Barack Obama’s Education Background

He’s probably one of the more worldly candidates running for President this year. Barack Obama has traveled the world, and his travels took him to a few well-known universities. Find out if you share an alma mater with Obama, or just get more information about this candidate before you vote.

barack obama

High School:
Punahou School
Honolulu, HI
Graduated in 1979

Occidental College, 2 years, no degree

Columbia University
Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations
Graduated in 1983

Harvard Law
Juris Doctorate (J.D.)
Graduated in 1991
Magna Cum Laude

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  3. Cecil Jaffe says:

    There is now circulating innuendo as to whether Pres. Obama actually attended Columbia Univerisity, or not. Inferences that others in school at that time do not remember him. It is not surprising that his denigrators will put together such nonsense, and there are those who delight in accepting and then joyfully passing on this tripe.
    Such is the product of fools.

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  5. William Hart says:

    What did president Obama do in the years of 1983 thru1991?

    Thank You
    William Hart

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  7. John Bliss says:

    Educational background makes a difference in a leader’s perspective, along with wisdom and vision. Although Obama is highly educated and cultured, which shows in his great historical speeches, he is also a realist.

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  10. Shaina Haubert says:

    so far i dont see obama doing any better job with the economy than it has been when he picked up. US$ still at record low

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  14. Patrick Kroencke says:

    An individual self-sufficient tone of voice about NBC within the Tv show. This individual has a truly tough immigration law policy. This individual managed to graduate on the Harvard College. At this time he provides his a single Stereo Show. He do not such as the particular States us president.

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  17. Lisa says:

    Did Obama really get a degree from Columbia in just one year after spending 2 years at Occidental College?

    Where was Obama from 1983 to 1991? Three years of law school and what else?

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  19. dr tom bradley says:

    I wonder if everyone here who feels the need to see Obamas transcripts will be kind enough to post their own here please. Obviously privacy is not an issue. So I will glady take a look at YOUR own record and compare this to Obamas.

  20. Virginia Guess says:

    Really great article – I was thinking about a similar article which I will probably still take a shot at, but from a slightly different angle. Thanks for sharing this with your readers…I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates it.

  21. Brooks Larabell says:

    Thanks a bunchI really liked reading this. It makes me want to start my own weblog! Just what topic though? I am a dentist by profession but can’t imagine most people wanting to read about dentistry? Maybe I am wrong! Brooks Larabell

  22. tom hinkle says:

    I agree with Julie, that in many jobs, personal information (even credit score these days) is required.

    As far as I know, haveing a college degree is NOT a requirement of being president.. Washington didn’t have one.

    From what I know of Obama, he does not feel this is germain to any detail of running the country. Nor has it ever been requested of any other President in history. I believe that he believes it is simply a distraction and there is actual Important work that needs to be done.

  23. Julie Hoo says:

    I work at a major university and we require official transcripts for any job that requires a degree. Why? Because people lie. I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve uncovered outright lies, falsified diplomas and unofficial transcripts, and red flags that have caused us to withdraw our job offers. If someone has nothing to hide, they should be more forthcoming with the requested documents. Same goes for Presidents. I don’t care if he’s already in office. This should be investigated.

  24. Pims says:

    I can name another job where your transcripts are required.The United States Military, each branch as well as the National Guard require your transcripts.I would bet the Coast Guard as well.

  25. SRDB says:

    Hi Robert,

    As Brandi stated above, he’s been elected and so unless something damaging can come of finding out he didn’t ace a class at Columbia or worse, then he won’t release them.

    That then leads us to believe that there IS something damaging in those records. So, your friend is probably right. Instead of debating him, try to find those records.

    Good luck.

  26. Brandi says:

    Hi Robert-

    Thanks for your inquiry. There really hasn’t been a clear answer given on why Obama won’t release the records. Maybe he feels it’s personal information and not relevant to his position as president. Can you name another job where you have to share your GPA or show your employer a transcript?

    At this point, he’s been elected and so unless something damaging can come of finding out he didn’t ace a class at Columbia, it’s probably a moot point that’s not likely to be resolved.

    Good luck debating your friend.

  27. Robert DeSimone says:

    Dear Ed In Review,

    As indicated below, a friend persists in asking why President Obama refuses to release his college records. Please let me know how I may respond to his question.

    See below.


    Bob DeSimone

    Hi Bob, I have not only seen this article a long time ago, I also know it is a hoax. That fact has also has been known for a long time.

    But my basic question remains. WHY DOES OBAMA REFUSE TO RELEASE ANY OF HIS COLLEGE RECORDS OR TRANSCRTIPS. There is no reason for a bright young man to withhold such date UNLESS he has something to hide. I am aware that more than one group, anti Obama folks, have tried to see his records. I find it irreprehensible that there could be any logical reason to withhold such records, similarly when Bush tried to withhold his National Guard data, he finally released it; and it turned out that he had put in his time, case closed.

    Any man or woman who serves in a major public office, regardless of what government job they take, MUST accept the fact that there life can be viewed. It is a protection for “the people”; it is designed to prevents criminals from holding public office with access to public funds. We are NOT South or Central America. We are a nation of honor. Do you have an answer I do not know….that is, can you give me a logical reason why his “college” transcripts should be considered privileged?

    All the best, Dante

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