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Ideal for working adults who want to earn their college degree in a Christian environment. .



Cornerstone University was founded in 1941 and created with people in mind whose focus is on family or career. The goal of this Michigan-based school is to make earning a college degree as approachable as possible. Cornerstone students are tought by professionals in the area of study and will only attend one class each. Students are organized in project teams to help promote a more interactive learning environment and develop team-building skills. Cornerstone University offers students modern learning in their area of study, in a Christian environment, and prepares them for a successful career.

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- Small classes and personalized instruction
- Numerous degree programs
- Financial aid options
- Classes meet only once per week, making it easy for non-traditional students to earn their degree


- Only located in Michigan
- Those who do not practice the Christian faith might not appreciate the emphasis on this religion


- Associate of Science in Business
- Associate of Science in Human Services
- Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
- Bachelor of Science in Management
- Bachelor of Science in Ministry Leadership
- Master of Arts in Education
- Master of Business Administration (online)
- Master of Sciences in Business Administration
- Master of Science in Management


Cornerstone University has four campuses in Michigan: Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lakeshore, and Lansing. There is also an online degree program in Business Administration.


Students at Cornerstone are typically working adults who want to earn a college degree. Students only attend classes once a week; however, their participation in project teams might require them to meet more regularly. Most students at Cornerstone are non-traditional students who have family and work responsibilities.


Cornerstone University provides all students with the opportunity to earn a college degree while maintaining their work and family responsibilities. It is an ideal place for working adults who want to further their education in a Christian environment. 


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As a currently enrolled student (4.0 GPA) about a year from graduation, I have not been impressed by this program. I get the distinct impression the University is willing to hand out diplomas as long as the student is willing to pay. There are several individuals in my cohort who should not be passing college courses at this level (as someone who sees their submitted course work) and yet are maintaining solid 3.0 or 3.5 GPA's. I'm sorry, but if you can't spell "comma" (or "coma" as my classmates prefer), let alone know how to use one, you should not pass a college level english course. posted Sep 18th, 2013 12:01 pm

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