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Quickly and easily search some of the best online colleges.


Quickly and easily search some of the best online colleges and universities, as well as traditional campus-based schools offering online programs. Beginning a college career for the first time, or returning after several years as a professional, can be a heavy task. The most important step is determining the degree you'd like to pursue and the best institution to study at.

#1SchoolSearch.com is an online database that matches your degree interests with the best schools. It only takes a minute to enter your area of interest, ZIP code and age

- Service is free
- Provides brief overviews of the schools
- Accredited, reputable colleges and universities in the database
- Request additional information via the site
- Identifies colleges and universities nearest your ZIP code, in addition to national schools
- Comprehensive list of degree programs to search

- Only available to those 18 years of age or older
- Only available to U.S. citizens
- Not all search criteria return matches
- Does not provide more than three matches

The service is free. It is likely that paid advertising from featured schools pays for the site.

#1SchoolSearch lets you select your area of interest of a prepopulated list of more than 65 degree programs. This is a substantial and thorough catalog of areas of interest- which will only help the search returned the most valuable information possible. Some of the more popular programs include:
- Advertising & Marketing
- Childcare
- Dental
- English (ESL)
- Homeland Security
- Welding

While there are many schools within the #1SchoolSearch database, the featured schools are:
- Boston University
- Kaplan University
- International Academy of Design & Technology Online
- Stonecliffe College Online
- University of Phoenix

There are many sites offering degree searches for online learning programs. #1SchoolSearch provides a very nice site- it is easy to use, design isn't complicated or distracting and there is a broad range of search criteria available. In addition to searching for national online colleges and universities, #1SchoolSearch will identify programs located nearest your ZIP code- in case you're interested in pursing more traditional studies in a classroom setting. The service is free and removes some of the guesswork when determining where you should go to school.

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I went to school almost twenty years ago and never did finish. When i decided to return I wanted to figure out what degree i wanted to get and what school i wanted to go too. Using 1 School Search gave me that ability to find an institution that suites my needs. posted Jul 14th, 2008 12:51 pm

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