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Gain lifetime access to career placement assistance and grab a job in one of the hottest growing fields out there..


The Nevada School of Massage Therapy is a school that offers students thorough training in the area of massage therapy during a seven-month period. Massage therapy is touted as being one of the fastest growing fields in the country. Students who desire to make a living in this area can be assured that there are plenty of positions available for those trained in massage therapy. Jobs are available through spas, cruise ships or even by owning your own massage salon.

The Nevada School of Massage Therapy actually has locations in the states of Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Arizona with a total of seven campuses. Classes are always starting so you can get the information you need and be ready to start training next month. In 2008, The Nevada School of Massage Therapy was able to place 95% of their eligible students into jobs.

Students completing the program will receive lifetime career assistance from The Nevada School of Massage Therapy. Both day and evening classes are offered for your convenience and both full- and part-time schedules are available for the program. Some of the key classes included in The Nevada School of Massage Therapy curriculum are trigger point therapy, anatomy and physiology, Russian sports medicine, and cranial sacral therapy. The Nevada School of Massage Therapy is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training.

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- Seven campus locations to choose from
- Fully accredited massage therapy program
- Career assistance offered to students
- Massage therapy is a rapidly growing field
- Full-time students can complete the program in seven months
- Part-time available
- Day or evening classes for your convenience


- All locations are in western states
- Only program available is massage therapy
- Credits may not transfer elsewhere


The focus of The Nevada School of Massage Therapy is training students to be professional massage therapists. Therefore, this is the only program of study offered by the school. Those who complete their coursework will become licensed professional massage therapists.

There are currently seven locations for The Nevada School of Massage Therapy. Campuses are located in four western states and include the following locations:

- Las Vegas, NV
- Utah Valley, UT
- Salt Lake City, UT
- Phoenix, AZ
- Tempe, AZ
- Westminster, CO
- Aurora, CO


Student life is not a major focal point with The Nevada School of Massage Therapy. Some of the things that are highlighted are some of the resources available to students. The school works hard to make sure each student has a job after they graduate. There are also relocation resources available for those that must move out of state for their employment. Flexible schedules are another benefit that can tie into student life. Students not only choose whether they want to take classes full- or part-time, but they also choose whether they are enrolled in day or evening classes.


Being interested in massage therapy as a profession can lead you to a future with a stable job in a growing industry. Being able to get top notch training so that you can start your career is the first step. The Nevada School of Massage Therapy can provide you with that training and help you find a job after you’ve completed the program. If you live in Utah, Nevada, Arizona or Colorado, you might consider this school for your professional training. Whether going to school full or part time, you will have access to a lifetime of resources for finding a job once you’ve graduated. The field of massage therapy is rapidly growing, so now is the time to look into this widely popular career field.

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