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Florida Tech University was founded in 1958 in Melbourne, Florida. Florida Tech University specializes in training students for successful careers in their chosen fields, and is continually ranked one of the best universities in the Fiske Guide to Colleges.

Florida Tech University recently created an online degree program for students who do not want to attend classes on campus. Florida Tech Online offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in more than 20 fields.

The online degree program at Florida Tech University allows students to earn their degree when and where it is most convenient for them. The online courses are designed to allow students to interact with other students and the professors, which eliminates the feeling of being alone that is commonly associated with online learning.

In addition to being able to directly contact professors though Florida Tech University Online's email system, students can also receive online tutoring whenever they need assistance. Students also benefit from a caring career services separtment, which helps students find jobs after graduation. 

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- Online learning allows convenience and flexibility
- Interaction with professor and other students makes it easy to stay on track
- More than 20 degree programs to choose from
- Students can earn their degree from one of the best universities in the United States


- Lack of classic classroom structure might be difficult for some students


Undergraduate Degrees:

AA Liberal Arts
AA Business Administration
AA Accounting
AA Marketing
AA Healthcare Management
AA Criminal Justice
AS Computer Information Systems
BA Criminal Justice
BA Accounting
BA Business Administration/Management
BA Business Administration/Marketing
BA Business Administration/Accounting
BA Business Administration/Computer Information Systems
BA Business Administration/Healthcare Management
BS Computer Information Systems
HR Administration Minor w/any Bachelor’s Degree

Graduate Degrees:

MBA/Accounting & Finance
MBA/Healthcare Management
MBA/Information Technology Management
MBA/Project Management
MS Information Technology


The Florida Tech University campus is located in Melbourne, Florida. Florida Tech Online is accessible from around the world.


Students who attend the online program at Florida Tech Online are seeking to further their education, but are not able to commit to spending hours in the classroom. The flexibility of Florida Tech University Online's program makes it ideal for non-traditional students, who have other life responsibilities, such as jobs and family life, and for traditional students who want to earn their degrees online.


Students who earn their degree through Florida Tech Online receieve the same benefits as students who attend classes on campus: small class sizes, caring professors, tutoring, and a caring career services department that helps with job placement after graduation. The flexibility of attending class when and where it is most convenient is the distinguishing factor of attending Florida Tech Online, because it makes it easier for both traditional and non-traditional students to earn their degrees.


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Florida Technical Institute Online, Florida Tech Online, Florida Technical University, FTU


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To reply to the slander above relative to John Gilliam, yes, you could purchase a "used" book from Amazon, but new books for that particular class had to be bought through the University Alliance as it is a "custom" book.

Get your facts straight John F. posted Dec 19th, 2011 9:00 pm


Thumbs Up

I've been going going here for almost a year now. I have to agree its a little on the expensive side if you are paying full price. Military and their spouses get half off.

I dont think grades are just handed to people. I work hard to get a good grade.

I have no plans to change schools anytime soon. posted Jun 29th, 2010 3:13 am


Thumbs Up

I really like Florida Tech so far. Im an undergrad student going for an Accounting degree and Im attending online full-time. Its challenging, I have not had ONE class just handed to me; you have to STUDY. I really like it and my advisor Heather is awesome. She schedules my classes so that Im not totally overloaded with homework (i.e. if one course is reading-intensive, she puts it with a computer course with only interactive assignments and low reading). Its been a good school so far and I am really happy. posted Feb 19th, 2010 1:06 pm

John Fitzgerald


I am finishing my third class with this "college", and if I had not already invested $6000 so far, I would drop this place like a bad habit. STAY AWAY!

My VERY first class I was ripped off my University Alliance "counselor". I asked for the ISBN for the book for the class, my "counselor" John Gilliam, told me it was a "special" book that couldnt be purchased anywhere but through University Alliance. So I believed him and spent $200 on a book.

When I received the book in the mail, I checked the ISBN and found it on Amazon for $60! I called customer service (which didnt pick up the link the first 5 times I called) only to be told that John's manager was "out". These people are SCAM ARTISTS!! STAY AWAY!! Go somewhere else, anywhere else is better than this place!!

posted Jan 8th, 2010 2:16 pm


Thumbs Down

I just finished my first class, and it will be my last class. I had a introduction to information systems class. While it is an intro class, some of the questions were excessively easy (one question was "what is a virus?") Other questions made no sense, other questions had incorrect answers. Most questions were poorly worded and some even had spelling errors.I emailed the professor about one question, stating the answer was incorrect, I even pointed out what page in the book the information was on. The professor all but admitted he was wrong and refused to give credit for the question. Quite frankly this education is a joke, and is excessively expensive ($2000 a class). If you want a real education I suggest you go elsewhere. posted Jan 1st, 2010 12:42 am

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