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Offering several online degree programs and certificates. .

The Fischler School of Education and Human Resources was created by Nova Southeastern University in 1971 as the first doctoral distance education program in the nation. Abraham Fischler actually spearheaded the creation of his namesake program after completing his doctorate and being required to spend an entire year on campus. He realized that students couldn't be expected to stop working for a year and relocate to earn their doctorate when they may have just received positions at reputable companies.

Thus, the Fischler School was born. Fischler has served as president of Nova Southeastern University for the past 26 years and has focused the university on meeting the needs of its students. The Fischler School of Education and Human Resources has more than 15,000 students enroll in its programs each year. The Fischler School has several degree and certificate programs for students to choose from.

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- First distance education program in the nation
- Financial aid available
- All levels of education available from certificates through doctoral
- Several concentrations available within each degree program
- Multiple instruction sites available

- Doctoral programs are non-Ph.D. focused
- Most campuses are in Florida
- No pricing information available

- Cost varies by program
- Must submit request for information in order to receive cost information

Several concentrations are available within each area:
- Certificate
- Associate's
- Bachelor's
- Master's
- Doctorate (non-PhD)


The Fischler School is a distance learning focused online school. Any on site activities take place on the main campus located in Florida. Because a lot of the studying is done off site, The Fischler School is able to reach students all over the country and offer them the programs that are available.

Due to the distance learning component of the available degrees, student life is not a focus of the programs offered.


If you are looking for an advanced or undergraduate degree in education or human resources, but don't have the ability to move to go to school, The Fischler School of Education and Human Resources might be an avenue for you. The Fischler School offers high caliber learning at a distance, but still allows students to fulfill their educational needs. The Fischler School also touts being the first distance learning program in the nation with over 35 years experience in that area. As part of the Nova Southeastern University, The Fischler School has a devotion to bringing students the education they desire, without requiring them to rearrange their lives to get it.

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I got my certificate from here - great price, easy system in place to complete your course work. Nice and professional instructors. posted Jun 20th, 2009 11:53 am

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