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Olympus High School is high school unlike what you might be used to. Olympus High School is a private school that offers students an online education that will meet all of the requirements needed to earn a high school diploma. Olympus is accredited through the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. Olympus was founded in Arizona by the Apollo Group, which is the same organization that founded the University of Phoenix.

Olympus High School has a goal of teaching students the fundamentals of their education while allowing them to learn in an environment that works best with their learning style. With this type of education, all projects and assignments are completed and turned in online. Students who attend Olympus High School can attend classes for grades nine through 12 and most classes are full-time.

There is also the option of dual-credit courses where students can complete their high school and college courses at the same time. This is a great option for students who want to get a jump start on their college education. Olympus is fully staffed by licensed professional teachers and offers students tutoring, college advisement, technical support and writing tools. Due to the fact that Olympus is a private school, there are tuition costs involved for students who enroll.


- All courses and assignments are completed online
- Students who graduate are educationally prepared to attend college
- Olympus High School founded by those that founded University of Phoenix
- Dual-credit options allow students to earn high school and college credits simultaneously
- Curriculum available for grades nine through 12
- Faculty and staff are fully licensed teachers


- Private school requires tuition costs
- No social activities for students


Currently the only degree offered is a high school diploma. Students can choose to take dual-credit courses which will earn them college credits while they are in high school.


Olympus High School is located in Phoenix, Arizona, but because the classes are online, students can be located anywhere in the United States and attend school.


There is no highlight of activities for students since classes are done completely online. There is no mention of social organizations or activities where students in the same area can get together.


If you have a high school student who seems to learn better outside of a traditional classroom, you might consider checking out Olympus High School. Olympus is a private school, so there will be tuition costs involved, but students do get the advantage of being able to attend all of their classes online. College bound students can take advantage of the dual-credit courses and earn some college credits while they are still in high school. Olympus High School is a fully accredited high school and can give your student the academic push to get through high school and headed toward college.


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