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Anthem Institute is part of the Anthem Education Group and is a career training school that specializes in the technology and medical fields..



Anthem Institute is part of the Anthem Education Group and is a career training school that specializes in the technology and medical fields. Anthem Institute offers students a hands-on learning experience through real-world educational opportunities. This emphasis on first-hand learning better prepares students for a successful career upon graduation.

Day and evening classes are available, in addition to online classes, which makes it very easy for both traditional and non-traditional students to attend. After graduation, students may return to Anthem Institute to retrain and update their skills at no additional cost through the Quality Commitment Program.

The professors are experienced professionals in their fields who have real experience and knowledge, and they are more than willing to share this with their students. A caring student services department helps students find part-time jobs while they are enrolled and full-time jobs after graduation.

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- Return after graduation for training at no cost
- Day and evening classes make it easy for studies to attend classes
- Emphasis on hands-on learning
- Online classes
- Job placement assistance during school and after graduation
- Six campus locations


- No established internship/apprentiship program



- CAD/Drating Technology
- Computer Networking
- Computer Science
- Dental Assistant
- Electronics Technology
- Graphic Design & Animation
- Massage Therapy
- Medical Assistant
- Medical Billing & Coding
- Surgical Technologist
- X-ray Technician

Associate's Degrees:

- Accounting Technology
- Business Management
- Criminal Justice
- Dental Assistant
- Massage Therapy
- Medical Assistant
- Medical Billing & Coding
- Surgical Technologist
- Veterinary Technician

Bachelor's Degrees:

- Accounting Technology
- Business Management
- Criminal Justice

Master's Degrees:

- Business Administration


Anthem Institute has campuses in:

- Springfield, PA
- New York, NY
- Jersey City, NJ
- Parsippany, NJ
- North Brunswick, NJ
- Cherry Hill, NJ.


Students at Anthem Institute are both traditional and working adults with other life responsibilities. Students can attend day, evening, or online classes, depending on their schedule. These are typically students who want to pursue a career in the medical or technology fields, but do not want to spend years in a classroom. Students at Anthem Institute are driven and motivated to earn their degree in a short amount of time and begin their careers in their chosen fields. 


Anthem Institute offers exceptional medical and technological training programs. Since an emphasis is placed on first-hand learning at Anthem Institute, students will have plenty of experience upon graduation and be well prepared to begin a successful career.


Common Misspellings

Antem Institute, Antham Institute, Anthem College, Anthem School, Anthom Institute


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Thumbs Down

Anthem Institute Parsippany should not even be open and teaching anybody. My teachers were ok but very low class staff members. Since I have been there they change the staff every month. They are very unprofessional. I took loan to study medical billing and coding, what a waste. From the begining they go on and on about how they care about their students, and how they provide them a career after finishing the school. Bull sh..!! After I finished school they couldnt even find me externship, and when they finally did, the place was for engeneers and not for billers or coders. I've heard so many complains about that school, I wish I did a research before I went there. My whole class is very disappointed that they went to that scool. Also I met couple other people who took different classes in Anthem and said same thing "school is horrible, regreted that I went there" Their staff is very young and very irresponsible. When I wanted my resume to be done at career services the girl who does resumes for each student told me to change it myself and she would type it for me!!! LOL if I can make my own resume and find my own externsite why do I need them! Its so ridiculous I cant even explain! I had to find my own externship cause the place they sent me was a totally different field. I am going to write a letter to board of education, so they can do something about that school. I would never ever recommend Anthem Institute in Parsippany to anybody!!! Please research before you decide to go there. posted Nov 5th, 2010 9:43 am

fed up student

Thumbs Down

so funny to put cherry hill next to ghetto, but you never believe i was treatened with a gun by another student and the staff did not protect the students, when it could have been avoided. on top of that the teachers do not teach i take the massage class, terrible the teacher is not quailifed to teach, she has no experince teaching, never went to school to learn how to teach. "she passed the national exam" but she has not mastered massage or she wouldnt be tere she would be getting money. my teacher "medites" 3 times a week so for 6 hours a week. the students lay down and go to sleep there is not massage being taught, there is no massage going on at all just mediating my 12000 away. if i wanted to take yogo and sleep i would stay home or join a gym pay 35 dollars not 12 grand. this is what u get for your money, yelling teachers, unsafe school and a unprofessional staff. they let criminals start the school. quit, man i dont want to quit but when i sit there and think about all the money im wasting in here and wasting by spending that time there no working. i know these teachers have no life outside of school but im not into wasting my time my time is money. i had perfect attendance and a perfect grade point average, now i cant stand going to school and she trying to take my grade. you fuck, what a school all they want is money money from the state they dont deserve. they should not be accredited. we pay taxes so they can steal from us. we pay real money we should get a real fucking education and ya im mad cause i take my education seriously especially since i put my heart into it 100 posted Feb 13th, 2010 1:19 am

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