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Earn your degree in as little as 17 months..

Westwood College is ideal for any student interested in pursing an Associates or Bachelors degree outside the confines of a traditional four-year university. Westwood College offers accelerated career-based Associates and Bachelors degree programs from a campus-based facility, through online courses, or a combination of the two.

Unlike a four-year college or university, general studies are not usually part of the prerequisites, unless they are pertinent to the career specialty a student is studying. Thus, a degree that might normally require four years of schooling, can easily be accomplished in as little as three years.

- Earlier emergence into the job market
- Wide array of degree programs
- Campus- and Web-based classrooms
- Collaborative efforts include both instructors and community business leaders
- Associates, Bachelors and Masters programs available
- Ideal for working adults

- Consumer comment suggests that some degrees are less valuable than others
- Price comparisons tend to be high
- Campuses only in six states

Tuition and book costs will vary according to the following: 
- On- or off-campus courses
- Number of credit hours necessary to achieve desired degree
- Technical aspects of courses

Westwood College offers an extensive catalog of degree programs- far too many to mention all of them here. In addition to a wide array of Associates, Bachelors and Masters degrees available on campus, online degree programs are more varied than many schools. A sampling of the degree programs available through online study include:

- Computer Network Engineering
- Graphic Design and Multimedia
- Software Engineering

- Animation
- Business Administration, Accounting or Marketing
- Computer Network Management
- Game Software Development
- Interior Design

- Westwood Online MBA

Westwood College offers campuses in 17 cities throughout the continental U.S.

Westwood College is run much like a business college, since that is its classification. Thus, its campus services tend to be focused on the environment one is likely to face when entering the world of business, rather than on clubs and fraternities. Students are requesting an ever-growing level of student services to enhance their experience at Westwood.

Westwood is for the student with a burning desire to gain the knowledge and degree necessary to move into the workforce to pursue a more fulfilling career.  Because they offer such a wide array of training subjects, students are drawn to them for career-specific degrees that can be obtained in as little as 17 months. Westwood College makes it easy for even full-time workers to complete a degree by offering several web-based classes.

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jihan khaled


I want to study English literature I have a BA in English and I want to study master posted May 16th, 2016 10:52 pm


Thumbs Down

Stay as far away as possible.

18% interest on student loans to get a

worthless degree that is not accredited??

Credits don't transfer

Don't waste your time or money posted Nov 21st, 2009 7:02 am

Darius K


As a former educator and someone who spent time at Westwood, I would suggest staying as far away from this school as possible. Westwood does not have the proper accreditation, and your credits will not transfer to ANY other school. The only thing you'll get from Westwood is an astronomical bill, poor quality classes, and a worthless degree. posted Sep 28th, 2009 11:05 am


Thumbs Down

I don't believe that Lauren made that post entirely of her own will.

The reason Westwood has such an aggressive ad campaign is to counteract all the undoing caused by negative word of mouth. That alone should tell you all you need to know about Westwood. posted Aug 27th, 2009 4:06 pm


Thumbs Up

I was looking for a school that offered an MBA that worked with my work schedule and I could enter without the GMAT.

I found their MBA to have more than qualified and helpful instructors with real-world experience. I found it more than worth the investment because I can always come back for free refresher courses and get help obtaining a job for life.

I recommend this school to anyone looking for a higher level degree that needs flexibility as a working adult. posted Jul 23rd, 2009 12:04 am



It's nice to know that my degree is only going to take me about three years. posted Jul 3rd, 2008 8:04 am



I am near the Denver campus has anyone gone to this school. I think it would be cool to do work at home online and then go into the classroom when I felt I needed a kick in the buttttt posted Feb 27th, 2008 6:17 am

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