Obama Proposes Longer School Days, Extended School Year

president barack obamaFor this generation of students to remain competitive with their international peers as adults, they need to start spending more time in school. This week President Obama proposed that American school children extend their time in class, either by lengthening the school day, or spending less time on summer vacation.

“We can no longer afford an academic calendar designed when America was a nation of farmers who needed their children at home plowing the land at the end of each day,” Obama said. He continued to say “That calendar may have once made sense, but today, it puts us at a competitive disadvantage. Our children spend over a month less in school than children in South Korea. That is no way to prepare them for a 21st century economy.”

In fact, American children spend the least amount time in the classroom when compared to other countries. Currently, the school year length in the States is 180 days. Advocates are pushing further toward a 200-day school year, which would align with Thailand, Scotland and the Netherlands, and leave us a close second with Israel, South Korea and Japan, who leads with a 243-day school year.

via MSN Encarta

via MSN Encarta

This comes as Obama makes it very clear that education is on his hot-list of priorities. He admits the notion of spending more time in school is not “wildly popular”, but necessary.

He was applauded for his breadth of knowledge regarding the public education system in the U.S. He cited that one-third of the 13- and 14-year-olds in our country cannot read at an appropriate level for their age, and that the eighth grade curriculum is two years behind competing nations. He says the part of the problem is our “race to the bottom” mindset, wherein states are comfortable with lower standards for students.

Obama and his Secretary of Education Arne Duncan are truly advocates for a superior education system than that we’ve previously and currently known. It’s imperative that states use the stimulus package money to rebuild curriculum, increase teacher pay, improve school conditions, offer newer technologies to students and even extend the school year to ensure that this generation can not only keep up with their international peers, but even surpass them in the professional environment of the coming decades.

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626 Responses to “Obama Proposes Longer School Days, Extended School Year”

  1. Cecil Kelm says:

    Hace treinta años, en 1979, el flamante secretario general del PP en Valencia escribió una carta rigurosamente abominable al ‘Diario de Noticias’, en la que negaba el Holocausto, acusaba a los judíos de inventárselo… Léanla aquí La publicación de esta misiva sería un acto delictivo en Alemania, aunque seguramente su último párrafo despertará alguna indulgencia entre la izquierda española, que ha repetido mucho el argumento.

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  4. Alana says:

    Hi i’m not here to start a drama.Just to let you all know Obama is right and if you that he is trying to make you pay more you need a fact that proves you right btw.About 50% of students are highly educated in there studies and classes taken because of shorter understanding in their school work.If us students were to be provided with longer school days then about 80.5% of students are highly educated.Dear Obama, it be such a pleaser to have a nice chat from face to face taking about longer school days for the next president too because you’re right that there should be longer days to.President Obama,if you were to see this please hold your thought about extending the school day because it may influence a lot of students to become one of the greatest person.Thank you for letting me leave a comment.Sincerely yours, a student from a school.

  5. jasmine nicole senters says:

    the only thing i love about school, is my loving teacher mrs.sara province!!!!
    i’m in 7th grade, and she’s my english/reading teacher, and, she’s like an angel
    that fell from the sky to save my life!!!! she’s a heart-blessing teacher!!!! she’s
    a blessing teacher to have in this school!!!! she’s the only thing i come to school to see everyday!!!! and without her, i don’t know how my life would be in
    school without her!!!!

    jasmine nicole senters, 13 years old, altamont, illionois

  6. jasmine nicole senters says:

    the only thing i really like about school is that everyday i get to see my favorite
    teacher, mrs. sara province, without her, i don’t know how my life would be.
    she’s my english/reading teacher, and i LOVE HER SOOOO MUCH!!!!
    she’s the only thing i come to school everyday to see, she’s like an angel that
    fell from the sky to save my life, she’s the only thing that makes school FUN!!!!

  7. jasmine nicole senters says:

    i think tres extending the school day is de la not so smart, zey already have
    7-8 hours in za school day so not tres chic!!!!

  8. cody bushue says:

    my girlfriend, jasmine nicole senters is right!!!! i stand on her side!!!!

  9. jasmine nicole senters says:

    extending the school hours seems wrong, i mean, there’s already, like,
    7-8 hours in a school day. besides, it will make students tired, and teachers
    stressed out. I REJECT!!!!

  10. William says:

    Does all our president care is other countries. America sould be a leader not follower of Japan and India. We sould have a 150 day school year to lead the other countries. Also my kid said “it feels like I am in school year round with all this summer reading and having to do 20 hours of math online”. If kids want longer days of school wait for college or go to a private school. Plus the school lunches, I ask my kid what he said pasta. But he comes home and eats have of our kitchen. The student sould be able to choose how much they want.

  11. Wendell Black says:

    Wow, two years of reaction to Obama’s ideas to read in your comments. Have views changed since he first suggested the idea? I get the impression it is a resounding “No”

  12. David Bradley says:

    Surely it not how much time students spend at school but what the students do in lessons. I tend to pick up students at 10th and 11th grade to teach them math. After years at school I am still surprised how little some of them know – even the bright ones. If you think about it. Every student has different natural skills and talents. They are better at some subjects than others. So why is it they all take their final examinations roughly at the same time.

    Perhaps Obama should read “Four Hour Working Week” by Tim Ferriss and think about shortening the school day. That way the education budget would be smaller and students may focus more on their studies.

  13. PAs cher Serrure says:

    My cousin only comes up from Texas in the summer. What? Do I not get to see her and hang out with her and have FAMILY time anymore?!

    Thanks for ruining my youth.

  14. Cindy says:

    Maybe adding days would work. I had no idea that schools in the US had so few school days compared to other countries.

  15. Joseph Smith says:

    I Agree and Disagree. Many school districts are cutting back on school because it cost them money. A lot of students are falling behind in subjects, and need extra help with those subjects. Extending the school year helps them master those subjects, and when high school graduation comes, they will be more prepared mentally and academically for college. I also advocate sports that don’t cut and after-school activities, but that depends on the economy of the area.

  16. Coach says:

    Everyone that is making fun of the mispellings and typos doesn’t understand what a true problem us teachers are having. In the national curriculum today English is barely even considered a core curriculum. Science and Math have been at the top of the testing poles. I am a Middle schoole aide that is consistently shocked at the reading levels of upcoming 6th graders.
    Every since no child left behind the teachers are forced to have learning disabled students in the regular classrooms. This slows the curriculum speeds down and bores most students. I have a learning disabled child that went through school pre-Bush NCLB, she is productive and doing great. Mainly due to the one on one time. My current child is bullied and constantly feeling stupid becuase he is forced into a regular classroom.

    Reading and writing can allow anyone to get educated, we need to put more interest in getting it back into the classroom. More one on one time with disabled learners as well.

  17. john says:

    This president is an idiot! You need to work smarter not necessarily harder! Same for school! Get better quality education not more of the same stupid shit! If you think the time frame of old is stupid then cut out the subjects of old as well. For God sake they are wasting time learning subjects they likely will never put to use. Consider the classes that should be taught and quit dwelling on classes that are not longer useful anymore. Cut out the art, cut out PE ( do that shit on your own time) , cut out foreign language ( no one speaks after two years of very limited class time only foreign language, a complete and utter waste of time) , cut out stupid electives like psychology. Concentrate on English, reading and writing, spelling ( hope I don’t miss any here :) ) , math, science, add in an economics class ( we need that in this country, especially Obama!) , health education ( a must in today’s world) , make a medical class ( that would great) , classes that go over real life job preparatory work, social interaction classes that promote public speaking and working well in groups. Less history ( yes some level is needed but not to the extent they do now). Give kids options, if they aren’t the science and math type give alternatives ! You are wasting their time cramming things down their throats they simply are not geared to do. Have a least one class that helps them figure what they may be best at doing!

  18. Pete says:

    Dumb … Dumb … Dumb.

    Anybody’s who’s a parent with kids in school these days – already knows that our schools beat up our kids. Homework is humungous. Expectations are high, the cirriculum is stupid, and the kids are tested to death. Tested to DEATH.

    It’s bad. If I was a kid today … I would probably get so fed up with school that I would just drop out. And guess what – I have 4 college degrees.

    We to get all of these “specialists”, “experts”, and “overachievers” out of the planning process for the US education system. They are brilliant morons. And they are ruining our kids!!!

    Pete, Los Angeles

  19. islam says:

    I agree with longer school years, but I question the longer day. With most families working full time, how are families supposed to spend more time together with longer school days. I work then pick my daughter up from school, make dinner while she does homework (help when she needs it) we eat, and by then it’s almost time for bed. The day is already long enough.

  20. jagjivan says:

    i am a student my self in 4th grade and i agree that we should add days to our school, but no more than 20 days. I’m fine with but if it is only 20 days. Expanding the time will just make kids bored at school. thank you for my comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Natalie C says:

    I learned more at home than I did in public school, and I’m a teacher! Just saying we need to focus on WHAT we are actually teaching our youth. The drone mentality isn’t paying off, people. Our society is so messed-up it would take a revolution for things to change, seriously. More school days would be worse for my own children, who I would like to teach biology, zoology, geography, art, religion, electricity and mechanics this summer. Oh I forgot one more, COMMON SENSE. These are subjects that are not taught in American schools. Think outside the box.

  22. Lisa says:

    As a future teacher in the US. I think that the majority of the learning problems is the state curriculum that we are told to teach our students on top of the standardized testing. The curriculum versus the standardized testing materials are totally different. Longer days and a lesser summer break will only frustrate us all the more.

  23. charlie chavez says:

    i think that longer school days is a STUPID idea. longer school days give a lot of kids stress and headaches then companies that make asprin and crap will get a lot of money, then pay taxes, and the government gets about one billion dollars a year.

  24. Franklinco says:

    “I am a teacher in a northern First Nations school in Canada and our school day has been extended this year by 3/4 hour per day. The students are tired and hungry and completely unfocussed by the end of the day.”
    Thank You Maria Williams – I couldn’t have said it better myself. Our public school students in the U.S. are being taught less and less factual truths, and more useless information (like St. Patrick’s day is all about magic rainbows & leprechauns) – that’s why they can’t compete globally.
    If the young people can’t read on grade level – than the teachers/curriculum are failing them. Subjecting the kids to More time with failing teachers is not going to improve anything.

  25. Teddy says:

    As a student myself, I could agree and understand adding some days to the calender.(Looking at some of these comments, certain people could use it) However, instead of adding more days, take off some of the pointless holidays.
    Why, even today was a half day. I asked five teachers, all who said they had no idea why. (Also, extended days DON’T WORK.) Now, with so many people without a job, we don’t need to be focusing on making the US looked good through additional school days. I bet if your employer told you you’ll have to work double shift to “compete with japan” you would be pretty upset.

  26. cameron says:

    kids will not forget what they learned if we have no summer vacation so they will get a better education. more kids will participate in activities to waste bordem. but i dont like obama so whatever.

  27. Lynch says:

    I think that we should make the school day longer by 90 min. Start school the same but with the extra 90 min end school earlier.

  28. Students in Chicago Face Longer School Days | Edu in Review Blog says:

    [...] were not only readjusting to being in class after their break, they were also adjusting to a longer school day. Melody Elementary School is the 13th public school in Chicago to lengthen its school-day to last [...]

  29. L. Poe says:

    We have one of the shortest school years and shortest school days of most 1st world countries. While correlation does not imply causation, I suspect there’s a connection to our ever decreasing educational standing in the first world to our lack of time spent actually studying. We all look at Asian countries who currently have 220-240 day school years compared to our 180 day school year and applaud their high standings in the educational rankings. They’re teaching their kids a better work ethic, and their economies are way better than ours. Head on over to failbook sometime and take a look at some of the utter idiocy our kids are spewing these days. They are getting dumber, and our country is going to get dumber as time goes by. It’s a race to the bottom unless we do something to stop it.

  30. cody says:

    i think that we should not have to go to school for that log bc some of us have people that we dont get to see for a log time i say h*** with Obama

  31. Cameron says:

    I for one think that america should have a school schedule where it is 3/4 a month with no off-days and then the remaining 1/4 would be a small vacation these vacations would be the only vacations (ie: no summer break) and we would extend the school year to cover 3/4 of the year…. that would be my thoughts on the matter.

  32. Maria Williams says:

    I am a teacher in a northern First Nations school in Canada and our school day has been extended this year by 3/4 hour per day. The students are tired and hungry and completely unfocussed by the end of the day. The educational value of extending the school day is questionable. Students are alert and eager to learn in the mornings, but by the end of the day their attention spans are non-existent, so many teachers fill in the time with busy work or movies. (What is the educational value of that?) I wouldn’t recommend the US follow the example of extended days. It certainly isn’t working here.

  33. chandler h says:

    I am a highschool student in a suburb of dallas/fortworth i go from seven thirty a.m to two thirty p.m unless i have rehersal that continues until four thirty or five. at my school we have no breaks, a thirty minute lunch, and seven classes in between, when i arrive at my home i do homework, chores, typical teeneage endeavors, as the school year progresses the time and schedule begin to wear on my mind and body, in my opinion, lees school, or more breaks in the day will give the mind a chance to rest and absorb the days lessons, no dis respect to the president at all, but did he consider the fact that japan holds the records for teen depression and suicide? did he also consider the well being if the children? or does he just want to boast and say that he brought up test scores? another issue is useless classes. classes such as algebra, classical english, and physical education are rather pointless, i believe that the classes should focus on helping our youth suceed in the real world and raise jobs and the economy instead of wasting time over a petty competition between countries

  34. Outliers in Education « Abdul Rahman Alieh says:

    [...] could be caused by giving up summer (read Gladwell; he makes a better argument than I can make, and he’s not alone), but the numbers don’t lie: the data from Alexander’s research are impressive, and, I think we [...]

  35. misterize says:

    practical classes are not gonna work, shaundra. that wastes the majority of the greatness we can learn. we already have more than 2/7 days of each week off, 180 days of classes is definitely gonna fail the curriculum becuz it`s less than half the days in a year it shood be atleast 185 multiplied by 1 regular full school day so looks like we have to sacrifice something, how bout have a code in the buying system at which some points the sale items are for free? such as a pattern, every 1/100,2/101,3/102 are for free? people go to different types of schools high school student and people aren`t advanced with types of abilities such as yours people have disabilities so i`d use your extra time from your overwelming advantage to help the weaker ones

  36. misterize says:

    they should cut of the february vacation , which is pointless and let the christmas vacation be for that and let snowdays be the vacations where they are. having the spring vacation may be also pointless to be every year, trim or eliminate that at some points although let that be the “extra warm weather vacation time to go on a trip or hang out and enjoy life”. 180 days of classes is less then half our days, they should cut out some of the meaningless party chances such as discipline-rewarded parties, which will be rewarded in the real life based on how you used it in the system that`s supposed to start you off to that life and plan only fun dates/field trips for the entire grade and let`em sit from place to place wherever they want at lunch and make`m pick up the mess they created and challenge them to discipline themselves over the un-accounted bullying/stealing/unlawfulness matters and most of all, challenge`em to grow up for the real world!!!!!!!!!!

  37. misterize says:

    one thing they should do is cut out the mid-year exams, last winter due to snowstorms the schedule for the exams and the marking periods got rearranged which means they had to stuff a quarter of the curriculum into a shorter marking period, and the whole grading system and determination, such as student effort measure data collections to bump up their hand-scored average while having to do work on the computer? How can the eyes o f one teacher catch the applications and diligence of 16-24 students? The whole determination of the grading system exactness, the determination of how multiple choice/short answer/open response score on a test, the marking period exactness, it just makes it too complicated, and then the kids have to spend slightly beyond or in the 4-7 day range for half-year overviews and full year-overviews while still while still loaded with the grading system assessments? they should make the grading system as simple as possible, perhaps with either an entire year instruction guideline in a course student + teacher edition which gets determined at the end of the year whether or not is followed succesfully enough by the student or make the final week of school the yearly overview- test period prepared for by the yearly curriculum study instructed in the course textbook, except for the hands on labs/projects such as science constructive/building projects which are done at individual points throughout the year. And make the kids note that in some point in their life they`re going to use the 4 major subjects` info/concepts and observe how they prioritize not forgetting what they learned. there should be one social time 1/2 hour a day and offer extra help sessions once a week or on the weekends. And the benchmark testing? Not already attained by the yet-progress in the year? cuts into learning time, pardon me, are students not encouraged to ask for the help they need on anything they are not learning? the way it`s determined on level of assignments, classes, why not have`em all take the same assignments, the ones needed to pass the year and let the ones with higher-grade level abilities move on and work ahead and IEP-IZE or just teach the ones with disabilities compared to the higher ones seperately? Ones who can`t receive help at the same time as others go to ed-helper or receive parental help?

  38. High School Student says:


    I am a high school Freshman (9th grade). First semester, I had A’s in English, Pyschical Science, State History, PE, and Computer Literacy. I had a B in Algebra 1. Second semester, I had A’s in English, Pyschical Science, Web Design, and PE. I had a B in Algebra 1 and a B in Computer Literacy 2 because I forgot to submit an assignment. I use an online public high school program that uses the k12 curriculum (www.k12.com). I start school at 9 and end the day usually by noon or 1PM. I have real grades, teachers, and assignments with due dates that I must meet.

    In 5th grade, my school suggested that I take 8th grade math and HS English. I have had a college-level reading level since I was in 3rd grade.

    The problem is not how long students spend in school. The problem is the curriculum. I get work for 6 classes done in about the same time it would take a student in a brick and mortar public school to do their /homework/.

    Can somebody please explain where the American peoples’ brain has gone?

  39. misterize says:

    CAN MY COMMENTS PLEASE NOT BE DELETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. misterize says:


  41. misterize says:


  42. misterize says:

    perhaps change the phrase “on my debate” to “in my opinion”. let me just clarify that this whole summer vacation time at my school is MORE than one 6th and a bit less than 1 5th of an entire year and i am a member of one of the schools with the top few amounts of open time per year and top few challenging curriculums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. misterize says:


  44. misterize says:

    change the 2 uses of the word “nature” to “standardization” and in the phrase ” the nation is dealing”, change the “dealing” to the word “on”

  45. misterize says:

    to those moderating my comment, change the word “seraches” to searches, change the word “roles” placed after the word “education” to the 2 words, “takes part” and perhaps the word “bundle” to ” great amount “.
    Also change the spelling of the word “rediculous” to the spelling “ridiculous” if that`s how it`s spelled, the adjective form of the verb “ridicule”

  46. misterize says:

    I think the idea shouldn`t be to compete with other countries. However, i honestly don`t mind having a bit of a longer school year. On my debate, this summer time of 2 months and a week is absolutely rediculous, kids gotta know that life is very tough and there is a major role of getting an education that gives the starting point of heading out into the system of the real world. if we had a little less than 2 months then i think it`d be a little more fair, where kids have more time to meet friends in school and develop mind stimulation with greater chance of headin` out to the real world, leaving plenty of fun and relaxing activity time. though i understand with all the economic development / safe and powerful structured system seraches our nation is dealing is one thing quite a bit of school days off is due to, such as the whole 9/11 incident that caused the labor day in september, i think when you approach something new means getting something new out of it. Why not even have homeschooling once in a while for some extra opportunities on a day that feels relaxed and in a great level of free-filled? Time-managing is a major although tough thing to have that roles in one`s success in life, it`s good to live by the nature of scheduling priorities in a deeply-thought out way. also if a bundle of snow days take the original school calendar plan away, why not even trim the february vacation? especially if you take into thought of plenty of snow for kids to enjoy sledding or snowboarding during the christmas vacation. i think it`s a good idea to once in a while do something we don`t usually do. time-managing is one nature that`s important for us to learn about and live by.

  47. escorts en cordoba says:

    Hey!more schools means more stress…more stress means more depression…more depression means more suicides!

  48. Sierra D. says:

    Okay lets get this straight. I am furious with the thought of longer school days or a longer school year. People out there that complain about us complaining just because we are “Kids” is ridiculous. If anything as kids, pre-teens, and teenagers we have every right to give our opinons, so actually you have no f-ing right to tell us to shut the fuck up! We maybe young but think, we “Kids” are going to be up there on the podium one day giving the same damn opinon. So think straight before you disrespect someone who has obviously thought through this. So if you are one of this people I have lost respect for you, even if I have absoulutely no idea who you are. Think before you type.

    Now facing the issue,
    My opinion is no longer school days or year. I understand both points of veiw but you must think, we aren’t like other countries. Instead of pushing students extra hours we should think of better ways to teach them. I agree with some of you who say Teachers already work hard on lessons, but you must realize that the reason your there isn’t only to get paid but to actually teach. I found out that quite of bit of teachers become teachers becuase they think their job will be secure. Teachers are being fired left and right. Yes we have bad teachers in the system and I have no opinon on whether or not they should be gotten rid of them or not. I get the whole quality vs. quantity but what we need is a quantity of quality teachers. As for the lessons, no matter how perfect they are in teaching, the also need to be perfect for the students.

    Now as for the welfare issue. I get the whole lets not pay the crackheads and such. Yet again you have to think and I know its going to sound rediculous at first but think about the students that come from a crack addicted home. How do you think they get fed or clothed? Coming from an abusive home, welfare definitley saved us. So yes their are certain people that don’t need welfare or the extra money but you still have to think about the children with these kind of lives and how they actually do need it.

    As for the other countries ahead thing, they are ahead because they are afriand of failure. They are terrified of failure. That is why they have so many suicides. Suicides can be caused from depression, stress, grief, anything. I can guess your not to surprised about that fact. If we add on more hours a day it puts more pressure on students to succeed, which would cause more dropouts and sucides. We just need to focus on fixing the education system before we even think about competeing with other countries and their suicide rates.

    Just saying, I am a teenager at Lakeview Highschool. I have some good grades. Usually because I don’t understand what the teachers are saying and I get so pressured and stressed out that I just can’t do the work any more. And I mean that I really can’t do any more work after a certain point. Another thing you should know is I read past a College level, I took a test and I surpassed almost all of the teachers who took the same test. I am a smart kid. There are alot of smart kids out there. Teachers, Kids, Education Speacialists dismiss kids because they think that they are lazy or unitelligent. Sometimes you just need to adjust how a student learns. How that student interacts. How that student’s life really is, so that, that student can show you that he/she is smart. Don’t doubt what we “Kids” can do. We are alot smarter than you think.

    By the way, I don’t really give a damn if I made spelling or grammar mistakes. I know what each one of them that is wrong, but this isn’t about spelling or grammar. Listen to whats real before you judge.

  49. Who Learns in the Summer? | Inequalities says:

    [...] preindustrial legacy of the agrarian American way of life. The average American school year lasts only 180 days, compared to 192 in England, and more than 240 in Japan. Increasing the school year, or running [...]

  50. Wade says:

    Wow. After reading many of these comments, it’s obvious that today’s kids need better education. The ability to write in English with proper grammar and syntax is a leading indicator of a well-educated person.

  51. zack says:

    we should have longer skewl days but less days a week and less days a year

  52. Michael Nosky says:

    I think Obama is right. Kids dont like school and i agree. But kids need to have a better education. I we do have school then i think that there should be NO homework. We will be at school for to more hours and then our after school activities. There is no time to do the homework because you will be tired and not do a good job.

    check out my Youtube chanel

  53. Lashae says:

    We Should Not Have Longer School Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. kelsey says:

    Obama wants to enforce this plan for he feels our education and intelligence is falling behind other countries. This made me wonder if he realizes what we are expected to do with our day. As he stated “We can no longer afford an academic calendar designed when America was a nation of farmers who needed their children at home plowing the land at the end of each day,”(Obama) first off there are many people who actually do need to go and plow everyday after school someone actually has to grow the food he has his cooks run to the store and buy to prepare for him. For the rest of us who don’t own a farm we financially cant put ourselves threw college to better our education especially with our economy in its present state of recession (which his plans as president still haven’t helped ) so we devote our out of school time to sports, community service, extracurricular activities and recreational activities that shape the foundation of our future and mainly help us get financial aid because we do grasp that this world only cares about money and succeeding. President Obama also said “That calendar may have once made sense, but today, it puts us at a competitive disadvantage. Our children spend over a month less in school than children in South Korea. That is no way to prepare them for a 21st century economy.” but what he doesn’t understand is we not only do we have to do all of the above things to be eligible and support ourselves threw college, but we need to study our school courses outside of school because we have to teach ourselves over half of the material. This is probably because the way they are teaching the material is ineffective and should be changed . Also maybe we should spend our money on hiring teachers that actualy can meet real teaching standards not read from a text book. If you need to spend more then eight hours a day learning something then logic says maybe the way your trying to learn it is ineffective not how long you should be taking to learn it. maybe we should look at how we are teaching the students rather then having a competition with our neighboring country’s about the number of our attendance days.Not all numbers decide victorys and defeats. Students are losing life values because they to not have enough time to enjoy being young and find out who they are in this world and what they want to do with there life, so they are trying to rush threw it “to get it over with”.
    -Kelsey k

  55. slick says:

    Thank god i’m a senior in high school but i do agree with obama about america being stupit but do you really thinking making the day longer is gonna fix anything? the US is broke and can’t even fix it’s own problems. and there’s students that have kids and gotta work but idk man your president you can do what you want right…your stright for life after a few more years it’s not gonna be your problem anymore. it should be voted on by the people

  56. Allison says:

    Wow pathetic…i am doing a easy here is part of it…There are a lot of reasons why we would want this here are some… It would save a great deal of money. No gas or electricity. It could give teachers more of an opportunity to plan. They sometimes don’t have enough time to think of what they want to do. There could be more time to do extracurricular activities on that 5th day. Some kids need this time because other wise it interferes with school.Kids can change the nature of study hopefully for the better. Some kids don’t have enough time to study. Students in high school would have the opportunity to work a good amount of hours given the right types of jobs. So they can save up for stuff they may need when old enough to move out.

  57. PLease hear my words!!!!!!! says:

    PLUS, a student who wants to become a world class artist shouldn’t have to learn about rocket science like algebra, and same the other way around. Maybe kids should just start going to school ONLY when they know for sure what they want their career to be.

  58. PLease hear my words!!!!!!! says:

    A student said: Not only does this quote support President Obama’s point, it also shows that the attitude of students are also part of the problem. Kids do not want to learn. We need to fix that.

    Well, adding to the school year is not the solution. Maybe this summer when us kids are rewinding our overwhelmed brains and letting off the stress, the government should really try to come up with a better curriculum. Most kids, including me, find text books an extremely boring way to learn. And unfortunately, that’s the way most kids are forced to learn. I find that from one day at a museum, I learn more than I do for a whole half a school-year reading out of a textbook. Obama should use the money he would on this to support more field trips, or even just science or math clubs or maybe even a special guest coming to schools. Kids who are attending public school aren’t learning because some of the states are broke and can’t afford days like this, but I don’t know, just a better curriculum than old boring textbooks……..

  59. joe says:

    Riddle me this batman! Finish students are among the smartest in the world…perhaps the smartest – and yet they only spend 10 more days a year in the classroom than their U.S. counterparts. How come? Perhaps because their parents acutally care and teachers are revered and left to use their professional knowledge of how to best educate students…both teach them to READ at an early age. U.S. education is fu’d up because there are too many undereducated parents, too much government interference (read NCLB), and to little respect for teachers. Nothing will change until this dynamic is fixed. Not even longer school days or school years.

  60. austin lovelace says:

    longer school days is stupid we dot need it we do need the the time to relax or we would just get in more trouble at school

  61. Jonathan Pottorff says:


    I would appreciate it, because to me that’s what our education should be for all kids, a few subjects to devote their life to because they love them, not a bunch of useless classes that just are an extra nap time.

  62. Marie-Danielle says:

    Jonathan Pottorff says:
    March 22nd, 2011 at 1:51 am

    I actually had never heard of one before but now that I have I did a little research and they actually sound pretty nice talking just about education, but I’m curious do they cost extra money or are they just in place of a public school?

    I’m not really certain. All of my siblings and I went/go to public schools…but there are two in my area and I’m sure with a small amount of research I could get back to you on that. I know they chose who gets to go to the schools through a lottery, like what the charter schools do, because there are so many parents wanting to enroll their children. I’m pretty sure they cost extra money, but I’m not entirely certain.

  63. Action Pest Control says:

    Not only will the students get more out of their education but the parents will see a change in their lives as well. Longer days at school along with less vacation in the summer will help keep kids out of trouble. Single parents have a hard time when their kids are left alone, giving kids to much free time to find negative ways to occupy their time. This is not to be construed with babysitting, teachers are not babysitters and I get that. Just having kids in a learning environment -vs- out on the streets sounds like a win/win!

  64. Jonathan Pottorff says:


    I actually had never heard of one before but now that I have I did a little research and they actually sound pretty nice talking just about education, but I’m curious do they cost extra money or are they just in place of a public school?

  65. Buehler Education » More Schooling Is Not the Solution says:

    [...] school days and year round schooling.  The average school year in America is about 180 days long, shorter than the school years of most nations that outperform the US (Sweden’s is on the low end with only 170 school days per year).  Even though American students [...]

  66. Marie-Danielle says:

    Please hear me speak! says:
    February 26th, 2011 at 5:19 pm
    @JCroe: Spelling has nothing to do with a persons intelligence level or how much common sense they have. Everyone who thinks that it does should stop being so arrogant. Yes, it sounds less proper when you spell bad. But everyone makes mistakes. Obama may be a good speller, but with an idea like this, i know he isn’t that intelligent….

    this message goes to everyone who judges people by how they spell. please stop being arrogant and listen to what they have to say, NOT how they spell it!!!

    The word you’re looking for is “ignorant”, not “arrogant”…grammar and spelling are key there if you want to be able to articulate your thoughts on the matter properly.

    As a sophomore at one of the top 50 colleges in the country (my college is tied with a couple others at #40) and a social studies adolescent education major for grades 7-12, I don’t fully comprehend why students are making such a big deal of having longer days and a longer school year. In college, at least at my college, the students met with the heads of their department a month or so before classes started and we were told that for every credit a class is worth, we should be studying for three hours a week: 4 credit class=12 hours of studying for said class. As a freshman, I thought that was a lot, but the more you study something, whether you like the class or not, the more you will able to comprehend and retain the information needed.

    In high school, I was an A average honor student and was inducted in the National Honor Society and had a rank of 18 out of 65 students once I graduated. When I got to college, even though I had received a 95 on one state exam and a 97 on another state exam for the field I wanted to study and had received grades at 95 or better in my history classes since 4th grade, I was by no means prepared for what college had in store for me. As an education major, the schools do not teach the students everything they should know by high school to be able to succeed in college. I’ve had to do a lot of studying about things that I had not learned in my high school history classes so I would be able to understand and pass my courses when I got to college. The main reason for that is because there simply isn’t enough time to teach everything they should know…want to know how I spent my spring break last week? Writing papers and reading primary and secondary documents. When you get to college, there are no real breaks.

    People are all too often quick to blame the teachers for the curriculum, but it’s the individual states that say “We need our students to learn this instead of that…they can learn that later when there is more time.” Schools try to cram information into the students’ heads to be able to pass the state exams, not to prepare them to go to college. The time allotted to the schools to be able to cram the information needed to pass the exams are fine, but what about time to study things that the students should know anyway?

    Do you know what a teacher does for the first 6-10 weeks of every new school year? They review what the students have already learned the year before. That’s a lot of time spent so the students could learn something a second time. If the school year was lengthened, there would be more information being taught to the pupils and hopefully being processed and put to use. According to psychologist and educational theorist Lev Vygotsky, cognitive development involves learning to use the inventions of society, such as language, mathematical systems, and memory strategies…that’s the point of going to school in the first place, to learn how to function in this society. Vygotsky’s concept of the zone of proximal development is based on the idea that development is defined both by what a child can do independently and by what the child can do when assisted by an adult or more competent peer. Independent study and partner/group work are what teachers use in the classroom no matter what the level of education is. Through the independent study, such as homework and in-class assignments, the teacher can see what the student as an individual knows about the given subject; through the partner/group work, the teacher can see what the students know collectively and how well they collaborate with one another to complete a task. Vygotsky’s theory not only works in an educational setting but in a career setting as well; many professions have people working independently and/or in groups to get work done. Without the people skills and being able to make connections at an early age, building a career as well as receiving educational knowledge would be very difficult.

    The typical school day is roughly six and a half hours long, not counting time spent after school or playing intramural sports. Most schools strive to provide a well-rounded education, in which the students learn and produce art, music, and even literature. Schools teach the students math, science, foreign languages, reading, writing, and critical thinking. By providing students with a well-rounded education in primary and secondary school, the students will find a wide range of subjects they are interested in and can explore those areas when they get to college, as most colleges like the one I attend are liberal arts colleges. Schools, and the people inside them, even provide support and a safe place for a student who may not have one; not all students have safe homes lives and sometimes school is the only escape and condolence for that.

    Why is it important for us to compare ourselves to other countries like China and Japan and to strive to meet their standards? Because we’re already competing with them in the global economy. Companies like Microsoft, and many of the Fortune 500 and S&P 300 companies outsource to countries like China and Japan because of their knowledge of technology and science and math…they have skills that Americans don’t because our schools do not prepare us properly. Not to mention, where do the best doctors come from? They may have gone to medical schools here in the US but they were from China, Japan, India and went to schools there before coming over here to practice.

    The longer school year will provide students with the knowledge they should be receiving anyway, time to study and explore other subjects that may be of interest to them, and give support and encouragement where needed. It is for these reasons, as a future American history teacher, that I am for the lengthening of the school year.

    Jonathan Pottorff says:
    January 26th, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    I am not at all disagreeing with you, like I said before each person should choose a few things that they really enjoy, and learn about those and the surrounding subjects

    They have schools like that…they’re called magnet schools.

  67. johnny says:

    you guys are lame fighting abnout school, and shat im the smartest guy in my school, so yea, im like bomb on test and stuff. imma go to the private college called glendale communtiy college!!! !!! best in the world!!! see ya lata sukas!!!

  68. Outraged student says:

    Guys we should add days to our school day we are the developed country with the LEAST amount of days in the school year and if kids were to have more time for school there would be less time for outside influences.

  69. Robert Drake says:

    I hate longer school days Obama you are wrong.

  70. lola says:

    i really don’t care cuz im canadian!

  71. Please hear me speak! says:

    @JCroe: Spelling has nothing to do with a persons intelligence level or how much common sense they have. Everyone who thinks that it does should stop being so arrogant. Yes, it sounds less proper when you spell bad. But everyone makes mistakes. Obama may be a good speller, but with an idea like this, i know he isn’t that intelligent….

    this message goes to everyone who judges people by how they spell. please stop being arrogant and listen to what they have to say, NOT how they spell it!!!

  72. Kira Jane says:

    Okay, well my teacher is making us right a paper on this, trying to persuade a person one way or another. Now, honestly, when she gave us the prompt, I wanted to scoff and tell her duhh everyone is going to say that giving us two more weeks in school is a HORRIBLE idea, but after reading all these, I am starting to see how it could be a good idea.

    On the other hand, more days = less happy children/teachers = less hard work.

  73. Emma says:

    “i think this is the dumbest idea ever! im an eith grader, and i just want to relax in the summer! not have more long broing days of school!!! teenagersand kids like to sleep and i think obama needs to understand this one thing: HE IS THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER! If you thought andrew jackson was a bad president cuz he was mean and watever, well at least he isnt thinking of stupid ideas like less summer break!!!!!!!!! if he does go through with this guess waht?! ur gonna have alot of angry teenagers standing outside the whitehouse complaining. im just saying”
    okay first of all KRISTINA obviously you need some more school if you can’t spell right. Second of all just because your lazy it doesnt mean other 7th & 8th graders are. So stop acting stupid cause you don’t understand anything. Also i’m a 7th grader, and yes you can say i’m lazy but it doesn’t mean that i don’t want a good education for myself. You should want the same but obviously you want to end up working at McDonalds go ahead be my guest. I think this is a good idea, because alot of 8th graders and 7th think school is lame yes i got to admit it is but come on we need a good job in the future right? So this is what we need to think of ‘OUR education’.

  74. Kyle says:

    Hello, I am a 6th grade student in California, with our budgets we have to fire our teachers. If you increase school hours then you waste electricity used for lights in that extra time. By doing so more teachers are going to lose their jobs and that’s all thanks to you.

  75. JCroe says:

    Oh, God… I’m going to have to agree with Obama on this. Just reading these comments, I’ve seen multiple offenses in the spelling, grammar, and even just plain logic departments. Assuming it’s mostly Americans making these comments, I think our schooling is DUE for an upgrade. People, if you oppose this, at the VERY least spell OPPOSE correctly! (opose, apose, and appose are all wrong.) PLEASE spell SCHOOL correctly. It’s in the ARTICLE! If you read the article, at least make an attempt to spell words that are PROMINENT in the article correctly. I know I’m rambling on this, but it is a big issue. I’m a high school student, and I know that our schools are getting pretty crappy. Obama joked that we have to weed out the “bad apple” teachers, “just like politicians…” Well, it shouldn’t be a joke! Seriously, America has bad schools, bad teachers, and bad politicians. As our problems pile up, I know something has to be done about it.

    Another note on spelling and grammar: If you’re going to be a spelling nazi, make sure you’re not making spelling mistakes yourself. If you’re going to be a grammar nazi, don’t make grammar mistakes yourself. If you’re going to be a troll, just don’t. Nobody wants to hear it.

    I don’t agree with a lot that Obama spews, but this is one of his more intelligent ideas. I know this is a shock to many, but I am a Conservative White Male, Slightly Overweight, and I disagree with Obama a lot. This, however, is something that is absolutely critical. Obama, good job on this issue. Thanks very much.

  76. Christin says:

    i am a 7th grade middle schooler.peple who are apposed are simply just lazy and aren’t thinking about there futures. The reason for this isn’t to make us look good, but to catch up to other countries and so we don’t fall under. We simply just need this and stop being lazy because in the next 20 years most americans aren’t going to know what to do when all the good jobs require a bachelors and/or a masters. They’ll be lost in the jobs they can only do which is work in fast food restraunts in your 30′s handing out samples.

  77. Briana says:

    I am a high school student in Alaska, I believe that lengthing the day is wrong, changing the schedule is more important. We have a three month break in the middle of the year in which students forget most of what they have learned. By incorperating shorter breaks more often, and increasing the number of days students are in school, the retention rate will increase, while the review rate will decrease. Furthermore, it will relieve the stress off of students who yearn for the three month break in the summer. Its the same concept as procrastination, if you do a little bit over a long time, than it becomes a small project of a looming one. It isn’t just about increasing the time in school, a more rigorous curriculum as well as high standards and better communication between levels of school are paramount to better results. For example, I don’t ever recall writing an essay in elementary school, and very few in middle school, but I was expected to understand how to in high school. I remember book reports. Several book reports. However, very few careers require book reports. Most require analysis of results with explanation. Another example are A.P. corses, which are meant to relieve students of the cost of taking college credits, but most A.P. corses do not effectively prepare students for the next level college class. The government needs to stop focusing one aspect of the problem and making radical changes and focus on several smaller aspects and make smaller changes.

  78. Please hear me speak! says:

    Obama, get your head out of the clouds and wake up to reality. Our economy is in a rut here, can you worry about that first before you make this “genius idea” happen? Having kids in school longer isn’t the solution. Having better curriculum is. Since last year i have been home schooled and i learn more in a day than most kids can in a week. Use your common sense, the people wanted GOOD change, not change that’ll put us all in a riot!

  79. Ashleigh says:

    i 100% dissagree with persident obama on making the school year longer. we students as well as teachers need a break in the summer. i really dont understand why he wants us to compete with other countries to be on top and be as smart as kids in other countries. we are our OWN nation and we achieve goals at our own pace. going to school longer doesnt make us any smarter then we are now. we shouldnt have to go to school nger just to make obama happy. if he wants his daughters to go to school longer then let them go and not the rest of us because we DONT WANT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS. students in china and other countries commit suicide because of the stress of being in shool so long

  80. Kat says:

    Well, upon reading this, I agree that our grammar is very bad. But you must understand that was are teenagers. We waste most of our lifetime in school. we want to get the most out of life. We want adventure and school makes it harder for us. If we go on a family vacation, when we come back, we will have our homework and make-up work stacked up for us. Those who are forced to do well by their parents tend to get very stressed. Most don’t even know how to deal with all the stress that we have. Some think that suicide is the best way to go. School programs are boring… just sitting there staring at the board. Teachers should have activities that we can do to help us remember it. Nobody wants to learn in an environment that is lame and boring. I hope that teachers will come up with better teaching methods that will last longer in the student’s minds.

  81. felipe says:

    i agree with longer school days because america is dumb enough already compare to other countries well countries with money there smarter but yet kids ditch school wich is also a problem yet again the US is in debt but why is obama trying to make school longer when they bearly can even pay the teachers to teach

  82. Texas Mom says:

    Obama wants to cut school budgets and make the school year longer???? How does he propose this will work?

    Instead of making the days or year longer why don’t we make sure our kids are getting the education they should be getting now. In our school district, the teachers teach to the TAKS. Once TAKS test are complete, it’s more or less “play time”. I can’t count the times my children have come home and told me they watched Disney movies all day. They can do that at home. The school wants to yell about Texas attendance laws and the number of days the students must be present and all they are doing is showing movies to my children!
    So, if we make the school year longer, does this mean my children will have even more time to watch movies at school???
    Someone should be monitoring these schools better. Yes these schools rank high, but SO WHAT! Our high school still graduates students that cannot read simple words such as “slide”. I had a new high school graduate in the nurse aide class that I taught that asked me what slide spelled. We allow people to graduate without basic skills such as making change, filling out a job or college application.
    So, let’s fix the problems that are actually there and not create new ones. Longer school days or years will only cause more students to drop out as soon as they can. Some parents may be forced to pull their kids out to help out on family farms. HOW IS THIS GOING TO IMPROVE OUR NATIONS KIDS? If obama likes the way other countries do things then, LET HIM MOVE TO ONE OF THOSE COUNTRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe America would be better off without him anyway!!!

  83. ap says:

    A longer school year is needed because.

    1. There is more stuff to learn these days and 180 days is just not enough
    2. With the workload spread out over more number of days, the DAILY
    workload will drop. Students will get MORE time to do their stuff and
    hence will be less stressed in the end on a daily basis
    3. Google is hiring 5000+ engineers in 2011 and they will be looking at the
    entire world for hiring. They are not going to look only at the US. What
    American kids don’t realize, that whereas their “Subway sandwich artists”
    jobs are not threatened by the Indians and the Chinese. Any job which
    requires high end skills they will be competing head on with kids who
    have been to school more and have “sucked it up” and learned the
    boring curriculum. The same boring curriculum that fuels high end
    science and tech that America proudly boasts about. Not everything in
    life is going to be packaged in a “fun” filled activity. The sooner American
    kids realize this the better they will be poised for real world life skills.
    4. For some troubled kids, a longer school year will keep them out of trouble
    5. A lot of what you learn at school may not seem relevant for executing your
    minimum wage job, but trust me that all of it will come into play when you
    start doing a job that requires high end skills.

  84. jawan says:

    i mean summer is a year to relax and theres only 3 months of summer out of 10 months of school

  85. jawan says:

    I dont think thats a good idea to add days to school or hours a day to compare to china because theres alot of suicides in china schools from the children being so stressed at school. We wouldn’t ant to do that and reduce american population. There is alot of school suicides from being bullied and it could get alot worse with the school length being longer. Children are already struggling with the school year and the homework at home on summer to relax and enjoy themselves, and with the budget cuts we couldnt afford to make the school year longer there would be raises in everything in school from luch to riding home and to school on a bus.

  86. Erika says:

    will this actually happen?

  87. A student says:

    I don’t agree with President Obama on longer school days. Some kids need the time after school to work, such as the sons of farmers. However, I think President Obama is right when he says that our generation needs longer school years.

    One of the complaints with our president’s proposal is that students have limits to how much they can learn at a time and that they need the long summer break to unwind and rest. However, we are not at all near that limit. Just take a look at the chart in the article. I don’t see the students of Japan or South Korea revolting even though they have so much school. Some American kids really need the extra education.

    Obama said that most eighth graders are not up to the level of reading and writing that they should be at. Here is a quote from one of them:

    kristina- “i think this is the dumbest idea ever! im an eith grader, and i just want to relax in the summer! not have more long broing days of school!!! teenagersand kids like to sleep and i think obama needs to understand this one thing: HE IS THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER! If you thought andrew jackson was a bad president cuz he was mean and watever, well at least he isnt thinking of stupid ideas like less summer break!!!!!!!!! if he does go through with this guess waht?! ur gonna have alot of angry teenagers standing outside the whitehouse complaining. im just saying”

    Not only does this quote support President Obama’s point, it also shows that the attitude of students are also part of the problem. Kids do not want to learn. We need to fix that.

  88. Bernard says:

    The idea of more school is great because we wouldn’t have any homework if the school day was longer because we would finish it during class.Also it would improve our test scores letting us catch up with other states. More school equals more learning!

  89. The Only Reasonable Man says:

    Idiots. While it is understandable that the idea is not widely popular among stressed students, we need it, because this is the dumbest generation yet, and it will only get worse. Obama, you have my full support.

  90. Jonathan Pottorff says:

    I think I’m going to not even try arguing about this anymore because of how stupid of an idea it is.

  91. LKH says:

    Perhaps Olive might be willing to share the source which substantiates the claim that she attends one of the nations ten best elementary schools? Where can we find information, Olive, on what those ten schools might be?

  92. angelina says:

    I am a highschool freshman and i personally think that instead of making school longer and even more boring maybe we should start later and make school more interesting as apposed to longer and more boring like making things more interactive and instead of standerdizes testing maybe just bassing it off of your year round grades. on another not kids need not only to be “book smart” but also “real world smart” and if we get out of school at say 6 instead of 4 then we go home and do our home workfor 2 or 3 hours we have less than an we have little to no social time. and as for extending the school year kids live for summer and work hard not to have summer school or tutoring during the summer so how is that in any way just? it not kids deserve the summer. personally i know that over half my class would drop out and we only have 80 freshman you do the math. how is in any way that going to help?

  93. kristina says:

    i think this is the dumbest idea ever! im an eith grader, and i just want to relax in the summer! not have more long broing days of school!!! teenagersand kids like to sleep and i think obama needs to understand this one thing: HE IS THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER! If you thought andrew jackson was a bad president cuz he was mean and watever, well at least he isnt thinking of stupid ideas like less summer break!!!!!!!!! if he does go through with this guess waht?! ur gonna have alot of angry teenagers standing outside the whitehouse complaining. im just saying

  94. MAT @ USC says:

    Hell yeah! To make America competitive in the 21st Century, we need TWO things:

    1. A 200 or even a 225-day school year.

    2. Instruction methods that actually make kids THINK, not just repeat data in order to pass a standardized test.

    Someone named “Olive” commented that she didn’t want to go to school year-round because she’s in one of the top 10% schools in the country and she’s doing all right.

    Duh! If you’re in a top school, then we’re not worried about you. We’re worried about the other 90% that make up the future America. We need to improve the low-performance schools so that people from the top 10% schools aren’t required to be taxed extra for the rest of their lives to pay for the failures of the bottom 10%!

    Sure it will cost more money.

    It costs around $9,000 per year per student in an decent school. It costs as much as $50,000 per year to keep an inmate in a federal prison! The vast majority of inmates are dropouts. Why not pay more money up front to keep them OUT of jail in the first place?

  95. Jonathan Pottorff says:


    I am not at all disagreeing with you, like I said before each person should choose a few things that they really enjoy, and learn about those and the surrounding subjects. I’m not going to argue about this because I completely agree with you on most of those parts, and I also understand that if school was lengthened and most students dropped out, not everyone would. To make this country successful we need everyone working though, not just the 10% that stay in school and become the leaders. This aspect is absolutely vital, and the synergy of all people working together is shown throughout several things, such as football. Each person needs to learn what they want to learn, not what school board wants them to learn. Each student needs to enjoy what they’re learning, so as they become more and more educated about what they love to do, they can benefit the whole nation sooner, and not have to have wasted time all throughout their education where they could be doing many things when they are very young.

  96. Craig says:


    I am not sure that I ever said that it is all up to the teacher. I do believe that the teacher has a major part.
    The problem with our society today is that everyone wants it handed to them. McDonald’s serves coffee and you spill it on yourself…sue and make millions. No one looks in the mirror anymore and says they made a mistake…it is always someone else. McDonald’s should have told me that coffee was hot and I shouldn’t spill it on yourself.
    The things you learn in school are not dumb and useless. You may never use some of the information that is taught. You may never need to know when the Bill of Rights were established and why, or when you will ever use y=mx+b. However, wouldn’t it be nice to be well rounded and educated in various areas? Think of this Jonathan…do you think that maybe what you plan on doing in the future may change? Or maybe you just have everything figured out today, right now. What if today you want to be a construction worker and tomorrow you decide you want to be an engineer. That well rounded education that our country provides for free to our citizens may just come in handy.
    Have you ever wondered why our colleges are constantly considered the top colleges in the world? Check the stats. The people that attend want to be there. They want to make that difference. They want to be the future leaders. And oh…by the way, that is where you can choose what to learn. But without the foundation you receive from K-12th grades, you cannot succeed.
    So while that boring education may seem useless now, bare with it. It pays off for those that work for it. Ask yourself if you would like to be the guy serving the fries or ordering them…or better yet the one that owns the entire chain. What is the difference between the engineer that designs the engine and the guy that changes the oil? What sets them apart? Education and about an extra $100,000 dollars annually.
    We cannot continue to think of this country like our previous generations. We are now in a global economy and are competing with all countries. So before you only had to worry about the kids in your school or city…now you have to worry about competing against the children in Japan or China too. What will make your future boss choose you over them? What will make my generation pick you to be our future leaders. This country will continue to be ran by the highly educated…I guarantee it. People want change, but they want change for the better. Democracy is not free, you have to bust your butt for it. If you don’t, someone else will.
    While I write this I am reminded of something I learned in history in high school long ago…
    “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.

    My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.” John F. Kennedy.

    Hopefully Jonathan I have changed your mind slightly about education. It is not all bad and it will pay off for those that strive to be successful. Do yourself some studying and check on the stats for people that get a education and those that drop out. See what the average in pay is for someone with a GED/HS diploma compared to a BA, or Masters degree. You choose what you want for yourself. I can only tell you that help is on the way as far as teachers that make a difference.

  97. Jonathan Pottorff says:


    I would be willing to work harder, but adding work wouldn’t help, all that is needed is there to be better ways of learning. I agree, it is all up to the teacher, but I can also tell you that most teachers believe giving more work makes kids smarter, which it doesn’t, because all of the work is just that, work. The only work that makes you learn is the work you enjoy doing, which none of it is. Like I’ve said before, instead of trying to add more of this useless learning, each child/parent needs to choose just a few things they enjoy, to where all of the work they do isn’t just wasted.

  98. Craig says:

    I do understand the fact that more school does not always equal increased intelligence. I also understand that many students are bored and have more time then needed in the current situation in some of our classrooms. I believe the article points that out as well…
    “It’s imperative that states use the stimulus package money to rebuild curriculum, increase teacher pay, improve school conditions, offer newer technologies to students and even extend the school year to ensure that this generation can not only keep up with their international peers, but even surpass them in the professional environment of the coming decades.”
    I believe that the system just needs to be revamped a bit. I think the way teachers teach is the main thing. Look at the teachers you would considers the best…what did they have in common? Did they make the learning fun or did they put stuff on the board and wait for you to do it.
    I am in school. Currently I am working towards my Masters in Teaching degree and hope to be part of the change. I have had great teachers and professor and also I have had poor teachers and professors. Teachers, to me, are like parents. Usually you can tell the good parents based on how the child turns out (sometimes it doesn’t matter). Good teachers are those that inspire and push their students to want better for themselves.
    So Jonathan…do you want better for yourself? Are you willing to work for it? If so then don’t be afraid of adding a few days to your overwelling schedule, and maybe…just maybe you will be a better person at the end. Im willing to make the change and work harder, are you?

  99. just another student says:

    The reason the U.S. is so behind in education is because of the students. I’m one of the smartest student at my school but that’s because I actually make some effort to try. It’s the student’s choice on whether they want to succeed or not so just let us be. I promise you that if you add more school days there will be either a riot or no effort in learning.

  100. Jonathan Pottorff says:

    Craig, I hope you understand that adding school days does not increase intelligence. If you were in our schools you would realize that our days could be shortened, and amount of days lessened, It’s a common misconception that adults have, that the more time you spend with school and studying, that it gets you smarter, it just doesn’t work that way. Teachers and the school board need to understand that instructional teaching is possibly the hardest way students can learn. We need better ways of teaching, not just 2 hours of teachers lecturing and then more homework and things like that. I also assure you that if the school year was lengthened and we all decided to drop out, there would not be an instantaneous downfall, but within a few years we would have fallen so far behind everyone else that it would have made the whole thing pointless. Something that adults need to learn is that we are the future, and if you try to lead us the way you want to, and not the way we want it then it simply just wont work out as well at all. Students need to control the education system, not to where we decide if we want to work or not, but what we learn and how we want this country to be set up when we control it.

  101. Alondra says:

    I’ve taken the time to read some of these comments and found that many of you have presented very interesting and convincing arguments. i must say though, i don’t support Obama on this one what so ever. i think longer school days and a longer school year is ridiculous. whats the point? Those of you who say that it will keep kids out of trouble, should know that teenagers are going to be teenager regardless of how much time they spend in school! in fact, it might just push kids to rebel and be more of a menace to society. Yes , its true we are behind compared to our neighboring countries but if a student doesn’t ant to put forth the effort to get ahead in school forcing extra time on them will not make it better. our grades have nothing to do with hours put into our school work , it has to do with self-motivation! And as for the 8th grade curriculum being 2 years behind , students who would want to achieve would work harder, get better grades, and be placed in AP classes. This is what i think in a nut shell.

    - High School Freshman

  102. Craig says:

    Why is it that we look at change as bad? It seems to me that everytime someone speaks of change, people go crazy making sure they point out some of the possible negatives of that change. What about the positives? Is it remotely possible that this could benefit our children and our country? I never thought that I would here so many people being opposed to increasing their intelligence.
    We have a school system that was based on the farming needs of the past. Children were needed to have the summers off so they could help on the farms. Currently our children attend school 180 days a year…180 days people. That is 180 out of 365 or 49% of the possible days (69% if we dont include weekends). Now I know that we have weekends, and mine are just as important now that I am 38 as they were when I was 15. So if we take those off we are left with 261 available days. If we increase our school days to 190, students would attend school 73% of the time. 200 jumps that to 77%…that only counts the weekdays M-F. Are we really asking to much? Could it be possible that those extra days could possibly lower the stress level? Students and teachers would be able to spread out the curriculum and slow things down to ensure understanding. Assessment would actually be used for something. How often do teachers test students, the student fails, and then the teacher moves on to the next unit anyway? Could that possibly be related to the fact that teachers have so much they have to cram into the current number of days and don’t have time to slow down?
    The other argument that I am hearing is from the students themselves. If you add days then I will drop out. Again, I would point out that I think your looking at this wrong. These added days do not have to be for added work, but for better understanding. I have a question. What if you do drop out? What then? Do you really think that it would cause an instantaneous melt down of our country? First of all I hope some of you have people in your lives that wouldn’t allow that. The others would just be left behind trying to survive in our global economy wondering why they dropped out because school days increased by less than 10%.
    I think this should happen. I would like to see it happen gradually. Maybe we start off with 10 extra days, five in the beginning and five in the end of year. Then we repeat the process within five years until we reach the 200.
    We need to raise expectations in our country. Our country was based on hard working people busting their tails to get better (doing what needed to be done). Don’t we owe it to ourselves and our forefathers to keep our country strong. Put down the Xbox and PS3 controllers every once in a while and open a school book. Improve your mind and stop bragging about how high you can score on Call of duty. Lets start bragging about how you did on the English test or the SAT’s…something that will translate to your success in life. Let us brag about what college you just got a scholarship from. Stop accepting the statusquo and strive for something better. You want a better life for yourself? Make it happen! Stop waiting for it to be handed to you like most things in your life. I believe the american dream is alive and well, unfortunately you may have to work at it. I know of two ways to be successful in life (this does not included winning the lottery), 1. get an education or 2. have a unique trade that only a few have (singer, sports, etc.) So unless your the next Justin Bieber…..

  103. Aira Yuuki says:

    I am for longer school days. Kids these days well lets say stupid. America is really slacking off when it comes to education we say education is the most important thing. then why are American kids one of the dumbest kids in the world. Our school only 180 days of school while Japan gets 243 days and their kids are smart.

  104. Jonathan Pottorff says:

    I want to have an experiment, I want a bunch of adults to challenge me. Who’s smarter? I’m 16 and a junior in high school, and not nearly the smartest one around, but, I could guarantee that if given a test I could outscore 90% of the adults, because most of them have never used grammar, physics, trigonometry, chemistry, or even history in their lives. I’m not saying that I’m more intelligent than adults though, but most adults are completely oblivious to what needs to be taught and what is being taught. Like I’ve said before the whole education system needs to be changed, not lengthened, only so much can be learned in a day. To be completely honest, almost my entire school is totally fed up with how pointless school is right now, and how long it is, and if a couple of these stupid adults in charge make it even worse, we will revolt and this nation will be set back because if we did what would you all do? Shoot us? Good luck with that. Keep in mind Mr. Obama, we are not tools, not computers, we have our limits, and if you want to challenge our abilities, bring it on, you’ll lose.
    Please, leave us to learn more about life and learn things that we will need to use in life, don’t make us learn this pointless stuff that you think will help us.

  105. 100% against this says:

    What the heck is happening with the country??? NOW we all know what Obama meant when he promised change.

    If anyone is wondering why America is so fat one reason is because of all the stress we put into our work. I think we are the most stressed country in the world. And adding MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!?!?This is so NOT the answer! Kids need time to unwind and relax and to enjoy life, rather than have life based around school! This will also cause more rebellious kids and create so much stress that everyone will probably just give up! And also what about kids who live in religious families? The only free day they have is Saturday, so taking away that precious day to them? If everyday was school then life wouldn’t be worth living!

    Also kids shouldn’t be in a classroom all day sitting on there butts bored as heck. If you want kids to learn, then make it a bit more interactive, kids don’t learn by reading out of a text book. Kids find learning fun when they can actually experience it. Use the money you’d be wasting on this and make it so that kids could have more field trips, where they CAN experience it.

    Thank you.

  106. Yolanda says:

    I’m a mother of four. My children are all in school. No, they haven’t made the best grades. But, if you ask them (which I have) they would rather have the longer school year. They also were eager to add their suggestions for a curriculum. Kids that drop out of school have more going on in their lives then just a crowded classroom or bad food. I live in a city that sees board young people wondering around all summer long and eventually getting into serious trouble. The truth is, with a better education (which will take more time in the year) our kids will have a more positive outlook on their lives and we will benefit from having smarter, brighter leaders in our future.

  107. Henry says:

    I’m pretty sure Brooke’s comment sums up exactly why kids SHOULD be in school longer. A teenager should know how to spell “write” and know the proper usages of break and brake. Heck, a third-grader should know both those things. Plus, text speak: the true sign of maturity, folks. You heard it here first.

  108. Austen says:

    Dear Obama, It’s crazy that you think that us kids would want to stay in school on weekend’s. Cutting our breaks will just make it worse. Less kids will start going to school and no one will finish college. I say that we kids should take a vote to see who want’s extended school and who does not.That would set everything straight. We need our breaks. Without them we wont finish school. We kids need our time. This is not a competition like some of the other students have said here. Sure maybe we do lack a little bit. But you can’t shove all of this at us at once. We have to take it little by little day by day. I agree completely with Nicole. I hope none of this happens to kids who live in America….

  109. nicole says:

    This thinking has a point… We obviously don’t want to be ont he bottom of the “academic food-chain” compared with other countries. But the way you’re treating this situation is like it’s a race. Whatever happened to “it’s not all about winning”? JUST because we are not in the lead in education doesn’t mean ours is crap. Sure, maybe we could try and slowly but steadily speed up our learning capabilities by adding in new curriculum at a younger age. But longer school days and less breaks will do nothing but cause more dropouts and lower grades. Therefore, we will be even more behind. Students do not need ANYMORE STRESS. Teenagers are by far some of the most stressed people in this country, don’t make it worse. If working adults can barely handle 9-5 jobs, what makes you think students could?

  110. scottie says:

    obama you are retarded more kids will drop out by the time they are in high school if you have school year long and i bet you get assasinated

  111. Brooke says:

    Dear Obama u are nuts I am not goig to school year round the more you put us poor kids in school the more drop outs they will have less people that will have high school diploma . I am gunna stand up for us kids and just put this out there to you all us kids don’t like you and if u would talk to us students about how we want school and maybe the teachers at the school not at the teachers union only the nerd teachers that are like yeah and the kids are gunna wright an essay just to say your gunna pass and all I will not do it and we need a brake from school and shorter days we get exuded at school and we teens don’t like to go to school in the morning we are night creators not early birds like adults

  112. Ginger says:

    Ooops in my statement I meant to say that I did not desire to homeschool!

  113. Ginger says:

    Making school days and the year longer will not do much good. What they need to do is evaluate how much time is being spent for instructional time during the hours we have. I have read several scientific studies that show on average most public schools only spend 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours of instructional time for the main subject areas. Most of the time is spent moving children from class room to other rooms, getting out books, working on behaviors, etc. Not to mention that during the time being spent in instruction, who is to say that the kids are actually paying attention or that the teachers or doing a good job of teaching. My children have attended some amazing school and have been in some that are horrible. We are Military so we move often. One particular school in South Carolina was so horrible that we had no choice but to home school, which was not something that I desire to do; however, it is a sacrifice that must be made for my children. Turns out it has been the greatest thing for us. We can spend 3 and 1/2 to 4 and 1/2 hours 4-5 days a week and they are learning more than ever! This school that they were attending had teachers calling kids “stupid”, “fat”, and threatening them to not tell their parents because they would be sued!! Not to mention the hours of homework they were bringing home! Talk about a kid being burnt out! No wonder kids are not learning like we used to! I never remember having so much homework when I was a kid!

    All in all, if schools would stop all of this moving around during the day, crack down on behavior, and strongly evaluate the teachers to make sure they are doing their jobs then the education should improve dramatically. We don’t necessarily need to spend more money and making longer school hours and year, we just need to make the best of what time we do have!

  114. Jonathan Pottorff says:

    I have a question, why is it that the punctuation and grammar of adults is so much better when we as current students spend a lot more time in our classes? And also, we’re competing with other countries about our education? America has better colleges/universities than any other country, high school is just a preparation for college, and that is a huge fault with our education system.

  115. Miss says:

    And Carmen is “gonna” in the dictionary now?

  116. Miss says:

    Education is not a competition. His views on education are more frightening than the thought of a 200 day school year. “We’re at a competitive disadvantage” and “that is no way to prepare them for a 21st century ECONOMY” ?? So what happens when you extend the school year? Are teachers finally going to be able to set up their classrooms based on the needs of the children? Lets get with it and allow the time and funding to actually work with the kids are getting left behind.

  117. Carmen says:

    To Bob written on October 10th, you say you are a freshman in high school. Well I think extending the school year now would work a miracle for you and some of the others who are responding to this. Your spelling and punctuation is so bad you should be lucky if you graduate from high school. If you do, I congratulate you. Sorry if this seems like I’m attacking you, but seriously Bob if you’re gonna write do it correctly you are only embarrassing yourself and proving to all Americans that yes we do need to extend the school year and/or hours.

  118. Carmen says:

    I have to agree with Brook who wrote on January 2nd. She says after reading some of these posts (which are from students) having a longer school year is not a bad idea. Look at the spelling and punctuation, wow!
    Besides there are plenty of holidays throughout the year to take vacations. When you take a vacation from work it is usually only two weeks and then what, parents are scrambling around to see who can take care of their children for the rest of the summer while they go to work.

    Yes, I have to agree to extend the school year by twenty more days could make a great difference. I work at a school (in the office) and we used to have an Alternative Calendar. We started the 2nd week of August up to the 1st week of December and had a four week break. We returned the 1st week of January up to when Easter started and had a three week Spring Break. Returned around the 1st or 2nd week of May up to the end of June. We only had a six week summer break. It was like we went to school year round (not a track school). It was great until our school district changed it to be like all the other schools in our district. Now we have a long summer (July to 1st week of September) it’s terrible. The students get bored quickly being home so long. If we had to vote on it I would vote YES!

  119. Jonathan Pottorff says:

    School is for our benefit, but with how our classes are it’s pathetic, I go to the 125th ranked public high school in the nation, and honestly we could shorten our classes by 50% and still have plenty of time to do all we need, homework is pointless if you do enough work in school, so extending school would just leave more open time to do nothing, where we could be using that time for much better things, such as actually learning things that could help in life, not pointless grammar or algebra that 99.99% of us will forget by the time we graduate, and never use in our lives

  120. Channy says:

    I actually like this idea! I am a school student in the 9th grade and am really mad at how american children are turning out. I believe we should follow Japan’s example and have a 6 day school week. I hate to know that I am not getting the most education I can and want it to end. If America keeps up there lazy ways we will surely fall behind and be tromped on by the next generation of other countries. I we are to have longer school days homework could be lightened up a bit but really, we all have to remember that school is for our benefit not our downfall.

  121. April GALINDO says:

    dear obama i disagree with u in your more schoolyear.

  122. raudel garcia says:

    It is a good idea but bad because we want to spend some time with our family

  123. Leslie says:

    I agree with the people who do not want schools extended! I need a break and i already have so much stress in school that I cannot handle extended hours. Please reconsider this decision President Obama.

  124. Jonathan Pottorff says:

    Hello, I am a 16 year old male and am a junior in high school. I figured this would be a good thing to hear from someone who actually goes to school and knows how everyone is. Parents, no matter much you think you know, you know absolutely very little about your children and how they feel about school, and the president doesn’t know very much about it either. The truth is that we as children go through a much more vigorous curriculum than was taught 30 years ago, Most teens are sick of going to school because of how pointless so much of the stuff we learn is, a person who wants to become an English major should not have to learn about physics, and a physicist shouldn’t have to read Shakespeare and get graded on what it means. We in school today are already on the breaking point, 180 days is plenty, and if you add more time in school, everyone will rebel, and refuse to learn or go to school. I could go on about this even more, but i have to get back to my 8 hours of homework so I don’t get punished for falling asleep while doing it.

  125. Brook says:

    After reading these comments, I do think a longer school year is not a bad idea. The grammer and spelling on these posts is horrific! However I also think that if you are going to add more school days or make longer hours then homework should be eliminated. I do not think its fair for children to spend all day working at school and then come home and have to work all night. I would not want have to do that. When I get home from work that is the time I enjoy spending with my family.

  126. Tanasia says:

    School should not be extended. First of all, drop out rates would most definetely increase. Second of all, I don’t understand how making school longer will help us become more educated. It’s the material that we learn that helps our education. Our teachers and how they teach us is also a big part of us having a better education. Taking away a kid’s summer vacation would be horrible. After having so many days of stressful school, a kid wants a break. Schools, like mine, order people by their grades. There are three teams and one is advanced while the others are lower. That shouldn’t be done because then everyone is learning different materials and doing different things. When you treat people uneducated, then they are going to be that way. Maybe it’s our school systems faults, and not ours. Finally, if President Obama were to extend school, then many people would not like him very much. He could expect someone else to take over his position because many people would be angry with the new change. Parents wouldn’t also be very happy about this. In conclusion, school should stay the length it is, but it should just have a higher education system with more advanced material.

  127. Doug says:

    Thats smart, deprive hard working children of their free time. Its the dumb kids that go to summer school anyway. Also like Obama hasent taken his share of vacations. have fun in Hawaii while the nation is under a terrorist threat. And you think this guy can’t get any stupider. I am in 9th grade and do very well for myself in school. We dont need anymore than we have now. Obama attended a school that only had 180 days and he became the president of the United States. It continues to amaze me at how stupid this man can be.

  128. jonathan says:

    Dear Mr. Obama,

    Obama are you out of your mind! The school is hard and long already.
    If you make this decition it will seriosly not help it will make it alot wors because if you just sto treing to beat every country at every thing, maybey your citizins will have more respeced for you. Also if you make this bad choice than thats not the only one you have made you idiot. Bring home are troops home from Iraq there are inisent people dieng because you feel like just helping out another country how about wereing about are country i mean your letting muzzlems building a mosk for crist sake. They will robably just bomb us if you just let them do that to you mite as well just et them do that anyway. let the solders vote if they should stay or go and see what they want to do. Back to the school thing if you let school last longer then bullies are going to get madder and take it out on students and that increases the rate of children commiting suicide. I have heared about five to ten kids wanting to commit suicide. And do you even no how sad it is to have friend that commited suicide or wanting to well let me tell you you somthing obama it makes you feel like you want to join them. And it is not just because of the bullies its becuase of stress in school. And by makingh it longer like i just said it will increase suicides by 10% . So obama how do your kids feel about school i bet they hate it to and dont lie ask them about school go ahead and do it watch there answeres and then tell me. Im telling you this willl be a dumb descition. And insead of saying your citzens have no say if you didnt have citizens in the first place you would just be a normal man living in a white house so think about who your citizens are the next time you say somthing bad about this country. And you want to now the thig that ius really tearing this natiopn apart ot is not crime the education or the economy it is you!

  129. Olive says:

    Why should we have school over the summer? I just happen to be in 8th grade and I go to one of the top 10 schools in the country and I’m doing just fine i have all A’s and participate in after school activities so the summer is my time to relax and hangout with my friends. I dont think that there should be school over the summer!!

  130. Jaymi Martinez says:

    Dear Obama,
    I have to strongly disagree with this idea. Stop comparing America to china they are completely different from each other. If the Chinese have longer days of school that’s their business. America is an independent country we are independent for a reason. It’s a good idea and a bad idea at the same time. It’s a good idea because a student would be able to graduate earlier. It would be a bad thing because most high school students have after school and weekend jobs to help out their parents. You aren’t thinking this thoroughly. Think about the people that work for an afterschool program. They’re going to be unemployed. That would mean more support from the government. If you think the drop out rate is bad if u make school longer the drop out rate is going to be twice as much. With the budget cuts, transportation prices rising and closing schools parents are going to be highly upset as well as the students. As for the elementary and junior high school students their parents keep them in an after school program were they make friends do their homework and have fun. I don’t believe in taking a Childs childhood away and it would be very selfish of you to do so just because you want to basically beat another country in competition. It isn’t fair to the kids or to the parents. Sometimes kids can only see their parents for a few hours a day. If u make school longer then kids will barely see them. If you do this then u will have a lot of problems and a lot of angry Americans

  131. Ookami says:

    Nope Won’t do that won’t help the new generation will easily say no and drop out or rebel kids these days need more understanding teachers not ones who only talk of negative outcomes if they do not pass confidence is key here

  132. Allen says:

    Making school longer is bad. Don’t make school longer Obama don’t.

  133. Bryangeliz says:

    If your going to disagree with the idea as a student spell CORRECTLY..(DUH) your just making us students look even more dumb….hello??

  134. reliance says:

    I think what we need to do is instead of an extended school year we should do 3 things

    1. separate kids who do better from other kids

    2. 1 month summer vacation, but more holidays

    3. check teachers randomly to see if they are doing a good job.

  135. Artemis Isis says:

    This is just wrong. NO WAY. I already have stress on wat we have alreafy

  136. Brian says:

    My patener Bjorn agrees to this statement that our president made because students have low test scores he feels and extra month wont hurt the students he thinks we should take the state test a week before the end of july.

  137. Bryangeliz says:

    Dear Senator Sanchez,
    I, strongly agree that the United States should increase the school year. First of all, I believe it will increase student learning. Also, it will keep students occupied and off the streets and not doing illegal things that they should not be doing. Most importantly, America used to be number one in the nation education, now we are ranked twenty seventh.
    Firstly, I think that increasing the school year would be a great idea. It will increase the student learning. Additionally, because if the school year and or day is increased that means more classes and more academic activities for the students of the school. There was a study done by Professor Barkley he stated that,” Since students don’t spend enough time in the classroom 45% of the scores in the United States have gone down since 2007.
    Furthermore, it will keep students occupied instead of doing in- appropriate things. They would be in school a good education. Also, these grades would be higher. “We need to take school seriously now a days because since the economy, because if the students grade increase then with higher grades the students are more likely to go to college and with a college degree they will get a good and paying steady job which will make the economy better because with good grades and a college degree you will be more likely to get a very good paying job. This with more American citizen with more jobs means a better economy for the future.” stated Professor James. Us as American people don’t want our kids out on the streets and socializing with the wrong people will make the student maybe with a 35% chance they might drop-out of school which mainly put their future in jeopardy.
    Lastly, America used to be number one in the Nation in education but now we’re ranked number twenty- seventh in the education system. Japan has two hundred and forty- three days of school and is ranked number one in the nations school system. If we increase the school year that mean more school and academic classes which means the work will probably be token more seriously. The students will have more work and more time to go over the work ten times if we wanted to. That is the good thing about extended school year you have more time for a lesson, also more time to go over the lesson needed to be taught. This is a great thing for students who have a hard time learning things.
    That is why I think that America should increase the school year and or day because first of all it will increase student learning, additionally it will keep students occupied and off the streets instead of doing illegal things, and finally America used to be number one in the Nation in Education but now we are ranked twenty-seventh.

  138. Katherine says:

    The problem is not how long or short our school year is but what us students learn. In Russia kids go to school a month less and they are still smarter! It is the level of education that matters not how much time we spend in school.

  139. Xero1505 says:

    The school hours are long enough as it is and BULL about what parents or seniors say considering they will not be attending school anymore so shut up. I get enough stress and headaches in my classes as it is, but to add more days and make them longer is just plain EVIL. The maximum sleep I get currently is from 1-5 hours or 7 if i’m lucky. My school hours are from 8:25 a.m.-4:15 p.m., but the time I need to get up is 6:00 a.m. to get my bus, and I don’t get home until 5 p.m. and that’s if my bus comes early otherwise it’s about 7 p.m. Then comes the homework which takes up most of the rest of my day. So I will have to dissagree with this one Obama.

  140. that is not right says:


  141. that is not right says:


  142. michelle says:

    hi obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. jenna Sari says:


  144. Overlooking the Obvious — bit by bit says:

    [...] could be caused by giving up summer (read Gladwell; he makes a better argument than I can make, and he’s not alone), but the numbers don’t lie: the data from Alexander’s research are impressive, and, I [...]

  145. Artemis says:

    Look at the table organized by country and days of school; it’s accurate.

    Japan and China both have huge global impact on Academic fields.
    It’s not because their students are naturally more intelligent, it’s because
    of the material that is taught within their public schools, material that we
    could not possibly find time to cover within our schools.

    While public schools in Japan and China have relatively similar class length to those in the US, there is significantly more time allotted to studying. Imagine how much easier homework would be, if you were given opportunity to complete it at school around your teachers and peers. (Granted, during high school you’re taking subjects such as Physics B and Calculus I.)

    Furthermore, in Israel methods have recently been enacted to improve it’s educational standards. With so much income being focused into education, not only has the cost of higher education plummeted, but more people are able to attend schools and receive an education. In the US, we argue tax dollars, but what are tax dollars if college education could become affordable to the majority of the American population.

    Longer school days are only natural as our educational system continues to improve and receive more funding. There is just not enough teacher-student time to cover the increasingly complex material being taught in schools.

  146. Alix says:

    hi im 11 and i go to school from 8 to 4 a lot of the kids grades 3+ stay til 5:30 and we get no recess. our lunch 1s 40 mintes and we are only aloud to talk for 90 or less minutes in our whole 8 hours.

  147. Elisha says:

    What are we freaking stupid? I think we shouldn’t extend school days more days of school or longer hours will not help students learn more faster…kids don’t develop that fast. It just won’t happen it is proven that the brain in children develops at different rates. So a child will not be able to literally be able to process the information until their brain is compatible for it. Plus how are you going to make a child sit still for that long anyways? You can’t! Again it is also proven that the age the child is is how long they can pay attention for. So if they are 8 they only pay attention to the material for 8mins. Until Obama decides to go get his masters in teaching I suggest he stops trying to chastise teachers and the Education system. He needs to know some facts and figures about children before he goes changing stuff like how long the school day is. I doubt he has done any research on the topic. I would hazard a guess that he just thinks its a good idea and wants to try it. Where is the evidence and the research that says this is a good idea? really now…just because other countries do it doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do…let kids be kids and half a childhood they have plenty of time to work…and grow up and be adults…

  148. Marlenie says:

    Hello ! i attend D.N Fell School ! ANd I think You should extend school hours because you are right im tired of seeing all these little girls with a stomach and 2 children on the side its sad ! some children dont have the right parents but it isnt there parents fault parents dont have a hand book on how to raise their kids. yes, it is stressful being in school longer hours and more days of the summer but later in life its thankful because you get to be someone in life and do something with your life be proud of yourself and thank your elders and teachers ! sincerly yours , Marlenie

  149. Isaac, Brend, Canin says:

    Dear Mr. Obama,
    We should have sixteen more days of school per year and less school hours per day. More days of school can bring us higher up on the competiton with other countries. Many other counrties are using this stategy in their schools.
    It is better to go to school from 7:30 to 12:30 everyday instead of seven hours if we are going to have more days. Children in other countries go to school more days than us, but fewer hours total. We go for 1,145 hours per year, while others go for 1,050. This is a more efficient system.

  150. Canin , Tyler , And Cassie 6th grade says:

    I agree that we should have a longer school year to improve education.However,There Should be no weekends at school due to religous beliefs and practices on sundays.
    One reason to agree with this idea is that children forget what they have learned over the summer. This plan would help children with their academic responsibilities for the future ahead. If we take action and extend the school year, it will raise test grades, and improve the literacy rate. Most children of the ages 13-15 cannot read at the appropriate reading level. It will also improve reading, writing, and arthmetic as well.

  151. jayla,melissa,breanna,angela says:

    Dear Mr.Obama,

    My fellow classmates and I agree that there should be more school days an less time.If we have longer school days,we would accomplish our dreams with more school days,an less time,and if we do this will cause our test scores to become the biggest of all.

  152. A pioneer in year-round education calls it quits | Occasional Planet says:

    [...] Obama has long advocated a combination of longer school days and shorter summer vacations, citing poor performance in [...]

  153. Bryona says:

    So i think this is bull, in Indiana we have a hard time enough getting kids from all different societies to come to school, and if they do come to school they skip. We are joining highschools with some middle schools and some middles schools with grade schools. We are in debt, we dont need all year round schools worry about our debt first..

    ( A Sophomore.)

  154. Amber says:

    Is it true that is we extend the length of our overall school day, students can get out up to a month earlier for a longer summer vacation? a school in my area did that because of construction. say instead of leaving school at 2:30, we get out at 3 but start at the same time as before. would be be able to leave for summer vacation earlier?

  155. lisette says:

    The days should not be extended kids need their sleep. I wake up 6:00 to get to school on time kids may become very grumpy and act up. Im in sixth grade and in Since i got an 90 as my average you shouldn’t extend school days at all there is no reason.

  156. jon says:

    problem is that so many kids think they are wannabe gangsters and skipping class and think they’re players, expell all of those retards and make them do lower class jobs instead of wasting time with them

  157. Audrey Trautwein says:

    This is a bad idea. At some point, it becomes less about time, and more about quality. Examine our school system. How are they using the time that they have already been given with our children? Is it being used in efficient ways that really focus on learning? Look at where the time and money are going now before you give the government more of either.

  158. flychick789 says:

    I think that it is not up to obama it is up to the student because one thing he doesn’t know anything about each, and everyone of us in the united state that is in school, so why is he trying to make choices for us when he doesn’t even know us. For on thing its not up to the government to choose how many days of school we have it is up to the school board in each district.

  159. abogado cordoba says:

    My cousin only comes up from Texas in the summer. What? Do I not get to see her and hang out with her and have FAMILY time anymore?!

  160. Austin says:

    My teacher says,” one holds at least sixty years of knowledge.” Now if we increase the number of school hours what effect will that have on the quality of the teacher. Instead on blaming the students try to investigate the source. President Obama has a job to do for this country you have to respect his decision on how he see’s things he can’t please all 217 billion Americans, what he can do is prepare all of us to be globally competitive learners. This is just the president doing what he can for us. If u open your eyes and realize maybe stop criticizingly this man for his work and effort, and focus on politics and yourself he can’t do this job by himself he needs the help of his congress (R) and (D) to come together and work as one for the country and not the goverment,

  161. Ryan S. says:

    ok,lets start of by saying i am in the 8th grade and my class and i are working on project or as you can say an essay to come up with ideas how we could stop to protest against it because we need our freedom and the right to make a stop in society.no kid wants to go to school year round because everyone needs a break sometimes.what i am trying to explain is the frustrated students and teachers will get so aggervated with the complients of the parents and teachers that say they need a break.we cant let this happen,think about how many kids would drop out of school because they cant take the work or the drama from everyone.they will soon be low life nobodies in society.think about what you are saying obama,even though your the first black president does not mean you can do what ever you want to do in office.you do not have the authority for it and districts would not approve of it.your affecting thousands of children by keeping them i school as if they were prisoners.we need our freedom weather or you like

  162. menia says:

    i agreee!!

  163. menia says:

    imaooo you guys ae crazy i completly agree with this movement all of you guys who r failing should be the one rooting him on i dont want to be stupid!!

  164. Diseño Web says:

    Ray Bradbury on school:
    “You can’t rid yourselves of all the odd ducks in just a few years. The home environment can undo a lot you try to do at school. That’s why we’ve lowered the kinderggarten age year after year until now we’re almost snatching them from the cradle.”

  165. flowersss says:

    I’ll have you know i am in 8th grade and seem to be doing fine with the way things are.
    i get a 95 plus in every class and am in advanced English and math( i dropped out of math wish i didn’t but i want to do it next year again) so i certainly am not behind i try really hard just so i can get out of that place! maybe its not the hours of instruction exactly, but the qualification of the teacher? you can put a student in a chair for hours on end that doesn’t mean they will learn anything. i don’t forget over summer vacation i forget over a day! whats wrong with reviewing a little anyway? we take so many tests already we don’t need anymore! I had this 1 teacher last year and she didn’t know what she was doing! i got a way lower score on that one new york state test and so did a lot of other people because of her lack of teaching skills. I’m not trying to blame it on teachers though. sometimes it just the lazy students who want to do nothing! I just don’t think you should touch it right now. there could also be a bigger problem with childhood obesity because if a student is always in school, they wont have time to get the physical activity they need, sure gym glass but that isn’t really enough. just because we would be smart like Japanese doesn’t mean we would get good social skills sitting in a chair for 9 hours a day! more students will be late to school because how will we sleep with such a long school day AND homework i don’t get to bed till 10 as it is now! and the money you would be spending to keep the schools open?! we are almost in another depression and cant afford this right now, we should worry about whats going on NOW and worry about this later, when all of our bigger problems are solved. people jobs are getting cut! sure japan is smarter but their economy isn’t as bad as ours, they can afford to pay attention to this! we can at a later time when we are back on our feet.when its hot out, there is no a/c in my school already, well there is in the offices of secretaries and principals etc. i guess they are just more important and this garbage we cant wear tank tops and shorts well people are gonna start to anyway it will be so hot it wont be very hygienic let me tell you with a bunch of sweaty smelly kids not to mention, some people get nauseous from the heat and that makes for a recipe for disaster. please please please think of you are affecting! adults think it is so easy to be a student and that we have nothing to worry about but trust me school puts a tremendous amount of stress on me with all the homework from different classes and forgetting all the things i have to do! and plus the bullying and calling names and just the drama and it gets really bad today because kids are so cruel! there will probably be more suicides because the students will never get a break from all the name calling and may not know what to do with the pressure.and on another note, you should really like make it illegal to tell a child they cant go to the bathroom because how is a teacher going to tell me if i have to go the bathroom or not!? really like if someone has ibs and a teacher tells you no you cant go to the bathroom?!

  166. Blake says:

    The kids in school, wont learn unless they are motivated, you can put them in school all day, but if they dont want to learn…they wont.

  167. erin says:

    we all need a brak from school and one month is not long enough how willl we have a llife outside of shcool if we never are

  168. girl who cares says:

    i think that you people should just give the guy a break you cannot please everyone he is the president and he has a job to do you people wanted him
    to lead us and now that he has all you people do is mock and complain we do need changes in our school because for this reason are highschool drop outs have increased and our gradutes have lowered people we need something done and you selfish people dont want to do anything to help your kids so you know what i think this is a great idean!

  169. Vincent says:

    Also to add, more people probably will drop out in high school if this manages to get to congress. Some stuff we learn we will NEVER use. Tell me, has Obama ever used the Carbon Cycle or something in his lifetime? No. Some things we need to learn though, like Algebra, English, Literature, History, science has some non-important things though.

  170. Michael J. Wilson: The Future of Education in the U.S. | BlackNewsTribune.com says:

    [...] days is challenging, but in the end, it’s a realistic and creditable solution. Besides, President Obama is for it. When you compare the quality of education that students get today versus what they could get with [...]

  171. Josh Marsh says:

    While I don’t believe that extending the school day would be a good idea, I do support extending the school year.

    As a high school senior, I understand where everyone is coming from. No one “wants” to be in school longer than they already are each year, but the fact of the matter is that life isn’t about what we “want”. Life is about what we need, and we need the extra class time in order to compete with the rest of the world. Remember; compulsory schooling is the educational foundation with which we begin our adult lives. If that foundation is weak, then so is that which shall grow from it.

  172. bob says:

    i think this is a bunch of crap . i barely wanna go to school for 180 days . what make him think we wanna go to school for 220 days ? if he propose this law the drop out rate will go up. He needs to build more schools because the classrooms already have 30 to 40 kids in them . what student can learn that way ? & some kids like me have after school sports so if he make the day longer im not gonna get home till like 9 or 10 o’clock. & i’m a freshman in highschool . i don’t like school . it’s pointless . we take unecessary classes. what we need algbra & eart science & ancient history for ? we don’t use it in our every day life’s soo it’s pointless.

  173. Kels1596 says:

    I agree that we Americans need more education, but is there no other way to get it? As a 14 year old, I don’t want more school time. I want a summer break and I want time to relax and do my homework on school nights. I think that it’s easier for an adult to want this than a child or a teen. We want to have lives outside of school! I’ve heard that they think having a three month break is too much time, we forget too much. Speaking for myself and my peers, we forget what we learned after a day. School is just memorization. We memorize for standardized testing and then we forget, we memorize for pop quizzes, and then we forget. I don’t believe school in America is very affective. We need a new way to stay engaged in our learning and have the breaks that our bodies need. CAHS represent.

  174. Kristen K says:

    I am currently a senior in high school and I think extending the school year is not appropriate at this time. If Obama wants to bring up intelligence then, first more schools should be built. I am in one AP class with 33 people in it and I know that there is a Spanish 1 class, required for graduation, that has 37 people in it. No one can teach in that environment. On top of that, there are students that are unable to do the work due to teachers passing them under duress because a graduation rate must be maintained. The new teacher is then told that these kids have to pass and so class time teaching is spent bringing other kids up to the basic level.

  175. Adam says:

    This is clearly one of the best things Obama can do! Our lack of education in many (not all) but many of the public school systems is evident. Research has proven that students who attend summer school programs do better and learn faster than those who take summers off from studying. Yes we need better educators but more days throughout the school year for learning would be outstanding. Parents in the US need to do some research regarding the amount of education children are receiving in other countries. Don’t think it matters? Compare Math skills of our children to those in many other countries. As we are transitioning into a global economy those other children who are currently receiving more education and possess better math skills will be the people our children will be competing for employment against many years down the road.

  176. andy says:

    i am a student in one of new yorks top junior high schools. i attend in david a boody and we get loads of home work every day especially on weekens and vacations. making the school year longer would take away all our actaul rest time which we spend also doing hw. in most schools, we get hw over the summer leaving us with little time to relax.i spend from 4+ hours doing hw and sometimes only sleep 5 hrs….i know u think thats un acceptable because everyone thinks i need more sleep. i believe that by u making children go to school more will stress kids out as well as their parents……PLEASE take in consideration our pleads…yea…maybe you can extens school year for a week or soo but 1 month!?!?!?!?!!!!! I DONT THINK SO.

  177. haley says:

    its not a good idea at nall i hate it

  178. Bre says:

    i think its not a good idea at all

  179. Shalyn says:

    Dear President Obama,
    My name is Shalyn Dale.I live in Camden,Ala a place that is barley on the map.I go to J.E.Hobbs Elementary School.I am 11 years old.I don’t think you should add more days to the school year because my father left me when I was a young girl and came back when I was 7 years old.The only time I have to see him and my little sister is during my summer.I think it would be cruel to make the days longer also.I’m a cheerleader my grandmother are state workers and I don’t get out of practice until seven so if you make the year and days longer I will have no free time what-so-ever.SO I’m asking you as a child staying in a child’s place please DOOOOOOOONNNNN”TTTTTT make school days longer please please please please please don’t..Tnx 4 reading.

  180. Hannah says:

    Now I am a junior, so by the time he is able to pass this and make all schools follow the rules, I will be in college, so this is an unbiased, yet knowledgeable opinion on the subject
    I do believe we could have a few more days of school. We start on August 16th, Get out on may 28, I would suggest starting on August 1st, and Getting off around May28th, depending on Memorial Day.
    On the matter of extending school days, that’s ridiculous. I have 7hrs of school, with a 25min lunch, and then 2 hrs of hw minimum, but can sometimes have up to 4. Not to mention I have a job and work 20 – 25 hrs a week, 10 of those being during the week. Then to think of the kids that are in sports and spend 1 1/2hrs EVERY DAY training
    What they should do, is with all high schools, switch to block scheduling. Which is Odd classes Mondays and Wednesdays, and even classes Tuesdays and Thursdays, and all classes on Fridays. This is great because classes are 90min long, which helps take out the first 10 min that is takes to settle down, and helps eliminate passing period time. On Fridays, most odd my classes get nothing done because they are only 45min long.
    PS. to force every state to follow this rule would be unconstitutional. According to the US constitution Schooling, HEALTH, roads, and among several other things, are to be decided by the state, not national government. So techically, DC should not be able to make this decision

  181. Obama is crazy says:

    what the heck i just read an article saying barack obama took drugs and he wants us in school longer ok…
    and he is not allowing us to see his transcript from his undergraduate days so he could be hiding that he nearly failed and if he is why talk to us about this?

  182. Amanda Kimble's contradictor AKA obama you are not cool says:

    Amanda Kimble you are crazy to think that teachers have three months of break my dad works until 7:00 and he gets 2 weeks of break for a whole year! Teachers usually get paid 40,000 dollars and most of them are finishing college with more than 65 percent of people who go to college test higher than them, 65% ladies and gentlemen and don’t forget students is that not crazy to think that people send their kids to teachers who don’t know what they are doing?!?! Last year i was in a small spanish emersion school and i had to teach math to the kids in my grade! my teacher was trying to teach us something he didn’t know himself! i was teaching him! is that not just sad people sad

  183. Obama you are not cool to think that says:

    We should not have longer school years, I am home schooled and from this kids point of view (I’m a middle schooler) I think we should have less homework because of the already long school day, I have football practices for 1 1/2 hours nearly every day and I have to stay up late doing my homework while already I am spending 7 hours at school it’s outrageous! then to think what happens if we have more time at school we have less time with family, which is neccasary for unity if you don’t like your brother or mom or dad or sister you are mad, sad, and you will talk bad about teachers and what’s bad about that is that you start to back talk and be rude I know the importance of a classroom that is comfortable and you know everyone and are friends or at least nuetral with everyone so Obama you an an idiot. Anyway back to my point when I was homeschooled I learned so much more and so much faster it’s sad i used to have fun doing stuff because i was INTERESTED in it, like science i could do any topic i wanted as long as it was educational so pretty much everything. This is kind of long so I’ll come post something later so see you then

  184. Daily Fetch 9.29.10: Google County Club gets nod… « The Daily Fetch says:

    [...] Ni, and was arrested at Valley Fair… She’s in lock-up on $1 million bail… The same week that the President noted that the school year should be longer, Palo Alto Unified is considering starting school [...]

  185. Amanda Kimble says:

    Heyyy! I am completely apposed on this matter because they do not pay the teachers enough already and they would be amking them work even more. Yeah, I am a student but its the princple of the thing. I work and help at the farm with my dad as soon as i get home and feed the horses and all the other animals that we have. i wont be able to do my homework or anything else that i want to do if they do this. I also believe that President Obama should be worry more about our debt problems and less about our education system.

  186. Amanda Kimble says:

    I am a senior and if they do decide to have longer school days and shorter summer they should at least pay the teachers more than they do now. Why i say that is because they don’t get a enough all ready and making them work more hours is basically what they call wage abuse. they work hard enough and if they do decide this then they will probably have a lot of lawsuits agianst them for it.

  187. bbn says:


  188. CTG says:

    A longer school year does not mean better schools or better students! I have a 6th grader who goes to school for 7 hours and then comes home with 2-3 hours of homework. We already have to be very structured to get everything done so she can have time to decompress, rest and enjoy being a kid. I hate to think how we will manage things when she wants or needs to get a job for the summer. For those kids who participate in sports or other activities also struggle to manage their time and now you want them to have less time to be kids! Shame on you!! In the 2 months we had off for the summer this past year, my kids had to read 3-4 books for school. My kids love to read, but they have less time to enjoy the books that they want to read. I agree that we need to figure out how to get more kids to achieve in school and help those who are failing, but I certainly DON’T think that more time in the classroom is the answer. There are many hours wasted already and all the mini breaks that are in the school year are NOT helpful.

  189. Joshua Gray says:

    I am in agreement that students in the United States should be in school for more days of the year also all schools should be put into a year-round schedule rather than some of the schools still having a extended summer vacation. I am a senior in high school and the fact that many kids on here are claiming to hate school and their teachers is evidence that the current education system (at least in California as I am aware) is in total disaray and needs not just a rebooting but a revolution. School teachers should be the best paid but only because they are also the best educated and the BEST suited for their job! They should have to earn their pay and produce the best results ever seen in the world! Every child from kindergarten to their final 12th year of public education should love every subject including those labelled in the arts and technology because GREAT teachers inspire students to do GREAT in any given subject. An example for you of a bad teacher is a memory of mine from primary school, while no one especially myself is a perfect student I was considered a decent kid, my teacher did nothing but hinder my attempts to write, read and have correct grammar in my papers. It was completely embarrising the way I was called out. From that year on I hated English even went to the point of swearing that I always would and grew this belief that I could never improve myself in English. Then in 8th grade I was given an amazing teacher, while he wasn’t forcing you to work hard for him he gave this aura about him that made you work hard anyways. You know how he did that? He was inspired by Enlgish himself, he cared and he wanted everyone else to care as much as he did and he made it so you didn’t want to disappoint him. He helped me relize that it was not a subject to hate but something to be inspired by and let everything else grow with your inspiration. HE was a GREAT teacher while my writing may not be anything close to perfect I have improved in leaps and bounds not just because i matured or had a revalation but because GREAT teachers cause GREAT results and in some cases are even capable of undoing the damage done by past teachers. The education system should also expand beyond its current curriculum and not be entirely centered upon the 19th and 20th standard of writing, reading and arithmatic but on what children need in the 21st century which expands to include art, technology and the creativeness seen in children when they enter into kindergarten but all but gone when they leave for college. The world needs great thinkers in the 21st century not a world full people who are all adequte at everything but without the ability and will to speak out and realize that their ideas and opinions are unique and need to be shared with the world.

  190. Evamarie says:

    I laugh that they show how many school days but not the amount of hours spent in school. Before we jump into longer school years let’s look at what the school days are actually like for these schools in other countries. What subjects do they cover and for how long?
    Not only that but how about the answers to these questions: How much are parents involved? What about suicide rates? There is a lot to consider before we jump to the fact that in order to solve our education system we need to extend it.
    How come on average homeschooling students out score their public school counterparts? For the most part these students receive less school time then public school. I know when I was in school there was many times where I was bored or frustrated because I was ready to move on to the next lesson but because their were many students not grasping the subject we had to stay behind with them. I had a easier time taking Algerbra at the College level than at the high school level because it moved at a pace that was more conducive to my learning.

  191. Fiona Lahm says:

    In my opinion obama should make children who are slacking off in school join the service. Its better that federal and state governments not allocate funds for students that weren’t able to make the cut in highschool and put them in college for two years so they can get an associate’s degree, and instead just send them to the military. Honestly kids who work hard in school deserve the scholarships and careers not ones who weren’t able to be responsibe.

  192. A Student says:

    As a student, I don’t think this would do any good. If people want us students to have a better education, we need better teachers, not more time in school. Personally I learn more about science on the internet than I do in science class, because of a terrible teacher.

  193. Joshua Slaybaugh says:

    Hello!! I’d like to tell you that idon’t agree with this school extended thing because if you extend school kids get less summer vaction and you might see fewer kids in school because they either dropped out or it got too expensive. I for one am in 9th grade and if this gets passed I will drop out no doubt about it and there is nothing you can do to keep me from doing this. And I will blame you Barack Obama for me not getting the education I am dreaming of.

  194. Obama Continues to Support Year-Round School [Video] | Edu in Review Blog says:

    [...] Read: President Obama to End Summer Vacation Obama Proposes Longer School Days, Extended School Year Matt Lauer Interviews Obama About Education [...]

  195. nick says:

    this is a GREAT proposal to get America in the modern age!

    I love hearing form mindless dolts who dont want a longer year.

  196. Kelsey says:

    Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense. Not only is the gorvernment cramming students to know more information at a younger age but lets make them sit longer in class. Drop outs keep getting worse and they also complain there is too much childhood obesity. Why cant they focus on that rather than pushing all these standardized testing and ripping funds away from schools that already dont have the funds that they need! Teachers are going from creating future engineers, artisits, doctors and other important jobs to teaching them to pass these tests. Good good pushing more damage to the way of education Obama! Bravo, the students are not the only ones who hate you!

  197. Anthony says:

    I hate schoolllllllllllllllllll! there should be no school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  198. PF says:

    The answer isn’t longer school hours. The answer is a smarter, more effecient school system. And maybe Washington needs to stop spending less money on “researching” frivilous crap, and more on education. And parents need to step up to the plate and discipline their children and stop expecting the teachers to take time out of their teaching hours to babysit these kids from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. I can’t tell you how often my high school son comes home from school and tells me how little he’s learned that day because the teacher had to spend the entire class time disciplining kids who have no sense or respect for their elders. oh, and p.s. Maybe Obama should start working longer hours and more days on the economy, the healthcare system, and education and stop worrying about what other countries think.

  199. Feste says:

    If teachers taught better (more useful) information, it might be worth having more school.

  200. jason says:

    Great just what we need…at least in the real world I can use a calculator, I mean seriously i would rather be homeschooled than have this useless crap happen.I look forward to my time away from that place and now its all gone…………………………………WHO CARES IF ASIANS ARE SMART YOU SORE LOSER GETOVER IT.

  201. haley says:

    I am now 21 and my mother is a school teacher and I am going to school to get my digree in teaching.therefor,i do not agree that we should have longer school days or short breaks.

  202. ashley says:

    he is so retarded and he needs to know what he is doing. he is such a fagot and shut up ugh u make me want to come though the computer and slap you. if you think that we should have longer school days and less summer then how bout you go to school and do that mr.obama. because we dont feel like it i mean we dont even get nothing from school anyway. so stop being retarded and start understanding what the heck is going on.

  203. the three girls! says:

    obama why are u doing this what are u going to get out of it ur children hating you ohhhh thats great aint it no its not i think this is wrong and no kid on this planet but nerds are gonna want to do this!!!

  204. JimE1 says:

    The issues surrounding our schools are many and have as much to do w parents & kids as teachers and administrators. Our public schools have graduated kids who cannot read. They have done vast social experiments on our children under the pretense of things like equality and diversity. While I think the no child left behind act was a failure, it was not written because everyone thought the schools were excelling in education.

    Why would anyone think spending more time in a bloated failing institution would yield better students? Most of the rules and regulations in our schools are designed to mitigate failure. Our public schools seldom define rules around success. If you were buying a product, you would not continually go back to a store that sold you a lemon. Education is a product, we are the consumers. Since it is government run, you are forced to go back to the same store, regardless of the quality of the product.

    More time with failure does not create success.

  205. andi says:

    i disagree:(

  206. April Gerhartz says:

    I agree and I do not agree! I beleive we need to have more full days of school. I mean come on. My daughter attends school in Kimberly WI and I am seriously concerned that they have a half day of school every other Friday. I don’t feel we need longer school years but lets at least have full days durring the year. We live in Wisconsin so we have the occasional snow days. The school is only allowed to close a certain number of snow days before they have to make up the days at the end of the year. I wonder why is it then every other Friday these children are missing 3 1/2 hours of school. Doing the math that is just over 6 days of school they are missing! That doesn’t include the days off for parent teacher conferences and spring and winter breaks which is 19 more days. I agree our children need their holiday breaks but a total of 25 days of school missed each year. That is almost a month in a 9 month school year. Doesn’t quite make sence to me. I feel that schools should have to have a certain number of hours each year children must be in class! Who regulates this and why are children not in school a full day. It is cause for concern to me!

  207. Even Students in Slovenia and Russia Do Better Than Ours in Math and Science | Amigram (Free Online Announcements) Blog says:

    [...] “I say this as a high school valedictorian, national merit scholar, soon to be PhD student. They are covering math and science I didn’t see until my first and second years of college! I attended one of the best schools in the state and received one of the finest educations available, but I wouldn’t be able to compete with the average high school student in a rural village in China,” said a commentator in an online discussion at the Education in Review.   [...]

  208. Emmy D. says:

    Perhaps president Obama has a valid point. Judging by the atrocious spelling and grammar in many of these posts is a prime example of why we need more education. The summer vacation is an archaic tradition that causes children to lose knowledge and puts us even further behind. A year-round school that is more comprehensive is essential to any technologically advanced nation.

  209. Jerry says:


  210. Bob says:

    I’m a student. I disagree 100% with this “idea” of adding more school days. Too much learning can stress out kids. We need a break every now and then. Summer is a time to live an actual life, we shouldn’t waste our lives, everything in our world, doing something some of us may not enjoy or find difficult. America IS a smart country. Adding more school days doesn’t make a huge difference. So please hear me and many other Americans as we say “WE DON’T NEED MORE SCHOOL!”

  211. boop says:

    No keep school hours short! have you noticed where the kids are in school longer the life expectancy is shorter?

  212. t mac says:


  213. momof3 says:

    Wow. I am here to add something positive, I hope. I was impressed with the lady from Germany who apologized for her “poor” English. I wish I could speak German half as good! Thank you for your insight. I believe you have hit upon the heart of the matter. And for the student who wrote in saying she is annoyed, not offended, at others’ incredulity at remarks like “why are you Asians so smart?”, thank you. Both of these writers have an edge in this conversation because they have a yardstick by which to measure our school system’s weakness. And I believe just as they do: we have horrid teachers, and horrid regulations, in our schools.
    And now the not-so-positive:
    We throw good money after bad. No matter how much money you throw at stupid, it remains stupid. We have plenty of money. The problem is whiny, petulant, immature, selfish parents = whiny, petulant, immature, selfish students. These are the parents voting all the school board members and education leaders in! These are the parents paying the TAXES and TUITIONS that set the tone and budget for our schools. Parents are just as out of it as their kids are. They are too worried about the latest toy and too busy with their second or third marriages to concentrate on where taxes go. In the end parents blame the schools, schools blame the parents. The whole mess melts down to pointing fingers. No one is accountable. No one is driving the bus.
    Obama’s plan will be another brainless finger-pointing. It will sweep dirt under the rug, and will not even begin to address the problem: crappy teachers and how they got there, and why we don’t care as a nation.
    I am going to start homeschool this year for my kindergartener and fourth grader and I am SO EXCITED I will be able to have the TIME to teach them ten times as much as their overburdened teachers at the local public school. These teachers are so busy with the “behavioral” issues, the attendance rosters, bathroom breaks, grading heaps of homework, and teaching the kids who should be in the lower grade or a mental home…our most promising students or our average students get COMPLETELY overlooked-hence, NO ONE CAN pass the SAT’s!!! I exaggerate, but it is at least true to say we fall short of other countries’ standards that we have no excuse to fall short of.

  214. Ellie says:

    im a student and would NOT want to have more school. we already have too much! we have classes we dont even need! like guidance! we dont have to have a class about being nice to other people cause it doesnt help. my mm says that if school gets longer she will homeschool me! hehe atleast i wont go to school for that long each day.

  215. Pest Control Seattle says:

    Really nice posting. Kudos for giving.

  216. Kevin says:

    Im opposed to the idea of adding school days. teachers and students need that break to get from year to year. being a student i can assure you that illnesses in school system will rise due to the fact that there will be little to no down time for the students and faculty. I am from Connecticut and My mother works in a school system where 30 teachers were laid off this year to save money. Its not plausible to go to school all year round or add days because States would not be able to afford to pay their teachers. The whole idea would not work.

  217. neened says:

    The idiocy of these posts from our students is an embarrassment. Kids are taught writing conventions, they just don’t care enough to apply them.

  218. Jeff says:

    I absolutely agree with longer school days and a longer school year. However, that is not enough.

    Schools need to be changed to follow a college system of having 4 semesters per year and classes up to 3 hours in length.

    Currently, kids stress over failing because it’ll set them back a full year. And what if they passed some of the classes during that year? They have to sit through the same class for an additional year? With college style semesters, if a kid fails a class, he only fails that on class and is only set back 3 months for that one course.

    Also, homework has to be done away with. I sat through the 50 minute classes of my son several times and found that there is not enough time for annything to be taught. Most of the time was wasted on role call, getting kids situated, going over homework and assigning the homework for the next night.

    I then spent half the night “TEACHING” my son instead of just helping him with his homework. Not to mention the fact that some kids will simply get someone else to do their homework for them. How is a teacher supposed to know if a child does their own homework or not? Especially if the kid is smart enough to pass his tests.

    Homework should be a learning aid, to help kids who need a little extra practice outside of the classroom. Homework should also be limited to a very short time, say less than 30 minutes of work. (If the student is doing well and actually being taught in class, then he won’t receive homework in every class every day, thus keeping homework to less than an hour per night).

    Also, homework should not be graded. It should be extra credit only. the extra credit will help to pull up the grade for those students struggling on the tests, but it won’t hurt those kids who are excelling in class.

  219. Chris says:

    I am a student, but I do believe in longer school year. I admit, i forget a few things over summer, and i believe it is too long of a vacation. I’m not saying I want it totally abolished, but shortened by a month or so. Another thing, a lot of kids may have a lot of free time, but use it to play videogames and spend time online (like I’m doing right now), and I spend countless days during summer doing absolutely nothing. One thing i do not want is a longer school day. I already have over 7 hours in school, and it leaves a bit less time to do homework after school, if i don’t get it finished in school. And about homework… there is too much of it! The amount of homework has increased substantially over the past decade, sometimes having me working the whole day on some kind of school work.

    The quality over quantity question has a simple answer. The quality teaching is great, but some important lessons can be forgotten over a 2 and a half month vacation no matter how well they were taught.

    Anyway, I believe that at least 200 days of school would be beneficial to the education system, leaving less time for things to be forgotten.

    A Freshman

  220. Geoffrey Canada’s Harlem Children’s Zone Gets Results | Promise Academy | Edu in Review Blog says:

    [...] are a total of three Promise Academy schools and the students have extended school days and an extended school year. This gives them the time they need to master their curriculum. All meals are prepared from fresh [...]

  221. Jackie Abrahamson says:

    I agree about quality is more important than quantity in education.
    I think we are headed for failure if we extend school days because some kids who work really hard during the year to earn good grades, look forward to having a break (those kids will stop caring and give up).
    Some of us can plan vacations that actually have a learning situation involved. So even though the kids are on vacation, they can be in a learning activity.
    More days in school does not promote increased knowledge…..the last two weeks of school was spent with two subjects only, English and math.
    The time spent in class was playing games, watching movies, talking with friends….no educational stimulus whatsoever. The school went to a waterpark, movies, 3 hours of signing yearbooks (1 day). So how is that increasing children’s knowledge when we can do the same thing at home as well

  222. Alana says:

    I am a “Specials” teacher. I have been reading through many of these comments and I am stunned at the number of them that have errors. If you do not think the school day should be extended or the days in school be extended then I suggest you check your grammar and spelling before you post a comment. This comment area comes equipped with spell check. Use it!

  223. sarah says:

    I do agree with quality over quantity, however, I also believe we could increase both quality and quantity.

    It’s not about increasing workload. It’s about increasing learning. Our entire educational system is broken. Teachers have become babysitters and tenure (at least in California) has allowed completely unqualified teachers to continue to babysit class after class after class. I also believe we should be tracking our education like that in Germany. In Germany, there are three different levels of schools: vocational, high school, and college prep. By doing this, students are grouped according to similar learning abilities and teachers aren’t forced to teach to the lowest common denominator or deal with unruly students.

    Keeping kids engaged and interested should be the number one priority of schools and teachers. Students spend way too much time out of school and summer breaks are entirely too long. It is difficult for parents to arrange activities for their kids for the three months they have off. For the students who don’t have parents finding stuff for them to do, they find stuff to do on their own, which usually results in some sort of trouble.

    Education should be a number one priority because without properly educated citizens, we will not be able to run this country in 100 years.

  224. Fudge says:

    hey. my class did a debate on this subject and i won my debate from the side of it should NOT be extended. so, i am totally going with that and about 75% of the students in my class want the school year shortend, and this is an ADVANCED class! showing that kids that have great grades want the school year shortend.

  225. Britta Daloisio says:

    I’ve been browsing everywhere for this specific guidance… I’m sure grateful another person genuinely has got the explanation to a real uncomplicated query. You have no understanding how many www sites We have already been to over the past hours. Regards for your insight

  226. soup says:

    Honestly, I am rather annoyed at my generation. I agree that it should be quality over quantity. Motivation by themselves and their enviroment is how I think different countries around the world are succeeding and US is not. Like at school kids are always like “how are you asians so smart?”.

    I am not in any way offended by it but quite annoyed. It’s not because Asians are smart but we have motivation. Whether from our parents or ourselves, in many asian famililes it is not an option to fail or in other words make a B. Sometimes that pressure can lead to bad things but it’s what keeps me going. For myself I want to succeed and accomplish my dreams but what keeps me working hard is for my parents that worked hard for me to get to my goals.

    I can tell you right now that 70% of my school maybe more don’t not give squat about school, do drugs, or even both. Now my parents don’t push me to make A+’s or become a surgeon but they want me to go to college (that’s not an option) so I am extremely thankful to them for giving me all the opportunities that I am today. I think the problems first is from family. That’s what is different from the US and these countries such as China and South Korea (for example).

    I think many many of the US kids are turning to drugs and gangs because of problems within themselves and their daily life. They simply just don’t care. AT ALL. I don’t know much about Obama and politics yet but I agree with him. I don’t know the method he’s gonna use to bring the longer school days but I believe it will make a difference. But first he should raise awareness to parents about how important education is.

    Then somehow (I am probably dreaming here) get better teachers. I mean more time with a bad teacher is not going to do anything but make me more tired of school. While spending even less time with an educator that actually teaches me something makes more sense.

    I think that more schools in America should be year round like. After 3 months of vacation I am lazy and forgot most of what I learned the school year before. I live in Texas and think that if we had 2-3 one month breaks it would be far easier than going 6-7 months straight with (1) one or two week breaks.

    To everyone thinking that Obama is wrong with having longer school days I agree and disagree. Maybe we shouldn’t have longer school days but if possible harder work. DON’T GET ME WRONG. I am not one that gets by with the school work right now easily. I have to work at it. But it is true that a lot of countries are surpassing the US now. I think if we were challenged more that wouldn’t be the case. A good teacher doesn’t give a crapload of work but teaches you in a way that you will retain the information.

    I hope my generation will stop saying thinngs such as “More school? Heck no because I don’t wanna go anymore”. I am lazy myself and sometimes get annoyed with school. But an education is an education if you don’t make the most of it why bother going at all?

    Those are my thoughts. The US can never become like South Korea, or any of those other countries because of our cultural differences. Neither can we get accustomed to the educational systems that they have. If Obama wants to change our debt problems it must take time. Same with Education.

    Rome was not built in a day. And if one were to build another rome, it would NEVER be the same.

    High School Freshman

  227. anabelle says:

    Ok I’m homeschooled and let me just say that I get my work done in two or three hours every day.I’m technichally in 7th grade, but I’m taking algebra and 8th grade english at the moment and I finished history and science 3 months ago all with straight a’s. I also started all these courses in Jan. or Feb. The idea of making the school days and year longer are crazy. There would be more highschool drop-outs and more people cutting classes. The tourism industry would also do poorly because think of all the buisnesses that hire highschool and college kids. If school went longer those companies would not have those empolyees. Not as many people would go on vacations so all those tourist towns would possibly close down without that buisness. I think that if obama wants to make changes he should think about changing the way teachers teach. For instance I do all my work online and that is much more enjoyable that working out of a textbook. The government just needs to stop overthinking things and remember quality not quantity.

  228. win says:

    The US education system lacks because it attempts to be to nice and fails miserably at both educating and niceness.

    Yes, the Japanese have longer school years. However, they also do not have near as many required years of schooling, many attend past the required years.

    They do have very structured days where students are required to be a part of the solution and contribute to the school. Students clean the classrooms, the halls, they serve the lunches, they contribute as well as learn.

    In the US students are treated as incapable of doing anything for themselves, and are bored. They have lost the desire to learn and the desire to work. Both can be fun, but taught laziness takes the joy of learning and working away from the students.

  229. Ashleyb says:

    i dont think this is good idea at all, im a sophmore in highschool and i get annoyed with 192 days of school with 8 hours every day doing the same thing for a whole week! i live in the united states and i dont think its fair to us teenagers. im will not go to school for more than 8 hours a day, and i will not sacrafice my summer for more school! i like school alot im a straight A student but if this is the case for “Longer school hours and school years” then you are crazy obama. how about you give my mom her job back insead of makeing pointless laws.

  230. supercar says:

    Very Good information,I have Digged your post, Thank you. Although I don’t like the obama longer school days policy!

  231. MAD MAN says:


  232. Claudia says:

    It was very interesting to read this comments. I have to excuse my language because I come from Germany, and my English is not perfect, not yet!
    As a foreigner who lived in two European countries I could tell you from my experience and other people who are close to me, what happen with their children, and now I have a child who is in the Elementary school.
    From the PISA 2006 test Germany was in average, so we don’t have much to say but, friend of my whose kid went in the 5 grade in Germany, when they moved to US, after one month in 5th grade, he was transferred to 7th grade.
    The other friend, who moved from San Francisco area to UK, had to come back because their kid could not keep up with the other children, even dough they have hired the tutor to help him. The kid was honor student in US and in UK was far behind. After 2 years of struggling the parents had to look for job back in US and moved back.
    I have to tell that those kids in Germany, UK or any other country are not any smarter then kids in US, just the standards here in US are so low, soon US will not be leading country in the World, and according to the PISA 2006 they are already far below the average.
    In today’s world where people are moving from State to State, from Country to Country so often US have to set higher standards or will fail tragically.
    My kid is one of the best in the class in elementary school but when he goes back to Germany to visit, he doesn’t want to talk about the school with other kids because they are laughing at him how little he knows comparing to them, and they are not “one of the best” in their classes. You have to understand that my standards are really high and I demand my kid to know more then other, but still he is behind the kids his age in the other country because “thy didn’t learn that in the school”. Whenever I ask him to do some extra what is not on curriculum, he is not happy because” he has to be the one who learn extra”, and nobody else.
    US has invested tremendous amount of money in schools, we have all the time fundraising to help the schools, and still we do not see the results. In the system where is important that every school has the best technology, not best teachers, where parents are coming and complaining why their kid is so bad in some subjects and blaming the teachers, instead of raising responsible and accountable kids, where we cut taxes and cut funding that affect education, change is impossible. Longer days in a school are not necessary! Longer school year is not necessary! Those days and hours at school could be spent more efficient and effective. It is not about quantity it is about quality. When parents and educators get that then we will see the improvements.

  233. sam says:

    I just got bored and ended up on this site i have to say there are alot of ignorant people on here what the hell posses people to say shit like that and i can bet its the little shits that are still in school who writes the dumb shit if you think you can do better than he can take your little as and run for president.trust me i did 5yrs in high school i could have dropped out but i didnt i stayed and sucked it the fuck up for an extra yr and know im getting ready to go through college while being in the military so quite got damn complaining about a few extra got damn days of school how about you adapt and overcome the shit and quit crying like got damn babys infact your worse than they are.you never know it could end up being a good thing. and you just might wanna watch what the hell you write on these things cause you never know who will read.everything aint gonna be perfect ever, let the man do his damn job cause i dont see any of you little shit doing it.

  234. MissHappy says:

    I completly agree with you Lindsay, We would lose our farms, but also most of the food would be processed, and we all know how gross that is.But yes, lengthing the school days would be a horrific sight for ANY student and or teacher.

  235. Aggravated With Ignorance says:

    Judging by the incorrect spelling and grammar in most of the posts that I have read, I see why Obama wants higher standards for Education in America. It makes no sense for someone to be grown or in high school and not be able to spell correctly or use spell check if you don’t know how to spell something. I say increase the days spent and not hours of the day because obviously it is needed. Test scores should not be the only measure used when trying to determine how much students have learned. Something needs to be done and at least Obama is making an effort to do something.

  236. a furry says:

    your all prejudice agansit furries arnt you!!!!!!!!???????

  237. Anonymous says:

    Why. Doesn’t That demented moron know that kids will rebel?! Does he know how damaging this will be? Why does this idiot do this? Why is he so concerened about our reputation? My point is, we have to get rid of this guy. Timyeti, your first comment on this article is genius. Should we hire osama to do the job? lol just kidding :)

  238. bob says:

    I read a input saying that kids stay up untill 1 am

  239. Joe Batelli says:

    I hate school bc i suck at it dont make me go longer than we already have to…i will be more retarded than i already am if u pass this law

  240. Fudge says:

    Hey, I am a middle school student and I don’t want school days or years extended. This is not because I don’t want more school, but because I do sports and if the school day is extended then I won’t have time for them. And if the school year is extended, then where would the government get the money to pay the teachers or get the school supplies they need. Currenly as it is, I believe teachers need to be paid more for not only educting all us kids, but also putting up with us, like when we don’t attention or don’t get our work in on time, it must be very frusterating, am I right or what? Just don’t extend the school day or school year please, thank you all for reading this and I will pray that you have a very peaceful like.

  241. Paul G. says:

    Attention, everyone saying Obama sucks because hewants to add time to the scholl day, stop being so ignorant and just consider it for a moment, don’t automatically call it a bad idea. Japanesie kids go in for school on saturdays, and i remember hearing that German kids go in school stay in school a lot longer than Americans. Some of you might be saying, well, there not Americans, are they. Do you want to be known as an idiotic country.

    Cliffnotes for my idiotic American peers; don’t say Obama should die for wanting to add school time.

  242. Fudge says:

    Thank you EdulnReview Admin, I’m glad that people stick up for other people, America needs more people like you!

  243. EduInReview Admin says:

    Happy – either you are the same person or two people are using your computer as Little Miss Sunshine. Please don’t post comments under multiple names agreeing with yourself.

  244. Fudge says:

    Obama, if you ever read this, just get us out of debt! We need to get people out of the streets! We need to pay the teachers what they deserve!

  245. happy says:

    little miss sunshine i totally agree with you and think you are right about it plus fudge is really mean! obama is a great president and always will be!!!! :)

  246. Fudge says:

    Look at how much more debt we’re in now since Bush, why hasn’t he stopped the war in Iraq? Why does he continue to put us in more and more debt, there is a way around this!

  247. LittleMissSunshine says:

    Fudge i complety disagree with what your saying! Kids would want to come to school, And Obama is a good presidents cause all you care about are his FLAWS! Everyone has them. They elected him cause everyone knows he will/is a good president

  248. Fudge says:

    NO WAY IS THE CONGRESS GOING TO PASS THIS LAW! Obama should jump of a cliff and die, then come back to life and be eaten by a shark! No kid would want to come to school after that law is passed! Why did we even elect Barrack as president, so he could be the first black president in American history, or because we thought he would be a good president? I think we elected him for the first reason, TO MAKE FRICKIN’ HISTORY! WELL, IT WAS STUPID! Fudge is correct and always will be! Fudge out!

  249. Fudge says:

    Where exactly would the the government get the money to pay for the school supplies? Where would the government get the money to pay for the teachers as they teach a longer year? The kids would be more stressed than they already are. More kids would start committing suicide. That’s what Fudge says and is what will happen if the school year is extended.

  250. China Teacher says:

    Hey all

    I’m currently an English teacher in China and, as this issue is about Obama comparing our children with the rest of the world, it might be nice to know how the rest of the world (or at least China) differs from America.

    My first day of teaching I was shocked to find that my Chinese students have classes seven days a week for 14 hours a day. They wake up for morning exercises at 6 am and are allowed to leave school at 10pm. In that time they have nine subjects, several study periods and at least two periods of physical education. They have one month of vacation in February and another in late July until late August (though they have assigned homework over break). My students are bright, healthy, and active. But they are also stressed out.

    I’ve been seeing a lot of reports saying its the teachers’ responsibility to make school efficient and interesting. The teachers here in China make about a middle income salary (about $500 a month in my school – which is pittance in America). Even with an attractive income the majority of teachers here are, in my opinion, mediocre. Almost none of them became teachers because they had a burning passion to teach, and quite a few teachers in my school hate their jobs. The students tell me many classes are boring and in almost every class the teachers follow the textbooks directly.

    But these students would blow American students out of the water!

    I say this as a high school valedictorian, national merit scholar, soon to be PhD student. They are covering math and science I didn’t see until my first and second years of college! I attended one of the best schools in the state and received one of the finest educations available, but I wouldn’t be able to compete with the average high school student in a rural village in China!

    Certainly there are social pressures in China we don’t have in America. Parents have to pay for their child to attend high school. The fees often comprise almost a fifth of a families income. There are also millions of students vying for the same universities. China, as well as other Asian countries like Japan and Korea, weeds out poor performing students, sometimes as early as middle school, by having entrance exams to each level of school. Unlike America, China doesn’t think a student has a right to a high school education. (Based on many students’ submissions on this forum, you think high school shouldn’t be mandatory either!) I’m not saying their lives are enviable, but if you want high test scores – China has them.

    China has a system with less money, fewer resources, and far from stellar teachers. There is very little homework because most work is done during the day in school. How do they do it then? Is it so unreasonable to think that more time in school is a big reason for their higher performance? By the time my students graduate, they will have spent over a year longer in the classroom than the average American student. It seems obvious when practicing an instrument that someone who practices two hours a day will quickly surpass someone who only play for 10 minutes. Why can’t this logic follow with education?

    My suggestion isn’t to copy their system, because many of the complaints on the forum (no time for extracurricular activities, less family time, etc…) are complaints I hear from my students. But I think a lot of the failings in our system (poor teachers, lack of resources, parents who don’t care) can be compensated for with more time spent in the classroom. I don’t think its unreasonable to shorten summer vacation by at least a month and have half day of school on Saturday at least twice a month. Such a system is common among private high schools and was adopted by KIPP Bronx School to great success. (Read Malcolm Gladwell’s <> for a more information about KIPP)

    Many of you argue that struggling students are having enough trouble with the system as it is. But more time in the classroom means more time to go over a lesson. My Chinese students spend ten lessons (roughly 6 days) on any given chapter of English. The chapters are only about 10 pages long which means they are covering a page a day. A slower more deliberate pace means every student can keep up.

    As for teacher’s salaries, of course they should be raised! If teacher are making $40,000 for 180 days of school then their salary should go up at least proportionally to the number of school days added. For instance, if they teach 220 days of school they will make closer to $50,000. Heck I’d be fine paying teachers quite a bit more just to get more days of school.

    I know it’s not a popular idea. Quite of few students on this forum have made it clear they don’t like the idea, even going so far to say they would drop out of school! Whether students should be legally required to finish high school is a whole other forum topic, but let me say this; barring a few regions of America, we’ve outgrown the old system. There is no magic bullet to cure all our educational woes, but more school days is a great start.

    To quote Malcolm Gladwell

    “An enormous amount of time is spent talking about reducing class size, rewriting curricula, buying every student a shiny new laptop, and increasing school funding–all of which assumes that there is something fundamentally wrong with the job schools are doing. But…schools work. The only problem with school, for the kids who aren’t achieving, is that there isn’t enough of it…For it’s poorest students, America doesn’t have a school problem. It has a summer vacation problem…”

  251. Diablo4913 says:

    i have better thins to do than be in school.My dad never went to school and he ended up owning a bussines in texas.

  252. brit says:

    Students ages 12 to 18 have loads of homework everyday why lengthen the days?That means less homework time less family time and more kids dropping out.Kids will feel as though they are trapped in a box and cant get out,they will feel depressed and drop out of school.

  253. Liam says:

    hey im liam and im in middle school, im up for the longer school years but if school days are extended how am i supposed to complete my work in a timely manner i would only have a few hours or something because everyday after school i go to my friends house to hang out with my spare time after homework, so if the days were extended i wouldnt have social times and i would fall behind in my classes and probably everyone else would to because there would be barely any time to do anything you would just go to school and have an hour until you go to bed, so i would have to say to not extend the days, but the years. Thanks.

  254. Tim yeti says:

    hi Obama dont do or Osama will get you

  255. Tim Yeti says:

    Just kidding.

  256. Tim Yeti says:

    Yo Obama dont do this or I will kill you

  257. Tim Yeti says:

    If you do this you are crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  258. Alvin says:

    kids need more time out side and have time to relax. its not so fair for them

  259. Robbie says:

    oh and my point is why would we need longer days in school to learn more about many subjects that we’ll never help us in life.

  260. Robbie says:

    I really wonder why i spend 80 minutes in geometry every other day if I’m NEVER going to be a math teacher. Students should get to choose what they’re going to study for the futture, not be forced to study stupid subjects that take up valuable time when we could be learning something that matters. Most of the kids in my class wont be math teachers and we will forget everything about geometry, so thats 120 hours of my life wasted in a year. JUST A THOUGHT FOR THE GENIUS WHO THINKS WE NEED TO KNOW CONFUSING NONSENSE!!! and waste our lives

  261. Kelsey says:

    Umm school sucks. We shouldn’t have more days. I could never sit through that. Im only in 6th grade and I have better things to do then sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher talk about stupid crap.

  262. a(zizzle) says:

    i hate school days enough i dont wanna have more hours i wiill be sleeping in school then and i think teachers wanna kill us if they think we will have more hours however i like the idea more days off (:!!!!!!

  263. matthew says:

    i can’t believe this. i can barely handel an 8 hour school day! we have to remember that the other countries dont learn as much as we do! if he does this i WILL drop out.. and thats a promise Obama!

  264. Retro Metro says:

    Go Obama!

  265. Rachel says:

    First of all this is america, Obama doesn’t need to be worrying about what everyone else in the world is doing. Unfortunately he is the president of the United states, so he should worry about the United States.

    And by the way I am completely for the anti-opinions but if your arguing that we dont need more time in school, at least use proper grammer

  266. Sigma says:

    Just wanted to let you know this blog entry is completely FALSE!!!

    As a scholar, the statement that “In fact, American children spend the least amount time in the classroom when compared to other countries.” justified by the number of days, is hilarious.

    Check out 2003 TIMMS report that actually lists instructional hours per year, hours spent in school per year, hours spent in school but not for instruction per year, and the silly metric you used of days per year spent in school. It will shock your pseudo-scholarly mind. Why?

    Cause it only puts Korea and China as the only countries having higher instructional time per year, even though it still properly says we only spend 180 days while they spend 225 and 221 days. Korea put us by 6 hours, China by a little over 300 hours of instruction time. Sadly for Koreans non-instructional time spent at school was over a 120 more hours annually than the United States 242. For the Japanese who we beat by only 4 extra hours of instruction wasted an extra 294 hours of non-instructional hours than we did and spent 43 extra days in school than we did. If 7 hours a day of school, than that 294 makes up 42 of the extra days.


    Now I am not saying Japanese system isn’t better, and there is something said for extending the school year WITHOUT extending the school day, but as others have said; it costs money, and second, if we spend MORE TIME TEACHING NOW without extra days, WHY ADD MORE??

    Sorry for the shouting with caps, and being semi-derogatory, but you are blogging for educational review. You use MS encarta, instead of a more reliable source. Secondly, you MISS THE POINT, time instructing is the most important metric not the amount of days in attending school.

    Netherlands spend 11 more days in school, but whole 43 hours annually less teaching. But only waste 9 more hours than us. So they must have shorter school days. Again there is something for a longer school year, but longer school day with it?? No brainer it makes no sense at all.

  267. Lizcat says:

    Wow, Obama. That’s freaking sad. I don’t even get spring break this year. Pretty much, you’re turning this nation into Britain. We lost lives trying to get AWAY from them, FYI.

  268. Voted For MCcain says:

    Okay this is for ALL of you who just LOVE your Obama, I like to refer to him as “Big O” anyway. Alot of you are going “ohh Obama he is our CHANGE that we have all been needing” or “Go Obama!!!!!!!” stated by some idiot up further.

    Anyway if you love Obama, or i like to know him as Big O, so much, then I take it you want to have a war again? Yeah I’m talking all out war, possibly World War 3, yeah sounds like a load of fun right? I mean think about it, the thrill of our country trying to mass kill and all that fun stuff, our soldiers, god bless their souls, becoming the bad guys to all the other countries. Yeah I bet all of you Obama fans would love that right? Well if I’m not mistaken that is what he wants. I mean why else would he support a bill that takes all of our children up just as they get out of high school and puts them into a “Voluntary” Civilian Army, which in the bill itself CLEARLY states how they will be put into it, choice or not. Yes one that is to become more powerful than the current American forces. Stated in the bill as well. Also this bill will have all schools enter a new class, yes a new class and what is it about? Sacrifice for one’s government, learning to put the government ahead of ourselves. EXACTLY what you Big O supporters want right? Hmm? You want your kids to become machines of war right? All put into a huge mass army, More powerfull than our own forces.

    Wait? if I am not mistaken, about a 95% chance you are saying no to what I just said right? But this is what you voted for right? You wanted Obama in office, this is what he wants to do, this is on a bill, the back of a bill in the senate, dead or not it was put there and it was supported by your precious Obama.
    So you are telling me, you voted for this man, who would do this stuff with ur children, and then you are saying “wait wait wait, what is he trying to do?” and then saying “no i would NEVER let him turn my children into his army for war” Then I have a question for you. Why America. Why did you vote for this man when he was clearly getting ready to do this?
    So wait, you are saying you didn’t know? You DIDN’T KNOW? This is why we need a special test to see if people know what they are voting for before they are allowed to vote each election. Well this is what you get America, Big O supporters everywhere, and if that Bill passes just like this one, and they get defencive and fight off the riots, Then there will be American blood spilled on American soil, by Americans.

  269. Voted For MCcain says:

    Okay, well HOPEFULLY this thing doesn’t delete yet another reply. I replied about 8 times and 4 got Deleted, my first 3 and one reply to CML on how he commented about the one person “not knowing what homework is” which was kinda stupid, no offence, but he didn’t take the time to think. Hmm maybe her school has loads of more homework? anyway.

    If you have not read any of my comments, then fine. But please READ this one. Obama supporter or not. A 10 to 1 student to teacher ratio is what we need if we want our future children and children of today to learn. Not a increased time amount. read my previous comments not too far above this one.

    I had a comment fully explaining why it would work but it got Deleted, my next comment, if it isn’t deleted, is going to be about yet another and far more worse bill. Well technicaly it is something on the back of a bill but I don’t know wether it was killed or not. I HOPE it was. anyway, please try to understand, more time in schools is going to worsen things for today’s youth. They will NOT make it better.

  270. Voted For MCcain says:

    Oh and also, the teen pregnancy. Yeah i know. i agree with that as a major problem, trust me i really do, however more school time is not going to fix that. But the fact is, if you increase school time, all those bad things you mentioned are going to be WORSE. You are mistakening school time for learning. Not thinking how the kids feel and why, you have to understand what they think, to know how to get them to learn. Their main problems are not interested and stress. More school time will overhaul their stress even more.

  271. Voted For MCcain says:

    CML, try to understand it this way, the fact that kids always trail off is why?
    because they get bored and they are uninterested. You REALLY think more school time is going to make them interested? It won’t do a damn. From my own real life experiance if they get a taste of actually being made to work cus they teacher watches over them, and then they realize their grades being good and then their parents proud. Then they would actually be interested in doing the stuff. I don’t blame the teacher, and simply asking the teacher just doesn’t cut it, these days there are clases so cramped that the teachers have actually ignored some students or been unable to give them the proper information they need.
    Please think what affects can come from a 10-1 student to teacher ratio,
    1-1 is probably the most commen home schooling there is and u see it’s affects? Half the time and more knowledge, better grades. why? because it’s more attentiuon which is allowing more focus and interests. a simple 10-1 ratio would fix our school system and help the economy. “two birds with one stone” Think about it.

  272. Voted For MCcain says:

    CML havent you ever really THOUGHT about how it works and WHY students fail, I know this more importantly because i was one of those kids who was smart yet simehow i had trouble, the issues were i didnt get attention, homework, and i wasn’t interested when younger.

  273. Alexis says:

    A chemistry teacher once told me that there’s no knowledge to be gained in school that you couldn’t get with a public library card.
    I think that the blame for America’s “race to the bottom” lies not with our shorter school year but with students’ general lack of work ethic. You can’t point the finger at ‘not enough time in school’ when you’re not trying during the time you’re there, and if you’re not taking advantage of the opportunities schools offer (like free college credits in AP courses, extra classes, tutoring, job shadows, apprenticeships, etc.). Going to school is a full time job, 7 hours a day with an hour’s worth of homework at least. Lengthening that time is going to lower work ethic for students who don’t want to be there even more. Also, when will they ever have a chance to just grow up and be kids?

  274. CML says:

    in addition, dont blame teachers for being crappy, if you reallly wanted to learn the subject, ASK THEM FOR HELP!!!!

  275. CML says:

    I am completely for it. I would rather go to school and learn rather than staying home or going to work. its so sad most of you are disagreeing when alot of these kids in school are illiterate, dont know how to spell, AND are ditching school and most are ending up pregnant. These kids have no morals nowadays and they are going towards a bad future. Shouldnt WE be the ones saying YES to school and make our kids go??
    School may be boring at times, BUT a high school diploma or GED wont get you anywhere anymore.

  276. CML says:

    this is why we need to have more school days….most of you dont even spell correctly

  277. Voted For MCcain says:

    As for my last reply, I want EVERYONE, Obama supporter or not, to listen to what I say.

    Our Future, the children of our country are human beings, not just human being but young human beings. Forcing them into these “schools” for much greater long periods of time then they already are is NOT the right thing to do. I do not say it now because of the main reasons but you must also look at it from this other angle.

    They are humans, NOT machines for success, they have lives, lives ment to be filled with happy good memories, not ones filled with behind desks doing work to “learn” things they have absolutely no interests in. The fact is they can be succesful and live humane lives at the same time. They NEED a balance, right now they have a good amount of time in schools, but forcing them in even more will destroy their balance.

    Listen to me, please, my words are small but their meanings are great, if this thing fully goes any worse, there will be deaths. Children who already say they cannot stand their work will be pushed beyond the edge, Suicides will increase. And drop outs as well will increase.

    I BEG you people to listen and understand what I am trying to say, for I know very many of these children, teenages, who are as of now on their brink. Sure it seems childish but listen to me, they become stressed, alot of them are considered as “emo” sometimes but not all. The real ones who think of suicide are what I worry about. Do you really want their deaths to come because of some mistaken veiw of succes and teaching.

    I will admit, I hate Obama with a passion but this is what boils my blood. I accepted the fact he won the presidency but i will not accept this. If you listen to my words, then please, do something. I don’t ask you to Rebel, I myself am in no position to start a protest due to my famalies troubles. But Someone needs to stand up for us. Someone needs to stand for the voices that have been put to silence. I assure you, if this thing goes through, there will be more deaths. People these days seem to look at death as a light word. But think of it this way, they are only teenagers and children, and for each one of them that dies because they felt like they took too much, there’s bound to be those who will mourne their deaths. Please, Someone stand up, Someone who can be heard. Someone who can rallie the voices that have been hushed under the pillows of poverty, loneliness, stress, and even the doings of the government itself. Please, for the sake of their future.

  278. Is College the Only Path to Success? | Edu in Review Blog says:

    [...] year, President Obama made it clear that he wants America to “have the highest proportion of college graduates in the [...]

  279. student says:

    i agree with this
    i would actually like to school for a longer period of time i really don’t mind as long as i can learn as much as i can.

  280. President Obama Says He Wants to Improve National Education Levels | Edu in Review Blog says:

    [...] Obama’s new education reforms will require high schools to better prepare students for continuing their higher education and will more fully emphasize academic achievement than the previous No Child Left Behind program. [...]

  281. lkjls jls says:

    I’m all for it, as long as he shortens the school year.

    Go Obama!!!!!!!!! :)

  282. Student says:

    First of all, I would like to address the fact that I am indeed a student. Second of all, me disagreeing with this ridiculous plan isn’t really making a huge dent on this discussion because it looks like EVERYBODY is disagreeing with it as well. I am an 11th grader and think that this is the stupidest proposal that I have ever heard of. I am incredibly involved in my school; I take duel enrolled, AP, and honors classes, I am in 6 clubs-officer of one, and I am in the marching band, which will pretty much consume your life for the first half of the year. Not to mention, I take 3 dance classes a week and also attend church 3 times a week. I am a busy girl and also try my hardest to make time for my family and friends, while maintaining at least a 3.5 gpa. My daily schedule on a weekday consists of waking up at 5:30 in the morning, leaving my house at 6:15, school starts at 7:30, I get out at 2:30, get home at 3:15, finish homework around 7, eat and go to bed. This is excluding band practice. During the first half of the school year, band practice is after school until 5:30 on tuesdays and thursdays. My normal tuesday would be the same until school ends. at 2:30, I go straight to band practice, get out at 5:30, go straight to dance class, get out at 8:45, get home around 9:20, leaving me doing homework until 2 in the morning, not even getting to eat dinner and having to wake up 3 and a half hours later. I’m not the only student with a busy schedule. I know tons of students with even busier schedules and even have a part time job. What our ignorant president doesn’t realize is that even though we are young, WE STILL HAVE LIVES OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL. Our parents still expect for us to pay for our own things. Most of us have extra curricular activities that we love doing to keep us out of trouble. What ever happened to family time? This is why teenagers can’t get along with their parents anymore- because we don’t have time to spend time with them anymore. Going to school these days is extremely stressful. Stress leads to depression. And you wonder why teenagers overdose on drugs and why most are so misunderstood?
    Give us a break. Seriously. We already have 7 hours of school, and then go home and do 5 hours of homework (if you take challenging classes).
    Enough about the students. WHAT ABOUT THE TEACHERS? I’m not even going to say more about this topic.
    There are so many things wrong with this idiotic idea of “our leader.”

  283. charlie says:

    China is kicking are ass in school days. we are on are way to becoming a dumb county.. yes to more school days we should match china

  284. www.thewebsite3000.webs.com says:

    I think Obama’s train of thought is derailed

  285. anonymous says:

    This is ridiculous. It’s unfair to compare American standards with those of other countries- the cultural history and attitudes surrounding education are completely different and it’s impossible to transform these things with a strategy as ignorant as increasing time spent in school. In Asian countries especially, kids value education in a way that our culture never has and most likely never will. Meeting parents’ and teachers’ expectations is of utmost importance there, and it’s this attitude that motivates kids to work hard in school. Trying to change the present state of American education in Obama’s proposed manner will be disastrous because kids just don’t have the mindset to cope with it. American kids catch the school bus at 6:30 am and don’t return home until evening because they participate in extra-curricular activities to enhance their college applications. Teenagers are put under FAR too much pressure as it is and it is simply unhealthy. All Obama’s plan will do is increase kids’ frustration and boredom. How about trying to improve quality of curriculum and teaching instead?!?! Or dealing with the real problems that interfere with kids’ learning such as drugs, bullying, family issues, etc.??? This really upsets me.

  286. A Rhode Island School Fires the Entire Faculty to Improve Students' Learning Opportunities | Edu in Review Blog says:

    [...] improve failing schools across the country. The grant gives schools four options for improvement: extending instructional hours, converting to charter schools, closing the school, or replacing the principal and half of the [...]

  287. Anonymous says:

    It is not a good idea to extends school hours because this is likely to cause the students to rebel.

  288. pediatric dietician says:

    I think it’s a not very good idea. Children need more free time…

  289. b says:

    I think this is not a bad idea. You all may think I’m crazy but the reason why we’re in recession is because people are saving money so the answer here is not save money is spend money. If we have more school days we’ll need to pay more money. Therefore, more jobs will be needed, more help. I think this is a great idea. I think this will get us out of the hole we’re in and I wouldn’t mind being in school for 243 days. It sounds like fun

  290. b says:

    Cassy Deen. First off you are 14 you are a freshman. You don’t know what homework is. And second. Violence doesn’t solve anything. Look at the conflict in Iraq. What has that gotten us? Huh? NOTHING! Weapons don’t solve anything.

  291. gg says:

    i dont want more school days,coz make us kids stress and bored

  292. korean man says:

    i m from korea and i hate school anyway.

  293. cassy deen says:

    I think that this should not be allowed im only 14 but we are being stressed out enough and i cant take it. We have our own chores at home and i barely am getting them all done correctly because i have to do my homework it will be hard on all of us and i think that parents should have the rite to chose. Just because other nations are smarter we got better weapons then them and i think we should always remember that.

  294. kk says:

    i dont like more school days

  295. Girard says:

    Mia Lindsay my teacher says that you need more time in the class room because you cant spell opposed right…..so your opinon is unvalid.

  296. anonimis says:

    i think it is good

  297. Jonna Speilberg says:

    I think a school year should be all year long and only sundays off. And also no summer vacation!

  298. Linsey Johns says:

    Hi, i must say fantastic website you have, i stumbled across it in Bing.

  299. Callie Sharp says:

    Hey! I think that making school longer is not goooood!!!!!!!!!! here are my reasons……
    Well one reason is that yall should not give us more school! Um and kids will not wanna go to school soo they wilkl try to miss school more. there will be a lot of absences in the school bc kids will be tired and not wanna go. i mean kids dont wanna go now but just wait if u make more days that will just make them not wanna go more and much less at all.!!!!!!!!!!
    sooo before u do it u better think and dnt do it!!!!!!
    you listen now! if you put kids in school longer they will come to school half asleep and some parents want there kids to learn and listen to the teachers not to come to school and sleep and when your tired ya get cranky and i bet you dont want tha kids to be cranky soo DO NOT PUT KIDS IN SCHOOL LONGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  300. Tori Smith says:

    Heyy! i think that it’s unexceptebal too having more days in school because theres a reason kids have time off so they need a break and have funn with there friends and your not helping us at all. And like children if they have more school, than they will just get tired and boared and come to school half asleep. So putting kids in school longer wont help because kids can only take soo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So if your willing to put kids in school longer don’t do it because it’s just wasting our time and the teachers and our family’s because would you want to spend your time in school i wouldn’t think so because that’s just cruel because you know that there not going to do what you want them to do. And the school that some kids is going to has a new principle has made tons of changes already and there kinda good changes and kinda not so please do not make us go to school longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  301. Ashley Brumfield says:

    Hey i think that adding more days to school is unexeptebal!!!!!!!!!!
    bc makinking kids be at school more of the year and longer hours will make our kids not wanna do nuthin bc it will be boarin and bad for them. they will not wanna go to college and do other things bc of their childhood at school. sooo u wanna add more school days wait till tha future it will be all ur faught colleges and other schools will loose money.!!!!!!!!!!!!! bc of all tha education that they had and they will be board with it.
    Also making the kids stay at school longer hours and longer days they will get tired of it and our test scores and stuff for tha county will be bad. bc of tha fact u made them be at school for soooooooooo long and they got tired of it!!!!!!! bc our children need time off to!!!
    soooooo nooooooo more longer schoool!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  302. ??? says:

    I agree with you, R.

  303. ??? says:

    No, he doesn’t.

  304. joslyn says:

    For the record I am an average student I get good grades. So please don’t think that I’m just saying all this because I’m lazy and don’t want more work. I do all my work. I can handle it. Give me more I will drop out or commit suicide. I ANT PLAYIN! lol

  305. gilberto isr says:

    I do not want my children going to longer school days. This is not a place to dump off our kids because we can not find daycare. I like spending time with my kids and I like the fact that they have time to be kids and to play sports and be involved in musical activites. Other countries do not integrate their students with learning disabilities giving the impression that they are doing better. Teachers spend 80% of their school day helping children that need help making every child mediocre. Do you think China has classes with autistic children and children that have major learning disabilities? The bottom line is that you can not have it both ways. Other countries disregard these children and we don’t so our test scores appear to be not as good but we have plenty of extremely bright children in this country. So what if a bunch of test scores all added together don’t show it. Making the school day longer is not going to help anyone. This administration is clueless. You can not focus on family values if there will be no time for families to be a family.

  306. joslyn says:

    mkay lets get this clear im telling u right now! that if this idea passes guess what…MORE LIKELY THAT KIDS WILL GIVE UP AND DROP OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL MEANING THAT THERE WILL BE MORE PEOPLE OUT ON THE STREETS!! I mean so what that korea or japan have longer school days. WHO CARES. Dosent mean they are any better of a country.Im a teenager. and if this ever happens my ass will be gone! stupid idea!! and btw im not makeing incorrect spelling marks on purpose im using slang.so dont even go there.

  307. marcelo isr says:

    extended school days just stres kids because we have lifes!Of all the strees and desesperation of extra days we throw it at our parents also homework barely make us do things in the afternoon if days or hours are added so it will be unfair.Why do we learn what we already now because for what we are gonna use that extra days?FOR NOTHING.Like for example if im in 8 grade and we already now everything we are not going to start learning physics because thaths for 9 graders!Do you see extending school days its a waste of time for us also it will be more expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  308. alex z isr says:

    I strongly disagree with that because we need time for ourseleves to relax and play. Even dough its good to study it might be to much for us and we can get bored!

  309. gilberto isr says:

    Education standards need to be raised. More school days, no matter how difficult this appears to be need to be added. Teachers race lessons in order to cram what needs to be taught. Ultimately more days, leads to more and better learning.

  310. marcelo isr says:

    this is a bad idea because you strees with school and have no free time or if they extend school days it would be less summer that means less free time for us.So you would be always streesed with hw.NNNNNNOOOOO EXTENDED SCHOOL DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE THIINK AL ADULTS IF YOU WERE A KID AND HADED MORE WORK=BORING AND STRESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  311. ??????? says:

    obama needs to calm down if he hasnt noticed we have enough school.

  312. Robyn Shapiro says:

    Education standards need to be raised. More school days, no matter how difficult this appears to be need to be added. Teachers race lessons in order to cram what needs to be taught. Ultimately more days, leads to more and better learning.

  313. ??? says:

    Me too!

  314. Just too much says:

    I think this is a bad plan. I am student currently enrolled in one of the best schools in the country(we made top 100). Being apart of this school I have no free time. I am constantly doing work to keep above a 2.5 GPA and hours on top of hours of homework after school i have a Scholarship program that i have to go to on Wednesday after school till 8:30 and one Saturday a month from 8 till 5. All of these programs have their own homework. I am a very stressed kid and im only in the 9th grade. i honestly think i will keel over if more days or hours are added on. Summer is a time also for camps and things to go to. I plan on going to an engineering camp this summer but if the days were extended into summer instead of learning things i want im stuck learning things i allready know. Do not extend days.

  315. That is a really bad idea says:

    I think this is not a bad idea. You all may think I’m crazy but the reason why we’re in recession is because people are saving money so the answer here is not save money is spend money. If we have more school days we’ll need to pay more money. Therefore, more jobs will be needed, more help. I think this is a great idea. I think this will get us out of the hole we’re in and I wouldn’t mind being in school for 243 days. It sounds like fun

  316. Kinleeeyy says:

    Ok, I am in Middle School, and it is hard enough of how many hours i have to sit at my desk. Most of the kids in my class don’t pay attention after lunch. If he thinks its going to be easy he needs to go sit his butt in a class room for 7 hours and see if he still thinks the same thing. Kids have lives! If you make the school days longer we would have a lot of people skipping dropping out and mad parents. A lot of depressed kids. I have friends and i barley get to talk to them as it is right now. I think that Obama should push the time we have to be there till like 9:00. Cause i have to fix my hair put my makeup on and get ready eat breakfast and i am usually late for school. If we go to school longer we will have all these things we learned in one day. If you voted for Obama to be president i respect that you have a opinion, but i don’t like the things he has in mind. I think what this whole thing is about is a race to see who can be the best country. Someday in the future the school days are going to be a full year if our countries keep racing to see who is the best! The teachers at my school even complain about how much work they have to do and they cant help us in class because of all of this work. If the teachers are having troubles then i think he is already pushing the limit…..Just keep it the way it is.

  317. ??? says:

    Has no one said that some students depend on school for social life?

  318. Mindy says:

    This is just ridiculous. Making school days and hours longer? I mean, this is AMERICA. NOT ASIA. (I am South Korean myself, and I am an honor student. Heh.) I do understand that he wants all of us to become successful in life and learn more, but we do have lives away from school. After school I always help my parents with errands and stuff, and then I have to do 3 hours of homework. By extending the school hours/days I might get more homework. I’m afraid I won’t be able to do that if school will end at 5 or 8 or maybe longer. Imagine having to eat the disgusting school foods for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. (That is, if you eat the school lunch.) You should also think about how DARK it’s going to be if us kids get out of school around 8 pm. It’s going to be DARK. Some kids have to walk home, and imagine having to walk a long way home in the DARK. Especially if you’re a girl. It’s even scarier.

    From reading the previous comments, the teachers who actually have experience from teaching in schools are right. They don’t get paid much, they need a numerous amount of time in order to come up with new teaching ideas/correcting tests and or homework. Imagine having to correct about 500 papers within 3 days, along with having to take care of yourself and your family.

    ..So this is a bad idea. Just please.. don’t.

  319. Shawn Spicer says:

    this is a responce to ME above Me. If we go for shorter days it would make the united states look terrible and look at Japan they go for 243 days if we shorten the days and summer we would terrible to other countries. we need this to happen. Belive me we do not need shorter we need longer Because the average states right now is low and if we raise theese hours and shorten the summer vaccation it will boost the united states up verry much.!!!!!!!!!!

  320. hockey says:

    obama is right i think it would be a great idea to lengthen/extend school days

  321. Shana says:

    Yeah, I’m a student but I’m not just saying that this idea is crazy because I don’t like school, I’m saying this because it’s true. At my school, you need a bus pass just to get on the bus. And you have to pay $120 for this pass, and since my school has furlough days, we’ll have to pay $120 EACH quarter. Plus, doesn’t anyone think about STRESS anymore? Longer schol days or a longer year just piles to a student’s stress level. I’m only in 8th grade and my two younger sisters are only in 7th and 1st grade which means my mother is STILL paying for school and those prices aren’t going down. When I get to high school, a regular school day is 2 HOURS! Imagine a longer school day than 2 hours! Longer school years aren’t any better. We have almost a whole year of school. Summer vacation is only two months! We don’t need the school year to be any longer than it already is.

  322. What IF says:

    Whine, bawl, cry. Most of what I have read posted is individualism. We need to improve the education of OUR kids. Getting out of a mess take sacrifice. Our problem is we want the improvement without the work and sacrifice. Good luck!

  323. me says:

    i think instead of longer school it should be shortened so that way the students can take in what they learn each day better so it stays with them instead of trying to memorize so much stuff each day and it will ease the stress on them too which will keep them more focused

  324. Ryan says:

    Ok so basically I disagree. People need to sleep. Like others have said the real problem is using the time efficienty. I’d say 60% of my life is school, but if it was more efficient it could be 30%. Teachers don’t spend the time correctyl. People need lifes. This will not help becasue people will just be more tired

  325. Shawn Spicer says:

    I have NEVER been a obama supporter i have all ways been an HILLARY supporter but this plan of two more hours a day is a great. That is in my opion and I am in eighth grade I go to the awsome and best shcool in Indiana SALEM MIDDLE SHCOOL. compard to other shcools and people all over the globe we have the least shcool days. if it waS up to me i would want school two more hours a day and almost all year long and only get off for two or three months PS HILLARY NEEDED TO WIN SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN A LOT BETTER PRESIDENT THAN HIM.

  326. Meghan says:

    People are all ticked off about this, this was Obama’s plan from the start. Why the hell would you vote for him then complain about what he is doing when you knew that he was going to do. It just doesn’t make any sense. You all should have listened to McCain.

  327. Pa says:

    I believe our President is correct in his thinking, but going at it in the wrong way. Expending the school day’s hour would be ridiculous and be no help at all with family matters, learning matters, etc.

    However, if we extend the number of school days from180 to at least 200 or more, and keep the hours at 8 hours a day, then I would support this notion all the way!

  328. Tyler says:

    This is a terrible idea. You can;t add school days to what we already have to deal with. You would have to pay teachers more salary, it causes more stress for us, it depends on how the teachers teach us, you would have to add more topics for them to teach us, kids wouldn’t be able to play their sports. I am a freshman and I completely disagree with extending school days. I’m not the greatest student, but I know adding more days will not maker me smarter.

  329. Asjeezy Amjeezy says:

    Although some students find this to be a very disrespectful act, they need to realize that we need a better education. I am a freshman in high school and I highly agree with Obama. When this will take place, Universities and colleges will have a bigger population because students would have better SAT averages. In conclusion, I say this proposal should be put in place.

  330. joyce says:

    We have much more immediate problems to deal with…my kids are in Long Island and receiving a wonderful and challenging education already and the kindergarteners have full days!!!! Not a good a idea. Really hope this never actually comes into fruition.

  331. Mark says:

    Obama is right. we need to step up to the plate.we need longer school years to help us out a bit more. although most of us don’t really agree with having to go to school longer, we are not even in the top 50 when it comes to education. We are the world’s richest country yet we can’t put money into education, instead we make school budget cuts and i’ve even seen schools close here in the bay area.(i live in San Jose). Our education system is pathetic and we need to solve it. Keep up with the good work Obama!

  332. sarai says:

    There will be higher drop out rates as well…I hope all these high school kids that are paying attention to what Obama is doing will vote in 2012 because it is that younger generation that voted this “historic” figure in as president without knowing what he was planning!

  333. sarai says:

    I do not want my children going to longer school days. This is not a place to dump off our kids because we can not find daycare. I like spending time with my kids and I like the fact that they have time to be kids and to play sports and be involved in musical activites. Other countries do not integrate their students with learning disabilities giving the impression that they are doing better. Teachers spend 80% of their school day helping children that need help making every child mediocre. Do you think China has classes with autistic children and children that have major learning disabilities? The bottom line is that you can not have it both ways. Other countries disregard these children and we don’t so our test scores appear to be not as good but we have plenty of extremely bright children in this country. So what if a bunch of test scores all added together don’t show it. Making the school day longer is not going to help anyone. This administration is clueless. You can not focus on family values if there will be no time for families to be a family.

  334. Vii Vii says:

    oooooh…yeah the more we go to schoool the more we learn that’s my opinion..:) like Japanese people they had more schoool days i think that’s really GOOD.”:)

  335. xXLycanXx says:

    There are tons of problems in the schools. I agree with Watchful Raven, and I agree with all of the people who disagree with this too!!! You should see how hard most of the kids work to get the grades they do get. And then for the theacher not to tell them what’s expected of them! If someone told them what is expected, we’d have less flunks and drop outs! If you really expect to go through with this, then count me out. I’ll move to Afganistan if I have to get a better education. I bet the Taliban gives the best education because they’ve gotten through America before! Why do the terrorists get better education? And I bet it’s becuase they’re told what is expected of them! And if they aren’t, then that sux big time.
    :) :( :’( :P :O

  336. Watchful Raven says:

    I don’t agree with this at all. I’m a middle school student and I find this INSANE!!
    Your taking away family time. Families teach more than the school! I know that from experience!!! My mom was a teacher in Joliet a long time ago and I agree with her. The problem is the teachers! Not the school days!!! So what if you could possibly give us more homework, most kids aren’t going to do it anyways because they’re learning the same thing from their parents, they can probably learn more from their parents too!
    I agree with the stress and the depression, and yes it is a bunch of stuff we DON’T NEED!! We need better teachers so we can get more education in the SAME HOURS of the NORMAL SCHOOL DAY!
    Homework is outragous. And if this is passed, then think of how many people will skip school, there’ll be more riots and more sucides and that leads to even more prisonors!
    See anything wrong in the American lifestyle yet?!? :P

  337. Ang says:

    Alright I’m not completely opposed to the idea of a longer school year. Nor am I opposed to the longer school days. I do believe that the United States is behind academically. If this is to pass, and the school year becomes longer as well as the day; Then I believe that education also needs to be reformed. Quality not quantity is the way to go. Sure increase the quantity, but counter balance it with quality. The main argument for students nowadays has been their concern of when exactly will they use certain information. Students are confined in a classroom for almost the whole day. I believe that education needs to be taken outside of the classroom, and integrated into living. I’m suggesting a type of field based learning. Show them what working adults do. Teaching math? Take them to a bridge, have them analyze the bridge, introduce the math skills. Introducing Shakespeare? Take them to a theater production, then get them into the reading. Students learn and remember only the things that interest them, so make their education interesting.

  338. Houston Senior says:

    I don’t even see how this proposal would even go through congress. Requiring all students to go to school on Saturdays is unconstitutional because it would violate the free-exercise clause and establishment clause of the Constitution because Saturday is the day of rest for Seventh-Day Adventist and Jewish students. I am a Seventh-Day Adventist. We don’t do work on Saturdays, that includes homework. It’s our day to spend with and focus on God.

    I’m graduating from high school this year so if passed the law wouldn’t affect me, but I’m worried about my fellow Seventh-Day Adventist students and also Jewish students. I also fear that they won’t be given the rights entitled to them by the Constitution because this country has a tendency to to away our rights.

    Also, the high school I go to is not a normal high school. It’s a public high school, but you have to apply to get in. We work at accelerated pace, having only four classes each semester and finishing those classes in that amount of time. We also have centers for each subject (math center, science center, business center, social studies center) where all grade levels (9-12) are in the same centers. We are given PAKS (personal activity kits) with which we can work independently or with our friends. We usually have a week to work on each Pak, with a seminar once a week. At the end of the week you go to the testing center to take the test. This school can be really stressful at times because of all the work you are required to do in a short amount of time, but if Obama’s proposal became a law it would be practically impossible to be able to finish our paks. We wouldn’t have any time. My high school, which is one of the top 10 schools in the Houston area, and also nominated for the Blue ribbon 2010, would have to cease to exist.

    I was also wondering. Does anybody know if this proposal has been brought before congress yet?

  339. rukia says:


    we need better teachers who know how to teach but not just sit there and let us copy notes all the time…. ughhhhh

  340. vincent zap says:

    Obama Cutting Summer Vacation and Adding 3 Hours of Schoolday the reason we have short school days and shorter school years is were not fricking china there school days r longer cause they clean there schools after class we pay people as there job to do that you no jobs the things u said you would save yah didnt happen we are not china or japan or iraland were the U.S. and we should have our own standerd not follow thers

  341. Anonymous student says:

    In case Obama hasn’t noticed, we are BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DEBT. Does he realize how much this is going to cost? And to recycle one of my old points; most of the people posting for this don’t have to go to school. That’s right, Priscilla… I’m looking at you. My best guess is that you are already an adult and have no children, otherwise you would understand our logic about this and actually have some human desire to spend more time with your children.
    Why do I get no flaming? Don’t get me wrong, the last thing I want to do is end up of Encyclopedia Dramatica…. or even worse, end up on Encyclopedia Dramatica with them approving of me. *shudder*

  342. ridwanzero says:

    There are some thin if the legitimate work as a line there. Most are sites and marketing study for the site owner rich, not you. The only thing is true legitimacy Ebay, selling things you already own………..


  343. coetsee says:

    As if we didn’t have enough time on our own. U.S. students’ only get after school and the weekends (if we get lucky) to stay home a visit with our family and friends. Me personaly, I don’t like working under pressure and because of it is working under pressure due to the teachers unalbity to control the class. With us working under pressure and along with a long day at school we won’t have enough time out of school to have a small part time job or whatever. Take this advice and take into though..

  344. CWA-NJ Conservatives with Attitude! » Blog Archive » Quick Hits says:

    [...] The latest, perhaps most dangerous, and most unnoticed of Obama’s ploys: he wants to extend the school year and even the school day (into the nights), thus requiring kids to spend more time in school. The contra-positive, of course, is that they would be spending less time at home; thus families will be raising their children less, and the government more. http://www.eduinreview.com/blog/2009/03/obama-proposes-longer-school-days-extended-school-year/ [...]

  345. Priscilla A. says:

    Most of the people commenting this blog are rediculous. How is it that you would comment something without orienting yourself. All you have read is 4 paragraphs briefly explaining obama’s plan. Obama’ s plan of extending the school day or school year is a very caring gesture as a president. Currently our children are only being taught things that are needed to pass a standardized test : math, science, and english. What happened to earth science, social studies and history? It has all gone down the drain. Teachers are obligated to follow specific frameworks every year, and none of them are able to cover them all, why? Because there is not enough time in a school day. Many children who do not understand the lessons are left behind becuase the teacher does not have time to go back and go over what was taught. Schools have lost the rights to teach children what they want to learn, the superintendants are to worried about achieving the test scores the states asks their cities to pass in order to receive more funds. Extended day programs would not only make it easier for the teacher to use different learning methods to reach all of the students, but it would also give students more choices on subjects they would like to learn more about. Many schools which have already implemented the extended day have been able to have children have classes like music, art and p.e which have all been forgotten about ( a perfect example is how obese our children are due to the lack of their daily exercise). Children will also have the ability to chose extracurricular activities like sports, dancing and gymnastics, which many parents of low income are unable to pay for. The extended day is also very convienient for parents who work 9-5 jobs (which most people do). Parents will not have to worry about leaving their children with babysitters or having them go to afterschool programs they have to pay for. For once children will have time to do their homework at school and ask for teachers help. You should look up information before you start talking bad about Obama and the governments efforts to make our schools better and help our students suceed. Instead of complaining you should all do something about it and learn to appreciate any effort made for the well being of our future and the future of our children.

  346. Dylan says:

    this comment is to Thora… yea he doesnt need to get competitve with other nations sure i agree with u on that but it does matter what other countries think. Okay lets say…. Germany doesnt like us…. Germany will do something about it… right? so if we dont care what other people think we are going to get in wars and we cant afford them at this point in time.

  347. Dylan says:

    this is a stupid preposal. Look what we have now? we have smart citizens coming up with new inventions and ways to make this country a better place.
    hear me out. IF ITS NOT BROKE DONT FIX IT thats all u need to hear. Sure i may be a student myself but thats not y im upset im upset because Obama thinks he should fix something that isnt broken but all hes gonna do in the process is break wut he sought after to fix. its just dumb… leave it be thats all i have to say

  348. Neffe! :) says:

    I think as a student, this is a lame idea. As if we didn’t have enough time on our own. U.S. students’ only get after school and the weekends (if we get lucky) to stay home a visit with our family and friends. Me personaly, I don’t like working under pressure and because of it is working under pressure due to the teachers unalbity to control the class. With us working under pressure and along with a long day at school we won’t have enough time out of school to have a small part time job or whatever. Take this advice and take into thought. :)

  349. Bosna says:

    I understand where Obama is coming from and I agree that we need more or a better education but I do not agree with the way his is going about it. Extending school hours will only reduce the amount of time we have for after school activities, such as Sports, clubs, and instruments that some students practice everyday. Just extending school hours will not improve our education we need to restructures our quality time in the class. For example I have an Algebra 2 teacher who spends 20min of class time going through everybody and checking to see if they did their homework. Homework grading should not be done in class and should not be wasting class time. That is why you are a teacher it means you grade homework at home or after class time. This leads me to my proposal and I think that to change education and improve our international test scores we need to start we the little ones who are just starting school. Instead of taking nap times in third grade like I did when I came to US they should be studying. The whole educational system needs be restructures and the benchmark needs to be raised to higher standards. Studying Biology in 10th grade is simply too late. It should be started in middle school if not 5th grade. Algebra is not a hard math class and I am sure that if students were just a little more motivated and wanted to learn they could take it in 6th grade. With that said I would like to close this letter by saying that we American students are simply too lazy and not motivated enough to take education seriously. We just don’t want to learn and we hate being in school and we don’t care if other our international peers are smarter then us.

  350. An Educated Arbiter says:

    Please, readers, hear this. I am a boy of fourteen who is fully aware of the problems with this bill. However, I have seen some of the hateful and overall redundant remarks posted here, and I find it disturbing. Obama-Haters, was it not you who, during the dark reign of Bush, admitted to not like his policies, but stated simply that he “is our president, and we must support his decisions”? As a student in the ninth grade, I may not be the most intelligent person here, and I realize that my life experience has yet to flourish, but I am the only one who looks at this from my perspective. I say, it is the duty of every American citizen to question his government, and make his voice heard. I take no side, as I am a neutralist by creed, but the well-known philosopher Kong Fuzi, better known as Confucius, promoted role models called “Junzi,” who respected the socially acceptable, showed deference and tolerance for their fellow people, and did NOT allow their status to stand in the way of progress. Perhaps that age is dead, and there are no more Junzi. But Confucianism makes a valid point: Students need to take an honest look at the problems with education, and strive for success. I know I do. The same applies to weaponmakers: do you see no problem with creating objects designed to kill people with the pull of a trigger? If so, I urge you to find a more admirable profession. If not, God help you.
    And just to prove to you doubters that this progressive thought is not restricted to the Chinese, the Persian philosopher Zarathustra, founder of Zoroastrianism(which, by the way provided the majority of the ideals and moral standards of all three major religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity), promoted a class of role models like Junzi who would do everything possible to advance humanity’s goals. Maybe Obama, a father himself, who is sacrificing time with his two daughters (who he rarely sees because of the state of our nation), is trying to be Junzi. He could be trying to improve the international standing of this country regardless of its impact on his life. His family suffers when we suffer, perhaps? He values the future of this nation over his own family, maybe? Readers, he is trying to advance this nation, and yet there are those who combat him at every step. But then again, it is our civic duty. Again, I take no side. I live by a credo of perpetual impartiality. And so I leave the choice to you, people.
    There is only one right choice.
    And you have to find it.
    Good luck, America.

  351. christian says:

    i think u shouldn’t do this because this is going to make the kids crazyer they are going to gert more rebelion on the techers. Plus when summer vaction time come thier brains are going to be on vaction mode so the kids are not going to lern…. :-(

  352. Manuel says:

    Obama’s “pedagogy” is totally wrong. Children need their time to be children! Longer school days does not mean improving the quality of teaching and learning. We should be done is stop excessive testing and let teachers teach. Stop analyzing numbers; knowledge, performance, and students’ cognitive skills cannot be treated as factory objects. Stop blaming teachers and try to improve family and social values!

  353. Anonymous Student says:

    I haven’t been checking on this article lately… there’s way too many posts to read, and I, as previously mentioned, am very lazy.
    To Lauren- It appears my cheap jab at your intelligence was foiled. I really must get more sleep before I start posting comments here. h, and by who’s standards are you one of the most intelligent? (Oh, there I go again!)

  354. Moose says:

    Im a student myself and I do not agree with this extended school day plan, Being the fact that the 8 hour school day wears out us kids enough as it is. School is something which everyone needs but we can only learn so much until we begin to lose interest. Also children need time for families; longer school days will make it to were kids don’t have much time for families. Also it doesn’t help that today families don’t have much time now due to the fact of job hours. Although the fact is that longer school years may be what American students need. Having a longer school year would make it so that we can still learn as much as other countries but still not wearing us out. so if it was just the extended school YEAR i would be all for it.

  355. Thora says:

    i believe that if the congress goes through with Obama’s plan then the children of the united states will grow to be boring and their creativity will be lost. i also believe that Obama needs to quit being so competitive. i dont think it matters what other countries do or think, when it comes to our country all that matters is what the people of the united states think.

  356. Views. Mine, his, and theirs. « Behind the Name says:

    [...] above taken from this article on Edu In Review. The post is a response to the [...]

  357. One that is immersed in American education. Completely. says:

    Exhausting to me, laughable to Obama.
    My school day is the standard in our country, one that apparently is “mediocre” compared to countries with greater average academic successes.
    I do not think the “short” LENGTH of the school day is the reason for the differences in academic achievement. If anything, lengthening the school day would only farther DETERIORATE the standards of achievement. For in many of those “erudite” countries, school days are shorter than ours, yet there are more of them in a year. THAT is the difference. Adding on HOURS to the school day without lengthening the academic year won’t solve anything. On the contrary, it will only decrease the quality of students’ academic performances due to critical lack of sleep. They will have less time at home to finish their assigned work, and less time to learn; don’t like the sound of all-nighters? I don’t either. I don’t think all-nighters or even study-into-the-night are at all beneficial.
    Think of the students like me taking taxing AP courses and possibly additional college prep work. Doesn’t Obama want students to excel beyond the standards? How can they do that if they don’t have the time they need outside of school for independent learning and REST for Heaven’s sake? It is a medical fact that a brain that has been drained of sleep is subject to a defective attention span and poor mental coordination. Sleep deprivation is the NEMESIS of excellence, Mr. President! I think even the teachers would agree on that, for a longer school day would not only hurt academic performance, but it would become a major hindrance to educators, whose quality is already quite questionable in many public districts. When the proposal suggests an extension of the school year into the summer rather than a longer school DAY, then we’ll talk.
    And yet…that brings a new argument to the stage.

    Bottom line: Education is amazing when it comes in the right amounts.

  358. Sophmore says:

    I don’t think that’s fair. Making the days longer and vacations shorter, is a bad idea. Obama is focusing on the wrong thing. I just read a post about a person’s parents that had less days of school, and how they were successful. It’s not more education that we need. What America needs is time. My mom says this too me when I get anxious about wanting to graduate and going to college: ‘take your time, you will get there, you just need patience, everything in this life is about time.’ I copletely agree with her not only because she’s my mom, but because she’s correct. Everything will get better with time. Keep the hours of school the same and the vacation days the same. Just make new teachers that are coming in, stronger, have them teach things differently, not the same old boring thngs. Cuz if its one thing that every student will tell you is how boring each class is. Not because of the subject (every student has a favorite/nonfavorite suject) but by the way the teacher teaches the class. Every day the teaching style is the same. We cant even put our desks in a circle so we can see each others faces, we sit in rows, and I go to a public school. The teachers have to be more sypathetic with the students. Thank you for reading even though it was long.

  359. lalala lala says:

    I’m a freshman and get straight A’s. I take Pre-Ap Algebra 2/Trig, Pre-Ap Biology, Pre-Ap Gifted English, Pre-Ap World History, and Advanced Spanish II. I have first period for one hour every day and then I have three periods for an hour and a half. The next day I have the three periods I didn’t go to the day before. School starts at 7:21. School ends at 1:50. My lunch is only 26 minutes on the dot. I play school sports. When I get home I do my homework then go to bed when I finish. I go to bed at 11 and get up at about 4:50. POINT BLANK I’M NOT GOING TO SCHOOL ANY LONGER!!!!!!!!!!! My entire life is school. I can’t take any more.

  360. lilh says:

    i am strongly against this because we get enough stress already so having longer days will not help

  361. High School Guy says:

    I honestly dare the government to pass a bill that will extend the school year, and day. I guarantee my entire school will stop attending after a day. I myself will leave the day of the change.

  362. erika says:

    Hey! I am a student ofthis great nation. My classmates think i have gone loco on them. I haven’t….yet. I believe this is a time were we have to chose between our studies and our personal life, as for me i choose my studies. I didn’t know about the rest of y’all.
    At times we have think of what is the best thing for all of us as nation, instead of thinking of ourselves.

  363. kkjkdfhjn says:

    for all those teachers and “top 20″ students or whatever posting they want this on this site, GET REAL. and dont reprimand spelling or language or “text talk”, seriously. we dont seem to have as much time on our hands as you, do we??? think about those other kids in your school, or town. how would they react?! i know that even if you go to a top notch and great national school, a good portion of kids would still drop out. if that would hapen, its not worth it. its not only about you. dont try to represent everyone else you know if you have no idea what theyre really thinking.

  364. ksjegfhyuijc says:

    as a student, i know my fellow students and i would drop out rather than face this turmoil. we are already experiencing burnout from the school we go to in the first place, as long as we are doing well in school, which we for the most part are, it would be smarter to shorten the school year rather than lengthen it. Get real, please, and focus on the depression and the War in Iraq of all things.

  365. jskhdfuhvcjenf says:

    Really? you really think this will work?? “not wildly popular” is the biggest understatement of the CENTURY. kids hate school as it is spending more time in schol would change the country for the WORSE. education is NOT a business asociation! kids need to learn in a good, developemental way. lenghthening school days would just make kids hate school even more than they do and lead to them dropping out. there is no point to this; the americn educastion system is not toy to be changed, no matter how “21st century” we want to become. through school, we are not teachig kids to become good players in the economical international market, instead we are teaching them life skills, and one of those is to fight for your rights. such a blatant attack on the say of the american populace under the age of 17 is wrong. if you want to even consider this, take it to the american school kids. i mean all of them. majority should rule. if they vote against it, it should show how pointless this is and no matter how many aged adults comment on this site it wll not change the kids opinions. if they vote against it, it would show they are capabble of dropping out and cutting to protest, and im fairly sure many parents would support them.

  366. Anonymous says:

    I think this plan is ridiculous for a few reasons. I am a student, and I come home every night completely tired, then I have to deal with at least a few hours of homework. If he put on three more hours on school, the kids in the grades below me will be getting home at 7:30. THAT IS RIDICULOUS. The 3rd graders go to bed around 8:30-9:30, so that gives them what, an hour? 2 hours at the most? And then add in homework! When he says, “I know how unpopular this idea is,” he really doesn’t. It would wreck his whole career if he went through with this. 2012 election, he would be a joke! And we all know he’s going to run for a second term. Now, I am an avid Obama supporter, but I could not think of any positives about this.
    The only thing it will make happen is angry students and parent, more skipping class, more dropping out, etc. Also, the last two months of school are a joke as it is. Extending the school year will just add on another month of no homework and chilling. You also can’t demand this of the TEACHERS- these poor teachers- are expected to teach for 9 or 10 hours a day? They have a life too! And most of them live at least 20 minutes away from where they teach. Also, think about the sports, singing lessons, piano lessons, clubs etc. we do after school. No one will be able to go to these lessons or clubs after school because it will be too late and we’ll be too exhausted and stressed. Great, so we’re going to school for 10 hours, then coming home to 2 hours of homework? Aren’t there child labour laws? So, we don’t have a 300 day year like the Chinese, big deal. Their society is much stricter; it’s a communist country. We are NOT china, nor should we be trying to copy them. We do business with them. If Obama thinks that this will happen, have a few complaints and be accepted he is sorely wrong. I hope he doesn’t decide to go through with this, not only because I do not want a 300 day school year and a 10 hour day, but because I actually like him as a President and I don’t want to see his career go down the toilet.

  367. Alex says:

    Okay, so I have read a lot of these comments, some say the school year can be longer, but not the school days; none of them agree a hundred percent of what Obama wants to do. If he wants to actually do this, he’s going to need to get our country the money first, which I don’t think is possible to do within his term. I am a high school student and believe something does need to be done with our education, but it’s not quantity; we don’t need to take away even more family time, or socializing time to stare at a teacher trying to lecture you, that will cause more dropouts, more people doing drugs to make their lives “better”

    We need the schools to have a better experience, make the kids want to learn, and get as much information into them in the time we already have. We don’t need a 24/7 zombie America, we need to relax and use the time that we have, more useful.

  368. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the fact of making the school YEAR longer but I do not agree with the fact that the school DAYS should be longer. Speaking from experience, I have alot of extracurricular activities after school and hardly have enough time to finish my homework making my usual bed time about 9:30-10:30 as well as waking up at 5am to finish whatever homework I had left before heading off to school. I do support this idea but being that alot of kids are already quite busy as it is maybe stretch the amount of days we have school and not the time we have school in a day. Also, by reading some of these comments, I can tell some of us need to work on our english/grammar….

  369. loco poyo says:

    i think obama is dum wie hure kiep et the saym cuz the food suks and the tichers dont care about os they care ebaut the mony

  370. io9i says:

    ya your right most the kids is going to drop out anny way becuz yr runing thr minds out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wht is wrtong with yu your a loonaticc

  371. britney says:

    why would you do that thats really fuccccccn dumb blood like on da real

  372. ba lolo says:

    dont extend school year your going to run r kids mind crazzy:(:(:(:(:(

  373. Ivy says:

    Well i have to say is that this make no type of sense cause if us kidz stay in school for long there going to end up shotting each other for the look so i find it stupid =} =) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  374. Tiffani says:

    I’m a 13 year old & this is what i feel. I think the idea of extra school time is RIDICULOUSLY STUPID, so in my class we are supposed to write about something that we do not like about the school. So when she mentioned this, I jumped right on it, so I’m going to tell you my idea of this STUPID plan. Longer school time would equal more dropouts, (mainly because we can’t stand school already.) We don’t care to be more competitive with other countries okay? If all of the annoying kids were put out of the classroom & delt with better than they are now then we would have plenty of time to learn. Also no person in their right mind would go to school on a Saturday no matter what you say. School puts WAY too much stress on us already just having 5 days & 7 different classes to go to a day. If you want to do something about education that would help us, let us have Fridays off or NO homework. Homework is GAY it doesn’t do anything but waste our time. We give 8 hours of our day 5 days a week, & when we get home we don’t care to do homework. Also we have a life & friends to hang with on the weekends & your taking that away if you go through with this CRAP, even teachers at my school don’t care for it. When I write my paper I’m going to include all of these details & I will be sure to have proof everything I have said is supported by facts. Also parents REALLY DON’T care for it either, they think it’s VERY DUMB, & we 13 & 14 year olds can read VERY well. Oh and by the way, South Korea & Japan & all those other countries have always been smarter than us, so this will NEVER work, & who cares what they do that’s their business NOT ours. Lastly if you did go through with this STUPDITY your going to make the economy EVEN MORE MESSED UP than it already is; simply because you will be paying more money to the teachers, more money for transportation( & here in Alexander City, AL we spend over a million dollars a year on transportation that could go to school field trips) Re-think this idea, because nobody wants it so why do it? You need to be worried about fixing this MESSED up economy instead of worrying about this STUPID CRAP.

  375. carly cavazos says:

    um i dont really like it but if it is gonna be good 4 us u never know well its gonna suck because i need time to gather my thought to have a clear head 4 the next school year

  376. Deeno says:

    im not gonna right a paragraph, just gonna say its the quality of the teachers, not the length of the day, that prevents satisfactory grades in schools.

  377. steve says:

    I can’t believe that my president, whom I voted for, really believes that what our students need is more time in the classroom. Did he not get enough education when he went through school? I am a high school science teacher and a part time college professor, I believe I am well educated and that I made it through college and graduate school because I had the desire and the discipline to do so. “No child left behind” is a joke! Not every student in our public schools will become college graduates nor do they all have a desire to do so. I had a student once in my chemistry class who, before he could legally drive, could rebuild a car or truck engine in his garage. He had a bright future in doing what he loved, but because of “NCLB” he was forced to take chemistry at our school. He failed the class and retook it the next year and barely passed. He was probably not prepared to take chemistry at the college level. But at age 15, I bet he would have thrived in an automotive engineering class. When I was in high school, I took a very basic Biology course and a basic physical science course. I did not have to pass a test in science to graduate from high school yet here I sit with a Master’s degree in Biology. Maybe we are stressing exit tests too much! teachers are teaching to try and get their students enough information to pass those tests and its all about cramming a lot down their throats without being sure they understand or even have a basic knowledge of the material. We just want them to know it all so that we or the school doesn’t look bad if the students fail. If we could make learning fun again without the stress, then the students will succeed.

    As for how we can improve our education system. I believe if we make parents accountable for their students behavior in school, then the discipline at home will increase and it will continue at school. There are a lot of students in this country that think they are untouchable and they no longer care about the consequences of their actions. I know when I was in high I was more afraid of the punishment I would receive at home if I misbehaved at school than what ever the school would do to me. If a student is a discipline issue at school, then the parents should have to attend parenting classes, or attend detention with their student, or pay a fine. This society is bringing up too many adults who believe they world owes them everything and they do not have to do anything for it.

    By the way, I also believe ADD and ADHD is a crock, we didn’t have problems with it when we (40 somethings) were in school. Now we medicate our children instead of disciplining them. I think a good whooping is far less abusive than getting out children depending on drugs just to function in society.

  378. Radomir Quis says:

    Dear president Obama: I agree with you on many issues for example I wholeheartedly support your health care reform. I am a teacher with 16 years of experience now aspiring to become school leader/administrator.

    A) Extending school year and extending school day should be treated as separate issues.

    B) The statistic included in the article is incomplete and therefore misleading. The longer school years in all the mentioned countries do not necessarily correspond with longer school days. Upon further examination you will discover that most countries whose students perform far better than the US students on international math and science tests have in fact shorter school days and many have far fewer teacher-student contact hours as compared to the US teachers.
    For example Finland who leads the world in math and science tests: See the results in PISA 2006: http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/15/13/39725224.pdf Page 54 where you will find US students in 36th place out of 57 countries -scoring well below the international average in math. Yet when you look at another statistic http://www.teacherly.com/bruno/posts/6-Teaching-Hours-International-Comparison (this statistic represents an accurate transcript of the data contained in the table from PISA) you will discover that Finish teachers teach (student-teacher contact) about 550 hours and Japanese teachers (with the longest school year) teach 429 hours! Compare this with the average US teacher teaching 1,080 hours that is 50% more Mr. President. And yet Finland, China and Japan are on the top and we are hovering around the middle in math and science tests. It appears that in fact the quantity of teaching has no relevance or even opposite effect on results in regard to students performance. – On the other you will discover that ALL of these countries have NATIONAL curricula, which I believe, among many other factors has a major impact on the QUALITY of teaching. We are making some progress in this regard. I believe it is time to amend our constitution to include our national commitment and accountability for what represents our National Interest in the world of Global Economy and that is well educated population who is consequently able to compete in the global marketplace.

    Sincerely, Radomir Quis

  379. President Obama Announces New Plan to Further Science and Math Education | Edu in Review Blog says:

    [...] tough challenges from other countries. Now, President Barack Obama, as part of his efforts to improve education in America, is striving to make these fields more appealing to [...]

  380. Emily says:

    I understand the extension of school days.. but doesn’t he knows that more school days just kills us?

  381. Lauren says:

    hey anonymous student… i can think of plenty of reasons to legthen the year… as a matter of fact i wrote an entire essay on it, which is how i came across this website. and no, i am not having trouble in school, i am amoung the top 20 student in my grade… its just there are plenty of people struggling in school, and we are behind in acedemics compared to other counrties, and we are the laziest…. so in order to make our country better we need to learn more. And, i agree completely with college student.

  382. Ish says:


  383. Anonymous says:

    i agree as i am a former student,…

  384. Anonymous says:


  385. Anonymous student says:

    Eamon, your argument was brilliant. It isn’t just about about making some tweaks to current schooling, it’s about changing it altogether.

  386. Kika says:

    i absolutely agree with obamas plan………….i mean i want to get more education and if theres an oportunity why not?……..students who dont agree thats because they dont realize they will need it in the future if your thinking of going to college you wanna be prepare dont you?………i think its a good idea and more hours to school is NEEDED……..

  387. Eamonn O'Brien says:

    For the past six months, President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan have been touting their intention to lengthen the school year in the United States in order to “meet the challenges of a new century.” The only problem with their new plan is that it will not work. Extending the school year (or the school day) is not the solution to the current educational crisis in the United States. The problems plaguing American education are rooted in its very structure and the solutions require a cultural shift in the way we think about education.

    Our system of education was founded on the very same ideas as American industry, by the very same man: Henry Ford. Ford’s vision for students was no different than it was for his Model T; input a blank frame at one end, move it along an assembly line while unskilled laborers permanently affix various items, and at the end of the process out pops a completed product. The goal of Ford’s public school endeavor was to create a socially functional individual who could fulfill the challenges of a new century, the 20th century, at a time when what was needed were workers in factories rather than the farmers of the 19th century.

    The only problem with this scenario is precisely that Ford was concerned with creating workers for the American factory rather than thinkers or problem solvers. Flash forward one hundred years and what we are left with today are the residual issues plaguing a nation whose educational system was meant to turn out doers instead thinkers; we are trying to prepare minds for the 21st century using 20th century pedagogy.

    In order to bring students back to a competitive level with the rest of the world, our entire theory of education must shift. The problem, however, lies in the fact that these changes are distasteful to most who derive their living from education, nor do they lend themselves to pretty standardized tests or readily quantifiable spreadsheets on which public officials can rely for allocating funds. Yet if we truly want to prepare our students for the “challenges of a new century” we must first bring our educational system into the new century. Here is how we do it:

    Step 1 -Eliminate Teaching Unions

    Teaching unions are the single largest roadblock to educational reform in the United States today. Unions came into existence to protect unskilled laborers from unfair demands by industrial employers. A classroom, however, is not an assembly line. Simply trying to bolt on new information to a child and then testing them to see if they retained it is useless. The job of a teacher is to teach and that means taking the time to make sure each and every student understands the material by teaching it in a way they will understand, no matter how many iterations, no matter how many different ways it needs to be broken down, or how many hours before or after school or during lunch it takes to accomplish this. Unions shield those disinclined to go the extra mile to educate our children. They permit the existence of teachers who are unwilling to learn or change their methodology or pedagogy, despite the radical leaps forward that have been made in our understanding of how children learn in the past twenty years. Unions permit and encourage a “put in your 20” mind-set that robs children of the opportunity to learn. This mentality, and these people, must be eliminated from the teaching pool.

    Step 2 – Institute Performance Based Evaluations for Teachers

    Teaching is a white-collar profession and teachers should be evaluated based on their performance, just like any other white-collar profession. What Fortune 500 Company guarantees its employees salary increases year after year without considering the quality of their output? Teachers, and teaching unions, contend that Performance Based Evaluations will degrade teaching performance because teachers will constantly be under threat of losing their jobs. Yet this is precisely how corporate America operates and has for half a century. Comparative analysis would seem to indicate that rather than degrading performance, accountability for performance and output actually improves it. The introduction of Performance Based Evaluations will actually bring our educational system into the 21st century and allow teachers to operate and be valued as the white-collar professionals they are, rather than the blue-collar laborers they were originally envisioned as.

    Step 3 – The Federal Government Needs to Step Up to the Plate

    The Federal Government needs to step in and pick up the tab on substantially more school than the paltry 9% it contributes annually to education . The remainder is fairly equally divided between the state and the municipality. The problem comes when the state or city need some extra money and decide to cut education funding in favor of something else. Students are the real silent-majority in our society, totally dependent on the people in power, yet wholly unable to effect change. Classroom overcrowding and textbooks that are 20 years out of date are not urban legend; they are the facts of public school in America. Why should we have to send our children to private school to learn to use computers and technology that most of us take for granted every day? By providing more funding, the Federal Government can implement serious change in the way schools are funded and supported.

    Step 4 – Get Government Out of Schools

    The level of oversight imposed on classroom teachers by the state borders on ridiculous. Syllabi prescribed by the states provide very little opportunity for teachers to exercise their training or talents. Furthermore, they provide unreal expectations about how students understand information. There are 21 different learning styles through which we learn yet state mandated educational syllabi rarely permit the time for information to be conveyed in multiple formats. Teachers must be allowed the flexibility to engage students in the learning process, taking as much time as necessary to make sure the information is both absorbed and solidly grounded. The only way to do this correctly is to let teachers do what they are trained to do, develop syllabi and curriculum, and teach them.

    Step 5 – Focus on Skills rather than Content

    Education in this country is fixated on the accumulation of facts because it is easy to test. The problem with this is that facts, by themselves, are meaningless. Very few of us in our every day lives need to access, let alone have actually retained, the plethora of information we were exposed to, or forced to memorize, in grade school. Instead, what we utilize every day is our ability to compare, analyze, and make rational, forward looking, decisions based on prior experience or knowledge of past events. Yet these are skill-sets that our students not only are lacking, but are never taught. By focusing on skills and teaching students how to think rather than what to think, we will prepare them for the future, regardless of what that future holds.

  388. Anonymous student says:

    Hmm…. not intelligent, not hard working, not humble and lazy… that might have been directed at me. Well, at least I can spell, which saves me from the me from the clutches of your Average American Student stereotype! Hurrah!
    It isn’t just school that makes us smarter, you know. We can learn about other things that matter without sitting in a desk for hours.
    Mark Twain once said; “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

  389. college student says:

    The children writing complaints on this commenting area are ignorant and uneducated. That is the point that Obama is trying to make. A longer school year is much needed because I am ashamed to live in a country with middle and high school students who cannot spell, who are not humble, who are not intelligent, who are not honest, who are not hard working, and who are just so lazy. Just a few years ago, I was in high school too. I played two varsity sports, was in band and in a numerous amount of clubs. I woke up early too, had classes all day too, stayed at practices until six too, and still made time to do homework. All adults have been through school and have been through the same thing that you are going through. Honestly, unless you are eighteen, you really do not have a say anyways. You are not old enough to vote for a reason. You do not have the intelligence to think for yourself, and know what is best for you. A longer year would make all of you all smarter. Education is a gift, not a waste of time to be thrown in the garbage. Students: why don’t you take the time you are taking to read the posts and write responses to spend on your homework or time with your family.

  390. Anonymous student says:

    Lauren- why do you support Obama’s idea? Can you give specific reasons, for example; do you feel that you need more school time because you have a hard time learning?

  391. Lauren says:

    hey aaron… your the reason why we need to go to school longer… and to all those people that say they would drop out of school… stop acting so high and mighty. We all know you answer to your parents, and hopefully they do whats best for you and would make you stay in school. And we are not losing all of our summer vacation, it would probably just be divided into thirty days in school and thirty days out.

  392. Anonymous student says:

    To a student (see post above)- Bravo! Now that’s what I mean…. responding to someone else’s post directly! Actually, I have heard of 20 year olds that still watch cartoons and such… but I sympathize with them. We’re in too much of a hurry to grow up these days. However, I applaud your thinking, mademoiselle… monsieur…. um?
    If my annoying french vocabulary doesn’t stir annoyance, nothing will!

  393. a student says:

    talking to linda why would you want to shut down cartoon network no one in middle school and up would even watch it it is for young kids realy

  394. Anonymous student says:

    This is a bit different than I expected… I though we’d end up having a nice debate here, with people commenting on peoples comments and some people who stop by every few hours to watch the thread and see what the others are up to. This seems to be more of a one-shot thing; you come, you post, you leave never to return again. I seem to be one of the only people who regularly post and comment on others… but I’m not complaining. Really.
    Oh, and WOW- I assume you are an adult, yes? When you were speaking about the unintelligent gifted, I presume you were speaking about me. I do seem a bit presumptuous with my annoyingly flowery talk and self-praise, but it’s the closest thing I’ve gotten to a response. Surprisingly, my above comment did not get any hatred… perhaps I wasn’t agonizing enough?

  395. Lauren says:

    PEOPLE!!! Its lengthening the year!!! not the day!! if we are in school all throughout the year instead of having 60 days out of school, we won’t forget as much. I think its a great idea. Aside from how your school is individually run, with bathrooms and food and everything, it eally shouldn’t matter too much.I mean face it, we don’t learn as much as we should. We go to school the least from all major countries and we are behind in all subjects aswell. We don’t need vacation and fun if its all going to be pointless when we get older. What we do need is more education because that will help us in the long run when we want to go to college and get good jobs.

  396. aaron says:

    how the heck did obama get the no bell peace prize he just got a lot of vilence from student

  397. aaron says:

    it me agin if u agree that obama should just stop mail me something

  398. aaron says:

    obama should get ready to get voted out of chair hint…. hint…

  399. aaron says:

    who ever says they agree with obama is sooo sooo stupid only ppls that like school wuld agree with him. what about the teachers they have to put up with bad students and now the are goin to have to put up with it for longer

  400. aaron says:

    oboma can forget ending smmer break most of my friends said they would drop out if he did he is soo stupid for comeing up with the ideal who cares how long japan goes to school this is america

  401. Linda says:

    If Obama wants to do something beneficial for kids’ education, shut down the Cartoon Network. THAT ain’t gonna happen! But don’t add to their day. The schools get them for 20,000 hours or so of their childhood; enough is enough. We parents need time with them too — time to make up for the “spiraling math” curriculum, for the “lies my teacher told me” (see book by the same name) in history class, and for the expansion of their minds in the numerous ways either absent in or contradictory to what is taught in the structure of the classroom. Check out “Dumbing Us Down” if you want to understand what I mean. Independent thinkers do not come out of factory schools.

  402. pissed off student says:

    The less school the more efford the students will give towards the education since they wouldn’t b as bored as usual…

  403. Randy says:

    When I get home I have NO support from my mom..She dont care her boyfriend is always drunk plus I have a 8 month old at home. I have really good grades and I think there will be a big problem maintaining that if we get longer days. We need to encourage students to do good not try to MAKE them. That will only get you a stronger rebelion.

  404. klaudia says:

    BTW Im all As and Bs student and Im already overloaded as it is with school … Even when Im really sick and have a virus I gotta go, from all this learning Im EXHAUSTED when I get home. Its hard already as it is specially with all the useless junk we learn like history etc. I would simply drop out theres no way Im doing more hrs at school…

  405. klaudia says:

    If that happends Im dropping out theres no way Im doing this

  406. Megan says:

    Hmmmmm, better teachers, teachers who don’t just give the kids busy work (I wish I had the time to give them this mystical “busy work”), teachers who give too much homework…as a teacher, I wouldn’t mind having “better parents.” Parents who attend conference, don’t enable their children (“Johnny couldn’t return to school after his 8:30 dentist’s appointment!”) or who actually support schools. I spend nearly every waking moment thinking of how to improve your child’s education and skills, do you?

  407. WOW says:

    Those looking at this negatively are students who HAVEN’T researched anything beyond this article/speech. Those ‘high-risk’ students who struggle in school, have shown in studies that they do better with education year-round. Those “gifted” students, or those that oppose longer days or more school, reply to this blog, and sound so unintelligent, which is why it IS necessary for longer or more days in school.

  408. Laureen Ayer says:

    Just one more step towards Obama’s nanny state. Wake up America!

  409. An "A" Student says:

    No to Longer School Days:
    1. Wow…what was Obama’s grade point average? He’s not actually that stupid is he? Obama does realize that they kick all the stupid kids out of school in those countries. While… we accepted every student in our country, and that’s okay. Every kid should be given a fair chance, that’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest, reason why our country is so diverse and filled with some “less successful” people.

    2. On a another note, though, does he honestly believe increasing school hours or lengthening our school year will help students that don’t care? If a student doesn’t care, they don’t care, and I can tell you with complete confidence that they will just hate school more the longer it is and the longer it lasts. And…the more a kid hates something the less they will try. WHich means the worse tests scores will get and the worse America will look. Also, Obama is only seeing half of the machine, while he trying to fix the whole machine, and you should never fix something that’s not broken. Now… I realize the whole matter of how do we sort out the good from the bad, but there are ways. Though… I’m sure one of the biggest reasons why people don’t try to find those ways is time on their behalf… so instead it’s time on all the students behalves. (This RETARDED plan will make the good students better and the bad students worse!)

    (3. Also, there are sports for a reason! I’m at school ’til 5:45 each night for sports when school ends at 3:05. If people want kids to be safer because they don’t have a good home life use the dang money the federal government is giving schools to create a fun activity that uses time of kids in an enjoyable manner, not more work. Gosh sometimes the government seems so… stupid. Some things don’t have to be so hard!)

  410. elizabeth says:

    why would you won’t to punish us kids if we have not even nothing !!! I will go home school if not that i will drop out of school!!! when i get old enough !!!!!:) i hate school enough but i love my teachers !!! and the most you dont need to call us stupid compared to them and then why do some of them come to america 4 education !!!!

  411. Anonymous student says:

    Most students who posted with support for the program are intelligent people who do well in school and don’t really have to try. But think about our less gifted fellow prisoners, um, students. (That was a joke, please don’t take it too seriously. Really.) They already work hard to keep up their level of performance… a longer school day, and they’l have a harder time in school. Perhaps we should just have extra programs for the more gifted ones…. if I may humbly include myself in that category.
    Now, to be showered with comments on my vanity in the previous statement…

  412. Billy Bob says:

    I think it would be a big mistake. Cause more people would drop out of school. We wouldn’t have time to do homework or anything. Kids would be getting home late. Football games and basketball games would start very late at night and end very late at night. We would have a short summer. Parents would have to pay more money for our education at school. Less people would go to school and just stay home and get home schooled. And finally everybody would stop going to school,which means we would have no more shools our and no more teachers. I think obama shouldn’t extend the school year if he knows all of this would happen.

  413. pissed off student says:

    i am alredy wayyyyyyy stressed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  414. Kaleb says:

    As a 7 grader I think that the school year is fine. I mean I go to school then come home and work and do homework. If he3 extended the school day then kids who ride the bus for a hour or kids with after school activites would barely have enoughh hw time and not enough family time.

  415. pissed off student says:

    this is rediculous!!!!!!!!!! do you want all these kids to drop out?? if you extend the school year or school days kids will get tired and either drop out or not try at all. so it wont be affective. no family time no friend time!! what are you thinking??!! i play two spotrs i wouldnt get home till wayyyyy past dark AND i would still have to do my homework and eat and all that stuff!!! i would be way in over my head. I WOULD FAIL SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  416. Teralyn says:

    idc if ur kid goes to school everyday he can and still doesnt get the concept because its rather the teachers faught for not teaching them like they are supposed to be or ur kid dont listen……END OF SUBJECT ……and obamas kid if ur readin this….drive ur dad so carzy about not doin this:) thanks ily

  417. Raliegh says:

    the drop-out rate would shoot up w/ in like 1 or 2 months and schools would need lots of more money and kids need to see there parents and after school ppl have 2 practice for sports and by the time they get home they missed supper and no family time left…..srry but who voted 4 him????

  418. Sonal says:

    We should have better quality teachers and more pushing MATERIAL. A lot of people in my school are doing awesome and are BORED with the curriculum. We should have a more challenging curriculum. More dumb, busy work won’t help us Obama! A more challenging school year with the same amount of school will help much more. We have enough busy work homework and enough school as it is!

  419. KTP says:

    I think it’s a great idea for year-round formats, however, to longer the day will just stress students out. Many students already feel that there aren’t enough hours in a day as is. I am intrigued with the responses opposing his argument though. If you read many of them, you see that many have errors within them. Not just one or two, which could be considered a typing error, but grammar and spelling constantly messed up. In which makes me fight harder for Obama’s cause… It clearly shows that with the 8hr days students leaving with the knowledge that they should be. Especially if they are trying to use larger words, you would think if they are going to use them.. A. they would use them in the correct context. or B. at least spell them correctly.

  420. mullet and face says:

    -i think we should go to school 3 days a week :) and for only 4 hours a day :)
    -we should also have more holidays. there should be
    National Teenager Day :) on May 1st. [don't ask why]
    -schools should offer more electives to their students.
    OBAMA, hear us out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mullet and Face :D

  421. Rosie4life says:

    Many kids work extremely hard everyday. They can barely function the with the normal school hours. Imagine extended time. Students won’t get anything done. Teachers also work extremely hard. because of our current economic situation, are they going to get paid extra? Obama must look at all the United States of America is facing now, and try to help these issues. if he doesn’t stop these issues now, how will anything else get done? Lastly, no matter what Obama does to extend the school day, the kids decide if they want to put the effort in their school work. Nothing Obama says can change what they do in school.

  422. A student says:

    And another thing. If kids summer got cut in half, then we would sit in school all day during summer thinking about what we could be doing right now. I know I would. Then we wouldn’t pay attention. And besides, if we got home later, we would have to eat dinner first, then stay up late doing homework and studying. Then we wouldn’t have any time to shower or practice our instrument or anything like that. This is not a good idea. And what about the teachers? They will be exausted, too! They won’t get any work done, then we won’t get any work done. And, speaking as a kid, listening to teachers drone on all day about the same thing every day is BORING. I fell like i’m going to fall asleep. But I am doing very well in school. I do well in all my subjects. I read at a higher level than I should be. So it would be unfair to me and all of the other kids who do well to extend school time. And another thing. More time in school means less time exercisinig. Then what? Every kid in the country becomes morbidly obese? THINK! USE YOUR BRAIN, OBAMA! YOU HAVE ONE, RIGHT? Or,wait, maybe you don’t…

  423. A student says:

    I am a sixth grader, so my voice may not matter much. But I think its a terrible idea to extend the school year! I’m not saying this just because I’m a sixth grader. I am doing perfectly fine in school. And when I get home, all I want to do is take a nap. But I have homework to do. So I can’t. After my homework, I have dinner. Then I practice my instrument. Then I have a shower. Then I go to bed. And I never get any free time. I don’t think its fair, and neither does any kid in this country (probably). I have an imaginative mind. I am actually thinking of volunteering at a local animal rehabilitation center. But it already closes at either 5 or 4pm, so its not enough time in the first place. And who cares about what other countries are doing? Caring about other countries led us into war. With more time off in summer, we get more t ime to explore. When you explore, you learn! You learn about life. And thats what its all about, life. Schools prepare us for life, but we learn about it ourselves, too. But without any time, we can’t explore! Like I said before, I have a big imagination. And not being able to release it when I’m busy with schoolwork is just like locking up ideas in a safe that could someday help the world. This is coming from a childs point of view! I thought Obama was a good president, but now, I’m not so sure…

  424. amanda says:

    Don’t we spend enough time in school? We go to school all day, come home and do MORE homework, and pretty much only have the weekends for free time! We deserve a couple months in the summer off of school!

    Obama trying all this junk that isn’t going to help, just make this country worse! Obama’s ruining this country!

    America — what was going through your brains when you voted for this idiot liar?!

  425. Cayce says:

    He can’t do that. Nancy must have talked him into it. She’s a Know-it-all. Congress will never go for Obama’s Education Plan. Our School System is fine the way it is.

  426. Camila says:

    I want to learn more so maybe having extra school would be good. And maybe they will add more electives if they lengthen the school days and add periods.

  427. maranda parker says:

    hey, wats up.. im a middle school student and i DO NOT like the idea of extending the school days,,and i think to me it looks like my little brother wrote the rules,, but even he would not write rules like that…>:(

  428. Tammy says:

    Perhaps Mr. Obama should look at 2 factors when comparing our children to those in other countries. First, he needs to be reminded that we are the only country of those listed that actually educates all of its children. In many of those countries, like South Korea, kids have to compete for spots in high school and the rest have to go to work. They also don’t educate their children with disabilities. We do and most of their test scores count right along with the other kids. The second issue is pressure on students. I’ve had several foreign exchange students who came to my school to escape this pressure to excel in their countries. If you look at the teen suicide rates in many of the countries listed, you might get a better picture of how all of this extra time in school is really affecting these kids.

  429. Anonymous says:

    Oh NO. Fix the education system by getting rid of the flaws, not by making it longer. America is stupid because no one gives a about education, get the over it!

  430. Jianna Mios says:

    I agree with extending the school day/year and especially with teacher merit-based pay. In my opinion, you can’t have one without the other.

    If you agree with quality over quantity, then tenure should not be granted on the basis of longevity, but instead on the effectiveness of the teacher.

  431. Max says:

    school sucks, people wont like the change.

  432. Ambrosia says:

    I highly agree with the lengthening of school. I find education as a privilege, not a mandatory thing. So if I’m going, I expect to come out of high school or college very well educated. Some protest that if the school day is lengthened then they won’t have any free time. That’s true, but you have to think of how this would better students in the future. Especially in this economy, we need intellectuals. Not people who are mediocre. Education should definitely be a priority.

  433. justyn says:

    what about all of the extracurricular activities that would be pushed aside as well-anyone who dares to say that they are not necessary should go to hell. Obviously a classroom environment gives students a formal education, but after school activities also teach them social skills and dedication. students need a way to act their age. forcing kids to stay in an uncomfortable environment will only force them away. i agree with many other posts-it’s quality, not quantity. teachers should learn how to make class fun and create a place where kids want to learn. my teachers were lazier than i was and that reflects onto the kids. a longer day with those lazy teachers will just make kids lazier. fix THAT. not the length of time.

  434. Albert Reece says:

    Obama sucks. Why would we need more school? So dumb if won’t do anything for us, only cause more stress. I agree with the person who wrote:”more schools means more stress…more stress means more depression…more depression means more suicides”
    Because he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about.
    I say lets get em outta office for our own good.

  435. Azeem Siddiqui says:

    I disagree with this new proposal of schools being longer and less summer vacation. Personally, I don’t mind the longer school hours MUCH, but school on WEEKENDS and LONGER school years is RIDICULOUS!! Even though I personally don’t mind longer school hours, alot of other students, teachers, and parents do mind it because they are more stressed out (students and teachers) and don’t get enough time with their kids (parents and teachers). I was an Obama supporter, but when I heard about this new law I’m having second thoughts. Longer school hours, school on the weekends, longer school year, and school on the weekends are all stupid. I bet he just randomly made up such an argument…

    We are already stressed out as it is! Tons of homework for most students in a majority of the school districts, less recreational time, and less FUN time for students already exist in our current state of the nation! Adding more hours, lessening summer vacation, and school on weekends will make MOST EVERYONE go CRAZY!!!!

  436. aaliyah says:

    i think the school day should not be longer because of the simple fact that we already so tired during class if we are sleepy during class we will not focus as much!!!!!!!!!!!

  437. Saundra says:

    i do not agree with president obama …
    in class we had to write an essay about do we agree or disagree 100% of our class disagree …
    it is just unesscary our teaches also stated that you will be increasing the school hours for 2 more hours and she stated that we will be having school on saturday ..
    with this proposal our test grades will decrease and the drop out rates will increase

  438. karly says:

    sorry i didnt mean it like that

  439. karly says:

    i think that this is really dumb and i dont think this should help older people but nit us.

  440. Davis says:

    I think just the students that have bad grades,or just need help should stay after school.Plus what about the kids that play sports.What are they going to do?I really don’t think this is a good idea!

  441. sneha says:

    Guys, as a kid who when in school moved around a lot to countries that DIDN”T have summer break. It isn’t that bad. Really. We have tons of short one week breaks in between and yea, it deff helps you remember stuff. I agree that quality is also an aspect of it but year round school isn’t that bad. You guys are acting like school is this huge burden rather than a gift

  442. jay boy says:

    I’m aware that i’ve misspelled words,but i’m sure i make a better point then half of you.

  443. jay boy says:

    First of all, everyone needs to learn how to spell, because you complaining about the schools teaching stupid classes isn’t making you look any smarter by misspelling simple words like OBAMA. I’m a high school student and i completely disagree with Obama, but that doesn’t make him a terrible President. If he does make school years longer, I’m sure it’s for a good reason, and if he doesn’t then tha’s great. I’m a Senior now, but i still don”t want my family having to go to school year round. I agree that if we do have longer school years then there will be more drop outs. On that note this discusion is pointless. You really think in the long run it will matter? Shouldn’t parents want what’s best for their children? Even if it is a longer school year?

  444. Anonymous says:

    When I first read this, I was shocked. I’m a straight-A 7th grader, but I read at a 12th grade level. But now, I feel somewhat neutral. I wouldn’t mind about 45 extra minutes added to the school day, and about 2 weeks taken off from my summer vacation, but I do agree with some other people here: we need quality, not quantity.The cons of a larger school year just outweigh the pros.

  445. Jackie says:

    oh my goodness. obama is so dumb. why did people vote for him? is it only because hes black? but hes also HALF white too. the school needs better teachers, longer days are gonna do squat for the kids. I’m in high school, and I am gonna be so ticked if he cuts my summer. I spend it with my brothers and sister and her kids. My sister needs my help and I’m glad to give it to her. Shortening my summer, yeah, I’m not gonna be too happy.

  446. Jenessa says:

    This is more of directed to BillSmiven.
    Did you think before you wrote your assumptions?? Do you not realize we don’t live to compete with other countries? Were living for our own lives, for our own lifestyles, not yours, or obamas, or any other persons. More students will drop out, or skip classes, or even commit suicide if they have to go longer. WE NEED SLEEP AS WELL! Don’t just think about yourself man, your getting it all wrong!

  447. Emily says:

    I think this is ridiculous. I’m a public school student, and I think it has nothing to do with the length of the school day, or how many days we have, it’s how we use them. Many of the teachers at my school sit behind their desks all day and text and talk on the phone and just pass out worksheets. If you go to tutoring, they just tell you to sit there and do you homework, then leave. Granted, there are a few good teachers, but how does that help the majority? Also, 18 teachers at my school got layed off, so the average class size is 35-45. That is ridiculous. I’m one of the few students who are in favor of year round school. The long chunk of summer we have makes me forget a lot of information, and more breaks and a shorter summer would help many students remember. I do not agree with this ‘educational plan’ at all, however this is the president YOU voted for, so high school students who can not even VOTE are forced to suffer the consequences.

  448. Anonymous student says:

    I don’t think it is a good idea that the school day or year should be extended. Because for all students it would give them less time to do homework, staying up late studying for tests or exams, and being less involved in extracurricular activities and family time. Kids, teenagers, and teachers alike would be tired by the day’s end, overworked and exhausted. Children will lose interest and become less motivated to go to school. By the end of the extended school year, children will be completely drained and thereafter they would have to start up again for school. They need a summer break to rest their minds and relax. We need to instill the idea to our children that going to school is enjoyable not unpleasant. Of course there seems to be disadvantages and advantages to this proposal, like higher completion rates, higher test scores, and maybe higher GPAs’. On the hand, maybe more absences or dropouts migh increase and lack of interest may occur. However, I think we should focus on taking care of other higher priorities first, like our national debt crisis and health care problems.

  449. collin rowland says:

    i think that obama is stupid to do this just stupid, the drop out rate will go up tremendously!!!!!! kids dont like school period making the day longer is just going to piss them off.

  450. Kevin says:

    I’m a freshman, who goes to Boston Latin School. Going to an exam school, I expanded my education as well as learned more about our nation. Extending school days would have more of a negative effect on our economy as well as other students. Not all children study hard and try to achieve good grades. In fact, most of the students here don’t, despite the fact that it’s one of the top schools in the country. I understand that Obama is trying his best to heighten our testing scores, but it’s not going to work. As a straight A student, I know it won’t. Say a student fails a course, how would they make it up when summer vacation’s been cut in half? It’s hard to heighten the test scores of students in America. First of all, we are a pretty big nation. We’re also very diverse. Being the big nation we are, with many different races and cultures in our society, we are bound to have children that wont do well in school. That’s just how it is. We shouldn’t be looking at the amount of time we spend in school, but at the quality of our work, meaning our test scores compared to other countries.

  451. anonymous student says:

    obama will surely rank as one of the worst presidents of this country so far he hasnt done shit like he said he was going to change change change he aint doin nothing and this is just making it worse correct the things like the economy and the war in iraq before you go and do something like this and i hope he is aware that all his reputation with americas youth which fucking go him voted in the first place will be gone good luck obama fuck you

  452. I am Teacher says:

    I have worked as a teacher at all levels. I am appalled to see how the “students” are writing here. If you want somebody to take you seriously you MUST adhere to at least some formality in your writing. “Internet Speak” is for friends and casual conversations. At this point all you are doing is “proving” Obama right! Demonstrate that you can write and think rationally and you will have much more power!

    I don’t agree with a longer school year. I really liked the idea of a 4 day school week. There are many students who have to help support their families. If they can work 3 day weekends then they don’t have to work on school nights and will get more sleep and be better prepared for class the next day. I also agree that if we had a 4 day school week we would need to increase the school day. By as much as 2 hours (include some tutoring time).

    One of the biggest problems I see in local school districts is class size and student to teacher ratios. In some buildings there are classrooms with 35 middle school students. 12 are “regular” kids, 10 are LEP (Limited English) and 13 are Special education students with many needs. This is too much even for the best teachers!!!
    If class sizes were smaller many issues would be solved.
    1) Teachers would not “burnout” from a very difficult stressful situation
    2) Students would receive a much more individualized education
    3) Grading time would decrease therefore increasing planning time
    4) Curriculum could be covered faster and deeper
    5) Curriculum could be connected to real world concerns and discussions (debates) could ensue
    6) Students would feel more connected to their schools and teachers. People get to know each other and their needs in a smaller setting.
    7) Trust and respect are built on relationships and relationships are built by taking the time to know each other.
    8) Competent teacher become excellent teachers because they “Have the time to”
    9) Teachers would be more willing to give up a “weekend day” for staff development if they knew they would still have 2 more days to take care of “home matters”
    10) Home work and projects can still be assigned for the “long weekends”
    11) Strong teachers will only get stronger.

    We must provide teachers appropriate staff development and the means to implement what they have learned.
    There are so many things wrong in our educational system that just making it longer only makes the students and teachers stay in a rough situation longer. It will not improve things. A longer day and a shorter week would provide for so many opportunities without losing what we already have.

    So here is my rant.l Take it or leave it. It is my 2 cents worth. Happy learning!

  453. Amanda says:

    To add, PARENTS that do not give their children boundaries or discipline are the main reason why the children these days are so disobedient, apathetic, and unmanageable.

    And the parents that do not give boundaries or discipline are the ones who have no concern for their child or children.

  454. Amanda says:

    I agree with longer school hours, but living in a small town there are not many courses to take. The only reason I go to school is for sports.

    I do not think America has the best economy, we are steadily falling into a pit of doom. American’s are becoming more ignorant because the government makes us focus on stupid little things, like gay marriage or flag burning, instead of the big problems like why Americans are still in Iraq or the fact many Americans are losing their jobs and cannot support their family.

    America needs more education, if us children have such a great memory to remember every word to many songs, then we can remember why the Revolutionary War was started and who started it. But why is it many of us can’t?

    It’s not just the teacher, or just because the class is boring, it’s because none of us children have ‘the want to.’ My coach tell us athletes we have to have ‘the want to.’ The want to win, the want to dominate, the want to be the best.

    Obama can have ‘the want to’ for many of us, but we are selves have to have ‘the want to’ to make it work.

    The youth of America is starting to become brainless. We all need a reality check and Obama knows it.

    I agree with longer school hours, but with better teachers and more core courses.

  455. Dusty Honn says:

    As a parent, I am completely opposed to this proposal. Obama states that it is for the poor and underprivileged. That with the longer day and longer school year, it would give kids a safe place to be. What about the parents that have taken up the responsibility of parenthood; that have made a sacrifice to live on one income so that there is a parent home to be there when their children need them. Obama doesn’t take into consideration the parents that do plan and provide for their kids. If this does take place, I see a rise in homeschooling and burn out kids.

  456. Kristina says:

    I’m a senior in high school. I make A’s and B’s in a public school which is considered to be top in the state. I don’t try….at all. I do less than try. I don’t feel challenged in school. I’m making great grades in mediocre classes. I don’t like the idea of longer school days, however I do think a longer year would be beneficial. Students don’t need 2 months to forget everything they’ve learned the previous year. If students went year round, they could have like 2-3 weeks breaks, one in each season. I think this would be sufficient. Americans need to stop being so god damn lazy. Stop complaining about your lives! Our nation is on a slow downward spiral and we need change. We need more students to strive to be astronauts, engineers, and congressmen. Students need to strive beyond the minimum. Yes, this may cause a problem in teacher quantity, quality, and pay, but changes are necessary!
    I am just appalled by the responses of some of you, naïve, ignorant, lazy Americans! Obama is not socialist, communist, or trying to brain wash your children! He is a man with ideas that can change our nation for the better! Stop using your fraise, “Don’t fix something that’s not broken.” Our nation is broken! Our economy sucks! We need new ideas, and we need to better everything we can! Especially education because education is the building blocks for a strong country. We can’t run a country on a bunch of no child left behind babies with a reading level of the third grade.

  457. Kristina says:

    I’m pretty sure 90 percent of the posts on here are middle school republican children. We need to compete with other countries or else our nation will never succeed in international enterprizes. So many people are lazy and just idiots. I know people who graduate with a second grade reading level. This is thanks to no child left behind. We have to stop settling for average and strive for the best. We have to want to achieve excellence.
    Yes teachers pay and qualitly will have to be changed, but we have to make sacrifices in order to achieve excelence.

  458. Anonymous student says:

    Um, John, you have some good points but it’s kinda hard to read your writing. Casey, fantastic argument. I completely agree.
    So far, we have more statements opposing this idea than supporting it. Obama, going through with this will seriously kill your reputation with the youth of America.

  459. Christopher Hancock says:

    So now it isn’t about the nations education, it’s just about how much time we spend IN school? It’s just teaching the exact same stuff with the exact same teachers? You could barely even call it that. It seems like all he wants to do is beat all the other nations. If we are losing the EDUCATION part of the curriculum, they should make higher standards, not just longer times.

  460. JOHN DIEHL says:

    get good teachers not some stupid ass off the the street who is untalented and just a piece of crap quality is the key and while your at it make the schools nicer i mean really finding packs of smokes outside of US history is a great way to start the day. The main thing that really gets me ticked is im a boy scout and i love helping the community but it is a great thing to go to you school and pick up hundreds and over the years i wouldent doubt thousands of pounds of trash on weekends and when u come back on monday its clean but by the middle of the week the school looks worse than before and it sounds like a rant but it leades me back to my origional point, it doesent take a smart person to put a piece of trash in a trash can and if we had good teachers we could teach people that. NEVER MIND IM ALL FOR THE COME BACK OF THE PADDLE POLICY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  461. Casey says:

    I disagree with the extended school days. If we did have extended school days just to make the U.S.A look good then it’ll only hurt us. Kids have as the years progress been droping out I fear that with extended days the percentage will indeed increase. Before any rash decissions be made Obama should think about the results, and not just the fact that some kids may have a higer IQ with this plan.

  462. CONTESSA says:


  463. Allforedreform says:

    For those who think we should not increase the amount of time our students spend in school or engaging in academic activity needs to watch this video (the entire film is worth watching, but here is a 2 min. soundbite). “2 Million Minutes”- this compares US students to China and Indian students. Scary!!

  464. motheroftwo says:

    Boo-hoo to the teachers. Yes, it is a noble career and as a parent I appreciate you teaching my children. However, when I was in school we attended from 7:45 to 3:30. By the time you took the bus home, parents were usually home right after. Kids today get in too much trouble with all of that extra time. My friend is a probation officer and says that the number of kids on his roll is incredible. At a prestigious school at that.

    I am also tired of hearing that teachers do not get paid much money. The $30-40k a year is an average salary these days and most people don’t get the health insurance, retirement and all the other benefits provided. Not to mention all the days off that the schools take now. There is a half day once a week, an in service day at least every two weeks, summers and holidays, vacation and sick time. Come on! And the union backs you up for everything that offends you.

    Go Obama Go!

    Take the time to teach our children as you are paid to do and not send my child home with 3 hours of homework.

  465. Esther says:

    I am a Korean living in America. I attended kindergarden at a strict Korean school and I remember going to school and coming home everyday at around midday. Everyday there was also a drill where every child went out to the field to have their morning excercises and stretches. It was pretty refreshing and a good practice America should consider adopting.
    Oh yes, I think I attended saturday school as well.
    I’m in high school right now and seeing the data here, I see how the US is behind other nations. If we’re going to compete, we might as well compete well. I support extending the school year, or at least paying teachers well enought to have fully motivated teachers who engage their students in their work. Education pays off in the end, I hear.

  466. isabella batres says:

    i personally think that the school year should not be extended, for 12 months long, like we need our brake, we’ve spended our time ,long time in school, we get up early to go to school, i think its fair that we have a “summer break”, teens and pre-teens need to hang with their friends, because 87% kids learn from their friends, in a good way, i tihnk my opinon if very strong, like no kid would wanna go to school for 12 months long, its basically not fair to us, like what if our parents want to go on vaction? they wont have the oppurtunity to, because there children have school. everything would change very much, if school was 12 months long.

  467. Kathryn says:

    First of all extending the school year so there is no summer vacation wouldn’t be good. The high school students usually work during the summer, so they can save up money for college and other things. If there is no summer, there is no time to work. If you also extend the school days, the students wouldn’t have as much time to do their homework, or spend time with their families.

  468. Debra Minnick says:

    I do not believe in extending the school year or days for our children, I do not care what other countries have or don’t have, these kids will eventually have to become responsible adults, and have to answer to life 24/7 and I think being a child happens once, and should be enjoyed. If extending the school year is something that needs to be done in areas where parents don’t get involved or students don’t behave, then so be it, maybe both would think twice to appreciate. But to expect our children to do what other countries do because you are trying to make a name for themselves, your just plain self center, I learned algebra in 8th grade my son is learning it in 4th, I think that speaks for its self. If you look at the statics there is also a higher suicide rate in those other countries then the United States, so I think Obama should focus on figuring out how to make this country not so dependent on other countries, instead of trying to be like them.

  469. Haley says:

    I understand what obama means. But longer days and years just don’t make any sense at all. High school student said If it is the curriculum that is needed to improve on change it then. Ff is the misbehaving and running around the streets then this will make it worse. As a 7th grader i know that i love to go to after school activities involving of not involving school. EX. Soccer and music. Now if school adds an hour i Won’t get home until 4:00pm this leaves an hour for homework leaving us at 5:00 if dinner isn’t till 6 or later this will give me time to go around on the street. Plus if you they do make school days longer. I would try to protest and i bet some kids would skip the extra time.

  470. jose hernandez says:

    obama is retarded

  471. Zach Scott says:

    I am a Middle School Student, and I can barely keep up with homework, projects, and tests already. If the school day and year is lengthened, kids will fail and drop out because most kids zone out after 2 o’ clock. Also, adding more time will do more bad than good, like taking time they can spend with their family and sports children like myself might play. And how will you pay the teachers extra for staying longer if the economy is as bad as it already is? I see no good coming out of this idea, and even my parents agree.

  472. High School Student says:

    Dear Mr. Obama,
    I just would like you to know as President, children of america today barely have the attetion spans let alone focus to comply witha 6 hour day and 180 day school year. Adding to our school day and the length would only cause anger and rebellion to arrise within the student body. If it is academics your worried about then simply add more criculum and take away the unecasary things, or instead of adding ciriculum improve it. If you think it serves as an alternative for running around the streets and misbeahving then erect community centers or improve the ones already present. No disrespect to you or your effort. I hope you are a succseful President.
    Thank you for your Time.

  473. Sarah says:

    I dropped out because I had an undiagnosed learning disability. It just isn’t natural for children to sit still all day in a crowded, airless room, under glaring, fluorescent lights. What are they going to do about bullying? What of life skills and joyous, meaningful experience? What are they going to do about the strain of BEING there? I’m a 30 year old Democrat and this horrifies me.

  474. Concerned educator says:

    This is a terrible idea, especially for younger students, such as kindergarten age kids. Kindergarteners need more play time and time with their families. Teachers should not be responsible for raising children, they are to be a support system for the educational needs of the children. Family is more important than education at this level. Currently, there is a shortage of highly qualified teachers and this change would only increase this shortage. Teachers are some of the lowest paid professionals in America; therefore, the only perks that they have are the breaks and time with their families. This change would take these non monetary benefits away, leading to “highly qualified teachers” looking for other professions. Get back to the more pressing issues, such as the war and the debt. Also, I am married to a farmer and there are still family farms in America. In addition, you want to help the public school system, put prayer back into the schools.

  475. Anonymous student says:

    Dr J, although I agree with the last part of your comment, but when teachers overload us with homework, they just have more work to do. As quoted from one of my teachers “We don’t enjoy giving homework… because then WE have to grade them.”
    Well, it is harder to do the homework than to grade it. And if your teachers complain about grading homework… well, that’s sad. Really, really sad.
    If Obama was the president of France, this wouldn’t work at all. Students would go an a five year strike until he finally negotiated a NORMAL school day. Unfortunately, I’m afraid the youth of America has less sway than the youth of France. Which means they’d round us up like cattle and shove us back in school.

  476. Lisa M Geyer says:

    I feel as though this is a just a huge race between the countries!

  477. dr j says:

    If we lengthen days, then we have absolutely NO time to do homework or anything else! Teachers complain that they have other things to do as opposed to grading papers, etc. when they arrive home. Well it can’t go both ways for teachers. They overload us with homework, and they can just go home and not do anything because “We have other things to do,” as quoted by one of my Algebra II teachers. This is rediculous. Kids just don’t try. And making them go longer will just make them go even less. It won’t work. Kids will skip even more. He is so stupid!

  478. Anonymous student says:

    You know what’s amusing? Most of the people who wrote that we need more education and the youth of America is too young and useless to get a say misspelled most of the words.
    “When you get a job and pay taxes then you might earn the right to spout off about what is what”
    ((Quote from mike (see above post… somewhere above my first post.)))
    “Reading these responces, it just shoes the ignorance of todays youth”
    ((Another quote from mike.))
    Oh no… it looks like our ignorance is shoeing.
    By the way Claire, excellent comment. I applaud your thinking.

  479. bobfucker says:

    School is boring and adding some more days it is going to be a piece of crap and the drop outs percentage will be raised.

  480. Claire Pienaar says:

    No! No! No! Kids have so much on their plates already – for crying out loud! Make the education gap shorter through, parent education, quality teachers and, most importantly, a school curriculum that makes sense. I moved my kids from a failing school to a top performing school (both public). What is the difference between the two? Number 1 – the way parents raise their kids. To sit still and listen. To be respectful of the teachers. No. 2: The curriculum. For math both schools used curricula based on Chicago Math. No. 3 – the teachers who give up on these kids who disrupt the class, who are disrespectful and who don’t care with no way to discipline them adequately.
    The result of the combination of these factors: the failing school’s kids floundered and the top performing school did great – why? Because the parents in the top performing school is willing to put in the extra hours to make sure their children understand the work (sometimes as many as 2 hours a day for our family.) But the fault lies with a curriculum which moves kids through concepts at the rate of two or three new things a week. There is absolutely no time for assimilation of everything thrown at them, let alone obtaining a feeling of mastery. Worse, the have butchered math with English – imagine the outcry if that was done to English. Imagine if there were reforms that said “+” had to be written instead of “and” for example. Be smarter about education, not keep kids in their desks longer.

  481. cynte415 says:

    It’s interesting that I just wrote about this in my blog (my first few entries, actually). My biggest problem is that it will kill all after-school activities. I was in school not long ago and I would never had survived another few hours. It was just soo boring. I was a very good student (valedictorian, in fact), but that didn’t make the classes any more interesting. I was lucky to take a few college courses, so I was in school for less time, but I still felt exhausted after a day was over. Now think about going another two hours, with extracurricular activities. Impossible.

    And how about varsity sports? When will they practice? Students would do sports until 9pm and then be faced with homework. That is not the lifestyle that a student should lead and certainly not what I’ll be supporting by paying my taxes (which would increase as a result of this plan, for sure!).

  482. lover says:

    i like how the first person spelled “apposed” wrong. haha. you have no idea. :)

  483. Alice says:

    I am against Obama’s ideas because we kids wont have a lot of time for other class activity. My writing teacher would not have me and my friends in her class. My ballet teacher wont get kids in her class because we don’t have enough time. My piano teacher too.

  484. Anonymous student says:

    Didn’t Obama once say something about “sitting down to dinner as a family” or something like that? With his proposal, will we have time for that? No. What about kids with after school jobs that need to support their family? What about sports?
    Enlightened, ((See post somewhere above me)) it’s very easy for you to say that we children need more education, when all you have to do is sit back and watch us work. From your comment, I gather that you are not a student, so who are you to tell us to do more work?
    Lets see Obama trying to explain what he wants to do to my class. I’m afraid their opinions, as Enlightened stated, would result to something like “f*** you”.
    You call us lazy. What if Obama wanted to make everyone work longer than they do? How would you feel… annoyed? Scandalized? Pshaw, you’re just being lazy.
    Adults think we should do more not because they are mean, but just because they don’t have to do it. Its very easy to tell your neighbor to do something, but not as easy to do it yourself. So, would you go through what we kids would go through because of Obama’s plan. Before you say yes, think carefully. No, I believe you wouldn’t. Once you actually stare the challenge in the face, you’ll realize that you have limits.
    The real problem is that you believe children are full of endless vigor and energy. We may be energetic, but it is not endless. If anything, we are more limited than adults in the field of endurance, so if you believe you could go through what I stated earlier, remember that a child might not.
    My response was rather articulate for an 11 year old, was it not? So to sum it up:

    Children have limits to their energy. Adults should not be so eager to tell us to do something while they kick back and relax.

    Oh, how I do ramble…

  485. mrs says:

    I am a parent, I am truly against Obama’s plan of extending the school year. It is silly and does not make sense. He needs to drop this idea. My children come home tired after a long day and no child needs to be in school longer, the day is long enough! I miss my children like all parents should. I want to spend time with my little ones. He does not at all need to make school longer. I am angry. Children need their summer vacation. It is time to spend with their parents and their siblings, and visit family members they have not seen in a while! He needs to drop this ridiculous idea and worry about the jobless rate in our country, which has gone up again.

  486. Nicholas says:

    This is a total outrage! I demand they leave it as it is, who gives a damn about the other countries and their problems, what about our problems! Yes, I am a high school student and I do not like it. The students themselves need breaks. L;onger school days means they wont get as much of a break. Students have problems of their own, homework, class work, test, and major exams. Also, they don’t spend much time with their famlies. Every one is equal as people, not as foreign countries. Why should we be equal to them, they make different dicisions as we do. I’d say we do not extend the school year, it will lead to more problems, many schools had students loaded with guns and ready to kill somebody if they don’t get something their way. We, the people should be equal and just leave the laws as they were so it wouldn’t lead to other problems.

  487. Anonymous student says:

    I’m afraid this is not what us students of America need. By lengthening the school day, the children’s attention span will be stretched too far to actually be useful, so that the extra hours will be virtually useless. America is already trillions of dollars in debt, so do you realize how much money this would cost? Very impractical. In fact, I think the money issue is the biggest problem with this suggestion.
    I think Obama should concentrate on better school programs and better school lunches. That’s right, school lunches. Slowly, the cafeterias have degraded into serving the cheapest and unhealthiest food money can buy. And even this should bot be taken care of before other issues are settled. Obama is handling the problems of America all at once- and I believe priorities should come first. Like… the trillions of dollars America owes. And the people in America dying of cancer and other diseases that currently have no cure. Tell me, what’s more important… 1- a child that perhaps needs more school time, or 2- a child dying? Yeah, I picked number 2.
    A problem with my cafeteria program idea is that it may be hard to monitor… and an idea dawned on me. How do we make students more effective? Why don’t we make the school day more like the working day? Here are some benefits:

    1. Students won’t have to get up as early, therefore allowing them be be better rested and more active in school.
    2. Students won’t have to stay with hired babysitters for an hour after school and wait for their parents to come home; or at least the wait-time will be shorter. Therefore, parents save money on babysitters.


    1. It may cause dinners to become later.
    2. Babysitters won’t get as much pay.

    So, a summary to my long comment:
    Obama’s plan= not cost effective. Bigger problems like America’s debt and cures for deadly diseases should be taken care of first. And is Obama wants to do something involving school, he should make the school day more like the work day.

    And now, I’m afraid I will be slammed by comments… oh dear.

  488. mike says:

    Reading these responces, it just shoes the ignorance of todays youth. You are kids and are not really entilted to an opinion. When you get a job and pay taxes then you might earn the right to spout off about what is what. Furthermore, teachers complaing can shut the hell up. You are required to work 185 days out of the year. You are compensated well for the amount of time you work. grow up and take a look around at todays youth, it is truely a scary future.

  489. Augusta says:

    Im a student myself, and i belive that school is long enough in both year wise, and daily wise. When i get home from school, i get tons of homework. Eassays due next days, reports, Alegbra, intergers, and all of those. But then dont forget i also have American Studies, Science, and all those other requried subjects, then after school work, like builders club to help the enivorment, yearbook comminitee, and all those that lead up to highschool and collage creidts. I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH THIS LAW. Obama has to realize that kids are doing way too much time in school already. Some parents dont even let their childern out at 5pm, Cause of the dark and such. and espeically for the younger kids, who need more sleep, and fun. Why would you put smaller kids working harder than they already can? Some kids even have after school jobs to help support families with money problems, were in a enconmy, and its not getting any better, just like obama promised. If school was longer, then kids would have to quit their jobs, and have no way to help their parents. 180 days of school is enough, over the summer, kids want to take a break from school, and enjoy. They spent over 10months in schoool, doing work, preparing for state test. Yes their kids that fail, and such, but that doesnt mean we should get blamed for their mistakes, its pretty much the teachers that dont help, their the carless ones, not us. If more schools were strict, then im pretty postive Kids wouldnt bring guns or have fights in school, disrespect teachers and more. I dont think its the wack hours and time in school, its the teachers that need to care, Do you really think they care about us? the teahcers are as worse as the kids, have you noticed how they’ve been using horriable language with us now ? and just really dont give a s*** about us ? Its not us. again. its the lack of careness of teachers, Yeah some kids like school, thats why their after school programs were they stay and help. I think if school was extended, and summer was cut off, More than 90% of the school would drop out. and its kinda bad for us, cause this just makes econmy worse, cause kids wouldnt get working papers, applications for collage or highschool, and wouldnt go no where in life, and thats cause they wouldnt do the time in school causes it too much, Familes need their childerns help, Childern have responsibilties in the house, and others, for parents that work, And what about parents who work and have babies in the housse? Do you realize that half the familes would have to quit their job just to take care of the baby, cause their own sibblings couldnt babysit? and half the parents dont trust daycares, or cant afford them? And then, Kids have saturday school already, who attend relgion, or speical launguaee class . Their would be no time for after school programs, help in family, family time, friends time, homework time, relgion/etc classes, and time to have a life. The world would fall apart, and trust me i know. Im a student myself, and im not in place.

  490. Lori says:

    No child left behind… The problem is the entire nation is slowing down to make sure they don’t leave that child behind. Sure, give that child some extra attention and assistance, but not at the cost of thirty other children!!!! More schools (K-12) need accelerated classes; more programs that help children excel instead of waste time at mediocrity. Extending school hours is not the solution for “smarter” children. How about making the time they spend there more productive. Substitutes, who read a book while the class has “free-time”, open periods, etc. Children already spend too much time at school, and yet the come home and spend most the evening doing homework – ridiculous!! What are they doing in school?? Everyone who is/has ever attended public school knows what I’m talking about. Okay, OBAMA, you go ahead and send moms away to school, send children away to public daycare, oh I mean school, take away all financial benefits from the honest working class (THAT SUPPORTS THIS NATION) and you will witness the complete and utter disintegration of the family, respect, responsibility, love and the qualities that make America great!

  491. shizface says:


  492. Kevin says:

    continuing with my last comment and trying not to be long winded.. im just trying to say that family values are different today then when we were “all farmers” now people worry more about their careers or their stock options more than they worry about raising their kids. let the illegal immigrant nanny take care of that.. and the ones who will berate this comment the most are probably the worst offenders… (psst… whats the date of ur kids b’day?)

  493. Kevin says:

    if all these “people of other countries” are so much smarter than us… why do they all come here for their education ??? And has anyone stopped to think that this just may have been proposed by the “dual employed” parents who needs their kids to be taken care of longer so they can afford their beemers and lexus suv’s… when one parent is home to make sure the kids do their homework and study instead of myspacing, facebooking with their friends or playin video games maybe the kids will be smarter…

  494. Brittany says:

    You guys complain but you are the ones who elected him as your president. Longer school years isnt the problem with this, its the fact that he’s trying to put the country in a better image & trying to compete with other nations.

    Most other nations are not as technology advanced as us nor do they have a great militia.

    Just because kids get more education, that doesnt guarantee that they will not drop out, or rebel against having to put up with more time in school to decide to not go to college.

  495. Kelsey Saltz says:

    Dear President Obama,
    I have two responses to the idea that us kids go to longer.
    1.I think it’s a good thing that we should have a longer school year because,if we need extra time to turn something in at the end of the six weeks we might be able to turn it in.Also, we could have more time to take our AR(accelarated reader) tests.Oh!,by the way my name is Kelsey Elaine Saltz.I am 13 years old.I live in Chilhowie,Virginia. I go toChilhowie Middle School.I am in the 7th grade. I’m not that good in Life Science or Math. I love to read.write,sing,bake,learning Spanish,and to have Civics and Economy homework! I guess that sounds pretty wierd coming from a teenager.
    2. I also don’t think it good to take our Summer away from us. I mean I think I speak for almost every kid that goes to school is fair to take our only time in the years that we can visit someone special to us that may live in a different state or something. I mean that’s our special time.And that’s also the only time I can see,and talk to my boyfriend Sean Barns. He’s 15.lives in Marion, Virginia.Well anyways THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for taking the time to read this.It means soooo much to me.
    Kelsey Elaine Saltz!!
    What do you think about coming to my school to talk about what to do with our lives?

  496. Alyson says:

    I think obama needs to look at the bigger picture. There are WAY bigger promblems going on in America then the education in our schools. Kids are already overworked and taking classes ive never even heard of. Honors this excelerated that pre college courses! kids need the summer to relax and have fun, KIDS NEED TIME TO BE KIDS. The education department has grown trumdecly in the last 20 years my daughter knows things i was never taught in school, once again Obama needs to focus on the more important issues going on today instead of worrying little kids.

  497. Enlightened says:

    When I first heard of Obama’s plan to extend the school year, I was taken aback. However, reading the posts that were typed here by the product of our education system helped make up my mind. I am in full support of this proposal. More education cannot be a bad thing.

    The children making most of the posts sound like lazy, spoiled, ignorant brats. There were 2 or 3 intelligent posts that opposed this plan. I see the points made by them. However, most of you cannot even form a complete sentence. You don’t know the difference between it’s and its. It’s pathetic.

    The rest of the world when talking to their children uses our country as a warning as to what may happen if you become lazy. The decline in American intelligence as a whole is obvious to anyone that takes the time to actually look. Do you want to know why you are seeing so many Indian students at our Ivy League schools? It’s because YOU can’t compete for the best education in your own country.

    You whine and moan about hating school and working hard. Do you realize how many people fought and died for you to have the right to be educated? If you do, do you care or are you too spoiled to appreciate it? I am proud to live in a country where the importance of education is not just acknowledged, it is given as a RIGHT. Why take this gift of freedom and enlightenment and spit on it?

    I am ashamed of this generation of students. I know they will reply with vulgarity along the lines of “f*** you”, thus proving my point. Wake up. Obama is trying to help YOU become able to compete with the Chinese (who incidentally are becoming the world’s #1 super power passing us by a mile). The only way to compete is to work hard. Are you not able to or are you just unwilling to do it.

    In extending the school day, some concessions would have to be made. Teachers should not assign as much homework. However, they won’t need to because you will be spending more time on subjects at school. Teachers should become better at what they do. Quality seriously needs to be addressed. Parents should be held accountable for making sure their children aren’t over committed. Teacher salary should go up if they are working more hours. This will take money. At least Obama is willing to invest in your future rather than the future of children in Iraq.

    Think hard before you react to this. I’m done being part of a generation of lazy crybabies. Is that how you want to go down, as the generation that lost the American edge? If you don’t care about that, I fear for the future of our nation.

  498. veronica says:

    I’ll drop out. So many hours of school is pointless enough considering most of the teachers I have are grumpy and don’t know how to teach itself.

  499. Wow he makes it sound school is wonderful place to be as it is says:

    Wow he makes it sound school is wonderful place to be as it is. Well he is wrong. HE doesn’t have to get up every morning at 6AM and get ready. HE doesn’t have to wait in freezing weather for 20 minutes for the bus to finally come then another 45 minutes on a freezing bus to get to the school. HE doesn’t have to sit in a classroom and listen to a teacher DRONE ON FOR AN HOUR. I can barely stand school as it is right now let alone going on weekends, extra hours and about 1 month less summer vacation. How about HE can put himself through NO vacation time at all for 11 months of the year then we can see how HE feels about it. We are the United States of America, we are not Japan, we are the United Stated of America NOT The Netherlands. Maybe we wouldn’t be losing our jobs to foreigners if HE would make a stricter immigration policy!

  500. steven says:

    ok this is the worst idea ive ever heard. were heading to a socialist gov. first off, hes acting like there are no farms left in the us. second, we go to school almost 7 hours a day. thats plenty. thirdly, who cares what all other countries do, we have the best quality of life because of how we are now. fourth and most important, you have to let a child have a childhood. summer is a major part in childhood, and if you took that away, all a child has to remember is school, no vacations, no fun times with friends, just school. school is not the most important thing in life, there are also things you must do out of school to better your quality of life in the future. im a junior in high school, and i know how it is to sit in a 70 minute class 5 times a day. it gets old, and if that becomes all day every day, where is our time to have fun, enjoy being a kid, making memories of our childhood? i love hearing my grandpa and dad tell stories about them growing up, hunting in the woods, things they did when they were kids, the fun they had. i want my children to tell those storys to their children. what is the meaning of life if all you know is book work? im in the scouts, go camping almost every weekend of the year, and have seen and learned so many things most people will never get the opportunity to. how will i go camping if we have school on the weekends?

  501. Aaron Blaine says:

    Did Obama go to school in Japan? I dont think so he went to the same schools with the same schedules and curriculum that we do today. So we are tired of all this bull crap about competing with other countries. We live in America not japan not Finland but America. And if obama dont like it he can leave to Japan.

  502. Me says:

    THATS STUPID.. I already hate school why make it longer?? And Taylor County High is right COMPLETLY..

    P.s. I go there too!
    And we know there grammer is wrong but they are still right 100%

  503. Merl & Margaret says:


  504. kiley and hanna says:

    we do not like obama. the school year DOES NOT need to be extended. who care’s how much time them chinese kids spend in school. obama can kiss our foot.

  505. Taylor County High says:


  506. austin meeks says:

    obama is an idiot if he thinks people are gonna agree with his stupid plan for extending the school year.but getting new technology for students like laptops so they don’t have to carry all the heavy text books WALKING to AND from school every day of the week.OBAMA IS AN IDIOT.

  507. jabra reaves says:

    longer days man we should shorten them but really we should spend more hours and school and more days out of school

  508. Jason M says:

    I dislike this idea . School is importent but i mean dang man im 16 i go to school but i still got a job i got bills to pay and many other things to do . I play football and if u did that there would be no time to do recreation. Also homework would be impossible to do cause of all the things kids do after school. Education may be importent but my family works all year but for the summer and i look forwadr to the summer so i can spend time with them if you were to do something like that i would prolly drop out so i could see my family.So just remeber im not the only one who feels this way about this.

    P.S I like school but not that much have a nice day go Tebow.

  509. Educate Me « She Started It says:

    [...] — She Started It @ 1:41 PM Laura at 11D asks what we think about Obama’s desire to increase the length of the school day, and shorten [...]

  510. bARNEY says:

    Obama’s completely out of his mind…….why should we go to school longer….. thats NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why the heck should we have to spend time in boring old school every day….people nedd a social life too ya know!!!! summer should be longer…..this plan sucks

  511. OrangeCtyNYmom says:

    I think President Obama has addressed an issue that really makes a good point. My son is in 6th grade, 95% of his friends cannot spell, read at a level I think is a 1st grade level, for math they count on their fingers and believe pulling a passing grade (70) on a test or quiz deserves recognition. These are children who can play video games, or football and know all the ins and outs but when it comes to school work it takes a back seat. Is it the teachers, perhaps, maybe certain students need to be taught the way in which they can easily learn. Is it the parents? My opinion, ABSOLUTELY! I don’t think this issue would be on the table right now if all parents did their job. My son has to do homework before anything else. He has to study for tests/quizzes and I test him on all the material before he can do anything else. If extra credit is given out, he does the extra credit. Over the 10 week summer break he gets 60 minutes a day (5 days a week) of material he already learned during the school year. It’s just a refresher, so he retains what he learned and then about 3 weeks before school starts, I might dip into something he can expect to learn for that grade so he might be a step ahead. My son’s average is usually 100%, this year so far his average in most classes are 100 and 97 in Social Studies, with honestly no real major effort. He gets to see his friends and go bike riding daily, play tennis, soccer practices, and religion one night a week. He’s an average tween and does all that the other kids do, text, computer, mp3, video games, tv, hanging out, biking, tennis, soccer, football, etc. and has commitments in the evening for religion or soccer, etc. He’s not superior to anyone, he just takes his work seriously and puts his best foot forward. He never forgets what he is taught because he reviews his materials frequently. He’s an avid reader and therefore his spelling and vocabulary are never a problem for him. If every parent put a greater effort and time investment into their children I believe we would see a huge improvement in scores. As parents we have been told to read to our children and when your child starts to read, have your child read to you. It’s simple, turn off the tv or whatever else and invest 20 minutes a day to reading. Have an older sibling read to the younger child and both children will benefit at the same time. Spend 5 minutes a day with math facts. These little changes can have a huge impact on your child along with healthy eating and physical activity daily.

  512. Brian says:

    Why does everyone seem to hate this idea. i think it’s a good one. Now obviously people here are complaining about making the day longer, fine, then how about a longer school year. you guys are also complaining about getting crappier teachers instead of better ones. Teachers also have to go to school and learn the materials (I hope) and how to teach students. And yes people, we are behind compared to other countries.

    I’m a supporter of this plan. Sure people are gonna start bitching about it, there’s always someone anyways.

  513. Sue says:

    The reason kids aren’t learning is the teachers spend all their time teaching them how to pass those required tests. Get rid of the tests and teach them what they’re suppose to learn, like U.S. History, World History, Science, Health,Music,Art, English(yes, I said English),and Math(all kinds) and Home Economics and Wood Shop. These topics are far more important than studing for the “tests”. If the kids started school on the day “after” Labor Day and only got 2 days off for Thanksgiving, 1 week for Christmas(and yes, I said Christmas), and NO days off for Easter(not Spring break), then finish school on the last day of May. That would give the kids 189 days of school filled with good material plus days filled with field trips, real ones not going to the mall trips or to movies. Trips to Museums, factories, outside along the shores & the woods/forests. Outside with nature where one can really learn. Don’t need to be in a classroom to learn. A farm is an excellent place to learn. We as America don’t need to be like other countries. We just need to step up to the plate & do our best at what we can do. Each one of us have God given gifts that we should use not only for ourselves but for others. Let’s step up to the plate America and show obama we don’t need him or his ideas.

  514. CharacterCountsKris says:

    I’ve lived and taught junior high school in Japan for two years. The kids sadly have no free time – not much home life to speak of – very sad. They may be in school longer but that doesn’t mean that they make the best use of their time. I believe the amount of hours our kids spend in school is just right and any more would be detrimental to their health and well-being. There are lots of options for parents who want to give their children more exposure to all kinds of learning during the summer as well. It’s a time of discovery and yes, relaxation. As adults we Americans are some of the hardest-workers in the world – at least our children should be able to have happy memories of lazy hazy days of summer. There is a time for work and a time for play. Ok, rant over.

  515. School Dayz « Logical Progress says:

    [...] In 1 on September 30, 2009 at 1:22 am In this recent article,“Obama Proposes Longer School Days,” I felt the comments below it were an accurate depiction of how opposed we are about changing our [...]

  516. ********** says:

    i think it is a wonderful idea i hope it happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  517. Morgan says:

    I am actually in school to become a teacher and although I applaud our present Presiden’t's effort in enriching our students and our schools, I think he is taking the wrong approach as well. I think longer days will result in less engaged time and students will become bored, tired, and distracted. They already worry about going home and being out of school, if we make them go even an hour more they will not want to go to school or enjoy learning. Second, if he lengthens the school year and takes out summer break, what do children have to motivate them to do good in school? They have enjoyed summer break ever since I can remember and even before that, if we take away summer break, you will have an increased amount of drop outs, burn outs, and annoyed students as well as teachers who burn out and dont do a good job and then eventually lots of teachers quitting and taking up other careers. Why mess up a good thing? We need more quality and more money put into materials and programs, not into making students miserable by keeping them longer. Kids need to be kids and yes they need to learn, but we are ahead of Japan and Korea in more than just two subjects. I hope this does not get approved.

  518. unknown says:

    his on crack! obama needs to go be a presidint at korea …like 4reals if he wants us to like go to school longer he should try it to see if he likes it!! okay?? instead of cutting are summer VACATION! he should ADD TO IT!!! okay…

  519. unknown says:

    The devil is a lie you think im about to stay in school for my summer. I dont think so, I will drop out if that happeneds. Why do you thing teens drops out because they are tired of school. Especially when you go to a school like mine you would never wanna come to school. To much homework, teachers that dont teach none of the teacher dont teach they all need to be replaced with smart one.


  520. Aaron says:

    Boo, u make aaron mad

  521. don says:

    i dont know why he is doing this. this is crazy he doesn’t need longer school days or years. i am a student and i think 3:00 is long their is no point. so thank you.

  522. Barbie says:


  523. isaac says:

    why give longer school days when there is work to be done at home.

  524. Caleb says:

    no long years and no long days

  525. don says:

    he is insane

  526. don says:

    this is the worst he could call because i have to help around the house.and thats not good when u have homework the day is long enough.so i have lots of things to do this is not cool

  527. JimJ says:

    Is this President a control freak? This is not a decision for the President of the US to make. The school year and days are set by the states and local school districts. This is not in the purview of the office of the Presidency.
    Wish Obama would stick to the duties of the President of the United States and spend his time studying the needs of the country, especially US history and foreign affairs, and stop acting like he is in control of every little minute detail of our lives.
    We can and do handle this locally, without his interference.
    Each state and local district has been debating the merits of this and similar issues for several years, and it is their role to deal with this issue. This just sounds like another one of his Union backers is pushing for something and he is jumping on the bandwagon on their behalf.

  528. sam says:

    how about before we go extending the school day or year we fix the time we have? We barely ge anything done as is. To much mony is spend on programs that look good on paper and earn the government aplause but actualy waste time in the classroom. Programs like north carolinas now thankfully deceased DIBELS program, which cost a good bit of money and generated nothing but “hey look at us, were acomplishing stuf” statistics. If teachers were actualy alowed to teach than maybe we would be beter prepared for a global economy.

  529. n a says:

    those countries have a higher suicide rate….

  530. Becky says:

    I am a teacher and I completely agree with having a longer school year!!! The amount of time that teachers spend reviewing last years objectives or reteaching objectives that the students have forgotten over the summer is ridiculous!! Research shows how terrible a three month break is for our children. Most children go home for the summer without opening a book, solving math equations, or doing anything educational!

    However, all teachers would need to be compensated for the extra days. We need smaller class sizes and we need more professional development plans for new teachers. If we would just restructure the school schedule, we wouldn’t have to spend billions of dollars to compensate teachers. We could have shorter, more frequent breaks throughout the year.

    We do not need a three month break where children go home to a home that is not always safe, or they do not have parent support! Some children receive their best meals, love, support, and care from school than they do from home. Some of my students look forward to coming to school because it’s a safe haven. We need to think of the students first! What is best for our children????

  531. sunnysideup64 says:


    I really hope you are realizing this is NOT the change or president we had hoped for. I guess when Obama talked about transparency, he was talking about exposing the CIA, because he surely has no transparency when it comes to rushing a bill.


    I have been trying to determine the rationale for why our govt. wants to control every aspect of our lives. I can tell you that the science czar, John Holdren, truly believes our planet is doomed if we continue on our current course. He seriously ponders ways that he can save the world: controlling the population via putting “sterilants in welfare recipients drinking water”, and geo-engineering are 2 that he’s written about.

    Obama constantly states “we cannot continue on our current course” and rattles away at the U.N. about how “industrialized nations are responsible for global climate changes that are causing flooding, famine, and disappearing coastal villages in developing nations”. If these scholars really believe that they are “saving the planet” by controlling us, then they would stop at nothing to achieve their end goal. Which is………….?

    How far might they go? They sound a lot like the Khmer Rouge, the radical Communist movement in Cambodia in the 1970′s. These communists slaughtered over a million “middle class” (teachers/bankers/doctors/lawyers) people because they knew that the middle class were already spoiled into their comfortable ways of life and they would rebel against this communist movement. http://www.nytimes.com/1997/08/03/weekinreview/in-cambodia-a-middle-classless-society.html

    There is enough evidence out of this administration that I seriously believe global warming is the reason behind their seize of power. Again, if you believe you are saving the masses and future generations by mandating “a set emissions rate per capita” (something John Holdren stated needed to be done in his Global Climate Disruption lecture), you will stop at nothing to accomplish that goal.

    Example on how my theory fits everything govt is doing:

    1.) Govt could care less about running trillions and trillions in debt……not because it needed to be done in the name of “boosting” the economy, but because we need to bankrupt as many as possible to decrease their carbon footprint. They will bankrupt us into poverty where we will leave the carbon footprint of an animal. But they will not lead by example. Most of us probably leave about 10% of the carbon footprint as Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, or B. Obama.

    2.) Take a good look at where stimulus money went: Billions to weatherize federal buildings and govt subsidized communities. Billions for solar upgrades. Billions for public transportation. (eventually to stop the practice of one car equaling one commuter). Billions to update our electric grids. Billions to initiate the healthcare system that our govt. will control.

    3.) Taking control of health care……not to save 30 million people. But so they may control population. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel (Rham’s brother) is a bioethicist. He’s openly talked about how the emphasis of medical care needs to be “for the good of the community, not what’s good for the individual”. If you’ve reached 50 or so years old, you’ve already been able to live out your younger years. It’s not fair that you suck up so much money in medical costs. It takes away from those 30 million people that can’t get care.

    Check out govt’s own website for their Comparitive Effectiveness Research Panel started with the help of $1.1 Billion dollars of stimulus money. This panel of govt officials will be responsible for health care research and policy making. (Interesting that this was ALREADY IN PUT IN PLACE BY WAY OF THE STIMULUS BILL. You know, the one that was supposed to get Americans back to work. http://www.hhs.gov/recovery/programs/os/cerbios.html

    Also here’s a pretty enlightening article by a Dr. who actually pulled up HR 3200 on line and studied it for a while: http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/janda.asp

    4.) Obama wants a civilian national force because when people understand the MAGNITUDE of where we are headed, there will be a revolt. Do you see it starting already?

    5.) Oh and the extended school day, is another way to take our children out of their homes. Govt. is in charge of acedemic and moral education of our children now.

    What an attack on the rights of parents!!!!

    Please, I’m begging all of you to see that we are not heading down the right road.

  532. President Obama to End Summer Vacation | Edu in Review Blog says:

    [...] this year we reported that President Obama proposed longer school days, and recent buzz indicates he’s still at it. The President wants American children to [...]

  533. Armon Pazouki says:

    This is horrible! Ok, i’ll admit it, i am a student, but i don’t see why he is doing this? Instead of adding more school hours to each day, he should be concerned about taking A LOT of money out of circulation! God forbid I hit gold! I could buy the whole united states in about 50 years the way this is going! (exageration) I think that people like us should do something about this! My science teacher is also a farmer, after school he goes and feeds all of his animals, now think, how is he going to be able to do that, when he is at school untill 6 o’ clock. I will be looking for a job locally next year and how am I supposed to work? If I am a student, and I would like to get a job, and I have to wake up at 5am, go to school by 7am, stay untill 6 or 7pm and then work? Its possable, but no way would anyone ever be able to do that. I understand the need for education but I also understand the need for a stable economy. If Obama is so busy proposing things like this, how is he making even the slightest attempt to stablize or economy? Hmmm, ask yourself, do I want to be in school (or do I want my kids in school) for that many hours, then comming home to do homework, then doing it all over again. ARE WE FORGETTING THAT AMERICA HAS ONE OF THE HIGHEST OBESITY RATES IN THE WORLD! how are we going to get time to excersize ? Schools will loose some money, because they will be needing to serve two meals depending on the time of day that the school is open to. I bet his own two kids are begging him not to do that. SELF CORRECTION, it dosent matter to them, I can bet anyone any money that this will only affect public schools. NO WAY CAN THIS HAPPEN!
    *by the way, I am only 13 years old, if I can understand this WHY CANT THE GOVERNMENT?!?!??!?!!!?!!

  534. Silverbrooke says:

    First off, all of the whining high school students who cannot compose a paragraph need to start worrying about the stress of not being able to pay bills due to a low paying job, not the stress of having to do a math assignment. Internet language counts – it is our only window of insight into your personality and intellect, and first impressions count. Your current high school workload is no worse than it was ten years ago, and no worse than it was twenty years ago. All of the adults in the room have been there – and reality and adulthood “suck” and are far more stressful than being in school. It is called having an internal work ethic and not being lazy.

    That being said, extending the school day in my district would be a difficult task. I teach high school, and our day runs from 9 am to 3:45 pm, with sports and activities before and after school. Many parents work in D.C., and with the commutes there is less quality family hours available in the day. I as a music teacher am already at work from 8 am till 6 pm normally. With rehearsals, auditions, plays, ECAs, sports and everything else that goes with the responsibility of being an arts teacher, I would not appreciate having a 12 hour work day (and you know that there would be those of us who would run ourselves dry like this, because it is what is needed for our students. This is abusing our work ethic, assuming that we will continue to do the same services because we want to give students more opportunities. I hate having to tell myself “no stop, you aren’t getting paid for this”, but what value to do they place on our time?).

    Your first teacher is your mother. Parents have a huge roll and influence on their kids – and I can tell the difference in students who have an active parent-child relationship and those who do not get as much motivation and help. Kids need that role modeling and quality time with mom and dad – it makes a huge difference in their performance at school. And we as teachers need to keep parents informed of what is going on and seek their help, because it takes a whole village to raise a child, so to speak.

    Less pointless standardized test with rote memorization. More synthesis and higher learning like the work that is present in AP and IB classes. More community support making learning “cool”. More making students responsible for their own learning, and ready to have self-motivation in college.

  535. Jessica says:

    I am a future teacher and have been a student teacher for some time now and I think this is a ridiculous attempt at a solution to the problem the education system in our country is currently in. Teachers should not have to work those kinds of hours and kids should not have to go to school that long. No one involved would have any life outside of school. Where would all of the extra money come from which would be needed for this to be possible come from? We are already in a national deficit that is larger than it has been in decades. Each year there are cutbacks in funding. It will not only take more money for teachers but also to keep the school running with heating,lights,air conditioning. What about the costs to students as in with the expense to after school activities such as athletics, theater, music and the arts? Or the expense to the social development of their beings, which is important. These are just a few of the issues present. It seems this will be a war that our country is about to embark on between the students, parents, teachers on one side and the president and his crownees or supporters on the other.

  536. Noah says:

    I think our days here in the states are long enough. I’ve heard in Germany they get off at 1pm compared to our 3pm. This idea would mess up many of our students schedules and free time as well as their parents who have their work schedule set to be there by 3pm to get them picked up, fed, and home. If we want to see smarter children than we need to encourage them. Provide more choices for them to get active in their community. Teachers as well will lose their quality of education staying till 6pm-7pm and some will quit, others will not give 100% at such hours. Obama says that this is to make us smart like the other countries? Other countries have dedicated teachers, us….not so much. Just because were in school for another 2-3 hours doesn’t mean students will learn more, means they will lose their social time and cause higher drop out rates. I think this should remain as an option for schools to stay open till the night as a safe place for children to go to to study and get extra help but mandatory? No thank you Mr President.

  537. CCody says:

    Obama is not interested in better educated children – if he were he would break the monopoly on public education. Competition WILL make all schools better.
    Obama is more interested as he said in “building a civilian army as well funded as the military”. Longer days with his curriculum are part of that strategy. On Sept. 8th his speech to nearly every child in America was altered when we found out he wanted to enlist childrens’ help for his socialist agenda. .His conservative speech was designed to get students and their parents to like him so they will accept his radical views later – Watch 11 yr old Quentin Cody’s speech to Obama here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0tf9LYSZ8I

  538. Don’t even know what to call this « Somewhat Aloof says:

    [...] Just before logging off to go to bed last night, I checked the headlines and came across a story about President Obama wanting to extended the school day/year. According to what I read, it is [...]

  539. Kristina says:


  540. HAHA Ha says:

    I agree we should not have any extended school time because it takes away time we have with our family and ,making the world a better place

  541. Morgan says:

    No way in hell am I going to allow my kids to spend more time WITH THE GOVERNMENT than with their parents!!! Is this some sort of plan of theirs to brainwash my child into becoming a robot?

  542. Wendy says:

    I can’t believe that Obama is trying to even pass making the school days longer or the year longer for that matter. I teach all day kindergarten and the poor kids can hardly stay awake when it comes aroung 2:30pm. The school feeds them a free breakfast and feeds them lunch. We teach the kids letters, sounds, words, numbers, addition, science kits, and social studies thrughout the 7 1/2 hours a day. These poor kids are only 5years old. I have two high school students who are doing great in school but they are working to death on homework, projects, and studying for the next test. We are giving our students what they need to be successful in the time that they are in school. If every child puts forth the effort, they will succeed. Also here in Delaware, our Govenor took a 2 1/2 percent paycut from every state employee this year and our healthcare went up another 2 percent. The state can’t afford the teachers pay now how will they ever support more money for salaries. Also the building I work in was built in 1921, it leaks, wooden floors are unlevel, and other problems exist. Our district is one of the poorest in the county and I can’t imagine this ever passing in our state. Every year the goverment comes back to the schools finance department looking for funds to take back so I am afraid that if the funds were given from the federal government it still will not be spent wisely.

  543. Unsupportive says:

    Obama would like to catch up to the number of school days in South Korea, as well as their excellent scores. Did he forget that the suicide rate in Korea is extremely high due to the stress put on these kids to do so well in school? It’s not the school days that need to be extended, it’s the support that the children get at home. If the importance of education is stressed from the beginning it will make a HUGE impact on their success in school. Make the parents responsible, too, not just the teachers.

  544. high school student says:

    As a average senior in high school I personally would like to have extra days for school. I don’t understand why we need two months of summer. I personnally get bored after the first few weeks and want to go back. Right now i have easy classes and I am craving more rigorous classwork. Reading the comments I am starting to believe that Americans now believe that is it all right for us to be in last place. We used to have pride in being number 1 and now we are settling for second. I also believe that kids drop out no matter what and adding more time won’t do anything to change that.

  545. angry_11 says:

    I am a 7th grade’s student, i don’t like this plan. obama wants to add the third part of united states’ school year. i think that I talk for every studient at U.S.A it’s unfairly.
    i am going to give you another option that is add a litle part of the 60 days like 10 days on one year and the next year not and this is my option.
    thank you

  546. Sarah says:


  547. amy says:

    i think this is pure CRAP! we dont need more school,we need better educatoinal tools. the teachers and kids are already swamped with work (from school and home). how are the older kids suposed to stay at their jobs and do longer hours at school? how are the teachers going to get any sleep after being at work all day,then going home to do more work and still go grocery shopping,pay bills etc.? how are children going to interact with their family,if they never see them? my husband is in the military,and when hes not being sent off…he still only gets to see his daughter ONE HOUR A DAY before she goes to school. how can someone not even think about the effect this will have on a child emotionally?! and what about the parents? how are we suposed to rearange our shedules? so that we can get our kids from school to daycare. because some parents will be going to work when their kids are getting out of school (with this new school schedule). and what about the drop out rates? kids already skip school,what does he think is going to happen if he makes them go longer? HIGHER DROP OUT RATES. he really is an idiot if he thinks this plan is going to work. i am not kidding when i say obama is just another hitler!!!

  548. Tom says:

    I agree with the longer school term. No reason not to, however, you’re going to have a lot of tourist businesses fighting this one. As to the longer school day, I say no way. Kids attention spans are pushed to the limit already. Kids need time to play and be kids. After 40 years in education, I think I can say that with some degree of certainty.

  549. RUFUS LEVIN says:

    Whenever government messes with education, they get the same dysfunctionality as Congress.
    In the 1950s, Russia launched the first ever satellite, Sputnik. The US government panicked that Russia was ahead of the US in technology. The first thing that the government determined was that the Russian kids spend twice as much time in classrooms as the US kids. They decided that is what it takes to create engineers and scientists for the US, so they hired the President of Harvard University to tell them what to do…he said..double the classroom time. But wait…the teachers said..no way, not without a lot more money, and the school boards said, no way, unless you give us a lot of money to pay for the schools, teachers, buses, utilities and then we have to give up our sports programs and other arts activities. So no one would buy it….until someone came up with a free way to get more school hours for the kids….it was HOMEWORK..which had never existed before. This was to let the school day be devoted to serious classroom teaching, and the exercises over the lessons would be done at home for about three hours of kids homework.

    Did not work at all….but that was the Government plan that happened with the Government PANICED and threw a solution into the mill without any sense. Just like the Department of Education never existed before either…and you can blame all the turmoil in education on that group.

    Obama has no idea about schools and education, nor does the Secy of Education. It is different all over our states, and with different income and social cultures in our nation. Longer days is not better. When did having Congress stay longer in session result in better government or laws?

    This is totally another way that the Obama crowd can impose their will upon the people….and since the Feds have the money they take from our taxes, they have the big stick over schools.

    Cheaper to go to private schools. Better education too. The teachers are in the deal too because of the Teacher’s Union….they are today, part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  550. Eric says:

    We’re pumping out a nation of C students. If we don’t try to compete in education then we’re going to have to sell the little stupid stevens off to factories to work for pennies a day. Education leads to innovation innovation leads to new industry and better paying jobs. Poor academic performance leads to relying on foreign ingenuity. Which leads to less exports a lower standard of living and eventual decline to third world status. We end up with an america that runs like walmart. Sure walmart is the richest corporation in the world, but everything they sell is made in china and their employees in america are paid crap and on average have a highschool or lower education. We want an america that runs more like microsoft. They encourage educated employees with high salaries make their own product and pull in money that goes back into america.

  551. Amy says:

    In the state of Michigan we should first focus on getting enough money to run the schools we have. Our budget has been reduced 40% in the first quarter. 6 schools in one district closed in our county. Overcrowding and insufficient funds to replace old technology, books and computers. Let’s start with the right educators and tools to help students succeed. Where are we getting the money for extended schooling?

  552. Steven Nihipali says:

    OK, I’ve read MOST of your guy’s replies. I’m appalled by how many of you voted for him, thinking his “change” for America was a great idea. See, I was only a “C” student, meaning I did the least amount of work in school to pass. Who knew I would be able to look at this guy and say he’s full of crap. he who is “smart”, has an education… he who is “not smart” makes the rest of the world run better. Thank you for telling Me, that I was stupid for NOT voting for Obama… Now… whos stupid?

  553. Peace says:

    This is rediculous! Being a fellow student I know that I would not want a longer school day. First of all it would limit time for after school activities. Also, I am already tired after a normal school day, so a longer school day would take an even worse toll on students. Finally, many students would get bored with the extra material, and it just wouldn’t be worth it!

  554. Phil Mcgroy says:

    This is a terrible, If so many kids are dropping out already, what makes you think adding more school days/hours would make it any better? It’s not the amount of time we spend in school but the efforts that the teachers give in order to help us succeed. Most teachers don’t even do their job correctly and do not care about the student body enough. When teachers see a student that isn’t trying, they give up on that student, and do not even try to talk with that student, but they do in fact put that student down, making them feel even worse.

  555. high school student from towers says:

    i say that this should never happen because students have stuff to do like go to there work, homework, activity, practice, and ect. the more we spend in school the more homework we have in when we get home we would be to tired that we cant do our other chores at home. but for the little childern they would love to but they would get tired too of all that playing outside and they would get tired of just sitting in that HARD chair

  556. spence says:

    I dont like him because he is black

  557. LaQuandauniquecka says:

    i dont agreee with this because we the students will ot have anytime to study or do homework and some people want to spend time with their children so no i dont agree with this i think this is one of the dummiest stunts he has pulled yet……….and we are more advanced than the other countries in book sense so what does it matter. omg this not good and as us students our vote should count and we should vote on this so ppl plaese vote against this cause the drop out rate will increase and everything so if he wants the U.S. students to get educated he needs to leave it like it is

  558. ConservativeTM says:

    Adding more days and more money to a broken system will yield nothing – well, except more wasted tax payer dollars. Americans need alternatives in education – All Americans – not just RICH Americans (e.g. Kennedys, Clintons, Obamas).

    Read more at: http://conservativetm.blogspot.com/2009/02/21-phoenix-rising.html

  559. Emily says:

    I’m really getting tired of this guy. He reallly has no clue about teachers, or doctors, or nurses. This guy isn’t in touch with the people. I have been to public school, Private school, and am now homeschooled for my senior year in high school so let me give you my perspective. In public school I sit there for seven hours a day and I was BORED because we went over the same stuff for the kids who either didn’t care or needed help of didn’t speak english. I would get so frustrated sitting there and not being able to learn so for high school I went to private school which is only required to have school for 175 days. It was a better educational standered, but for varies reasons I left and am home school for about 3-4 hours and I learn more than ever! Honestly a few days doesn’t make a diffrence. My cousin is a student techer and she isn’t allowed to say no to the students so they can write english projects in Spanish or Russian and she has to dumb down the test for certain students. The hours and days isn’t the issue. Its the kids! I couldn’t learn because people would at up or didn’t care. Making the days longer would do nothing for anyone.

  560. Dara says:

    I wonder if he also realizes that extending the day and school year itself means increasing taxes. In order for schools to run, they still need to have electricity as well as teacher’s pay. There will surely need to be an increase.

    One more reason I didn’t vote for Obama. Now I’m shaking my head and saying “I told you so” to people regretting their choice.

    Sure, you can compare us to Japan…but does anyone realize how many kids there contemplate suicide because of the enormous amount of stress placed upon them to perform well? Granted much of that is a cultural thing, but do we really need to be pushing more on our children?

    I agree our education system is sorely lacking, but much of that has to do with the student’s home life. If you aren’t raised to give a damn about making something of yourself, why will more school make it any better? Especially when half the teachers don’t care either?

  561. majrleagr says:

    Hey Christal, you would love this because you sound like one of those welfare parents, I would wager money you are. THis means more time away from your kids, and more you time. Your garbage.

  562. majrleagr says:

    Hey Mia Lindsey, you need to check your words. The problem lies not with the teachers. The problem lies with the parents. I am a teacher and I work hard to educate my students. I admit there are some garbage teachers. However, the problem lies with the parents who dont discipline, or make their kids study. We cant make kids study at home. If we could teach them everything just in the classroom alone, then we would be miracle workers. But contrary to popular belief, it also takes parent involvment to be succesful. The problem is that most parents today want their children to be rarely seen and never heard.

  563. Tremell Bush says:

    Obamas plan for lengthening school days is not necessary. He need to stop comparing us to other countries. We have enough school days. It is pointless, very pointless to extend school hours.

  564. Stacy says:

    The countries he’s referring to are communist countries. Do we really want to lower ouurselves to that level? The problem is not bad teachers or too few schools hours. The problem is what the democrats have created with this welfare system, too much government control and too little citizen accountability. People can rely on the government to pay their bills, buy their food, force employers to hire them and make excuses for why they do the things they do. Every bad habit is becoming a medical issue (alcoholism, addiction, pediphilia, etc). All of this to say, the problem is not school, by creating all the “welfare” programs, we have given birth to the laziest country, not the dumbest. Addendum: I am all for a revised system that provides for people who are really in need…senior citizens who built this nation, physically or mentally handicapped, etc.

  565. Tim S. says:

    Wow! Obama is really out of the loop. First of all, does he and Arne Duncan understand that schools are not free? Look at California, for heavens sake. They are cutting teachers left and right, upping class sizes. This is happening everywhere. Schools are cutting and even getting rid of sports, drama, and all extra-curricular activities. Now, he wants to add time to the school year? WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING TO COME FROM!?!??!
    Also, many, many schools in this country do not have air conditioning. Is he going to air condition these buildings? Ever try to teach a room full of 30 2nd graders in a building with no air conditioning and it is 95 degrees outside?
    Obama has turned into a cartoon. I voted for the guy!

  566. Angry Student says:

    Let me ask a question about this little proposal. What will happen when everyone dropout of school and there is no one to teach. What will you do then Mr. Obama?
    When every drops out who will be there to teach. If Mr. Obama were to extend these school days to and shorten summer vacation by twenty days so I ask how is our education going to go up without any students. So what are you going to have the country teach if more than a third of students in every school dropout as an example for that with every third dropping out it will just make the economy worst?

  567. Angry Student says:

    this is dumb proposal

  568. High School Student. says:

    Uhm, who voted for this guy?
    My school runs 8:13 to 3:08. We have three minutes between classes, and 20 minute lunch. With homework, tedious classes, and simple shortage of effort, we’ll drop out and home school ourselves.

  569. Simon says:

    This is absurd… In my humble opinion, these are the benefits weighed against the many reasons that it’s not worth it/wouldn’t work. bear in mind, many of these have been said before.

    PROS: Would possibly increase the level of education, assuming students don’t give up and drop out, and that they can conceivably gain anything from 9 hours of tedium per day…

    CONS: Stress, widespread lack of faith in the president, damage to economy (through summer events and afterschool programs), more high school dropouts, massive retirement of teachers, broken spirits, lack of family time, and a less rounded education in general (due to less opportunity for out of school activities).

    In short, F__K that, just pay teachers more and allocate more money to education as a whole. Yes, I am a student (14 years old) myself, I just decided to dot my i’s and cross my t’s in the hopes that people who care about that take it seriously.

  570. Brian says:

    I think this should be about quality over quantity. Longer school hours may mean kids have more time to sit and memorize facts, etc. It doesn’t mean they will be prepared to come up with new innovative ideas or be more interested in the topic they are studying.
    Yes, the Japanese school system is stricter and more difficult (my Japanese gf has told me stories about going through it) but the Japanese lack the ability to create innovative ideas or technologies and can only merely copy ideas or technologies that were created by others. The free time to be child may just make all the difference and give American kids the edge over everyone else. It may give them the ability to really think about an issue or topic from their own point of view and come up with an innovative or creative solution.

    If we can’t change the way we teach and actually make it more interesting or engaging for kids then I don’t see the point of longer hours in school. You will just end up with a generation of kids who are burned out before they have even entered college or the workforce.

  571. Rayed Khan says:

    As a junior in high school,

    We can’t finish our homework as it is, with everything else we do (extracurriculars, etc).

    All I see this doing is increasing the number of obese Americans. More time in school= less time to do homework= less time to spend outdoors, with family, staying in shape…

  572. Crystal says:

    I love my time with my child also, but more education is the best idea I have heard of in a long time!!! Extending the school year a month, and each school day by a hour or even two…….. Every school district is different, I read one person complaining about summer home work, my daughter wishes she had summer home work, she gets bored, and if we had the older kids in school more, at least here in Cleveland Ohio, there would be alot less trouble on the streets, with the gangs and terrony the older kids provide in my neighborhood……… And Sherri, Our schools have been screwed up for more than 2 decades, when they started forced busing back in 79, that was suppose to be for mixing people, so everyone got to know everyone, of different races religions and ethnic backgrounds, not to put 1 or 2 white kids in a class of 35 black kids, or 2 or 3 black kids in a class of 35 white kids, raceism, in Cleveland has gotten worse and worse, Now they put kindergarden children in schools that go to the 8th grade, do you want your kindergardener seeing older kids all over each other in the hall ways…. I didnt……..and the language and racial sler’s, and the lack of any knowledge being passed on too our children from teachers that cant control up too 40 kids, by her self…….. OUR SCHOOLS NEED REVAMPED, STARTING WITH STRAIGHTENING OUT, ELEMENTARY, AND HIGH SCHOOLS AND PUTTINGBACK JR HIGH, ELIMINATING, RACIUM, LOWERING CLASS SIZES, ADDING TO THE SCHOOL DAY AND SCHOOL YEAR………. YOUR GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!

  573. katie says:

    ok adding schhol is not going to help anything. getting home later and going to school an extra day each week will only add to stress because this is already adding to the trenmendous work load highschoolers have, there are some students that don’t make stellar grades but that is for lack of trying. kids that make good grades and try hard should not be punished. also what about for highschoolers who have jobs after school to save money for college? they would have no time for sports or anything all because obama wants too add time to school to make us smarter than China? kids need the weekends and summers to relax, not to be further stressed out. this should be a parental choice not up to one man to decide the lives for all the US children. It is riducolus and I absolutely DO NOT agree!

  574. Sherri says:

    I am against this completely. I value my time with my children. They are children not robots. It is bad enough the summer homework assigned to them every year that takes every night of the summer to complete. These are our kids-yes education is important, but so is recreation. Everyone needs a break and time to relax. The school year is grueling my children sit in school 7 hours a day, they spend the balance of their night doing homework and studying. Now you want to take away their rest and un time to just be a kid. If this happens, you can’t bet I will pull my children ouot of school and home school them. This country is a mess, no jobs, everyone losing their homes, now you want to screw up our kids! NOWAY OBAMA

  575. Jason says:

    I’m a 1st year teacher making just over $36k a year. I come home absolutely drained from teaching 5th-12th graders all day. Unless my pay is going to be increased for the additional time in school, I am adamantly against this idea.

  576. The hell is this? says:

    I fail to see how longer days or year will help. A few of my friends literally pass out when they get home from the normal day. They just lie down on the bed or couch and doze off and these are the ones getting up 10 minutes before their bus shows up. Sometimes I wonder just how they even pass. I wonder how I pass too. I get home and am so tired I wanna just go to bed and at times I do and end up getting up at 7!(falling asleep when I get home at 3). Of course I have to eat and do homework and by then its almost time for bed. And now you’re trying to put MORE hours? I barely have time for myself except on weekends which itself is restricted heavily by other chores I have to do.

    And a longer year too? My school gets so hot in September and June alone that at times we need to be moved to different rooms because there is no way to bare the heat and now they want to stick us there in July and August? Simply put WE ARE NOT CHINA. We’re NOT South Korea. We’re NOT Japan. We’re just not. If anything we need more time off.

    Look at homeschooling I have a friend who is home schooled and he only takes a fraction of the amount of time I take yet ends up getting much higher scores on tests. How does increasing days do jack when people with LESS time still do better?

  577. Anon says:

    The last anyone heard of this was in March. So relax because this probably got shot down a long time ago.

  578. Brandon says:

    What happened to living to be happy?

  579. jared says:

    ARE YOU F***** KIDDING ME??? I go to high school and i have a minimum of 3 hrs of homework per night. if he does this i will personally drop out.

  580. Harley says:

    Curse you, Obama! We need not longer school days- but better education. If school remains in the sorry state it is in, there will be more stress and most likely more teen suicide. Do you want that, huh? We won’t HAVE a future if you do this- think straight. Quality, not quaninty (I’m saying that we need better education rather than more hours put in)!

    And if you do make this move- I’ll most likely commit suicide (schools are horrible the way they are right now) or try and catch some illness to avoid schooling… and I’ll make damn well sure your actions are blamed for it. And I’m sure many others will kill themselves too- listen up to what the people in this comment field are saying. So, don’t you DARE do this. I mean it- I might just be a kid but we kids do matter more than you think in our society. You expect “great things out of every one of us” but yet you’re not doing your part (making education a less stressful experience- allow us to learn things things that actually PERTAIN TO OUR F**** LIVES!)

  581. Justen says:

    This is F*******

  582. kenny says:

    That is stupid. were not China or France. this the U.S.A not the U.S.S.R!
    we should not be forced to go to school longer then what we already have to. most kids haves lives out side of school!
    this is bullshit! making the days longer will not make student go to school or learn anymore than what they are. If anything, were going to skip more out of the disease called bordum and anger,. nothing is going to change.
    If this were to happen more kids would end up dropping out.
    im a high school student!
    i get up every day at 5:00 am to get ready for zero hour. then after school i have sports after school!
    what i a life right.
    yea and by the way I and many others have totally notices the changes you promised. Yay!!!! Were in debt more woohoo way to help the country! NOT!!!!!!

  583. asia says:

    I am a 13 year old student who has already completes u.s. history, math A, MATH B, Physics, living enviroment, english, and global history regents. All with grades passing and most with grades 90 and above. I work hard for my grades and although my school day is rigid with added xtra curricular’s, I still find time to study. While reading Obama’s proposal i felt infuriated because it was as if he had made a fisted blow at students like me. Students who work hard, and now are expected to take on THREE MORE HOURS. In my opinion this proposal is pure foolishness and I pray that it will be vetoed, if presented to congress.
    Firstly i go to a school (Medgar evers college preparatory highschool) where the program is extremely rigorous – i have two ap classes and two honors classes as well as chemistry and pre calculus, whos homework combined keep me up for 2 extra hours or more. Keep in mind i am a ninth grade student who is of course trained and understanding of the topics but with these classes combined with a number of extra curricular’s after school how exactly is this plan going to help me. I understand what he is trying to go for, but in my opinion it is just going to increase the number of high school drop out rates as well as other social issues. No teenager or child student – even one who loves school is going to want to go through with a extra three hours added to their school day and a shortened summer vacation! I know i wouldn’t, this would put a strain to my extra curricular’s as well as time for me. As for high school drop out rates i can guarantee that students/high school students would not want to go through with these changes, i can say that the rates would take a significant increase. The added pressure and the work would put a strain to their lives. In conclusion Obama should think about the clear divison between education and “FUN”.

  584. Kitty says:

    If the president really wanted to help the education system and the economy, he would changed the student/teacher ratios to 10:1, I bet school performance would improve. Of course that would mean more teachers would be needed (hey more jobs!) and more schools and classrooms (hey, lots more jobs!!) and more funding to our education system and more incentive for people to become teachers, but i’d rather pay taxes towards that then to half the things I pay taxes towards. Maybe he could create even more jobs by placing a staffed clinic in each school so kids could get health care, and have a place to do school work while they are sick without infecting the other students.
    Increasing the school day isn’t going to help, nor will lengthening the school year. Kids are overcrowded, the food they are being fed is terrible and they get sent to school sick in cramped quarters.
    Let’s make an effort to keep the technology and textbooks up to date, create a better learning enviroment for our kids, and for our teachers, and THEN talk about extending their days. It may make a difference when Weve done what we could to fix the day they already have.

  585. Sarah says:

    Okay, this is bullshit. I’m a high-school age student who wakes up at 5:30 am and comes home at 3 pm everyday. On average, I spend about 3 hours a day doing homework and go to sleep at around 11 or 12. I definitely DO NOT get the necessary 6 hours of sleep a girl of my age needs, because school and schoolwork takes up over half of my day. Imagine if schooldays were even longer. Kids would burn out, we’d go insane. Yes, Japan and other countries have longer schooldays. They also have higher suicide rates. In any case, if you go to a high school that does not have proper textbooks or good teachers, mores hours spent at school aren’t going to make a difference. Try granting money to under-funded and under-staffed schools so they can get the equipment they need.

  586. 5 Reasons to Keep Summer Vacation « Mr. D’s Neighborhood says:

    [...] amazing is that it was President Obama who was leading the [...]

  587. Jo Momma says:

    I had speech class last year and i learned A LOT in that class, not even really related to speech topics because my teacher taught interesting things when we didn’t have class time. When i get interested i “absorb” knowledge rather than it hitting a eardrum and bouncing out in regular classes. Think about it.

  588. BackwardsAmerica says:

    The whole reason there is a bad education system is because of the way the whole education system is set up, part of the reason I personally hate school is because you learn mostly meaningless things that I my entire life have never used. I use things taught to me in elementary school because that’s all you really need, middle school to me right now is pointless because i breeze by due to the fact that nothing really matters. I don’t care where to put a comma in a sentence over the years you find that out on your own. The writing and reading classes are a joke, and for racial problems it’s because why would you really want good grades if you could just make millions of dollars by making songs that are completely stupid that the world loves. They should start to in a way racially divide schools because black and Hispanic kids don’t learn anyways because there to busy causing trouble except for a smart few. I actually learn more in watching science or discovery channels for half an hour than a whole day of school. Those shows sum up would you learn in school for a whole semester.

  589. linda82195 says:

    i completely disagree with all this. we need time with our family. in my situation my mom has twin baby’s and my step dad is in the army………i come home from school do homework do chores help my mom with the baby’s eat dinner help my mom put the baby’s to bed and then i take a shower and do any remaining homework read if i want (or if i have time) and go to bed then i wake up a 5:45 the next day and get ready for school.so more time in school is gonna give me less time do homework i’ll have to spend a maximum of like an hour with the babies and then chores dinner and a shower. wheres time for family/friends/ just being a teenager time.? there is none. i used to like obama (before he came into office that is) but now he has me wondering of course my parents still like him tho.

  590. Alison says:

    Studies show that no more than around 20 students should be in a class with one teacher in elementary school yet we’re stuffing 30+ students in plenty of classrooms. Teachers say they just can’t give the kids the attention they need because they have so many other students to whom they must attend. Kids that need the extra attention don’t get it. Instead, they sit around in class wondering what to do and get farther behind because there isn’t enough room to ask a teacher to explain a problem twice or individually. Extending the school day won’t solve that problem.

  591. Himthatspeaks says:

    Reading the posts above, I am wondering how so many juvenile people came across this website.

  592. Rachel says:

    Making school longer will not help anything. Infact it will cause more stress and worse teaching do to teachers getting tired and stressed out. I’m 14 years old and can read and write just fine and no offense but Obama is making Americans sound like were all idiots. The thing we need to focus on is the economy, and if your so worried about education better teachers.

  593. John says:

    If he wants to lengthen the school year, by how much? How many hours are adequate? Just some random handpicked number? And what is going to keep that number from increasing in another year when national averages don’t improve but actually get significantly worse?–Nothing. We will add more money and mandate more hours and everything will continue to go downhill, just at a faster rate. Imagine the cost of adding beds in the classrooms for students to sleep in when the hours start to exceed 12 hours days—just like how we introduced school lunches in 1946. Instead of saying, “hey maybe this is an indication that too much time is being spent in the classroom, considering the fact that activities originally performed FREELY at home, like eating lunch and playing outside, are being duplicated unnecessarily, wastefully, and illegally in school”, we thought of the children. :)

    It seems to me like a 3 year old just took a crayon and started writing weird rules that are now somehow becoming laws; they don’t follow any principals or even basic logic…but they are punishable by death. Obviously, the answer is that nobody should be forced against their will to spend ANY time in a federal school. That’s why nobody can decide on an arbitrary number….there is no such thing as a correct number of hours or days. It can only be correct on an individual basis, which makes sense since everybody has their own perspective. Not only would such an individual arrangement be VOLUNTARY but it would also be customized to the individual’s wishes, and CHEAPER (avg. public student cost is about $10,000 of wasted taxpayer dollars). Some people like to spend the whole day in school. Good for them. Most people do not; and they don’t like paying for it either. So before people start debating the typical pros and cons, they should realize that there can’t be an acceptable amount of time mandated by public schools because nothing about universal public education is just or moral in anyway. You’re forced to go, you’re forced to pay for it, and you’re forced to do well.

    And does education need to even take place in a classroom? What about a library, or a bike ride, or a nature hike, or a job experience? Kiss those goodbye.

  594. Chris says:

    My cousin only comes up from Texas in the summer. What? Do I not get to see her and hang out with her and have FAMILY time anymore?!

    Thanks for ruining my youth.

  595. Chelsea says:

    My parents grew up with a longer summer vacation then me. They had shorter school days, too. My grandparent’s were even shorter and they went through The Great Depression. They had it rough, but they got through it. My parents are both two very successful adults. They both helped out their parents a lot with the extra time they had out of school. They also found true love because they had time to. They have been married for more than twenty years. Why can’t we go back to that time and age. Everything was simple and realistic.

    I say President Obama is too competitive. He wants to go down in history for everything. He doesn’t care as much about us as he does about being the greatest black person since Martin Luther King Jr. Why doesn’t he use some of my daddy’s hardearned tax money that he’s sending to lazy, nonworking crackpots to buy him a clue.

  596. Elizabeth Davis says:

    I think that’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard any president say. Students do not need longer days in school. it’s not the school districts fault that the children don’t learn well. I beleive that it’s the lack of interest the students put in school because my son is an all A student and if he can do it so can any other student. They are all the same age and young. They need to put there mind in education.

  597. Austen Harrell says:

    I back this proposition 100% the United States has fallen behind other countries in what we should be leading and innovating we need a stronger education system. If that means that we need to stay in school longer hours and into the summer then so be it . Now I am not for takin the summer completly away but making it shorter.

  598. Payton says:

    1. Do some people really think that the way we type online is the same as the way we type a paper for class?
    - The only reason we type the way we do when “iming” or texting is because we are to lazy to type out the entire word. That doesn’t mean that we will do the same in a paper because we actually care about our grades.

    2. I think that lengthening the school year is not that bad of an idea, of course i don’t want it to happen but 20 days could help.
    – If they try and do away with summer, their will be some serious problems. Many businesses rely on the profits that come in the summer. And their are courses that you can take in the summer so you won’t forget what you have learned in the school year.

    3. Lengthening the school week is stupid. We need Saturday and Sunday, its the only time when we get to rest during the week and we still have homework over the weekend.
    – Why don’t we instead try and improve the teachers. I think that quality is better than quantity, and if they had a system that actually sorted the good teachers from the bad or something of that nature, or maybe just not hire bad teachers or FIRE bad teachers we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.
    They need to enhance the way that teachers become teachers, and have some kind of system that makes sure that the teachers are being good teachers. Maybe if they raised the pay of the teachers we would see more good teachers.

  599. Michelle says:

    I think that it is the structure of the school day that needs to be examined. Home school children typically are farther ahead of publically schooled children and test better, and typically finish their day in 3-4 hours of instruction 180 days a year versus publically schooled children who go to school 6-7 hours a day. I know that the student-teacher ratios are smaller in home school situations, but come on the length of the day is not going to help the education system. It is the quality not the quantity of instruction that makes a difference.

  600. Anna says:

    I don’t think making the school year longer will help anything. I know my son’s school whom I pay over $5000.00 a year has no air conditioning. In September I was at a back to school night and some of the class rooms were so hot that it was unbearable. The teacher said you should be here in May and June. How are you suppose to teach children and expect them to learn when they can’t even concentrate due to the heat. My son happens to be a honor student and does very well anyway. My daugher who is grade school same thing they have a ceiling fan. This is suppose to keep a class room full of children cool. HOw come some children can do well and other can not? That is the question, not lets make them stay longer. Will a few more weeks of school really make a difference?

  601. Stacey Allen says:

    I am a teacher. This is my 16th year of teaching. I barely make $40,000. I willingly submitted myself the taking the National Board test for early childhood teachers. I had to redo a portion of the test, and when I redid it I was only 9 points away from passing. I worked on this test for THREE YEARS. I will not know if I passed until November. I have just found out that I may not get the raise I was promised when I began taking the test.

    Now let’s assume I passed. I am now expected to teach a longer day for more days per year for the same pay as a teacher who is not National Board Certified. I don’t think so. I will have to go to a private school or just start keeping kids in my home. My child’s babysitter makes more money than I do.

    Now merit pay is potentially a very bad thing knowing what I know about politics in schools. Principals will be repsonsible for deciding who gets the merit pay, and believe me some principals are not honest. Administrators decide which students to put into the classrooms. Teachers do not get to pick their students. So if my students start out at a lower level than the room across the hall, and her scores are higher at the end of the year than mine, she gets the raise and I don’t, even though the total gain in my room is more than hers. I would resort to keeping what works best all to myself, and so would other teachers. There is no way to be fair with this, because we are talking about children. There is no way to predict how much they will learn, even though we would like for them all to learn.

    So far, our district has decided not to use the money to extend the year or increase teacher pay. They realize that when the money is no longer there, they would be unable to sustain the amount that was invested. Our district is hiring part time tutors who do not get benefits. This makes sense to me, but the children will have to be pulled out of regular classroom instruction to be tutored. It’s like one step forward and two steps back. Sure they are learning from the bottom up, but the top still keeps getting farther away. They pull them out, yet I am still help responsible for what they learn.

    These particular students could benefit from a longer day, but not all of them need that. I believe the tutors should take over after the regular school day. That would work, but then it would inconvenience some parents who might have to come and pick up their own children from school.

    I hope a solution comes soon, because my three year old knows more than some of my first graders come into first grade knowing. Something has to be done.

  602. boywonder says:

    gooooooooood obma i like that idea

  603. Bishop Finn: Obama's Words Bring Abortion Dialogue to 'Screeching Halt' - Page 4 - Christian Forums says:

    [...] school than children in South Korea. That is no way to prepare them for a 21st century economy.? Obama Proposes Longer School Days | Edu in Review Blog Want to stop abortion and premarital sex? One way is to enable kids to complete their educations [...]

  604. rickey johnston says:

    thats is bull no1 likes to go to scool and most people are skipping scool becouse the year is to long. if oyu make the days longer i dont think people would mind. but going for more days of school is just going to make people mad and we are going to have more delinquets than ever befor. i think you should worry about changing some of th the laws 1st. we are the top rated country in the world that has lots of people in prison. if some1 shoots somebody and its provin that person should have the death sentance.

  605. D says:

    I will preface this comment by indicating that I am a former school teacher and current professor of education. President Obama makes two very solid arguments in regard to extended our educational opportunities.

    1.) Our US school year is based an an incredibly irrelevant system related to the necessity of farm work and it is well-beyond time this changed.
    2.) We are not adequately prepared to compete with other nations. Asians come here to the US and ceaselessly attain scholarships, higher educations, and great jobs due to the importance of education in their home countries. Extended the school year would be a good way to demonstrate our commitment to educational excellence.

    The oppositional argument that we need higher quality teachers is laughable. Teacher-preparation programs are rigorous in nature. Becoming an educator is more difficult than ever because we expect more from our teachers each year. Yes there may be some bad teachers in the systems that have been around for a long time and did not have to complete these training programs. However, our teachers joining the field at this point are more than prepared to provide an absolute education to our children. We simply do not have enough time with our current academic calendar.

    Though I do support President Obama’s notion of increasing the time spent oin education, there is no way we could increase the hours in the day. If we want the most effective education, this simply would not work. Maintaining a child’s attention for a longer duration than we currently are requiring would be near-impossible. We would simply be wasting time trying to teacher for 10 hours a day. Therefore, a longer school year…YES. A longer school day, NO.

  606. joan says:

    Obama iz crazy! i mean, does he even think about anyone else in the country? Hello?! we’re all here! i totally disagree with everyone who wants more school days. This izn’t fair. Don’t u think i want more homework or anymore of these things? i’m south korean, but i’ve never went to school there. does obama want to be even with every country in the world? he really should think about the weathers in the usa. where i live, i’d be fried up in the summer going to school. obama izn’t going to make anything better by extending school days

  607. brody says:

    Longer school days is retarded. If we go to school longer than we do now then i gaurantee that more kids get into fights due to the stress. So we just need to forget about the longer freaking school days. Just because the government wants more money.

  608. Ania says:

    Obama is comparing apples to oranges. The Asian culture is completely different from our American one. In Asian countries, including South Korea, success is expected (i.e. CEO’s commit suicide for fear of being recognized for failure). Fifteen year old girls are not popping out 3 babies that the taxpayers are supporting financially. The American CULTURE needs to change; teachers cannot change the children of the world if their parents do not keep the momentum going. Rather than extending the school day and year, Obama should require people to pass a test to reproduce children rather than have as many children as possible, knowing the hardworking taxpayers will foot the bill. I’ve seen children being “raised” by people who couldn’t keep a plant alive. In order to succeed IN SCHOOL, certain conditions must exist OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL: THEY NEED TO BE READ TO, NOT sat in front of a TV. THEY NEED EXERCISE. THEY NEED TO EAT BALANCED MEALS! The children raised by families who are unable to, or unwilling to, provide these will NOT transform completely because their school days are extended!!! TAKE A LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE, OBAMA!!!

  609. marita myles says:

    We should have longer school day and /year because we as american are behaver a lot and we need this to help us out for better job and to help us to get ready for college.

  610. Obama Proposes Longer School Days, Extended School Year - AllDeaf.com says:

    [...] Proposes Longer School Days, Extended School Year Obama Proposes Longer School Days | Edu in Review Blog For this generation of students to remain competitive with their international peers as adults, [...]

  611. High School Student says:

    Omg. First of all…why would some1 criticize internet spelling anyway? Do you honestly think we’re that dumb? that we don’t know your suppose to capitilize “I”s and put periods at the end of sentences or use capitals? ugh.

    Second…most teens I know barely have tolerance for what we have to do now…it’s not good but squeezing us tighter is just going to result in more drop outs and class skipping… just like how if we didn’t use mp3 players/phones in class a little bit, there would be way less students in class…

  612. tom jones says:

    This is another asinine example of a non-teacher (university prof’s don’t count) proposing to know what’s best for students and teachers. I have taught high school for 7 years and have no doubt that extending the school day would destroy the entire system. Let’s think about the fact that kids are already in school 7 hours a day! Who can absorb learning for 7 strait hours? Not to mention busing and extra-curricular activities. We’d have middle school kids getting home at 6 or 7 pm! Get real! This guy, the president for whom I voted, obviously has NO CLUE how much work teachers put in before and after school each day as it is. There is simply NO additional time in the day for good teachers (who are constantly grading and coming up with new and better lessons) to be doing even MORE! Get REAL!

    I am a huge advocate for a 4 day school week. Yes, that would extend the day by 1.5 hours each day. But the reward of three days off would be a huge morale boost for students and teachers. When morale is up, so is performance! This will save on gas for buses, electricity, food, and give teachers much needed additional planning/grading time.


  613. a child of a teacher and a parent says:

    I sure hope they intend to DRASTICALLY increase teacher pay. This is a large part of the reason there is a Quality vs Quantity debate a midst this issue. If we paid our teacher more than dirt, he might be able to retain the “good ones” and give our children a better quality education, rather a bigger quantity of education.

    I see lots of teachers retiring, students and parents going to home-schooling methods, and private school enrollment increasing. Or just flat-out leaving the country ….

  614. Pepper B says:

    Ooops. I truly apologize for all the grammatical errors! I thought I would have a chance to edit before I submitted this entry, but I hit the submit button without thinking….

  615. Pepper B says:

    Once again government, not educators, spout off “educational reform” without looking closely at the dynamics and demographics of the typical US classroom before comparing those in the US educational system to other countries.

    I admit I am making an assumption that the most of the classrooms in the other countries we are being compared to are populated by the students born in the same country, and are homogeneous in terms of race, culture, and religion. (In other words, the Japanese classrooms are typically populated with mostly Japanese students who share common cultural ties and beliefs). I also assume that the parents in these countries share, more or less, similar values with regard to their childrens’ education and are quite involved in this regard.
    Compare this to a typical US classroom, an environment I am quite familiar with as a seven year veteran teacher in a California school district. In my second grade classroom alone, I have students from China, Yemen, Samoa, Syria, Mexico, El Salvador, Brazil, and the Philippines and are English Language Learners (which means English is their second language – most of their parents speak limited or no English) My classroom is a revolving door of students. Four students I started with at the beginning of the school year trickled away during the school year at different times, moving to other schools for various reasons. These students were replaced by other students who trickled into my classrooms, having moved from other school districts. moved due to economic circumstances. Two of these students entered my classroom with no English. Of these two, one only completed six months of first grade in their native country before entering my classroom. Of my 20 students, only five were born in the United States. Only two are considered “English Only” students (parents only speak English-no second language).

    So, are we really comparing apples to apples here? I am going to ASSUME that these demographics do not TYPICALLY exist in a Japanese, Scottish, South Korean, Thai, Chinese, classroom. Now on top of all this cultural diversity is the economic diversity that a typical classroom has: 90% of my students qualify for the “free lunch program” and while I don’t recall the exact annual salary qualifies a family for this program, I do know it is under $25,000 for a family of four…I have children who come in to classroom without breakfast, without enough sleep and worse, from fractured families under immense strain. How can these politicians compare our schools to those in other countries like South Korea? Let’s get real…

  616. a student says:

    i disagree with obama we should not have longer school hours or longer school years we already are so tired when we get home i do not think we could handle any more time in school i agree with mia WE NEED BETTER TEACHERS NOT MORE TIME WITH CRAPPY ONES

  617. Drew says:

    Ray Bradbury on school:

    “You can’t rid yourselves of all the odd ducks in just a few years. The home environment can undo a lot you try to do at school. That’s why we’ve lowered the kinderggarten age year after year until now we’re almost snatching them from the cradle.”

    -Fire Chief Beatty, Fahrenheit 451

    How about, instead of more school, we have less. Less time for kids to sit at their desks and do busywork and take orders, and more time for them to explore the world and have fun and learn. Yes, we’ll fall behind in the global market, but once people are away from the indoctrination of compulsory schooling they’ll start to realize that the global rat race is stupid and that we should have been working together all this time instead trying to knock each other down.

  618. BillSmiven says:

    Welcome to Obamaville–it’s exactly what he promised from the beginning. It’s what WE voted for–change! More federal government oversight, involvement, dictating what we will do with our lives–including how many more days we will spend in the government’s schools. I’m seeing a scary pattern here…..I’m also seeing a scary pattern with the potential student responses: misspellings, no punctuation, terrible sentence structures….this IS their mother tongue, isn’t it? And we can’t even get that right. Hmm, more “practical” classes to fill our day? While the rest of the world learns how to do equations, READ and WRITE correctly, take technology to the next level, interpret the deeper writings their societies have created and create more of them, grapple with deeper questions of morality, we’ll cover how not to shake your baby when she cries, why not to share needles, how to balance your checkbook (whoops–can’t do that, that’s math), how to put on a condom, and how to designate a driver when you party underage so you don’t kill anyone. Great plan. People are already asking for the bar to be lowered. We are barely working above the lowest common denominator at times. I say this as a public school teacher. I see bright spots, but is sure does seem like we glorify mediocrity sometimes. I guess it’s because in several of the schools I’ve worked in and visited, it’s cool to be ignorant. I agree with most of you–it’s not the hours or days in school that really make a difference, it’s the way we use them. Heck, homeschoolers are still kicking our butts. And they often do it in half the time. However, I can see the argument for simply more time–maybe days rather than hours. Possibly, rearranging the school year for urban-type districts (like the one I work in) so that there aren’t that many more days, they are simply spread out throughout the year, giving short “breaks” through out the year, and making a shorter summer vacation. That way there is potentially more retention of material at the end of the summer.

  619. SHUANDRAA. says:

    i WAS an obama supporter, but his plan to lengthen school days and years is flat out pointless. if he does, there will be MORE kids dropping out and skipping. they wouldnt like it and they would quit; its not that hard to think about. he thinks we need to learn more? how about he has them cut out the stupid pointless things we’ll NEVER use in our daily livves as adultts? like all that graphingg algebra, geometry stuff? that stuff is soo pointless and it takes time away from learning about the things we need. more parenting classes cus lets alll face it, more and more girls are becoming pregnant when they’re still in highschool. he needs to think about damn logical things, nottt things that we will never use. whyy not a class all about the efffects of drunk driving? i lost my best friend 2 months ago to it cus she didnt realize what would happen, whyy not a class about what drugs do to youu? PRACTICAL classes are what we need, nott longer days and years. im startingg to wonder if mccain would’ve been better. obama’s views have changed and the things he plans to do nott just about school will make this country crash to the ground and no one is saying anything about it.

  620. cole manishin says:

    more schools means more stress…more stress means more depression…more depression means more suicides

  621. cole manishin says:

    …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………they expect us at a minimum 1 hr of homework each day…the food sucks…no time to spend any freakin’ time wth our friends… ok who the heck voted for obama…

  622. Caleb says:

    I completely oppose this kids need days off of school i understand the imporance of school and education but if you go and spend your whole day at school you would know…. the foods nasty and bathrooms gross its not a very pleasant day for us..

  623. Lora62p says:

    Doing more of the wrong things never fixes anything. The problems with our schools does not rest in the number of hours in attendance. It falls on too heavy a testing load, too much meaningless data collection cutting into teaching/learning time. You can find data to support any opinion if you look hard enough or pay enough for it. Our schools are suffering from the many problems that result from poverty, crime, lack of discipline and over regulation. Yet we are now and have forever been the best. Let’s return to those basics that got us there.

  624. nyrie says:

    I agree with longer school years, but I question the longer day. With most families working full time, how are families supposed to spend more time together with longer school days. I work then pick my daughter up from school, make dinner while she does homework (help when she needs it) we eat, and by then it’s almost time for bed. The day is already long enough.

  625. Mia Lindsay says:

    The importance of our students education is the quality rather then the quantity. We need better teachers not more time at school. This is an addition to my last comment.

  626. Mia Lindsay says:

    Hello! I am completely apposed to this whole “adding days to make our country look good” crap. Yes I am a student but that is not what has me so fired up. I also live on a farm. Everyday after school I go and help my dad feed the cows right after school. If I would have to stay at school longer I would not be able to get my homework completed because my dad could not feed without the help of my older sister and I. Also, over the summer I am working with my 4-H animals and also helping my dad from the time I get up till the time I go to sleep. If this becomes a law, a lot of the farms in the U.S. will not be able to continue because they rely on teenagers help. The cost of meat will definitely rise, not only beef but all meet. I believe President Obama should worry about our debt problems before the problems that we don’t have with our education system.

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