North Dakota

School Type Student Body In-state Tuition Out-of-state Tuition Religious Affiliation
Dickinson State University Public 2,516 $4,471 $10,560 None
Jamestown College Private 1,026 $10,550 $10,550 Presbyterian
Medcenter One College of Nursing Private $9,411 $9,411 None
Minot State University Public 3,547 $4,492 $10,818 None
North Dakota State University Public 10,496 $5,710 $13,682 None
Sitting Bull College None
Trinity Bible College None
University of Mary Private 2,197 $11,374 $11,374 Roman Catholic
University of North Dakota Public 10,498 $5,792 $13,786 None
Valley City State University Public 1,013 $5,308 $11,576 None

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