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Iota Phi Theta Fraternity

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Iota Phi Theta fraternity is a fairly new African-American fraternity that was founded in 1963 at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. Although there were already four predominantly African American fraternities in existence, Iota Phi Theta was started in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement. Iota Phi Theta was heavily influenced by organizations such as the Black Panthers, SNCC and individuals Stokely Carmichael and Malcolm X. All of the founders of Iota Phi Theta were non-traditional students and older than their college peers at the time the fraternity was started. Many of the founders had already served time in the military and were working full time while attending classes at Morgan State.iota phi theta

The twelve founders were Albert Hicks, Lonnie Spruill, Jr., Charles Briscoe, Frank Coakley, John Slade, Barron Willis, Webster Lewis, Charles Brown, Louis Hudnell, Charles Gregory, Elias Dorsey, Jr. and Michael Williams.

Iota Phi Theta has many different national organizations that it contributes to. There is no specific organization that the fraternity is tied to.

“Building a Tradition, Not Resting Upon One!”

- Fraternity colors are charcoal brown and gilded gold
- Fraternity symbol is the centaur
- Fraternity flower is the yellow rose
- Fraternity emphasis is on service

- Iota Phi Theta is the most recent African-American fraternity to be founded
- Nicknames include Iotas, Centaurs, Outlaws and Thetamen
- Fraternity headquarters are located in Baltimore, Maryland
- Fraternity was founded during the Civil Rights Movementspencer christian

- Spencer Christian (Former Good Morning America weather anchorman)
- Calvin Murphy (NBA Hall of Fame)
- Jermaine Taylor (NBA Player)
- Terrence TC Carson (Actor)

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iota pi theta, iota phi thet, iota psi theta, ioda phi theta


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