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Vienova is a personal tutoring program addressing the needs of grades 4-12 students, test preparation for SAT/GMAT, GRE tests, college courses and more. Monthly packages consist of fifteen classes, one hour each. Hourly tutoring sessions are also available. Vienova tutoring can be successful because students excel by being able to proceed at their own pace, in their home environment.

The tutors with Vienova are professionals who have teaching credentials suitable to effectively offer assistance in many subjects. Classes are conducted over the Internet with audio and video chats providing one-on-one personalized attention. Interactive whiteboard with digital pens are utilized to allow both the student and the tutor to illustrate confusing components of the lessons.

Vienova also provides articles that address varying subject matter related to education to give additional support to students and parents. Subjects like “Developing Children’s Interests in Studies” and “Personality Development” are examples.

- Personalized attention from tutors
- Proceed from current understanding level to more challenging goals
- Monthly sessions can be alternated with hourly, in order to allow for vacations and other breaks
- Test preparation for most standardized tests
- For students of all ages

- Student must be willing to commit to all sessions to make the monetary investment worthwhile
- No face-to-face meetings with tutors

There are a variety of ways to use the services at Vienova, and the pricing varies accordingly. You'll receive 15 hours of tutoring monthly for the following:
- Grades 4 to 12 - $139.99
- Test Preparation - $189.99
- College courses - $269.99

The Web site has a side-by-side comparison of Vienova's pricing compared with other competing tutoring service. The pricing averages $15/hour and is substantially lower than other services.

Tutoring is available for nearly any aged student. From the fourth grade through college and including adult education, Vienova has professional tutors in place to help you succeed. The following includes some of the areas of study that Vienova can lend support.
- English
- Math
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Economics
- Physics
- Geography

Test preparation is a key offering from Vienova. Students preparing for entrance exams or adult education will find the additional support they need for the following:

- International English Language Testing System
- English as Foreign Language.

When a child is removed from a noise-ridden social school environment, and allowed to study in the relative quiet of their home, Vienova may be helpful in promoting a higher level of concentration. Vienova tutors can provide the personalized attention that is so often missing from busy classrooms.

For college students preparing for difficult entrance exams, Vienova tutors offer each student individualized attention that may not be available on campus.

Tutoring is an excellent resource for any age student who needs assistance in understanding difficult subjects they might not be grasping in the classroom. Sometimes, by approaching the subject matter from a different direction, or just by offering students one-on-one attention, the Vienova tutors can help the student gain clarity that was previously been elusive. For some, the financial investment can be steep, but the results the tutoring render can be invaluable.

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I need my money back my contact 201-674-2352 or 201-659-2693 posted Sep 13th, 2009 12:40 pm


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I need your contact phone no. posted Jul 12th, 2009 9:47 pm



My son started getting tutoring at Vienova a few years back and since the has steadily increased his GPA. posted Jul 3rd, 2008 8:04 am



Has anyone tried this? How is the audio? Are they based in the US or do you need to teach the operator how to pronounce words? I need to get a better score on my SAT! posted Feb 27th, 2008 5:55 am



I can't imagine taking on teh GRE w/o vienova. Serious thanks for the help!! posted Jan 31st, 2008 4:47 pm

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