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Teachers Allowed to Hit Students in 20 U.S. States

the 20 states allowing student hitting

The 20 States in red currently allow teachers to legally hit their misbehaving children

Most parents recognize that even in the most well-respected and established education institutions, their children will inevitably misbehave, which will subject them to punishment in accordance to the school’s disciplinary guidelines.

In fact, in most instances, parents, teachers and administrative professionals understand and agree that negative reinforcement is sometimes deemed necessary when disciplining a disruptive pupil. Most, however, envision a trip to the principal’s office or a missed after school activity an appropriate punishment.

One thing they probably don’t envision is a child being hit with a belt or wooden paddle as an appropriate punishment for misbehavior.

Americans have become outraged to find out that violence in schools is not being discouraged by the government, and that in 20 states across America, it is currently legal for teachers to hit their students.

Legal corporal punishment in schools, which allows the beatings for disciplinary reasons using a belt, strap or paddle, has parents surprised, especially after hearing the statistic that over 200,000 children were hit in school in 2007.

At a time when anti-bullying campaigns have swept the nation due to the influx of teen suicide as a result of peer-to-peer bullying, it is shocking that while physical abuse is illegal in prisons and medical institutions, it is legal in our children’s schools.

Are you surprised schools can use physical discipline? Do you agree with the 20 states who allow it?

11 Responses to “Teachers Allowed to Hit Students in 20 U.S. States”

  1. A STUDENT says:

    For those teachers above posting, put this in our perspective. I’m only 13 years old, turning 14 and even I know that even so much as touching someone can be charged as “Simple Assault”. I know this first hand because I touched my bus driver with a broom and had the police pull me out of school to tell me that I could be charged with that. That was just a touch, but paddling a kid? Obviously it isn’t beating but there are MUCH more civilized ways to deal with problems. Many of you have said that “going to the principal”, just isn’t enough to get the kids to change. That’s when you step it up a level and give them what’s necessary like detention, suspension, and if it’s bad enough EXPULTION. Touching a student is wrong but a student is just awful.

  2. jesse says:

    I think its a good thing our culture has become 2 liberal 2 the extent that children run the show and get and do whatever the want without consequence where’s tye America with a little backbone were when u did something wrong u we’re held accountable its called structure and as a product of a ypunger generation I sadly see us as weak and lazy and manipulative if you look at generations prior that had strict discipline you can see a more well rounded respectful person for the mostpart are parents and grandparents got spanked when they were kids and they turned out just fine in fact more than fine because it instilled principles it instilled morality it tought you that damnit if I’m gona mess up there’s gona b hell 2 pay and that’s how it should be these kids need dicipline in the great words of my uncle your young u’ll adjust

  3. Beanz says:

    ashlie……..shut up your messed up in the head u crazy crackhead

  4. ashlie says:

    yes!!!! kids these day need to be punished….somewhere. if they misbehave at school it means they do it at home and that means that the parents arnt doing their job and somebody else needs to do it for them!!!!!!!!!!! if you disciplined your kids theh schools wouldnt have to do it for you

  5. swaf says:

    If a teacher hit my kid I would hit them, I dont even care if its a chick or dude, What a bunch of crap!!

  6. Ashley says:

    As a teacher I agree with this. Going to the principal does not phase students..they do not care.

  7. Brittany says:

    Please…. this is making it sound like paddling a child is beating them. GET REAL. The reason why schools don’t do it anymore is because they leave it up to the county to decide on whether or not paddling should be in the schools. Unfortunately, the county I work for, doesn’t allow paddling in the schools. We aren’t saying BEAT the children but dang, sometimes they need a paddling!!!! Not to mention, it would only take one time for one child to be paddled and you wouldn’t have a single problem left in your class. All you’d have to do is glance over at that paddle and they’d hush right up. These kids are out of control and most parents tell them “Your teacher can’t do anything to you…” and they come to school with that attitude. Hello, we are teaching the future…. what is going on with these people?!?!?!?! Most of these children are so full or disresepect, it’s inconceivable. Some parents still have a grip on their children and THANK GOD for those parents!!!!

    I’m a teacher and you have NO IDEA what teachers have to go through during the day… and until you do, you shouldn’t have the right to have a say so. Raise your children right and they won’t need a paddling… therefore, you will have nothing to worry about!

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  9. Savannah Design says:

    This is horrible, I had no idea schools still practiced this way. I hope this changes ASAP!

  10. Dirge says:

    Yes, lets stop discipline for our children. It’s bad enough school districts barely have enough money for materials and salaries for teachers but they have no recourse against disruptive students?

    The pussification of America is almost complete.

  11. Lavada Cook says:

    This is barbaric!!! How can something like this be allowed to continue? What is wrong with the parents and grandparents in those states? Maybe changes would be made if CNN did a feature story. Get national attention!!! Changes must be made!!!

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