The Worst Colleges in America

Browse the library or the Internet, and you’ll find dozens of “best college” rankings lists. But where do you find information about the worst colleges?  Radar Magazine provides an annual list of the Worst Colleges in America.  Keep in mind that these rankings are pretty subjective — but hey, aren’t all college rankings?

They explain the research behind their list – “Our annual college survey is an exhaustive, semiscientific guide to the most substandard schools in America, incorporating statistics on academics, graduation rates, and student life from a diverse array of sources, including the Princeton Review, U.S. News & World Report, and the U.S. Department of Education.”

According to Radar Magazine, here are the worst colleges in America:

University of Bridgeport is America's Worst College.

The Worst College in America: University of Bridgeport

Worst of the Big Ten: Michigan State University

Worst Trust-Fund-Baby College: Bennington College

Worst Ivy League School: Cornell University

Worst Christian School: Liberty University

Worst Party School (tie): San Diego State University and California State University, Chico

Worst Military Academy: Virginia Military Institute

Worst Women’s School: Texas Woman’s University

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  1. Bram says:


  2. Perry says:

    Bennington is a really incredible school. Its programs are definitely going to be the future of college education. the idea of majors and requirements are really archaic. I have a 4.3 GPA and a 2150 on the SATs and got into washington university, Barnard, and Pomona, and I’m going to Bennington instead next year. It provides work experience and a really specialized education, so I’m confident I will get a job after graduating, especially with the help of the amazing faculty at the school. Plus, I’m not a trust fund baby and I got a huge scholarship cause they are need blind.
    this list is idiotic.

  3. Thai professor says:

    Thai election on July 3, 11. CORRUPTION CLASS practising, thai students (not allowed ) paid to chair person, professor lee almost all the accounting subjects learning at au (extra class teaching) Non-degree subject teachers (burmese, tagalog and indians are appointed to teach, otherwise 600 students per subject per semester (act 1600 only) will not retake.Main income of shool comes from the subjects repeating, restaurant rent fees, domitory because 500 intelligent students study free per semester (shcolarship given to hundred of highschools in thailand, otherwise 80% of each class has to drop). Thousand of students complaned about the university, check facebook (???????)

  4. TIBBYBOO says:

    At university in thai, if the guard finds you with the followings, you have to pay seven dollars to school.
    1. skirt wearing as short (tight) as everyday using by profesor Lee.
    2. slipper wearing to campus like professor Jane Detnaber (from India)
    3. no shirt tug in the trousers or skirts
    4. no school belt nor school buttons.
    5. smoking in the prohibited area.
    6. song singing for late coming to class taught by professor June. ( recommend you not to take moring class at bangna. In the morning at 830am, there are hundreds of cars waiting in que to enter the campus, only one door, car parking not enough, not free $1.5
    7. Just found out today, Englsh Native speakers for thai students have no bachelor degree.

  5. TIBBYBOO says:


  6. sasalala says:

    At Assu university in thai, you wll find

    1. Many and many Poor quality teachers, accounting teachers do
    not know how to do accounting cycle.
    2. Accounting teachers do not know how to allocate the marks for the answer they ask.
    3. Teacher grades papers badly.
    4. Chairperson and department members make money at home, from their own thai students.
    5. After and being chairperson, gives tutorial class every subject she teaches at AU.
    6. Main income is the tutorial class, Can you expect anything from the school class.
    7. Subordinates are voiceless, indians, burmese and philipine from poor countries.
    8. We must not be very outstandings, otherwise 80 % of each class (total 20 classes per subject) will not go to tutorial class . At lease, the chair earns some rent 30000 per month from tutors.
    9. Assistant to chai, Mss vicky v. (poor accountng knowledge) is hired to fail the thai students.
    10. Thai students (don’t study hard) are willingly to pay to chair , Miss Lee, Miss Lek, Miss Noi. Mr. P for thai version class.

  7. sasalala says:

    As long as the bridgetport teachers know how to grade the papers and make no money from their own students at home. This is ok.

  8. homeschool college student says:

    You forgot to put the University of Memphis on this list. The dorms are rowdy, dangerous, and like something out of the Third World. Also, the administration is terrible. I went there for two years, and something was always going wrong. Once, an important letter from them got lost because they had changed my address in the system without my asking or knowledge. I had filed a temporary change of address with the post office for the Christmas break, but it was perfectly clear that the change was only temporary. Also, I made it a point to mail it from an off-campus post office so that the school wouldn’t record me as having an address change. A few weeks after Christmas break ended, they finally found that the letter had just been returned to them. It had been addressed to my temporary address by the school (no forwarding label from the post office), and it had been posted after I’d left that address. The lady in the office showed me the envelope as though it was my fault that the address had been changed. I had never filed a change of address with the school, only with the US mail.

    Then there was the time I applied for on-campus housing, making it perfectly clear that I needed the type of housing that’s open during the winter break. I was assigned to non-extended housing, and spent the last month of the fall semester worried sick over what I was going to do about Christmas break. I only had one relative in the US, who is very abusive, and had nowhere to go over those four weeks. Fortunately, I found a boarding house not far away.

    The university also presented their dorms as though they’re quiet enough to study in, and as though the rules are well enforced. Instead, there was loud rap music pounding through the walls most of the time, accented by wild shreiking. I wrote to the housing office telling them about the noise, and suggesting that a rule be introduced requiring people to use headphones if they want to listen to music. Rather than enforcing the house rules, they wrote back asking me to circulate a petition.

    My advice to any college-bound student is simple: Don’t go to the University of Memphis!

  9. Domjan tyrese somalio says:

    um yea, idk why people are dissing bridgeport so much. bridgeport is a good school and your all just a bunch of idiet haters. whats more important?? im in college and you idiets are wasting your life away flipping the burgers of despair.

  10. the truth says:

    UB is a way better college than what these people think. Oh and you’ll get loser students who have nothing better to do than trash their college on the internet AT ANY COLLEGE.

  11. Skinny McGruder says:

    Frankly, I don’t care where they get their epsom salt from. The day that I start handing out shoe laces will be when a Hemi engine can hold its own in a game of horseshoes. And another thing: why is it that lawn chairs don’t have ears??? Someone tell me that.

  12. Buklau says:

    Chuck Norris and Beyonce would make a great couple

  13. Buklau says:

    Dude i just found an alien in my backyard, it was walking around when all of a sudden it looked at me and i said “ET! Back away before i get water on you” because everyone knows that robots and aliens are allergic to water, thats what the funny alien on star wars said when he went on saturday night live with justin beiber

  14. Buklau says:


  15. Buklau says:

    oh honey i got the worst case of diahrrea right now oh crap there it goes but on the bright side i just switched to gieco and saved 15% or more by listening to the caveman and his lizard friend

  16. Buklau says:

    Harvard sucks my ex-daughter goes there and she was the valedictorian for Hogwarts High School and she was the highest scoring quidditch player for her team and when she went there she found out that tupac was still alive and that ownage pranks on youtube is really funny oh and did i mention how old martha stuart is

  17. Top Online Degrees says:

    Our annual college survey is an exhaustive, semiscientific guide to the most substandard schools in America.

  18. Zaiditu Persaud says:

    This is very discouraging. I start my freshman year at Bridgeport in a couple of weeks. I was extremely ecstatic before but now I am just altogether disgusted especially by the ignorant comments posted by students who I bet don’t even attend the University but just want to make a fool out of it. I truly believe that it is up to you as an individual to make it in life. I don’t like it when I see people judge someone based on the school they’ve attended. There are people in this world who hold a degree from some of the best schools in America yes but does that mean that they are brilliant because of what a piece of paper says…NO ! I didn’t even start at the school yet and I can already tell just from visiting that Bridgeport is not one of the greatest schools of all time. But they have the potential to be better which is one thing that I admire about the school and with the economic situation of our country right now it obviously won’t take a month for the school to become fantastic. I know that Bridgeport has had plenty of problems in the past, many schools have but it’s interesting that people just enjoy bringing up the problems of Bridgeport a University located within an urban community that is often affiliated with a religion that people don’t have a clue about. What about now? Instead of basing your research on information about the school from 20-30 years ago how about you give the readers info on what the University is doing now to gain a better reputation. I truly don’t believe that it is one of the worst schools in America. If this is what you call research then you need to spend a couple of more years in school because I highly doubt you enlightened a lot of people; instead you have everyone bewildered by your lack of knowledge. Everyone has their mind made up about Bridgeport because of their concerns regarding the Unification church. As usual Americans do what they’re exceptionally good at, fear the unknown. The University is really beautiful on the inside & the faculty/students are really helpful maybe even more helpful than other schools i’ve visited. Bridgeport may not have the best dorms, students with a “Harvard brain”, and it’s not located in one of the best areas it’s up to you to have either a good/bad experience for the next four years of your life. If you read nonsense such as this then obviously you won’t enjoy your college experience but i’ve read it and I don’t have a care in the world for it because at the end of the day it’s about what I accomplish at Bridgeport, what I do to help the school become better and what I will continue to do for the school even when I am an alumni.

  19. Lester Dermody says:

    wow, after reading this post I now see why this approach is extremely important mankinds well being, thanks a lot! Thanks

  20. Does Barack Obama Have a Learning Disability? - Oklahoma Online says:

    [...] Harvard exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the students at University of Bridgeport believe in Bridgeport exceptionalism" — i.e., there is nothing special about a Harvard grade. This essay is not [...]

  21. Talisha says:

    What about LA International college? Is it an good online college?

  22. IonaMan14 says:

    @John ,
    was that your college essay ?

  23. blogomaniac says:

    Is the University of Phoenix still considered a diploma mill? They now have a football stadium; in fact, the one that is supposed to be hosting the next (?)Super Bowl. That’s the site that is controversial, not because of the ‘University’s’ reputation, but rather the state of Arizona creating a law that offends immigrants and left wing illegal sympathizers.

    If they move the Super Bowl from Phoenix, why not close Lambeau Field in Green Bay because Wisconsin has an inordinate amount of prison inmates, especially minorities, in a state where there aren’t many minorities? That state is facist and I’m sure there are many innocents incarcerated.

    My latter argument supercedes the one against Arizona where they are just excerising states rights. There should be no illegals in the U.S. and there should be no innocent people in prison.

  24. watermeloniqua says:

    ohh i wudnt dun yA hurrr, shout outt 2 ma homeboy ray ray in jail datts how we does it BROOKLYN and ma babii mama shanique laquisha and shananaynay nd 2 maa sugaa mama yehh universidy o bridgeportt ye digg dats how we does zone 4 kfc representt dattt dont stop git it git it zone 4 KFC wher bridgeport at where bridgeport at

  25. watermeloniqua says:

    heyy yall i bee goinnn two da ooniversity a bridgeportt, representt! BR BR BRIDGEPORT throw it up! maynee the campus is of de hizzle fo shizzle man DAYgot kfc on campus so i get my grub on ya feel me, dey gott$$ datt grape drankk ye digg, and all we do is lurn bout how to run from da POOLEECEE and how 2 sell DAT ROCK CRACK son. yeo i bee gittin my lil waynez on in da rap class, sunn ima be baggin dem big booty judyss yaa hurrrr dont stop git it git it pop thatt doo doo brown… GUCCCIII BURRRR

  26. Whitney says:




  27. tim says:

    ‘Worst Ivy league’ doesnt mean shit. Cornell’s still better than thousands of colleges worldwide/ in US.

  28. Tron Biggumz says:



  29. Chris says:

    Ha it’s funny to see SIU mentioned in this posting….


  30. MBB says:

    I personally went to Oxford.

  31. Jake says:

    I went to UB the greatest freakin school on earth. Even though all the other schools rejected me for my low SATs (290 – Math, 410- Critical Reading, 430 Writing) I made it with a scholarship. I may not be smart but I was good enough to get into COLLEGE. I first learned how to do algebra problems like “x + 1 = 2″ and then progressed to harder problems. I failed Algebra II one time and finally got that C-. I later got diagnosed as mentally retarded which helped to explain why I was such a slow reader and terrible at math. I’m now a proud UB graduate student in political science. I hope that one day I will be a great senator despite my reading deficiencies and lack of ability to do simple math problems.

    I encourage everyone of my ability to apply to UB. I made it with a degree in political science. I was at the bottom of my high school but ended up at the top 5% of the graduating UB class. I might be mentally retarded but that didn’t stop me from achieving these dreams. I hope one day that I could enter into a phD program and then work my way up as a future senator. One step at a time.

  32. Ub Sux says:

    Ignorance is bliss, as people say, and I definitely think that ignoring Bridgeport will be “bliss.” Let me give you a hint of what kind of people go there. I’m not saying that everyone there is stupid or ignorant, there are quite a few exceptions. Maybe people chose Brideport over a better college because they were offered a full scholarship. I remember back in Jr. High, I used to be friends with a kid named Sean. Looking back into the past, I don’t even know why I even bothered to speak with him. He was your everyday class clown- also not very intelligent- and despised by most of the teachers. I was surprised when he told me that he made it into math honors, but my initial shock soon became disgust after he told me he dropped out because he had to learn harder subjects. Needless to say, he got into a VERY bad college (I won’t say the name because I don’t want to make that college seem worse than it already is). Nowadays, I see him wondering around NYC, dressed in dirty cloths, digging out of trash cans. But the sad part is, when people feels pity towards him and gives him a couple of dollars, he spends it on alcohol and cigarettes. Here’s a warning to the young people out there, if you plan on ruining your life, then go ahead and act like Sean, but if you want to actually succeed in something, put a little effort in your work and you might enter the college of your dreams. I went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and let me tell you, getting in is NOT easy. They only have a 12% acceptance rate, and 97% of people enrolling have been in the top 10% of their Highschool class.

  33. Patricia says:

    Any magazine can say whatever they want, but unfortunately the bigger the school, the more the student will be ignored. The smaller the school, the more opportunities and favoritism there will be.

    I have a few questions that popped up into mind when I saw this crappy blog:

    What is this research based off of? Also: Princeton is not GOD of college studies either. Not one single college can dominate any type of study, but they could be well-known but not number one with anything for no one will ever be number one at anything but being themselves. UB’s students are not surveyed on a regular basis as well for those who think that they are. I can’t seem to find the exact article of Radar Magazine where they claim the following things this blogger has said about colleges.

    I also question if this blogger has ever been to the University of Bridgeport either. Yes, I am a proud student at the University of Bridgeport with a double major and a double minor because UB has those kinds of rare opportunities which is indeed a legitimate university with accreditation. I also bet that this blogger does not know what several colleges (include state universities) are going through with MANY budget cuts across the nation due to the large decrease in enrollment.

    I say that this blog can be recognized by the extremely talented and diverse perspectives the University of Bridgeport has and this blogger should get his facts straight before posting up anything this controversial ever again in his life. I am pretty upset with how this blog was lacking so much research.

    By the way…I made my point. This is a blog, not a friggin’ article (.com anyone?).

  34. Robert says:

    As a current student of UB, I can honestly say that the school does have quite a shady reputation. This is not to say, however, that everything about the school is bad. I met lots of wonderful people (as well as some completely ingorant ones) and had a fantastic time learning about lots of different cultures and styles of thought. My degree is in Music Performance, and I must say that I am extremely happy with the music program at UB. However, other fields of study at the Unviersity are not always up to the same standard that my program has. I have some serious issues with the school, but I feel that the school is not beyond hope. As far as the “worst college in America” is concerned, that statement might be right right now. However, in the next few years, that will change.

  35. BonQuiQui says:

    dis skool teached me so much bout lyf nd how to bee smarts i dun no y u persons had to b drinkin dat h8rade pleez show sum respec

  36. Rofl Mao says:

    yo i lern 2 reed gud wen i went 2 bridgepurt

  37. EricWilley says:

    @Buddy Define a “diploma mill.” And how is Penn Foster a diploma mill?
    If they are a nothing more than a mill why haven’t they been closed down?
    Shouldn’t Princeton Review be closed down also since they own Penn Foster?

    You know what they say about opinions… everybody has one. Doesn’t mean it’s right.

  38. EricWill says:

    @Buddy Umm… could you define “diploma mill?” How does Penn Foster fit that definition? If they are a diploma mill why don’t we close ‘em down. Penn Foster operates in all 50 states and Canada. I think one or two states have very tough laws against diploma mills [Oregon]. We should also close down Princeton Review since they own the Penn Foster diploma mill.

    Opinions are like “belly buttons” everyone has one! Doesn’t make it the truth.

  39. Buddy says:

    How can University of Phoenix, Penn Foster or any of those online diploma mills be better?

  40. Liz says:

    Competitive academics is only part of the mission of many colleges. Some provide an opportunity to obtain an education for those who will not be accepted at the best universities. I Illinois, Southern Illinois has a really low academic standard and a reputation as an easy party school, but it also allows those with low high school grades and test scores a chance for a college degree. Besides that, SIU has great sports and is a fun campus.

  41. Solly Cebine says:

    Anyone looking for a way to nurture depression should start with this page, realizing that the posters are citizens, voters, yelpers, and Web site movie raters! What could God have been thinking?

  42. Bob S says:

    I went to UB for undergraduate school and Michigan State for my MBA. While it has been a number of years since I attended UB, I enjoyed my four years there. In terms of Michigan State, it is part of the Big Ten which has 11 quality schools. Check the ratings of MSU’s Business School (typically a top 25 school) and you will quickly realize that you will get a quality education at this university. In addition, it is fun to watch the MSU football team and basketball team on tv each weekend! I would not hestitate recommending MSU to any High School Senior.

  43. Thinspiration and Snow Globes. « My Blog > Your Blog says:

    [...] some bad blogs from equally bad colleges, and found that Radar Magazine does an annual list of the worst colleges in America. Perfect. They describe their list as “an exhaustive, semiscientific guide to the most [...]

  44. BigDoug says:

    How could Everest College be left out? Read online all the stuff people say about this school. There can’t be any worse.

  45. anthony buzzeo says:

    they must be drug dealers

  46. Charles Darcy says:

    Both my parents graduated from Bridgeport, I live in a nice house, go on two vacations every summmer, and I have two other siblings looking at rather expensive ($35,000/year) colleges. And my parents have no trouble affording any of it. This makes no sense.

  47. Casey says:


  48. mike lynch says:

    they both suck go mizzou!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. mike lynch says:

    jk notre dame sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. mike lynch says:

    msu sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Moni'qua says:

    i dun no y u guyz hatin on mah colij

  52. Kim Jong iL says:

    Herro, Kim Jong il speaking. I brow you arr up with my big nucrear missres.

  53. Emmy says:

    I dink dese colages are da bes and i wanna go to all of dem you ppl need to no dat

  54. anonanon says:

    Lols at Johnny. While going to a good school does not necessarily mean that you’ll be successful, it really does increase your chances and it says something about yourself. Also, there is a reason that UB is rated as the worst school, and that’s probably because most of its students fail at life. If you really are earning 400 K a year, then good for you, but you were probably just an exception or lucky.

    I also want to take a moment to call you ignorant and naive as well for believing that everyone else believes that attending a good college means being guaranteed a successful life.

  55. Laquisha says:

    Ima haveta say that johns st8ry t8k 4eva to read, but i feel sory for ya

    damn johhny you make lots of money

  56. Johnny says:

    Just graduated from UB 3 yrs ago, now clearing 400 K a year, probably more than most of you will make by the age of 35!
    You really think because you graduated from another school means you will be more successful than anyone else, not only are you ignorant but also naive!

    Best of luck to everyone!
    Thanks UB.

  57. John says:

    I almost never express my opinion in public or on the Internet, but when I saw this story about the University of Bridgeport on the web, I felt compelled, as a graduate of the University’s MBA program in 1983, to respond to it and to the subsequent comments written about it. But, before I start, I must provide a disclaimer. Although, most see me as an educated person of average or above average intelligence, I am not an exceptionally good writer, and am most certainly capable of making spelling and even more egregious writing errors. I am completely aware that within the realm of debate, on and off the Internet, there exists a well worn debate strategy of attempting to disqualify an opposing person’s augment by impeaching the person’s speaking or writing ability that has nothing to do with the central point being made. My lack of writing excellence is not, and should not, be viewed as reason to disqualify the validity of my statements and opinions.

    As an impoverished child growing up on welfare in the inner city of some of the worst slums in America I dreamed. I dreamed of one day of escaping the inner city poverty, condemnation, and crippling low expectations that others of better circumstances of life were forcing on me. What I dared to dream, as a young child, was so much like that of the dreams of millions of other young idealist Americans that passionately believed in what the United States stood for. What I dared to dream was simply the American dream; of success through diligence, determination, integrity, and hard work. Throughout American history, this dream that was responsible, in large measure, for building America, was motivated out of desperation and a passion to succeed. This dream, I believe, is so basic to American existence that it is one of the most cherished and sacredly held values in America. Unfortunately, there are plenty of greedy, unscrupulous opportunistic individuals and organizations that attempt to exploit this sacred American dream by making false promises and selling false hopes, at exorbitantly high prices, to the poorest and most desperate of the American poor.

    Long before the faculty at the University of Bridgeport went out of strike, there were indications of questionable practices at the university. UB’s willingness to exploit the hopes and dreams of young, vulnerable, and innocent people was reminiscent of the worst practices of many “for profit” proprietary schools that exploited the poorest of the poor in their quest for private profits. Back in the early 1980s, the University of Bridgeport engage in a high glitz ad campaign, taking out full page advertisements in the New York Times and other nationally know newspapers, comparing the education received at the University of Bridgeport to the quality of educational available at Ivy League Universities in the United States. It falsely exaggerated the earning power and career success of its graduates. Although, clearly hubris, false and misleading to the more knowledgeable, to the likes of this young person (at the time) and many like me, these very sophisticated and expensive advertisements were stunningly impressive. The photos and physical description of supposedly the school’s campus were equally false and misleading at the time. By looking at the photos used in their advertisement, one was left with the impression that the school was located at a beautiful pristine beach front community that was completely surrounded by a lush forested park.

    Little, if anything, of the school’s advertising and recruiting literature was remotely close to reality. While I was a student in the early 1980s at the University of Bridgeport, the incident of crime, including violent crime was intolerably high. I was personally attacked three times on, or near the campus by residents from the low income housing projects that surround the perimeter of the school. During my second year at the school, a man was found shot dead about three blocks from the university campus. It was simply not safe to walk on, or near the campus most of the day. The fear was omnipresent. Adding insult to injury, the career marketability and opportunities claimed to exist for graduates of the school by the university was in, large measure, false. The career planning and placement office at the school was a joke and pitiful. I remember frequently walking into the office and finding no staff at all in the office. After completing my first year at the university, reality about my career prospects began to set in. Things really began to get scary. I remember walking down town Bridgeport and a passerby asking me what university I was attending, and me telling him I was a UB student and his dreadful response. He told me that he had graduated from the University of Bridgeport more than a year earlier and was completely unable to find work. This was unfortunately to be an omen in regards to my own future career prospects as a MBA graduate of good academic standings from the University of Bridgeport. I, like many other graduates of UB have graduated to unemployment and perpetual under employment. I had spent years on my career search after graduating from the University of Bridgeport, sending out many hundreds of resumes to no avail. Only after about twenty years was I able to finally pay off my more than $45,000 student loan used to pay for my education at UB. I feel that, as a young innocent and vulnerable person, my American dream was deliberately violated and exploited for the revenue seeking needs of the University of Bridgeport. The school is nothing more than a highly questionable diploma mill.

  58. Denzel says:

    Hey errbody reppin’ bridgeport class of ’12 throw ya fists up.. I’m high as a muufucka right know, bout to hit class in a sec, lovin’ this Connecticut life bre..

    Holla at a playa

  59. Kenneth says:

    Steve: you do realize that just about all (if not all) the comments by “Bridgeport students” were jokes, right? (Except for the serious ones from Ely and Katelyn.)

  60. Steve says:

    This is by far the most ignorant blog i ever read. I just wasted precious moments of the day read all these comments like a fool. This doesn’t make the college better but yet it belittles it to the utmost disgrace and humiliation. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Good Day

  61. America's Worst Colleges | Admit This! says:

    [...] However, the point of this post is not to argue about who’s the best. It’s about The Worst Colleges in America. [...]

  62. grapedrankisha says:

    get OFFF dis page barret hedgley. ur bigz wordz confuszes meh. we dunt cur bout harvard foo’ dats why wez hittin up bridgeport. it iz da beast! also, it huz a gr8 headshot round da corna

    yall feel me? holla atcha gurrrrrrrrl
    ****STAY FLY ~N~ FRESH til death***

  63. R. Barret Hedgely III says:

    I dare say, good chaps, Harvard is indeed the best University. Perchance I am an undergraduate of Crimson myself, blessed with fortune, intellect, and wasp good looks. It so vexes me to hear the besmirching of my Alma Matre’s good name. I must now have a spot of tea with my fellow Hasty Pudding thespians, but I bid you adieu and wish you well as my future employees. Good day!

  64. Sha'nay'nay says:

    Ay yooo how yu not even no how 2 spell yo own skool? yu wick wack! ima beat yo if yu say 1 mo thing bout bridgeport…my edukashon is off da chartz!

  65. Sha'nay'nay says:

    Ay yooo how yu not even no how 2 spel yo own college yo? you wick wack! ima beat yo ass if yu say 1 mo bad thing bout dis skoo yo! muh edukashon iz off da chartz!

  66. Katelyn Anton says:

    Thanks for your comment here on this site. I will be a freshman this fall working towards my degree in IPED. I’ve visited twice (I’m from about 200 miles away) and I absolutely love the campus, faculty, and students that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. When I saw this rating as UB being the worst college in America I was stunned and completely thrown off, thinking that my perception of the university was simply the result of a facade put on just to make the college seem like more than it is.
    Your comment assures me that the University of Bridgeport really is a great place to take advantage of opportunities while getting a quality education.
    I am very excited to start my journey in a few weeks and to see what I can accomplish after I graduate. :)

  67. Sanjeev Mundluru says:

    Ely Loew = fail.

  68. Ely Loew says:

    UB is far from the worst university in America. It definitely isn’t the best, but it has got its good points. I was an International Political Economy and Diplomacy major (IPED) in the International College. I had a great time, learned a lot, and was satisfied with the education I received. On top of that, I got a Fulbright Scholarship after I graduated, something that was made possible because of the fact that it is a small university and there is a low teacher-student ratio. Most people who criticize the university don’t know anything about it. They’re just religious bigots who don’t like the Unification Church…

  69. @nna says:

    What is wrong with Bridgeport ?

  70. Lisa says:

    Devon is a perfect example of the fake wannabe thug that goes Bridgeport. Good luck with your useless degree

  71. Gerald says:

    A Bridgeport degree = Toilet paper

  72. devon says:

    Ay yo. I go to bridgepoint, fool I’m gettin’ a degree in economics, gotta stretch out that drug trade in DA BOOKS HOMIE. Fa sho it’s not the best, but hey yo, it’s COLLEGE, and they got a headshop right ’round the corner, just like home.

  73. Mike says:

    I goes to bridgeport two and i thinks bridgep[ort is the beastest twooo!!!

  74. Shareesha says:

    He aint LyIn! Dis Skool iz da BeSt! I go DeR 2 & i Luvs it! Dont H8 on Brigeport cuz it da bomb!<3

  75. shaquesha says:

    hE’s NoT jOkInG. i Go ThEreS tWo!!!!!
    iz the bestttttttttt<3

  76. joseph says:

    Kate, it’s a joke…he’s kidding.
    The fact that you didn’t pick up on that says more about your lack of brain power than Josh’s.

  77. Kate says:

    Wow! With quality students like the one above, it’s a wonder that Bridgeport made this list. If you “goes” to Bridgeport and think “its” the “beast”, then that really says a lot about their academic standards.

  78. haha says:

    i can see u go to bridgeport i can see u GO there not goes

  79. Josh From Bridgeport says:

    I goes to bridgeport and i think bridgeport is the beast! Go to pridgeport, this site is lying! Dont trust them its a lie

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