5 School Supplies Every High School Student Needs

school suppliesOver the past years, I have come to discover that not only remaining organized throughout the school year, but also having the right school supplies, really helps you out in the long run. Of course in high school, most students don’t receive a list of supplies that are necessary, or if a list is handed out, its by a particular teacher that only gives a list of supplies that pertains to their class.

Over the past 3 years, I have found five supplies that come in handy and every high school student should have with them throughout the entire year.

  1. Backpack- The reason for having a backpack is pretty much obvious. Without a backpack you are more likely to misplace papers, whether they are important or not. Having a backpack will give you a place to store not only your papers, but also the rest of your supplies, making you more organized.  And although a backpack may make you feel like a pack mule, in the end, having the backpack definitely pays off because you are more organized.
  2. Notebook Paper– Every class needs notebook paper. I have even used notebook paper in band for finals. Be sure to have plenty of it. Not only do you need notebook paper, I’m positive many people will ask for notebook paper throughout the year because they themselves will not be as prepared, only buying enough paper to last them the first semester. Also, be sure to get nice notebook paper, last year my mom picked up a package of notebook paper for me and it was made so cheaply that my pens ripped it when I wrote on it. So be sure you have good quality and PLENTY of notebook paper.
  3. Pen and Pencil– You won’t go far with just your notebook paper. Pencils are necessary for classes such as math and English where mistakes are bound to happen, no matter how careful. Then pens can be used in almost any other class or on final drafts for important papers (if they are not typed). Pencils also come in handy for standardized testing, such as on the ACT/SAT and AP tests (be sure to use actual wooden pencils on such tests because there is now a rule forbidding the use of mechanical pencils on the SAT and ACT).
  4. Calculator– No matter what level math, a calculator is needed. Of course, not only will you find your calculator useful in math class, but also in science classes that involve math (such as physics), your calculator will become your best friend. Much like the pencils, you will also need your calculator on most standardized tests and most calculators used in schools are allowed on such tests, but before test day, be sure to double check that your calculators are allowed.
  5. Notecards– This supply may seem one of the less obvious as to why they are a necessity, but they have definitely come in handy at one time in particular: study time. I have used notecards to study multiple things such as dates for history tests. Notecards although come in handy for something to write quick notes on or to shove in a book as a bookmark. Notecards definitely prove their usefullness in the weirdest of times and when you would least expect them to.

When going over a school supply list, be sure these five items are on your list. I’m sure you will be much more successful with these items than without!

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  1. Katrina says:

    Nice list. Listing from school teachers really helps me a lot in deciding what school supplies to buy and actually big saving is expected if followed. We have to admit that our kids wanted everything and if we are clueless of what they need we tend to buy excessively and too much waste of money.

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  7. Mitch Spall says:

    I feel that way often in person and sometimes on blogs — that the conversation is so established I would be interrupting. I know exactly what you mean about that.

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  10. nail school says:

    After completing cosmetology college I had the time of my life, travelling on cruise ships, visiting far off destinations, and having great adventures. Granted it was hard work but such a great opportunity and experience.

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