thrive in your field are what will determine your level of success.

ITT Tech students have taken the same math courses required to obtain a degree at a traditional school. So the statement that they are not rooted in the fundamentals is a poorly researched statement. I have hired many graduates from many different educational backgrounds. I have found issues with the knowledge and skill levels in many of them. I have found that many ITT Tech graduates are different in that they have learned not only the theory but they know how to apply it.

I would argue that if you take a look at how many graduates from traditional schools are actually knowledgeable and rooted in the fundamentals and are capable of hitting the ground running with a limited amount of training is comperable. You have a large number of students attending traditional institutions and a handfull attending private schools. I am curious how it works out statistically.

I chose ITT Tech because I have been a working professional and their schedules enabled me to continue being a gainfully employed professional. Most traditional schools expect life to stop during your education, scheduling most classes during work hours.

During my time at ITT Tech I gained more knowledge and experience than people I knew attending a traditional school. I have taken positions with companies many of them applied for as well. I am the type of person who burried myself in my education and in my field. That is what makes success not where you attended school.

I believe many of those who knock ITT Tech are those who are affraid well trained and educated graduates from private schools are going to make their educations obsolite. I believe they are of the mind that they are elite. I believe they are going to be the ones holding the highly skilled and knowledgeable graduates from the private schools down.

That is fine the trend with many private school graduates has been entrepreneurship so they will be the ones doing the hireing. In my experience the truth is too many traditional school graduates need their hands held and extensive training in the most basic skills. Many graduates need to grow up and realize success is earned and doesn't just come from education and that piece of paper you will hang on your wall. It is drive it is commitment and it is knowling where you want to be and how you are going to get there. posted Mar 22nd, 2012 7:26 pm



how much is it to get into drafting and gesighn????????/// or the course ??????? posted Feb 15th, 2012 8:49 pm


Thumbs Down

I'm graduating from there in December and I' m afraid I just spent 50k on a degree that won't get me anywhere. All students should get a refund. posted Nov 10th, 2011 8:31 pm


Thumbs Down

I just finished the Software Development Technology Associates Degree. I knew the credits would not transfer when I signed up; however, I did not know that they were going to eliminate the entire programming portion of the curriculum. Now that I'm ready to start the Software Application Development (Bachelor), it is no longer an option. This major reorganization of the curriculum is probably a change for the better overall, but I'm stuck here high and dry, along with the rest of the ITT students who were planning to start a BS soon in programming or criminal justice. The only thing that I COULD take is a BS in project management, not at all what I wanted. posted Oct 21st, 2011 9:02 pm


Thumbs Up

I'm attending ITT Tech. I'm in my 4th quarter and its pretty good. I'm in the electronic program. The school is pretty expensive if your getting a loan. But being in the military pay for all my school fee. I have learn alot. But the students that dont show up and smoke weed during breaks are the ones that talk shit about this school and then complain to the teacher while they are stone of their ass. Its funny. The school isn't the best school but is not the worst. posted May 20th, 2011 6:52 am


Thumbs Down

The truth about ITT and related schools.....

The only types of people that go to these for-profit schools are those that cannot get into, or handle, a real university. You really want to go to a it has a convenient location? Because it offers convenient schedules? I go to a gas station because it is in a convenient location. I walk two miles to get to a college that has a good reputation. The truth is, students justify going to a subpar school like this, because they do not want to admit they cannot handle a real university. For the sake of argument, lets say ITT is a wonderful college (but their lack of REGIONAL accreditation would say otherwise), why on earth would you pay 3x the cost of a fully accredited, reputable, state college if there is any chance at all that people will look negatively on your degree because of where it came from? If I'm going to spend half the cost of a house, give something 4 years of my life, I will make huge sacrifices and go well out of my way to pick something where I know I have a strong foundation. I am not going to go through all of this, then have to fight to convince people that I have a reputable degree for the rest of my career. That’s nonsense. The fact is, ITT is simply a business and for-profit schools conflict in what is in the best interest of students. National accreditation is a joke. What matters is regional accreditation. If you want, I will go around and accredited schools, the problem is, it doesn't mean anything - just like with national accreditation. ITT is not regionally accredited for a reason, if they had high enough standards to obtain it, they would get it in a heartbeat. State colleges and technical schools have gotten much more flexible in recent years, they offer evening and online classes. There is no reason to go to a college like ITT, Globe, etc. Another thing, in ITTs commercials, how do they advertise? Do they outline their programs, state their accreditations? No, they advertise based on emotion. They do this because their curriculum is very weak and is not reputable. There is a type of student that would be attracted to this. A type of student that would be attracted to spending over 3 times the price of a fully accredited, reputable, state college degree for something as worthwhile as I can print from my computer at home. And you know what? If you are in a hiring position, and you see someone pulls up in a Chevy Metro and you learned he paid $80,000 for it and tries to justify this to you....are you going to hire him? Of course not, morons don't get hired. This is why people from ITT don't get good jobs, because they lack the aptitude to see the school for what it is, and that will show in the work they do in other ways. while its likely true some from ITT go on to get excellent jobs, what you don't know is they likely are friends with someone up the chain, which makes where you went to college irrelevant. Plus everything I said completely ignores the additional problem that schools like ITT are routinely investigated for accepting unqualified students and passing unqualified students with As, just to get government tuition money. My qualifications are that I have a bachelor's in electrical engineering and a doctorate of pharmacology from a REAL college, am very familiar with hiring process, and the fields of medicine and technology. Good luck people, hope this saved you from what you would later look back on as a major life mistake.

posted May 1st, 2011 6:58 am



I graduated from ITT Tech with an Associate's Degree in multimedia. If I could go back, I would've chosen a different school. Now I am stuck at a job where I don't make enough to pay off my student loan and I'm sure I will be paying on it for the rest of my life. The education I got was definitley not worth the $60K. If you are considering ITT Tech, consider a community college or University first. posted Feb 23rd, 2011 2:32 pm


Thumbs Up

I'm enjoying ITT, due to the fact that our instructors are teaching us much more then just what we learn in class. For exammple like how we are setting up breadboards with sensers and LEDs before we even started getting into the actually coarse work. Plus very easy to make friends here. posted Feb 21st, 2011 9:48 am


Thumbs Up

I really enjoyed most of my time at ITT. I feel that I learned a lot. I received their 2 year(2006) and 4 year(2008) degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. I consider myself an Electronic Engineer. I currently work for as a field service technician and I make more then what Test Engineers do at a company I worked for previously.

I read these comments and it appears that the campus you attended and the instructors you had for your courses really have a lot to do with your experience there. When I was going to school with a full course load I was also holding a full time job. The homework that I received seemed to keep me busy on what ever time I had to do it in.

All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and the small class sizes meant that you could get help from your instructor when you needed it. They also were very passionate about their field.

One thing to note that I did not understand when I started at the school was the difference between standard “Electrical Engineering” and “Electronics Engineering Technology”. Said Simply the “Technology” means that it is more of an applied engineering degree in that there is much less theoretical and more practical. You do learn Calculus (Differential equations, Laplace Transforms, Fourier Series and what not) but not to the extent of a standard EE degree. They put more emphasis on practical circuit design and analysis keeping in mind that components are not perfect.

I had two final projects. One for my associates degree and another capstone for my Bachelors degree. The first was a fisher price house that I converted into a computer controlled house where all the lights, the security system and ceiling fans where controlled with a laptop computer. The second was a designed from scratch Walkie talkie. I designed the oscillator, mixer amplifiers and receiver circuits.

I do agree with others that you get out what you put into it. During my associate final project I had very little time and was unable to keep up with a Micro economics class very well. I almost failed that one. The A's aren't that easy...

However, ITT seems to have a bad reputation (which is upsetting) and that in my opinion is what is keeping me from securing a position in engineering so far. Also, I do agree that ITT is really expensive and a bit difficult to repay. Another thing to consider is that if you want to continue through to a master's program at another school, ITT is not ABET accredited. That is a regional accreditation compared to its national accreditation. Some schools will still accept you, others not so much. It (ABET) is also a requirement for becoming a licensed Professional Engineer if your into that sort of thing.

I have been told that they are working on getting ABET accreditation.

I don't think ITT was a bad choice for me, It wasn't the best choice either.


Nicholas posted Feb 15th, 2011 10:02 am


Thumbs Down



Thumbs Up

I just finished my AA in Electronic Engineering and going back for a BS in a few months. The first year was pretty simple, but you learn the very basics. The first term has classes that are extremely basic. The rest of the first year, you get in to the basics and components of electronics. This is where I feel ITT gets its bad rep from. Most people take the first term, drop to save their money, then bash the program. It isnt given a chance.

The 2nd year is much harder. You really start learning about how everything works, use alot of math and programming, and build alot projects in lab. Sometimes you wont understand what you did until a different class, but it all comes together. I am very confident in what I've learned.

I will say that some Itt campuses are better than others. My campus had great teachers and labs. You just need to put in the time. Most people that say bad things have a bad experience because they made it one.

Not one person in any review I have ever read has said what they have done for their final project which I find strange. A friend of mine did a color programmed cart that follows a colored pathed to a destination, then opens the storage compartment, all voice controlled. I built(and still have in my car today) a voice reconized door lock fo automobiles. If you lock your keys in your car, you can speak your passphrase (that you choose), and it will unlock the driver side door.

Heres my point. I have never worked with electronics before. I have been at the same restaurant for 6 years. Now I work at AT&T making good money, and great opportunities ahead. Yea I'm 36k in debt, but I make enough to pay more than the minimum and get it done with.

My wife went to a major University and has a Doctoratate. The ratio of what she makes and has to pay back is about the same as it is for me. posted Feb 7th, 2011 10:03 am


Thumbs Up

I went to ITT and liked the people there because everybody knew everybody. I was use to RCC community college where they barely remember your name. I had to drop out because my wife was having complications with the pregnancy but they did everything they could to keep me in. I don't know about you but I like small classes and I've seen people get jobs at major firms ie., Edison, Boeing just for having a 2 yr degree. These employers actually come to the schools and recruit so, it can't be all bad. I start back next quarter and look forward to it. posted Jan 19th, 2011 6:34 pm



No, unless things change for me in the next semesters.

The school was way to easy to get it but i really wasn't thinking about that since in new york i was having a hard time finding any programming related collages and i don't want a school with like 200+ kids/adults in a room otherwise your not going to learn anything if you get stuck on something.

so when i go in there to talk about what kind of class's i'll be attending no prices mentioned yet. they showed me a few that seemed okay they involved c and java I'm thinking okay i'll get a 100 in java for sure , going to have to study up on c though.

so alright after i decided on being a SAP student, I'm told there will be 3 class's per week I'm thinking okay so like 2 hours day 5 days a week? never actually asked that i find out its 3 days a week 4 hours and 1 class each day. so i'm thinking okay seems like a waist of time to just do nothing for 4 days am i right?? so i ask can i have 5 or more class's a week? the advisor or what ever there called says sure but its not recommended because the class's will be very hard and you'll always being working on labs. so im like damn alright then i'll not take the extra class's then if it's going to be that hard. but that also made me happy because now i think the school is going to be super hard which is what i was hoping for i want to learn not relearn...

so my first day starts i expect all first days to be quite simple and not much is really don't exactly what it was we got books, did a little introduction of each other i was bit nervous but whatever...

eventually the teacher has some other people come in to talk about eh jobs or something and how we are all going to be competing for a job, well their was only 2 SAP students in my class so really didn't care i think in second semester theirs like 4 SAP's now. i think SAP is least taken class or something.

so as the weeks go on I'm thinking what the hell, the problem solving class i learned this crap is 2nd grade, some students had a hard time knowing the factors of 6. Even the teacher had some issues with doing some basic math. the computer class involved learning all the insides of a computer and how they work now this was a bit more fun and i did learn alot and i was thankful for this class.

so some problems with the 3 class's i took.

1. Is they usually let out at 11 if class ended at 12:24 or 10 if class ended at 11:24

2. I was not given homework almost never, when i was given homework it was usually a 5 minute job in most case's depending on class, the computer class was a bit harder but not super hard.

3. The Job people in the front desk or what ever they are called said only some of you will be able get a job since your all competing, this made me think could they maybe mean none of us will and your just saying that so if we don't get a job we can't do anything about it? because we had to sign a contract on first day that they gave us.

However many students currently enrolled are saying it will become much hard the 2nd year. Sure this is nice to hear... but why do i need to wait an entire year to actually learn something? that's stupid and is wasting my money, and it's not exactly comforting becuase if in that 2nd year i do not learn anything im trapped for both years, i probably already am but idk.

so what I'm really nervous about is i am having a difficult time finding a job to help pay for this mistake i made, and to make up for what i'm not learning at ITT-TECH.

i study various programming languages for 10-20 hours day sure it sounds stupid but when your not getting any knowledge for $40,000 and your super worried about getting a decent job you'd want to study hard to make sure you get the job you want and know how to be efficient in that job so your not fired.

posted Jan 10th, 2011 1:02 am


Thumbs Down

I should have realized that any school that advertises at 3 am is not going to be a serious school. I'm nearly done with my associates in Software Development and when I am done I will be nearly $40,000 in debt. I knew that it would be that much when I signed up but I also believed that I would be attending a school with the latest technology and information. That is the exact opposite of what I have recieved. EVERYTHING is out of date even FREE programs. And the curiculum is from about 5 years ago (which is rediculous when it comes to software). They JUST got optical mice for the labs!

I've got a lot more...

I have had several (not all, but several) teachers that are sickeningly bad. They are unprofessional, unapproachable, and uninterested. In a recent programming class, on the last day after our final, myself and several other students were still struggling to finish our final projects. We were asking the teacher to help us to get them to work. The TEACHER could not get them to work AT ALL. So I asked him if this was the first time the school had done this project, he said no. I asked how it was possible for him to not know how to do it if he had to deal with it in past classes, he said and I quote, "I think in my last class no one did it." It was the final project and no one did it. This did not surprise me as he was giving answers like that all quarter. That is a serious symptom of poor teaching ability. What really bothers all of us is the fact that every quarter we're supposed to fill out these teacher evaluations but despite ripping these teachers apart for their inability to fulfill their basic job requirements, they just keep popping back up quarter after quarter, year after year. And keep in mind that for every 100 students that graduate (just with an associates degree) they make $4 million, which does not include all the people that dropped out after a few quarters. They can afford better instructors.

For the love of god please do NOT go to this school for a computer course if you are not comfortable with computers. SEVERAL students that started up the same time I did had literally NEVER touched a computer before going there. I don't know why they thought they could jump right into programming but DO NOT FALL FOR IT! They have ALL flunked out, many without jobs, and are now struggling with thousands of dollars of debt.

Here's something that's really crazy... You don't actually buy books, they include books in the tuition and every quarter you just pick your books up. Except every... EVERY quarter they run out of books! My friends and I just figured out why this is (we believe, no evidence obviously). I think they plan on a certain percentage of students failing or dropping out every quarter and undercut how many books they buy for the next quarter. So when people DON'T fail we don't have enough books. A few friends in my math class right now are trying to keep up without books!

Don't think I just have a problem with the school because I'm not doing well, I'm a 4.0 student with perfect attendance. I wish I had the energy to go into all of the other reasons not to enroll but I hope this is sufficient for anyone reading this. It is a horrible rip off. As soon as I'm done with my associates I am out of here. I'm just hoping I can find a decent school that will let me transfer some of my credits. AVOID ITT TECH!!! posted Dec 11th, 2010 10:16 pm

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