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The Metalworks Institute of Sound and Music Production is known as Canada’s elite entertainment arts school. The Metalworks Institute is located in Mississauga, Ontario and offers degree programs specializing audio and music production. Metalworks Institute gives students the opportunity to study in depth the subjects of audio recording, audio engineering, live production, studio production and entertainment management. Both full- and part-time studies are available through the Metalworks Institute and classes start twice each year in January and August. There are several programs for students to choose from. Three are available to be completed in one year and three are available to be completed in two years.

Metalworks Institute has specific partnerships with Metalworks Studios and Metalworks Production Group giving the school insight to the music, sound, film and live event industries. With a large catalog of superstar recording artists and film stars having worked with Metalworks, students can be assured that they are getting top notch training to prepare them for jobs in the industry.

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- Ability to choose one- or two-year programs
- Full- or part-time studies available
- School has connections with Metalworks Studio and Metalworks Production Group
- Metalworks known for having worked with international recording artists
- No fee to apply for admission
- Over 30 years experience in the entertainment industry
- Each program offered allows students to choose from several jobs upon graduation


- Only one location in Canada
- No online offerings available


There are a total of six degree programs offered. Some take only one year to complete while the others take two years. Below is a listing of the programs available:

One-year programs

- Audio Production and Engineering
- Entertainment Business Management
- Show Production and Event Management

Two-year programs

- Professional Sound and Business (live production major)
- Professional Sound and Business (studio production major)
- Professional Sound (audio production major)


There is currently only one location for Metalworks Institute. It is located in Mississauga, Ontario in Canada.


Student life is not a primary focus for Metalworks Institute. The school is more about making sure that students get the proper training that they need in order to obtain their degree and earn a job in the entertainment industry. There are various special events and guest lectures that take place on campus that students can attend and get involved in.


Breaking into the entertainment industry can be difficult. There are often stories about people who have been successful, and just how hard they had to work to obtain that success. Imagine how much harder that might be if you don’t have the proper training. Metalworks Institute of Sound and Music Production offers the specialized training to open doors for many jobs in entertainment. Not only does Metalworks Institute offer the training, but a history of success within the music industry. The school is located in Canada, which may be inaccessible for some, but if you are mobile then it’s definitely worth getting more information. There are so many jobs available with the proper training. The only thing left for you to do is get the knowledge.

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Thumbs Up

negative comments are rarely any one other than a failed student. dont blame others because you couldn't keep up. educationally and socially. posted Apr 10th, 2018 5:35 pm


Thumbs Down

complete rip off, come pay 40k and learn music. not worth it at all. the music industry is about meeting people. yes its good to meet people with the same goals as you, but not for 40k it isnt. even my classmates hated it. nothing there is good quality or regularly fixed, everything is falling apart. broken mics, broken speakers, headphones, instruments. we all got promised we would have spaces for rehearsals and jamming. not only is there no spaces to play, for the rooms there are its always "no you cant jam", "no the room is booked already", so you cant ever have anytime to practice, drummers especially. another promise was ensembles, ya that didnt happen till the last 2 terms. as for the organization. hah give me a break. its like they have no idea what the fuck is going on. i didnt even get my new schedule until a week before the classes started. then you have to factor in millions of rescheduling classes because of how much they fuck up. it is really annoying. and by the end of it nothing has been taught for what and how to start your career in the music industry. the only upside is the teachers are nice and know how to teach you, but their job is to teach so..... Nothing is above and beyond, not worth 40k to sit on my ass afterwords. id recommend looking elsewhere for a music school. Humber, or fuck even Berklee in boston MA, it costs more but you get your money worth posted Aug 6th, 2014 10:37 pm


Thumbs Down

MWI can be good for some, and a waste of time for others. My experience was not good. The teachers were disrespectful, centered students out. People were failed to make sure they retake the classes at 500 a pop, students were set up to fail. Seemed like an entire bait & switch operation. They said and promised a lot of things, but did the opposite. I left when I saw the writing on the walls that it was a operation preying on hopes and dreams of students. I even overheard teachers rating students and in picking who was going to pass and fail. Very unprofessional in every respect. The only upstanding thing they did was give me a refund on time remaining.

I would not recommend this school. Look into OIART in London, it has been around for a long time and truly respected as a learning facilities in the entertainment industry.

Metalworks was a shag rugged studio that needed cash infusion...IE. Students to pay the freight to stay in business......very shady. Bad reviews are posted for a reason even with good ones floating around out there.

Please beware and explore other options, seriously. posted Dec 6th, 2011 9:52 pm

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