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The NASCAR Technical Institute provides training to those who have a love for the sport of NASCAR and desire to work closer within the NASCAR world. The NASCAR Technical Institute also happens to be the exclusive educational provider of NASCAR. Located in North Carolina, The NASCAR Technical Institute, or NTI, has placed 92% of its graduates in professional entry-level jobs after their completion of the program.

With training from NTI, you will gain the knowledge and technical skills required to gain a job in the demanding field of NASCAR with great pay. At NTI you will receive a wide range of courses that are NASCAR specific. Having a technical school background from NTI will ensure that you are prepared for future advancement opportunities in the automotive industry due to your skilled training.

While enrolled in the NTI program, all books and most of the needed tools are supplied for students to use. Students also have access to tutoring while enrolled in classes. NTI provides students with some potential employers that may be interested in hiring them if they want to work part-time while enrolled in classes. Classes typically start once every few weeks so there is no long waiting period before you can begin your studies. Advanced training is available for those who are interested in manufacturer specific training.

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- Exclusive educational provider of NASCAR
- Receive the training needed to obtain an entry-level automotive technician job
- Advanced training available for specific manufacturers
- Industry driven hands-on training
- Program can be completed in as little as one year
- Career placement assistance provided
- Highly trained instructors


- One location in Mooresville, North Carolina
- No guarantee of a job affiliated with NASCAR
- Only one area of study


The certificate program offered by NTI is simply a certified automotive technician. There are no other degrees or certificates available. There are some advanced training opportunities available through manufacturer specific courses. These courses are called the Manufacturer Specific Advanced Training. These are tuition based and do increase your marketability. These courses must be applied for upon completing the base program of automotive technician.


There is currently one school location for NTI. The campus is located in Mooresville, North Carolina which is about 30 miles north of Charlotte. Mooresville is currently the home to more than 70 NASCAR race teams.


Some of the benefits that students enjoy when attending NTI include financial aid assistance, job placement assistance and even help finding housing when needed. There isn’t much focus on different activities for students to do outside of class, because the program is completed in a short amount of time. Students can be assured that they will get the help they need even if looking for a part-time to do while attending classes. NTI provides students with access to tutoring as well.


The world of NASCAR can be exciting for many people. For those who are fans, the thought of working with NASCAR brings even more excitement. With the NASCAR Technical Institute, you can have not only the close ties to the sport, but also have an education from the only NASCAR educational provider.

Although a job with NASCAR is not guaranteed once you graduate, you can be that much closer by attending NTI. You will graduate with the full capability of becoming an entry level automotive technician. There is currently only one school that bears the NASCAR name, which is located in Mooresville, North Carolina. If you live in that are and interested in working with NASCAR, NTI could be your first step on your way to the job of your dreams.

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