Four Remaining All-Men’s Colleges in the United States

Looking for an all-male college?  In the United States, these schools are hard to come by.  Up until the 1950s, single sex colleges and universities were widespread, but that quickly changed as most formerly male schools went coed.  Today, although there about 60 all women’s colleges in the United States, there are only four all male, four year colleges (not counting religious vocational institutions).

So why do young men choose to go to all-male schools?  According to Time Magazine, these schools market themselves as being places with lots of personal attention and camaraderie between males, without the distractions that come with coed institutions.  As you can imagine, many of the students who choose to attend these schools are fairly traditional and conservative, but that’s certainly not true for everyone.

Here’s a little more information about the four remaining all-male, four-year colleges in the United States:

1) Wabash College

Located in the tiny town of Crawfordsville, Indiana, this school of 977 students might not sound like the most exciting place to go to school.  However, Wabash, which has a reputation throughout the Midwest for its rigorous academics, has a very active sports and fraternity scene, and many students are also very involved in the local community.  Wabash is unique in that students have a great deal of behavioral leniency.  There’s only one rule: The Gentleman’s Rule, which states that, “A Wabash man is to conduct himself as a gentleman at all times, both on and off campus.”

2) Hampden-Sydney College

Located in rural central Virginia, this college of about 1,000 is known for outstanding teaching and unabashedly conservative students.  There’s a strict honor code at Hampden-Sydney, and students take this and their academics very seriously. Sports is huge, especially football, and students dress in formal attire on football weekends.

3. Morehouse College

Along with being an all-male college, this Atlanta school of 2,900 students is one of the most prestigious historically black colleges in the United States.  The academic atmosphere is tough, but there’s a strong atmosphere of camaraderie, as everyone wants to help each other succeed.  This dry campus doesn’t offer an overabundance of activities, but since it’s located in Atlanta, students find plenty to do — and Spelman College, an equally prestigious historically black college for women, is in walking distance.

4) St. John’s University

Located in Collegeville, Minnesota, St. John’s is sort of a compromise between co-ed and all male.  This Roman Catholic affiliated college is tightly affiliated with the College of Saint Benedict, an all women’s college in the nearby town of St. Joseph.  Students live on separate campuses, but they take classes together and have access to resources on both campuses.

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  1. John says:

    Odd that you mention St. John’s affiliation with the College of Saint Benedict but say only that Morehouse is “in walking distance” of Spelman. Morehouse and Spelman practically share a campus and students can cross register classes. Wabash and Hampden-Sydney are the only two truly men’s colleges remaining.

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  3. James A. says:

    Wabash College provides a rigorous liberal arts education where the ability to think ones way through subjects of importance is taught. For a small College a surprising number if major company CEOs are Wabash grads. The bond amongst Wabash alumni across all age groups is clearly palpable, helping with careers and making for lifelong brothers. Go Wabash!

  4. Michael Carroll says:

    The war on men and boys continues.I am interested in education in which the interests of males are not subordinated to a Feminazi agenda and its anti-male hostile school environment. I am not interested, however, in any school that prescribes right-wing orthodoxy or left-wing PC. I want more education and less agitprop or indoctrination.

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  7. Sandra R says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  8. richel says:

    Informative article…thank you..

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