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Continuing Education for Engineers.

Technology.  There are so many details.  Whether you are working/studying electrical components, HVAC, Biotechnology, Building Design, Environmental standards, Materials Handling, etc., much of what your degree program will entail is a solid knowledge of the unending specifications, safety tests, physical stress factors and other functional criteria pertinent to your area of study.  These details can save lives, increase work-place safety, are a necessary constituent of structural strength and longevity. Thus, until you can successfully pass the myriads of tests that verify your understanding of these facts, you can not be awarded a degree.

PDH Engineer is a site that contains technological tests, for over 1600 hours of specialized courses. Once you pay for a specific test, you are allowed unlimited chances to pass.  This allows you to re-ingest any information that you may need to review.

Sites such as PDH Engineer have emerged over the years, simply because learning institutions cannot afford to man their campuses with counselors who can provide their students the opportunity to re-test. Yet, many students say that, by testing, they increase their knowledge and become far more familiar with the information than by study alone. Additionally, PDH offers online courses that are self-paced, "Webinars," (interactive seminars), and Live Seminars.

PDH Engineer is touted to be one of the most reasonably-priced services of its kind. It is also verified as a site that offers a wide array of tests, suitable to all sorts of degree programs.

- Easily navigable site
- Print certificate immediately upon passing
- Money-Back Guarantee
- Some state programs accept these certificates

- Check with your college to see whether the test is accepted toward your ceritifcate/degree

Technical degree programs in:

- Biotechnology
- Building Design
- Business Skills
- Civil
- Control Systems
- Electrical
- Environmental
- Failure Investigation
- Health and Safety
- Industrial
- Law & Ethics
- Materials
- Mechanical
- Oil/Gas/Petrochem
- Project Management

A dialogue should be requested to see whether your school honors these certificates.

There is not reference to campus or school socialization on this site.

Many times, educators appreciate the student who, through concerted efforts to digest technical information, procure the assistance of a forum such as this. Thus, although a student might attend a school who will not accept this certificate, they will certainly appreciate the fact that the student has a conceptual grasp of the material they may not have had prior to utilizing this service.

Common Misspellings:
PHD Engineer, PDHEngineer, PDH Enginer, PDH Engineers

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I like the idea of being able to retake tests, because I'm not a good tests taker. posted Jul 1st, 2008 5:17 pm

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