Whooping Cough May Pose Risk to Student Health

whooping cough

Whooping Cough May Pose Risk to Student Health

First there was swine flu, the regular flu and now it’s whooping cough that has public health officials and millions of Americans very concerned.whooping cough college

According to the Centers for Disease Control, a whooping cough outbreak this year in California has already sickened more than 5,270 infants and killed nine, the agency reported. This is highest recorded rate in the state since 1955, said the California Department of Public Health.

While there have been no reported outbreaks within specific colleges, campuses are breeding grounds for contagious conditions, like whooping cough, to spread like wild fire. Thanks to the close living quarters, shared bathrooms and the reduced immune system of many exhausted college students with poor eating and fitness habits, college campuses are often the most hard-hit when it comes to public health illnesses.

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