Wordless Wednesday: High School Graduates

High School Graduation

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  1. More U.S. Students Getting High School Diplomas | Edu in Review Blog says:

    […] rose from 72 percent in 2001 to 75 percent in 2008. It is important to note that the increase in graduation rates and decrease in the number of dropout factories happened while states were making their curriculum […]

  2. High School Senior Denied Diploma for a Kiss | Edu in Review Blog says:

    […] years of hard work rewarded by a single piece of paper – the diploma. Unfortunately, a Bonny Eagle high school student had an unexpected surprise after he blew his family a kiss on his way to accept his […]

  3. More Education Equals Healthier Lives | Edu in Review Blog says:

    […] study surveyed adults across the nation. The findings included that high school graduates are 2.5 times more likely to report feeling healthy than those who have not graduated high school. […]

  4. The Economy and Your Education | Edu in Review Blog says:

    […] Indiana knows about dropouts. For the past decade, only 66% of high school students graduated. The majority of these students dropped out in order to get a job and make money. However, in the […]

  5. Graduation is Right Around the Corner | Edu in Review Blog says:

    […] Sweet in the sense that we have less than 30 days until Seniors Last Day. Almost a month until graduation. Bitter then considering it may be the last time we see some of our friends, knowing we are going […]

  6. info says:

    Sobeit, where is your district?

  7. sobeit says:

    Urgh….I knew that we would be in the lowest category! Our district employed a new motto and strategic plan to help with graduation rates.

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