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Baran Institute of Technology was founded in 1979 in East Windsor, CT. At Baran, an emphasis is placed on hands-on learning and students practice daily on real projects that are applicable to their areas of study. Baran offers students eight different degree programs, giving students a variety of options to choose from. The professors at Baran are professionals in their fields and are dedicated to helping their students succeed.

Baran students enjoy wireless Internet across campus, in addition to various computer labs situated across campus. There are not student housing buildings on Baran’s campus, so all students must commute. However, there are many apartment complexes close to Baran that make it easy for students to live near campus.

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- Dedicated professors who are professionals in their fields
- Plenty of hands-on learning prepares students for a successful career upon graduation
- Computer labs stationed across campus and wireless Internet make it easy for students to access the Web
- Plenty of degree programs make it possible for students to pick a program that they find interesting
- Small class sizes


- No online degree programs
- Only one campus in the U.S.


Students at Baran Institute of Technology will earn certification to begin their careers in one of these areas of study:

- Autobody
- Automotive
- Diesel
- Electrical Technology
- HVAC Technology
- Motorcycle Technology


Baran has one campus, located in East Windsor, CT.


Most students are driven to pursue a career that will allow them job flexibility and security. They are not interested in attending classes for years so that they can work behind a desk. Students at Baran will learn by doing from experienced professionals who care about the subjects they are teaching.


Baran Institute of Technology is a great school for students who live in New England and want to pursue a technical career. The professors at Baran care deeply about the success of their students, and this is evident in the classrooms. Students at Baran learn by doing and practice on real-world projects. Students at Baran graduate with the knowledge and experiences to be truly successful in their careers.


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Baren Institute of Technoloy, Baran College of Technology, Baron Institute of Technology, Baran Technology Institute

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Ronald Johnson


I attended and graduated in 1994.The instructors seemed to rush through everything.Especially welding class which lasted less than one 8 hr. day!! Huge waste of money.Totally regret my decision to attend school there.Two thumbs down!! posted Feb 7th, 2019 2:32 pm



I went to this school . Never visited the school or the dorms . And I graduated from there in 2009 . Thinking back now I could of just started somewhere at a dealer as a lube tech and made it to where Iam now . The dorms were in the ghetto . I could have bought any drug I wanted walking out the front door of the dorms . I had some good instructors who knew what they were talking about . But all in all it was a waste of money . They did find me a job right after graduating . And I still have that job today in the automotive industry doing what I went to school for . But paying back student loans for that place definitely isn't worth it . Get some real experience at a real shop somewhere and work your way into a place you really like with some experience . posted Jul 30th, 2014 1:34 am



this school sucked, a pathetic excuse for a trade school,i actually graduated from it.we started with 40 students in our class,9 of them finished the school,they put us in with another class because so many student left! the whole financial aid dept. quit one day,the ass. director quit around the same time.DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT ATTENDING THIS SCHOOL waste of money!!! posted Oct 19th, 2010 11:10 am


Thumbs Down

first off i must say i have to say the preivous rateing given and expierence is preatty true. when i attended drugs alcohole and ignorance was rampent. b4 i attended i was involved in an internship at the east coasts largest BMW dealership where i excelled and enjoyed working, but when i went to baran i found i was working on cars that belonged truley in a junkyard compared to a school as a teaching aid. i remember one day specifically i refused to work under a certain viehicle cause of the placement on a 2 post lift and i felt it to be an uneven weight placement and at a closer look the vehicle also exceeded the lifts weight restriction and my teacher told me that he'd fail me if i didnt i refused and as we argued all of a sudden i heard "look out!!" and the one ton van came falling off the lift almost killing 3 students in front and a forth underneath. i feel the lack of structure safte up to date real world cars and trucks that are complete and horrible liveing conditions and rampent drug use and dorms in the middle of the ghetto that this isnt the school for anyone that truely wants a career with a good backround and i had dealerships tell me personally that throught the industry they dont agknowledge that school as a worth while institution and i can say that searching for a job in 4 states they all told me the same. so inorder to obtain a job i had to fall back on previous job expieriences to even be looked at but in the end all it got me was a job in the army working on wheeled vehicles and a small bounus from the government for what training i had from them which was no where near enough to pay off my loan sadly. posted Apr 11th, 2010 2:18 am


Thumbs Down

Well to start it is good to now there is only one, because its going to make it a lot easier. I went there for auto body tech. and let me start by yes they had me sold. Good shop also we moved into the new bigger building that was about 5 time of the schools original size. So let me start saying, thats the only good thing about the school, is the building. Our first teacher was fired for drinking on the job. So right Off the bat we where 6 weeks behind. Yes a drunk teacher walking around a shop with dangerous machinery attempting to teach them , but only putting himself, the students, as well as myself in danger. Thankfully he was fired before anything bad happened. Our second Mod teacher quit two weeks before classes where over. Our third teacher was fired for having a affair with a female student from another one of his classes. This brings me to my finale teacher, who was the only good person there. He thought us what he was suppose to, but he also mentioned repeated how this was a dieing trade. Wow was he right, after graduating even with there job placement guarantee I didn't get a job for 2 years. I searched for jobs, and when I applied and had interviews the shop owners would never call back, some laughed in my face and walked away when I told them I was from Baren Institute. Then 2 years after I gave up and went to there offices and complained that I have yet to get a job and people in the field mock the school. So then I got my first entry level job, because of there job placement guarantee. I started washing cars and held up saying that once I move up things will get better. Well let me tell you, I worked in the #2 auto body shop in CT. I'm not sure what they are rated at now, but the guys I worked with where all great, but they where all much older they I was. They all told me the same thing my teacher would say its a dieing trade, and told me to get out while I'm young and can get into something better. I have thought that they just wanted me gone, because everyone knows out with the old and in with the new, but I stuck it out for 2 years. Only to get laid off for the second time shortly after being called back for being laid off for lack of work. Not to mention the insurance company's cutting the hours on how much techs get paid for there jobs.

Conclusion: But anyhow this is about Baren Institute, thank the guys that I worked with at the shop, because about 65% of what I learned wasn't even in use today. Most of the methods I learned where useless. Now it brings me to the school it self, I have seen a student trading drugs with one of the student teachers. My experience with Baren Institute was awful and I don't recommend going there. Also due to the lack of pay in the field and work towards the warmer months, I have yet to pay off my loan that was originally for just under $25,000. So with interest I'm sure I'll end up paying about double that if not more. Also not to mention 5 years of stress, for it all to be a huge waste of time. posted Feb 9th, 2010 2:14 am

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