Education App Reviews

  • Alien Equation iPhone App

    Alien Equation is a fun and engaging mathematics skill iPhone app.
  • Babylon

    Babylon is a software program that allows users to translate text between 75 different languages. It also offers definitions of slag, jargon, and technical terms.
  • Colleges iPhone App

    Colleges iPhone app is a vital tool for counselors, students or parents going through the college selection process.
  • Digit Defenders iPhone App

    Digit Defenders is a fun mathematics app for the iPhone that teaches preschool through college students the basics of math through quadratic equations.
  • Evernote iPhone App

    Keep your life more organized with this versatile life-management tool. The Evernote iPhone app makes organization a simple task.
  • Formulus Free iPhone App

    Formulus Free is a simple, easy to operate iPhone app with a collection of subject matter geared towards high school and college students who are taking Calculus 1 & 2.
  • MatheMagics

    You can do math more easily and more quickly in your head with the Mathemagics iPhone app. Also ideal for preparing for standardized tests.
  • myHomework

    myHomework is a simple and easy way for students of all ages to keep track of projects, tests and homework assignments.
  • Spanish Tutor iPhone App

    The Spanish Tutor app for iPhone is an interactive study guide to learn the Spanish language.
  • Stacks iPhone App

    Expand your knowledge of a variety of topics with this fun flashcard iPhone app, Stacks.

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