Scholarships 4 Moms

A $10,000 scholarship available just for mothers.

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Scholarships 4 Moms


Going back to school to complete a degree you started years ago, or start earning a new one can be difficult after a considerable amount of time off. Many working adults have various reasons for taking time off from school. One of the most challenging things to do can be mixing college classes with an already overworked lifestyle. Although many try and attend classes while maintaining their current work and family obligations, one other obstacle can be financing.

Going back to school is not only difficult to find time for, but paying for it can be cumbersome as well. Most working adults don’t have the luxury of quitting their jobs to attend school full-time when they decide to get their college degree. And although college graduates earn more statistically, becoming a college graduate costs money.

One demographic that might have an even harder time reaching their education goals are mothers. While trying to raise their children and work, some moms might find that they just don’t have the funds available to go to school to get their college degree. There are some resources available to help mothers obtain their degree though.

One of those resources is Scholarships4Moms is a part of the group that gives away a $10,000 scholarship several times per year. This program is great because the recipient can choose which university they want to attend, including online universities. It is also possible for the recipient to win the scholarship and share it with someone else if they choose to do so. There is a short registration form to fill out to get entered for the scholarship, and Scholarships4Moms offers many tools to help you find other loans and scholarships that are available.


- $10,000 scholarship awarded several times per year
- Scholarships can be used at school of choice
- Does not have to be paid back
- Can be used to cover tuition, books, or other college related expenses
- Scholarship can be shared with a friend or family member


- Scholarship is not exclusive to mothers
- Lack of information required can make scholarship seem suspicious


Winners of the scholarship can use it toward obtaining the degree of their choice. There are no limitations on a particular type of degree that it has to be used toward.


Winners of this scholarship can choose the school they attend. This scholarship can even be used toward obtaining your GED. There is no specific school or group of schools that you must go to if you win.


Because this is a scholarship, student life is not the focus. Student life would really depend on which school you attend.


Financing college is an expense that like all others is constantly on the rise. More and more people struggle with the thought of being able to afford college for their kids. And many adults that desire to go to college also worry about the costs involved.

If you are a mom, you have the added expense of raising children and probably are not able to drop everything to go back to school. Winning the $10,000 scholarship from Scholarships4Moms could really help ease some of that college burden. But of course, you can’t win the money if you don’t register first. You could be the next person to receive the winning call.

There are many opportunities out there for scholarships and help to finance your education. Explore them all so that you can get the education you’ve always dreamed of.

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