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Everest College is a career education network that provides career training to help you make the progress in life you desire. Everest offers instructors with real experience, gives hands-on experience, and they help students find jobs after completing their programs. Everest also offers flexible day or night classes so that students may work full-time while earning their education. Everest has locations in 23 states with various programs available. Traditional classes are available as well as the ability to earn an Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's degree completely online. Areas of study vary by state. Everest offers staff to help you decide what type of program to choose, find the program that’s right for you, find financial aid and get you enrolled.

- Variety of programs to choose from
- Both online and traditional classroom options available
- 23 campuses available around the country
- Financial aid available
- Easy application process
- Undergraduate and graduate programs available

- Unclear who Everest has accreditation through


Programs are available in the following areas:
- Accounting
- Business
- Criminal Justice
- Dental Assisting
- Legal Assistant/Paralegal
- Massage Therapy
- Medical Administrative Assistance
- Medical Assistance
- Nursing
- Pharmacy Technician

Traditional campuses are available in the following states:
- Arizona
- California
- Colorado
- Florida
- Georgia
- Illinois
- Indiana
- Maryland
- Massachusetts
- Michigan
- Minnesota
- Missouri
- Nevada
- New Jersey
- New York
- Ohio
- Oregon
- Pennsylvania
- Texas
- Utah
- Virginia
- Washington
- West Virginia


For traditional classes, student life is all about convenience. All campuses offer several layers of support for students, access to public transportation sites and a list of resources that students can use for child care while they attend classes. Also, because there are campuses in so many states, many students from all over the nation can attend classes. With the online programs, student life is not addressed.

If you are looking for some additional training in a certain area to jump start your career, or even get some additional training, Everest wants to help you. Everest offers several fields of study for career training, and there are campuses available all over the country to accommodate students. Staff is available to help you decide which program might suit you, and to help you figure out how to pay for your education. Everest offers resources for finding jobs after students graduate as well. Whether you’re changing your career or trying to get a good start on your first job, Everest offers you the tools you’ll need to be successful in the working world. 

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Everest University, Evrest College, Everest Collage, Everest Online College

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They really do take great care of their students at Everest. I was very happy there and very happy in my new accounting career thanks to them! posted Feb 10th, 2009 1:31 pm

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