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Accredited online degree programs offering flexibility..

Walden Online University is an accredited institution that offers a complete array of degree programs and Bachelors through PhDs. You'll be able to further professional proficiency and advance your career. One of the greatest benefits of Walden University is that the entire degree will be completed online. Earning your college degree won't interfere with work, the kids- or your life.

Their mission includes improving access to post-secondary education, and supporting the kind of professional excellence that leads to positive social change. Furthermore, their educational focus addresses the challenges faced due to the global juxtaposition of today’s world.

Courses include studies regarding Ethical Leadership, Learning-Management and the integration of private, public and non-profit sectors. Global professionals contribute their expertise as on-going participants who comment, direct, and enhance the learning experience.

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You can choose from dozens of degrees through the following degree programs at Walden University:
- Public Administration
- Education
- Psychology
- Public Health
- Human Services
- Counseling
- Nursing
- Engineering/IT

- Online degree programs
- Flexible Scheduling
- Accredited
- Global Perspective
- Global-Based professional contributions
- Career Based

- Bachelor Degrees only available in the Business program
- No personal interaction with professors

Walden University is an accredited online university offering flexible-scheduled learning through internet-based facilities.

Students at Walden University will gain access to both professional and peer interaction through their online portal at the school website.

Walden University focuses almost solely on the professional/managerial aspects of your chosen profession. By doing so, they can provide specific managerial techniques and specialty knowledge specific to your field. This is an institution worth considering if career advancement and technical expertise is your goal.

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Waldon University, Waldan University, Wolden University, Walden Univ

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Alan Amos

Thumbs Down

Why can't online school websites allow someone to browse their school's offerings and financial costs without always having to complete a "life history" form first? I know you can't wait to give one of your salepeople my name, number, and blood type in order to "make a sale," but I think that you would do better allowing potential student to shop before completing a vita just to get a flyer and many, many, phone calls and emails. posted Jul 16th, 2010 8:48 pm


Thumbs Up

Great school with tons of options for students with unique schedules. posted Jun 12th, 2009 12:02 am


Thumbs Up

I'm glad my degree from Walden University was so flexible. With work and a family i was still able to accomplish my goal. posted Jul 3rd, 2008 8:04 am

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