8 Must-Have Education Apps for iPhone

Education Applications for iPhone

I remember when my cell phone only made calls. The new iPhone will still dial phone numbers, but it also runs 148 add-on applications with more than 35,000 total to choose from. With the iPhone students can now learn Spanish, practice their typing skills, and view priceless works of art. About a quarter of the applications, commonly known as “apps,” are free (others usually cost less than $10 each), so Apple users are taking full advantage, with approximately 10 million downloads so far.

Here I have compiled a few of my favorite apps, many of which are free, for the busy and wallet conscious student.

myhomework-iphone-appmyHomework — keep track of homework, classes, projects and tests. Designed to resemble a notebook, complete with sticky notes. myHomework will notify you of upcoming assignments, easily identifying major priorities that are due soon.

evernote-iphone-appEvernote — allows you to create text, audio notes and tag photos, making it easy to quickly check your class notes on the go or to snap a picture of a handout and send it straight to Evernote. This one’s a must-have.

formulas-free-iphone-appFormulas Free — a stockpile of your favorite calculus formulas that always seem to slip your mind right when you need them.

spanish-tutor-iphone-appSpanish Tutor — your own personal language lab, this app has audio for pronunciation, flash cards and quizzes, all to sharpen your skills en Espanol.

typing-class-iphone-appTyping Class — a fun way to hone your skills on the new era of software keyboard. Guarantees it will improve your iPhone typing skills in five hours or less.

brain-tuner-iphone-appBrain Tuner — presents you with 20 to 100 math problems and asks you whether the solutions provided are right or wrong. It times you and presents a score based on accuracy.

art-lite-iphone-appArt Lite – The free version of the Art app, Art Lite features the works of master artists including daVinci and Rembrandt, with bios, quick facts, and a virtual gallery of more than 100 works of art.

iphone-facebook-appFacebook – it may not do much to boost your studying, but Facebook for the iPhone is a must-have to keep your social life rolling while you’re at school. The Facebook application is arguably one of the best-made apps available through the App Store, providing you with quick access to all of your social media needs.

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  6. rioca smith says:

    i agree with the 7 first one
    but personally I would have put in place of facebook a dictionary like “oxford dictionary” or maybe a translator

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  10. Marty Forlivio says:

    Hey, i came across your page on digg and i think it’s great!

  11. michael says:

    Acoco Interactive has been releasing free and $.99 apps for a few months now: Math Kingdom (simple math with role play story and handwriting recognition), Penny Me (coin counting games), Play ‘n’ Say Vehicle (flash cards with speech recognition). More in the pipeline.

  12. David says:

    I’m so thankful to you.Out of these 8 i knew only about facebook.I don’t have iphone but i think these all will work on my ipod touch.

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  15. Doyle Pihl says:

    Interesting, very interesting, I just hope I knew english better to understand 100%, Grazie Mille Ciao

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  20. Jimmy C says:

    I personally like the flash card app that I have been using – Flash My Brain StudyCards, if you need a good flash card iphone app. try it.

    what does everyone else use?

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