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Tribeca Flashpoint specializes in multiple media arts fields..



Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, specializes in preparing students for a successful career in the creative and applied arts. Tribeca Flashpoint offers degree programs in Film/Broadcast Media, Recoding Arts, Visual Effects/Animation, and Game Development.

Tribeca Flashpoint's curriculum is based on current trends in the industry and is reviewed regularly in order to prepare its students for a successful career in their chosen field. Students complete the degree program in as little as two years. The professors at Tribeca Flashpoint are professionals in their field who care about helping students learn the skills necessary for a successful career in their field. Students learn multidisciplinary skills which will help prepare them for their future careers in the digital arts. Students also work in teams, which helps them gain skills that will benefit them in the workplace. The career services department maintains contacts across the world and helps students find successful jobs after graduation.

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- Students can earn their degree in as little as two years
- Professors who are professionals in their fields
- Dedicated career services helps students find jobs
- Emphasis on multidisciplinary skills help prepare students for diverse fields
- Students work in teams


- No online degree programs
- Only located in Chicago


- Film/Broadcast Media
- Recording Arts
- Visual Effects/Animation
- Game Development


Tribeca Flashpoint Academy is located in Chicago, IL.


Students may attend both day and evening classes, making it easy for both traditional and non-traditional students to attend Tribeca Flashpoint. Students at Tribeca Flashpoint are motivated individuals who want to earn their degree in a short amount of time and begin a successful career in their field. 


Flashpoint Academy offers its students a creative environment in which to earn their degree. With programs in many of the most popular artistic fields today, Flashpoint enables students to have plenty of hands-on learning experience in small groups, which helps develop teamwork skills. The professors and staff members take a true interest in the lives of their students and provide mentoring and tutoring services at no additional cost. This is an exciting place of learning for anyone seeking a degree in a design field.


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I am so confused. I am looking right at my sons diploma from Flashpoint and it is an Associate of Applied Sciences. That means accredited, doesn't it? However, no one wants to transfer his credits to a 4 year degree for a BA. He too thought this was a trade school, and in the first year, they switched to the AA program. That's great, and he might as well keep going to school, but he doesn't want to take 'core' classes again! posted Apr 10th, 2011 2:07 pm

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not accredited so financial aid is scarce. Must have a cosigner with perfect credit score to get a loan. Very expensive. No diversity. Student population is primarily white males from the suburbs. posted Mar 6th, 2011 2:35 pm

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