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Going to school is something that we all have to encounter at one time or another in our lives. There can be challenges because not everyone experiences learning in the same format or at the same pace. Having several options available for learning makes it much easier for all students to reach their educational goals and potential. You often hear about college courses being structured differently to make it easier for students to learn at their own pace; now there is now a way for high school students to work through a flexible curriculum by attending the Insight Schools.

Insight is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools and is basically an online high school. Insight Schools offer students training to prepare them for college, vocational schools or enter the military. Insight offers more than 110 online courses so that students have the flexibility to earn their high school diploma, and reach their educational goals, exclusively online.

The curriculum includes core classes, foundation classes, electives, honors classes and vocational classes. While attending virtual classes at Insight, students also receive the support of academic counselors, state certified teachers and on-demand tutoring for when teachers aren’t available. Insight operates with the vision of creating improvements in the educational system of today and reducing the high school dropout rate. There are locations in several states, so students will still have some face-to-face interaction as they would in a traditional high school.

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- Thorough info on web site about the online high school program
- Fully accredited online high school curriculum
- Students still have opportunity for personal interaction through school dances and a high school graduation
- Full support system to ensure students succeed
- Classes taught by state certified teachers
- Full-time classes; Insight is an actual high school
- Students can join social clubs and take part in extracurricular activities
- Focused on the educational needs of students
- Extensive college prep and honors courses
- Is considered a public school so there is no tuition


- Currently only available in eight states
- States without an Insight School partner with a private school, which means students incur tuition costs
- May only begin classes at start of fall semester
- Not open to the public, must apply and be accepted


The purpose of the Insight Schools is to give students a high school diploma.


Insight Schools have locations in only eight states at this time. Some of the states included are Kansas, Colorado, California and Nevada. Those states that do not have an Insight Schools location have partnered with Olympus High School.

Insight Schools works closely with the departments of education in the states in which they teach. They are a public high school and align with the graduation requirements set forth by each state.


Students are encouraged to enjoy the social clubs that Insight Schools offer. Many of the schools have field trips, pizza parties, graduation ceremonies and even a prom so that students can interact with each other and maintain familiar high school socializing. These events also give the students and their parents a chance to meet with teachers.


Attending an interactive high school can be just as rewarding as a traditional school. Insight Schools offer students a chance to get their high school diplomas online while affording them all of the class offerings and many of the social opportunities students get from traditional schools.

There is an opportunity for students to attend an Insight School in many states throughout the country. However, if you are interested and don’t live in a state where there is an Insight School, a private online school is available.

If you have a student who seems to work better in an online setting, you might consider getting more information from the Insight Schools. Students can start attending in ninth grade, but must begin courses only in the fall. Students are no longer restricted to the traditional classroom setting for learning. Gone are the days when going to school means you have to leave home.  

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