Fun Math App for iPhone: Digit Defenders

digit defenders

Fun Math App for iPhone: Digit Defenders

digit defenders iphoneR.Cloud Software has just released Digit Defenders – now available for you to download at the iTunes app store. Digit Defenders is an entertaining game of falling math problems, while still an educational tool for sharpening math skills. The object is to answer problems correctly before they fall off the screen. Players begin with basic arithmetic skills and work their way up to algebraic linear equations and college level quadratics.

Players of all ages can challenge their mental math skills from a preschool to college level. Even the quickest math whiz will be challenged, testing his speed and accuracy on the most difficult setting, as this unique yet educational iPhone game has very advanced math content for teens and 20-something college kids. However, if you are someone who simply wants to brush up on your math, the normal difficulty setting is ideal. Levels include simple counting, elementary and advanced arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, and number base conversion. Read the rest of this entry »


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