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American Career College is an educational institution providing excellence and a supportive community to help you achieve that change. They are committed to providing the best possible facilities, faculty, and student services that allows students to excel in their health care career of choice, and become fully prepared for the working world. ACC cannot guarantee the securing of positions, however, the Career Services Department will equip students with the tools to find and maintain desirable employment.

Founded as American College of Optics, the school was incorporated in California in 1978 and devoted exclusively to the optical dispensing profession. In 1985, the college moved to Wilshire Boulevard, and four years later relocated to its present facility in Los Angeles, California.

In September 1990, the college expanded its curriculum to include the Pharmacy Technician program and changed its name to American College of Optechs. Over the next decade, the college continued to expand its curriculum to include additional specialized allied health programs, and because of the school’s broader offerings, its name changed permanently to American Career College in 1993. In 2008, American Career College expanded its level of offerings to include two allied health care programs culminating in an Associate of Occupational Science degree: Respiratory Therapy and Surgical Technology.

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- Transportation provided
- Childcare available
- Graduate refresher courses
- Accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools
- Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology
- Offers associate's degrees
- Progressive curriculum


- Not all programs are offered at all three locations


- Dental Assisting
- Medical Assistant
- Optical Dispensing
- Pharmacy Technician
- Respiratory Therapy
- Surgical Technology
- Vocational Nursing
- Health Claims Examiner/Medical Biller


ACC has three campuses:
- Los Angeles
- Orange County
- Inland Empire


There is no on-campus student life, as there are no dorms or on-campus housing. They do make transportation procedures simplified for students, as the Los Angeles campus has two parking options available: street parking near and around the college, or monthly parking in a parking lot two blocks from the school. The Anaheim Campus has free daily parking available around the campus. Students may be transported to and from the buildings by shuttle. The Ontario Campus has free daily parking available around the campus.


We know going to school is often a difficult decision. ACC makes it easier by providing a number of services while you are enrolled. The Student Services staff was formed specifically to help attend to the student's day-to-day needs. They provide information about transportation, childcare, professional counseling services available within the community, and academic tutoring.

American Career College will provide a top notch education, and guide students toward their goal of a successful, fulfilling career in the health care industry.


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posted Nov 3rd, 2014 4:11 am



I attend the Optical Dispensing program @ the Ontario Campus. Let me just start off by saying overall the best school experience I have ever had, I love coming to school everyday, everything you need to be successful is right there! My one problem although is my instructor Mrs. K who is extremely unprofessional at times, instead of assisting student, chats about her personal life n sex life ;i . She finds out alittle bit about her students n uses it to her advantage.. I have also noticed lately she is hesitant to help students, almost like she ignores it. I am a quick learner there for when I go into class I know what I need to do n I do it so I try to ignore everything else. I have heard she has been reported on these issues before but I guess nothing was done. This is my only problem with this school hoping the campus president will take another look at there program instructors. posted Mar 20th, 2014 3:25 pm

Ashleigh B.

Thumbs Down

This school is a JOKE.

My class had to sign a petition to get a teacher removed for failing to teach.

She taught us things that if we actually did them in a pharmacy setting we could easily lose our job.

She taught us the math we need for pharmacy calculations wrong; and when asked about the correct way told us to ask a fellow student to explain it.

The directors seemed to care at first, they said they had heard the same thing from other people and would work it out. Nothing happened for a month.

When they finally moved us to a new teacher, We were so behind.

Now, they are giving us her as a teacher again as the new teacher left to teach at a better school. They explained that since only 1/5 (10 out of 50) of her class ever came in to the directors office to complain, she wasn't a bad teacher, even though 20 people signed a petition on top of the 10 who went in person.

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE! You might get stuck with Ms. Beauman and never learn what you need to know in the field! posted Jul 24th, 2009 4:22 pm

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