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There are many paths to the same destination. In the end it doesn’t really matter how you got to the destination, but that you made it there. This metaphor can be directly applied to obtaining a college degree. Not everyone is cut out for the traditional college route. For some obtaining an online degree is the perfect solution to getting a college degree on their own terms.

Drexel University is both a traditional and online university that caters to those students that are serious about earning an education. Drexel University is one of the oldest online institutions in America. In fact, Drexel University’s eCourse Program came online in 1996 at the beginning of the Internet age. During the past 12 years, Drexel University has become a leader in higher learning online education. The university itself has been in existence since 1891 and is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Drexel University Online offers Bachelor's, Master's and Certification degrees. Drexel offers online degrees in the colleges of Business, Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Information Science and Technology, Medicine, Nursing, Professional Studies, Education, Law and Public Health. The online classes offer more flexibility and work can be completed at the student's leisure. Teachers require some class interaction which is great, because students don’t feel totally disconnected. Class sizes are 20-30 online students. Tuition varies depending on degree but averages $575 a credit. The MBA Anywhere program is $54,000 total.


- Trusted university
- Excellent online curriculum
- Small class sizes
- Competitive per credit prices
- Many degree programs
- Both online and offline opportunities

- Some degree programs may be expensive

- Business
- Arts and Sciences
- Engineering
- Information Science and Technology
- Medicine
- Nursing
- Professional Studies
- Education
- Law and Public Health

- Online anywhere
- One physical location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

- Traditional student life exists on campus
- No student life indicated for online students


Drexel University is a trusted name in higher education and has been so since 1891. There online program is completely cutting edge. This university has been offering online education since 1996 which says a lot about their commitment to excellence. If you are looking for a quality online program study what Drexel University has to offer.

Commonly Misspelled:
Derxel University, University of Drexel, Drexel U, Drexel Online, Drexil University, Drexell University

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