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Do you know what a prospectus is?  Maybe you should! And you would, if you were an international student at University of Liverpool, U.K. One advantage to overseas studies is exposure to cultures that differ from our own. While one might not think England deviates much from those of us “across the pond,” but the truth is, their population is highly divergent, due to their close proximity to Europe.

University of Liverpool, U.K. offers degrees ranging from Bachelor's to PhDs. Scholarships are available and, in order to facilitate a smooth transition, international counselors are at your disposal. International Team members assist you from your very first naive question to your savvy exploration of housing and post-graduate research studies.

- Distinguised course offerings
- Counseling services available
- Queries clearly answered, with both printed and online documentation
- Online degree programs available
- Opportunity to study abroad

- Extensive planning is required so that pertinent documents are in order, prior to relocating

The cost of attending any international program, including those offered at The University of Liverpool, vary according to the courses and degree programs being sought after. Housing is reasonable and students are matched to facilities within their price range. Work programs are also an option.

More than 300 courses are offered in their Bachelor program alone.  When considering post-graduate studies, students are able to choose from a vast array of specific titles. A very short list from among literally hundreds include:
- Applied Linguistics
- Advanced Engineering Materials
- Palaeoanthropology
- Archives and Records Management
- Cultural History
- Human Immunity
- Lifecourse, Population and Mobility

Liverpool prides itself on being a cheap and safe place to live. In 2008, it was named “The Capital of Culture.” The school is one of the area's largest employers, with around 4800 staff members. The 100-acre campus is within walking distance of the city center, where shops, pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants abound.

International students enjoy the option of residing at private halls of residence, shared houses, flats or university-owned accommodations. You can choos to have all meals catered (meaning all meals are cooked for you) or to self-cater (which means you will have access to cooking facilities). Decisions about your accommodations can more easily be determined by using Liverpool's online “quick comparison chart.” An International Team Member can answer any questions you might have.

Life in Liverpool is as much an off-campus as on-campus experience, with the University of Liverpool forming the centerpiece for social and business endeavors throughout the city. Liverpool is known as one of the most friendly campuses in Great Britain, and is a highly sought after educational facility.

American colleges and universities are increasingly addressing global economics in both business and social education programs. Thus, international studies are a highly desired means for understanding the world at large. The University of Liverpool has long provided a comprehensive international program, and is well-prepared to provide all the necessary components to ensure your overseas studies yield desired results.

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