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When looking for employment or even a promotion these days, you often find that companies are looking for employees that hold some type of college degree. Some companies don’t even care if your degree has anything to do with the job you’ll be performing, as long as you have one. This trend, along with wanting to be more competitive in the job market, has many people considering either getting a degree or going back to school for a more advanced degree than what they already have. The desire to get more education while still trying to maintain a job and spend time with the family has resulted in the creation of several online and more non-traditional means of earning a degree.

The ability to go to school and earn a degree on the schedule you choose, and while doing other things makes the idea very appealing to some. It also gives way to many that otherwise would not be able to attend traditional classes that take place during the day. One school that is seeking to help you obtain an advanced degree in a shorter amount of time is College America, which was founded in 1964. College America offers several campuses throughout the country including locations in Denver, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, Colorado as well as Phoenix, Arizona. Degrees can be completed through the traditional campus locations while the online degrees are conducted through College America’s affiliate school – Stevens-Henager College. Depending on what your interests are, most of the common fields of study have degree offerings either online or through the campuses.


- Students taking online courses receive a complimentary laptop
- Several degrees available through online study including some master’s degrees
- Popular degree fields to choose from
- Several locations available for those who choose the classroom degree programs


- Locations are focused to just three states
- No options for those that might seek more specialized degree subject offerings
- No costs given prior to contacting the school
- Not all degrees offered are available online

College America offers several degrees both online and on their multiple campuses. Some of the degrees available are:


- Associate of occupational studies in computer programming
- Associate of occupational studies in graphic arts
- Associate of science in graphic arts
- Associate of science in business management and accounting


- Bachelor of Science in accounting
- Bachelor of Science in business administration


- Master of Science in business administration
- Master of Science in nursing administration


Although College America has campuses located in three different states, all of the online programs are handled through their affiliate school – Stevens-Henager College. The locations of the various campuses are as follows for the traditional classroom setting:

- Cheyenne, WY
- Fort Collins, CO
- Denver, CO
- Colorado Springs, CO
- Flagstaff, AZ
- Phoenix, AZ


College America doesn’t appear to be a completely traditional school. There are no mentions of school athletics or social organizations that students might have access to on their web site. Students are able to enjoy career placement assistance by the school upon graduating. Students who are enrolled in online classes get the added bonus of receiving a laptop to aid in their education. Upon graduation, students are allowed to keep their laptop as a gift from the school.


College America is one of many schools created to meet the needs of those wanting to go back to school for an advanced degree. Whether you are going back to finish one you started long ago, or just getting started, College America seems to be a solid school offering some of the most popular degrees currently available. Although it may seem a disadvantage to not live in an area where College America has a campus, their online offerings seem a bit more extensive than what you can choose from going the classroom route. If you are a person that enjoys the online style of learning, College America may be worth at least getting more information about.

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Jeremy Kuklicz

Thumbs Down

They lied about their computer lab, the types of jobs they would help me find, they let students retake the same test so they look better, would not let you keep text books "included with tuition". When I complained to the school about the quality of their program they told me since I know so much I should come teach. They give you an education that is worthless. Go ANYWHERE else posted Mar 25th, 2019 4:31 pm

Amanda DeBona

Thumbs Down

DONT use this college At all they will get you in, and they won't help you to make sure you have a job after you graduate. I waste my time and money at this college, I graduate in 2014 and I still don't have a job in the career I went to school for. And now I have student loans I have to pay back thinking about getting an attorney to do a lawshuit posted Jan 8th, 2019 2:24 pm

None of your business


I am a graduate of this school and I can truly say that your degree from this school is worthless! I am still not able to find work. They take better care of the medical field students then they do with any other student that is studying something else. This school puts you into a lot of debt! Because of this school I am in debt of over $10,000. You get financial aid and pell grant to pay for you schooling and books that you get to keep this school you have to return the books you get. They only pay for certs for the medical students and make everybody else pay for their certs put of pocket. This school has a lot of problems with accreditation. This is a profit school so you are better of going somewhere that costs less. posted Nov 21st, 2016 2:23 pm



Complete rip off. I am currently seeking a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit against these money hungry crooks who take advantage of unsuspecting people. posted Jul 29th, 2016 2:05 pm



What kind of laptop do you get when you attend the online courses at this colleve/ posted Oct 2nd, 2011 9:26 pm


Thumbs Down

This college was not for me. I did not realize until I got fully immersed in the school. I would suggest to any person thinking about going to this school to really do their homework. I did not, and I regret it very much. The reason I went to this school was to enroll in an accelerated program. I waited some years before going to college, and enrolled at another college in town. I saw some ads for College America and thought it would be awesome to graduate in two years rather than the four year plan i was currently on. Is the school accredited? Yes. You will get your degree. But now after graduating from a state college and looking back, I have found that employer's would not pick a graduate from this school over any other school. But you are paying over 60k for this program? So you would think this school would be more prestigious? Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! The campus I went to is in a ratty old movie theater. There is one printer for the entire student body to use. The library barely has any books. The course books are more like pamphlets. My anatomy book was about 75 pages, and you could not find this book on any college bookstore site, which means it is pretty much a child's book. That is how all the books were. For 60k, I thought I would have to work my butt off, that the classes would be harder. Nope. Barely had to do work. Show up and you will pass. Don't show up and you will probably pass as well. they were holding class in a shut down tattoo shop, complete with red and black tiles, and old paintings too inappropriate for class i guess so they covered them with cardboard. I was going to pay over $1200 for this class???? Yes, I was, because they will bill you more than you thought possible if you leave. You won't get out of their system. I had my recruiter trying to send me messages and friend me on facebook! Pretty obvious they must make some sort of commission they are so desperate. I felt so insulted in spending so much money and taking classes inside a hot old tattoo shop that hadn't been remodeled with anything more than second hand desks, that I left class early, and went to talk to the dean, "T." I asked the front desk for her, they called her in her office, and the lady told me that she was busy and to come back later. I was already fuming, so I just walked back there. Busy? She was sitting at her desk talking with the other office lady and eating. Clearly too busy to talk to a student about leaving this joke of a school. Like i said. Not for me. If it is for you, have fun graduating in a gross old movie theater stage, and be proud of your second hand education that most employers laugh at. posted Sep 27th, 2011 9:47 pm

curerently lost at the phx campus

Thumbs Down

i really dont know what to do i go to the phx campus and I JUST HATE IT, it started out good only 2 classes a week,

with the other 3 days online(now the classes are basically crash courses).

coming up on my sixth mod i look at our schedules an we now have classes all week....i mean omg we get a damn lecture n then its read this chapter an then do this....i HATE IT is there anything i can do, i just really dislike their style(online classes are the worste invention, for the non comprehensive)(me)... posted May 28th, 2011 2:37 am



I did not research College America (enough). The situation is EXACTLY as "none" above stated; this "college" (I use the term very loosely) obviously will accept ANYONE. Now, that may seem like a noble endeavor on their part to educate the uneducated, however it seems that providing an education is not the goal of the college. The goal of this college is to make money. If you do choose College America, be prepared to deal with high school type behavior from your peers and staff members who will listen to you but do NOTHING about it. This school has numerous rules that are not enforced, leaving the students who abide by the rules labeled and frustrated. Standards left unchecked will only result in the devaluation of the school and thus the devaluation of the degree. The credits earned at College America do not transfer to other colleges. Once you begin your education here you are stuck. Again, my dilemma began with a lack of simple research on my part; I know how to take ownership. posted May 26th, 2011 3:01 am



can someone write me about the medical side of the school i'm looking in to the medical side and want a little feed back before i begin thanks posted Feb 11th, 2011 10:49 am


Thumbs Down

I agree. I currently attend College America and it is certainly not up to par and I have no idea what to do about it. As long as you attend, you will be given a degree. I was hoping to actually learn something and sadly that is not the case. I am fearful for when I graduate and enter the job market because I am clueless about my field of study... posted Jul 17th, 2010 3:22 pm


Thumbs Down


You might be thinking "people only write reviews when they had a bad experience. That's what motivates them to actually write something"...not true. This school SUCKS!. I will give you legitimate reasons too. I will not just complain. I am only speaking for the Computer Science or networking classes. Not medical side.

First off, I am paying $65k for the degree. This school will accept 99% of whoever applies. Why? Because they know that once you sign up and go a little bit, the government gives them the money. You then owe the government under the contract. They still get to keep the money because the government paid them. Unless you are rich and pay cash and not get a loan.

Secondly, ask them these important IMPORTANT!!! questions. How many programming teachers do you have? How many networking teachers do you have? Are your computers up to standards? What are the specifications on it? How many computers do you have for students to practice the networking on?

Here are the answers: 1 programming teacher (many have quit or got fired) and 1 very awesome networking teacher. The computers only have the minimum specifications. Not even 512 mb. They are also not even DVD based. There are only 6!!! 6 computers for the many students. The laptops they give you are underpowered and not meant for programming softwares or networking. It is only good to do general work like for the medical students.

Another question to ask: How are my classes set up and will I know what I will have a month from now? Are my classes in the correct order so I learn the foundation before going to advance classes?

Answer: "NOOOOO". They are soooo unorganized. You will not even know what class you'll get in a month. They also will jump you into advance classes before beginning classes and you'll be at lost and expected to get it. The teachers don't even know! Come in and talk with students. We will give you the information you need.

Another question: "Programming requires softwares to download. These softwares can cost hundreds each. While many colleges provides these at discounts or free, do you provide these softwares so I can properly learn the languages?"

Answer: NO. This school does not participate in partnership with software companies so we can get a discount. You have to download a trial version online which lasts for only a month or so. Then when you need it again you have to pay for it and you are SOL. You either pay for it or get screwed. In some classes you take up to 2 days just downloading the program and try to make it work because they don't have it readily available for you. That is equivalent to 6 full classes of doing nothing.

Also ask how many computer science teacher have they had in one year? Countless! This Denver campus is a joke. I am not talking about other campus'.

Bottom line, walk in the school and talk with the students, not the admissions people. Do not come to this school. posted Feb 19th, 2010 3:11 pm

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