The Ten Commandments of College Girl Attire

Shopping for a new college wardrobe? Think simple! As a college student, you lack time and money, and your wardrobe is going to need to reflect this. Sure, you can look cute and stylish, but functional clothing is the key– especially during the week when classes are in session.

Here are the Ten Commandments of College Girl Attire:

1. Thou shalt wear comfortable shoes. You’re going to be walking around campus all day, and this isn’t Sex and the City. Save the stilettos for the weekends, and come to campus equipped with comfortable walking shoes. And when it’s snowy and icy out, make sure you’re prepared with decent boots. Nothing says, “I don’t have a clue” more than a female student slipping and sliding across campus in heels on an icy day.

Not for campus!

2. Thou shalt not fill up your dorm room with clothes. You have to share this room with someone else, and she’s not going to appreciate it if you bring in every piece of clothing you own.

3. Thou shalt never bring clothes that need ironing or hand-washing. Do you have any idea how busy you’re going to be?

4. Thou shalt come to class fully clothed. Ladies, save the cleavage for the weekend. Wear whatever you want to a party, but if you want people to take you seriously, dress at least somewhat modestly.

5. Thou shalt layer. You’re going to be going in and out of buildings frequently, and many college buildings haven’t updated their heating and air conditioning systems since, say, 1943.

6. Thou shalt not bother getting all dolled up for your 8 a.m. class. Sleep is too valuable for that. Grab a baseball cap or throw your hair into a ponytail–and out the door you go.

7. Thou shalt buy used clothing. Most college campuses have fabulous thrift stores nearby where you can buy and sell clothing–plus there’s always eBay. Don’t be a snob.

8. Thou shalt dress warmly even if it messes up your clothes and hair. Bundle up, ladies! Anyone who thinks less of you because you have hat hair on a frigid day isn’t worth impressing.Bundle up, girl!

9. Thou shalt bring a decent bathrobe and pajamas. When you share a dorm room, apartment, or sorority room with roommates, privacy is minimal.

10. Thou shalt wear whatever the heck thou want. Do you really care what other people think? This isn’t high school, so don’t worry if it’s an Abercrombie campus or a granola campus or whatever. Be yourself.

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