Top 7 International Study Abroad Locations

If there is one thing I would change about my college career, I would have spent a semester studying abroad. Friends have said the experience was more rich and fulfilling than they could have ever imagined, so if I can offer one piece of advice it would be to take advantage of that opportunity if it comes your way.

italy flagFlorence, Italy
Thousands of students from arostund the world study in Florence every year.  Florence is host to legendary architecture, world famous art, amazing cuisine and world-class education. If you’re studying Italian, fashion, art history or religion, Florence is for you.

english-flagLondon, England

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations for first-time vacationers, and it offers some of the top study abroad opportunities. If you’re studying theater, literature, or history, London is a perfect spot as the center of European culture and class.

spain-flagMadrid, Spain
Spain is a backpacker’s delight, and Madrid has become a center of business in Europe and a premiere destination for travelers from all over the world. Madrid is also the most convenient city in Spain to get flights and trains, which makes European travel a whole lot easier. I spent one week in Madrid as a senior in high school and it is the one place in the world I would love to revisit.

german-flagBerlin, Germany
Berlin is one of the more popular cities in which to study in Germany, and it’s also the city that’s going through the most change – it seems to be in a constant state of reconstruction. It’s a fascinating country, and because of all these changes it makes for an even more interesting educational experience.

hong-kong-flagHong Kong, China
Hong Kong is an economic powerhouse. International business success isn’t just about knowing the language, it’s also about knowing the intricacies of the culture. Learning one of the Chinese languages is difficult, but there’s no better way to immerse yourself in the language than going straight to the source in China.

australia-flagSydney, Australia
A gathering of diverse people from more than 180 different nations who speak more than 140 languages, the people of Sydney have a solid reputation for their hospitality. Despite its laid back residents, Sydney also operates as a financial and commercial center, not only for the Eastern states, but for Australia as a whole. The economy reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of Sydney’s residents.

mexico-flagMexico City, Mexico
Talk about a long history. People have inhabited Mexico City for 20,000 years. Mexico contains some 2,500 archaeological zones, morethan 150 of which are open to the public. It’s a different form of the Spanish language you would be learning in Spain, but Mexico is a country with a rich culture that makes it an excellent place to study abroad.

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