Amazon Kindle Kicks Textbooks to the Curb

It’s no secret that textbooks are expensive, and that they weigh a ton, especially when walking around campus. For some college students, lugging that bag of books across the quad is as close as they get to weight kindle

Considering that it’s 2008, do college students really have to own textbooks the way their parents did? For that matter, their great grandparents?

We don’t think so. Earlier this year, released an electronic, wireless reading tool called the Amazon Kindle. You can download entire books from a selection of 140,000- including current New York Times Best Sellers. At any one time, it can store more than 200 book titles. You can download and read newspapers from around the world, as well as access more than 350 blogs, and Wikipedia.

What does this mean for hump-backed college kids? No more textbooks. Amazon is working to release an 8.5″ x 11″ screen model in the new year (currently has a 6″ display). This newer Kindle model will allow Amazon to broaden the marketability of the product- and ideally make it available to college students to download their college textbooks (roughly a $5 billion business in the U.S.).

The Kindle is ideal for college students because its wireless connection is similar to that of a cell phone- so you don’t need a wifi connection. The current Kindle weighs just over half a pound, making it effortless to toss in a bag, or carry in your hand.

The current Kindle sells for $359; the larger version will no doubt cost more. While that might give you sticker shock- consider one semester’s worth of printed books will usually cost more than that. Full-version book downloads currently cost $9.99 each.

16 Responses to “Amazon Kindle Kicks Textbooks to the Curb”

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  5. Robillard Verdoot says:

    I don’t think I will ever own another book, the Kindle is that good.

    I would like it if the Kindle could have a ( refer a Friend ) network. you could have your friends that read the same type of book as you read and you could simply send a message from the Kindle directly to them on their Kindle with a sample of the book. You could offer some sort of discount or reward points if that person buys the referred book. You could use your discounts or points to purchase new books on the Kindle.

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  7. tracy says:

    the kndle is awesme!!! u guys should make more!!

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  9. Kindle Fun says:

    I am always searching for online resources that can help me. Thank you!

  10. Chris Kindle says:

    Just came across your blog on Google. Interesting post, you bring up a few good things to think about. Good luck with the blog.

  11. Solomon Chemistry Textbook says:

    Thanks for your Kindle review. ^_^

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  15. Kimberly says:

    As a Kindle owner and college student, I’d love to see college textbooks available in Kindle format. However, there absolutely must be a way to reference text page numbers that match the print version in order for this to fly. A person reading on a Kindle simply does not have the ability to ‘turn to page 217’.

    This is also a serious drawback for anyone who would want to use Kindle books as references for papers, because most of the accepted citation standards require a page number where the information is located.

    I understand why the Kindle has ‘locations’ instead of ‘page numbers’; it’s because the font size is adjustable on the fly. But there must be a way to reference page numbers, perhaps on the page’s menu along with the options to bookmark, etc. This would broaden the appeal for book club members in addition to students.

  16. info says:

    This is totally game changing. I wish I had a kindle for my textbooks in college!

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