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In times past you might decide to go to college, and spend months or even years deciding what school to attend, taking admittance exams and planning to start your studies. Fortunately for the many people that might be considering the journey back to school, starting your college education no longer takes months of planning. In fact, you can get the ball rolling today, and begin taking your first class in a matter of weeks.

Now there are a wide range of colleges available that specialize in helping you achieve your degree goals in a matter of months. One of the schools that allows for a wide variety of educational programs in a short amount of time is Stevens-Henager College. Stevens-Henager College offers degrees in many of the popular fields of study, such as health care, computers, business, graphic arts and even some graduate degrees. Although timelines for getting your degree can vary, Stevens-Henager does advertise that you can receive your associate’s degree in 20 months or less, bachelor's in 36 months or less and a graduate degree in 15 months or less (online only). You also don’t have to choose solely between an online program and going to a traditional campus. You can mix the two areas of learning with Stevens-Henager’s FastFlex programs.

If you have been considering going back to school, or you’re a current high school student wanting to attend college, Stevens-Henager offers flexible class schedules and supplies students with brand new HP laptop computers when they enroll in the FastFlex program. Stevens-Henager was established in 1891 and has five locations throughout Idaho and Utah.

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- Several locations to choose from
- Several popular fields of study available
- Associate's, bachelor’s and master's degrees available
- Students using FastFlex programs get free laptop computer
- Degrees obtained in three years or less
- Accreditation by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology
- Online learning available; online only for master's programs


- Locations only in Idaho and Utah
- Not as many degree choices as a traditional college campus
- Amenities of a traditional college not available


Some of the more popular degrees offered at Stevens-Henager are as follows:

- Nursing
- Respiratory Therapy
- Medical Specialties

- Accounting
- Business Administration
- Health Care Administration

- Business Administration
- Health Care Administration


Stevens-Henager College has locations in:

- Boise, Idaho
- Logan, Utah
- Ogden, Utah
- Orem/Provo, Utah
- Salt Lake City, Utah


Student life is not really a highlight of Stevens-Henager. The school is more focused on the educational aspect of earning your degree. Students are supplied with a new laptop if they enroll in the FastFlex program, which includes some classes completed from home. There are no mentions of athletic events or social organizations that students can be a part of.


For those living close to the areas that have a Stevens-Henager College location, going back to school can be very simple. You can begin obtaining your degree right now. Classes start each month, so you don’t have to wait until the fall or spring to get started. At the very least you can contact them for more information. You might find yourself with a new degree and the job you’ve been looking for a lot sooner than you ever thought possible.

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Thumbs Down

No one should ever go to this school. I went for nearly three years taking computer science courses online, and it seemed pretty good, but then my lap top got a virus, and crashed, so I had nothing to do my homework on other than my mom's mac for six months, all while I kept telling them, that I had issues with my lap top, and I was trying to get it fixed. I had to replace my hard drive, so I didn't have half the things I had to do my work. Then after six months of working that way, they told me the number for techinical support, so after that, I was playing catch up, but obviously that wasn't enough, so they told me they were going to kick me out, unless I gave them good enough reasons why my grades dropped, so I did. I had health issues, and my mom too, and sometimes I had to help her out, well...they didn't see that as a good enough reason. So they kicked me out for six months. While I was waiting I asked if there was anything I had to do before I could get back in, only to be ignored the entire time. When they finally got back to me, they tried to say I didn't give them my reasons for my bad grades, and tried to say I had to wait another year, so I had to find my old email to show them I did, so they said I could come back, but first, I had to pay off my loans, and THEN pay for three classes right out of pocket, and pass in order to be fine again. All it showed me, was how little they care for one's education, and how much they want your money. If you take responsibility and ask for help, they'll just brush you off anyway. I was on my last year, and got nothing out of it, but debt, and frustration. It was the first college I had ever attended....and for someone just starting off to get on their feet finally, this could be one's worst nightmare. posted Feb 6th, 2014 8:07 pm

Samantha Pandy


I am currently in my second year attending Stevens-Henager's online Business Administration program for my Bachelors. This will be my third time attending college, and I can honestly say I have had no more problems with this particular institution thus far as I have had with any other college I have attended. I believe the tuition is within industry standard and I believe the program offerings are exactly what is needed for my intended career field without all the fluff. I would highly recommend this institution to anyone. posted Nov 3rd, 2013 7:06 pm

SHC Alumni

Thumbs Up

I am a Bachelor's of Business graduate from SHC and I also completed my generals at Weber State. I have seen many students who complain over the years about SHC but it is the same as any other college. Every college has their goods and bads. As far as the fact that SHC doesn't "get you" a job is ridiculous. I know plenty of SHC graduates that have really good jobs (even in medical specialties) No college can guarantee that your success but you.

Before I even graduated I got a really good job because I was a desirable candidate. There is nothing worse than people who can't take responsibility for their own actions. I used to hear people complain all the time about how the school is mistreating them! I have Lupus, am a 100% single mother, have my own home and work full time and going to SHC was the best thing I ever did. The only people I ever heard complaining are the ones that smoke, have colored hair, tattoos everywhere or similar aspects. Its not the schools fault that you are not successful it's yours. As far as the ones with the health problems, I hear you. I had emergency surgery as well and was dropped out of school because of it. But I enrolled myself back in and paid the extra money. Every other college or university will do the exact same thing! They just won't let you back in until you pay in full! In life you get what you give. If you drop out of school because of the way they are set up then that's your fault and no one else!!

posted Mar 28th, 2012 8:04 am

Amanda Mattingly

Thumbs Down

In the late months of 2009 my world was changing, I had been a manager in hospitality for 12 years, striving to make the companies I worked for better. I had accomplished that with flying colors and these companies were now thriving. Being hired into failing businesses to change the trajectory of the path of the business. I had come to the conclusion I was ready to better myself and further my education. I wanted to open up new doors of opportunity and thought that this was the way to do it.

In Feb 2010 I started school at Stevens Henager in the Graphic Arts Design Program. I was loving it. Learning so much knew information, and getting great grades. I felt better about myself and the things I was getting done. I felt I was really on the right path to a new beginning, a new career. About 2 months into classes and my health started to fail drastically. Losing weight at alarming rates, not being able to eat or drink anything without being in immense pain. I continued my classes through this first month of hospital visits and first surgery. They said my gallbladder was causing my health problems, so they removed it. I went home shortly after surgery and was in more pain than before this all began. I had gone to the hospital time and time again, doctors, anyone who would listen. My gallbladder was gone and I was still withering away to nothing, in constant pain, through this I kept up on my classes. After a month of visits they had found they missed a large tumor on my pancreas that they had found the year prior and never advised me of. It had to be removed and soon. I called the school and spoke to my adviser, Wanda. I informed her of everything that had been going on with my health. We spoke in length about my options for school, as this next surgery they were basically going to saw me in half to get this tumor out. Recovery times in ICU were 2 weeks and then 2 months at home on pain killers and no movement. I told Wanda, my school adviser you guys appointed, I was concerned about being in ICU and on strong pain killers to try to comprehend what I would be learning in my classes and retain the information. Since I was paying for my education I wanted to remember it. Wanda stated the best option I have is to be put on hold and I could pick up my classes where I left off when my recovery was complete. I have emails and witnesses to back this up as well. So I went ahead with the surgery and felt I had done everything I could to secure my education after my recovery.

Slowly my recovery was taking place and I kept in touch with Wanda as to keep her up on my progress. To my surprise when my 2 months was about about up and I was feeling like a human again and off the prescriptions from the doctors, in July 2010 I tried to contact Wanda only to find out she was no longer with the company. I thought this was no problem until I find out, putting a student on hold is not even a option that is offered. Then I was told that I would have to reapply because I had been dropped, like I had quit school. The next bit of information was what pushed me over the edge, that my new payment would be $480 a month. WHAT??? I was paying $80 a month before this all started. Because your employee set me up with false information, Hold is not an option, If I would have known this in the beginning I would have done my classes while they were operating on me! The stress that this situation has created is unimaginable. The hours and days I have spent on hold, the time spent struggling with what to do, writing letters, and just plainly crying myself to sleep and at times hoping I don’t wake. The Situation the school has caused is something that has ruined an innocent girls life. My only want was to better myself and contribute back to the world. Now I look at the world as and ugly entity, with matter only caring of its self. And now I can’t further my education because of this imaginary “hold” term used by your employee. My life is in limbo as this matter has been overlooked and under thought. I have tried to resolve this issue with you several ways. I have contacted the school only to get treated rudely and transferred for hours to no one that can help or even have a clue about the circumstances. I contacted the commissioner in Utah, he suggested I contact the Better Business Bureau in Utah and the Business Licensing Center for Utah. I was informed that the state has no control over for-profit schools. So I wrote a letter explaining the situation to the BBB and though many correspondences with the school, we had come up with an agreement. The school never honored that contract. So I turned to the Department of Education, They wanted nothing to do with this, except their money, until they found out the school had lied to them as well. My School Grants were turned into loans because they thought I quit school. I NEVER QUIT SCHOOL!!! THE SCHOOL QUIT ME!!! I am now in debt tens of thousands of dollars for trying to better myself and because I chose Stevens Henager College to pursue my education. The original agreement I entered into with the school was all I was ever after. I had been wronged and my only hope is that I can find someone who cares enough to help right this awful mistake that has basically ended a life. posted Mar 9th, 2012 11:03 pm


Thumbs Down

I went to SHC. I did enjoy that the classes and teachers were educational and helped me learn. Unfortunatly I was lied to by the student advisors in the beginning. I graduated with an associates of occupational science (med specialties) I was told that I could start off as an associates and before I graduated in 2010, they would have the bachelours program for nursing. YA..... they do have a bahcelours program in Boise now, but you already have to have you nursing lisence. So I wasted 2 years and about 30,000 dollars and have to start all over because none of the important course work credits transfer anyywhere. I also found out that career services doesn't really help you find a job iether. All they did for me was send my resume out to a FEW nursing homes. I went back to school to get out of the nursing home setting. I already had my CNA lisence and when I started CNA wasn't even part of the course work. The school was great if you want just a medical specialties degree that you really can't do anything with. the courses were okay and I did learn. The teachers were good. The supplies that we needed were'nt always available and we had to share a lot. The classes were not small and sometimes we would have to bring in other chairs and some students had to sit on the floor. It seemes like I was in a school that had just opened and wasn't equipped. Oh well, now I know and won't make the same mistake again. I hope nobody else has this problem. I am not saying it is entirely the school's fault, just be very carefull and ask A LOT of questions before you sign anythin. And remember, once you go through the first week of school, you pay for the whole year weather you dop out or miss too much class or get kicked out. posted Jan 11th, 2012 6:44 am



If any of you are interested in filing a class action suit against stevens henager im in and I know several others that are to. We need to all get together. Please email me, lets get as many as we ccan to go forth and stop this school from ripping peole off. posted Nov 9th, 2011 12:47 am

Ezekiel Melinko

Thumbs Up

Why would anyone complain about open book? The ONLY reason people complain about this school is because they did something to mess it up. You can cry all you want, but the fact is that SHC is great. Just because most of you are to retarded to stay there doesn't mean that, with your now free time, you can bag on it. You want a school to complain about? ITT is the place. After I left their school, they tried to keep me in "Open Enrollment" to keep getting money from my grants, loans and my Montgomery GI bill. DOWN WITH ITT TECH!!! SHC For the WIN!!! posted Apr 20th, 2011 6:24 am

Harley Marks


WATCH OUT - if you start a program at Stevens Henagar and then something happens and you have to drop out or you decide to go to a different college, you are REQUIRED to PAY FOR THE ENTIRE program even though you didn't finish it. This is not only immoral and unethical but it is illegal. If you are caught in this trap, make sure you get an attorney and fight it. There are tons of holes in their contracts and you can get out of paying these illegal fees. My council to EVERYONE IS: DO NOT GO TO STEVENS HENAGERS. posted Feb 18th, 2011 2:05 pm

Jody Facer

Thumbs Up

Like Brian, I would recommend Stevens Henager to anyone. I was in the same program he was in, but the huge majority of the teachers were great. The Dean was very receptive to complaints about teachers and the program and made the corrections they needed. It was worth the time and money!!! posted Feb 4th, 2011 7:40 am


Thumbs Down

I attended SHC Boise for 6 months in their Computer Science program. It's a complete would be better off saving your money and purchase 25-30 books off of amazon and self study. You'll get a better education, and if you can get a few certifications under your belt you'll have a better chance of getting employed in the field than with their "degree". If you're serious about college go to Boise State and get a real degree with the accreditation to back it.

At SHC you don't have to study for exams...they're all open book. This makes it look better for their "accreditation" and students like it because it's easy. Nothing worthwhile in life is easy.

Their nursing program is a joke...they send students out to local "externships" and they get sent back because they don't have the education to do more than push a wheelchair. I could write a novel on all the financial crap they tried to pull with my financial aid.

It's a yourself the pain. posted Dec 14th, 2010 8:39 pm


Thumbs Down

This seemed like a great school when I started going. The first couple classes were pretty good. Then I got into my graphic design classes and things started going downhill. The first campus I went to had a room the size of a large closet for our computers and when it rained the roof would leak not even a foot away from them. Plus the teacher talked to us like we were 3rd graders. I moved and started going to another campus, and while the roof wasn't leaky, the teachers were about the same quality. When I had my Flash class the teacher didn't know anything about it. Not a damn thing. She told us that we would have to figure it out ourselves and teach the class. The school started saying that they were going to drop the graphic design program, and then they changed their minds and were going to make it all online, and then they kept changing their minds. I got fed up and quit half way through thinking I could just transfer my credits to another school and possibly get an actual education. The school told me this would be possible. They promised me, in fact. Turned out none of the credits would transfer to places like the University of Utah or SLCC. I tried places like Eaglegate, but they would only take a few, so I still would have had to start completely over. I stayed out of school for several years and then decided I might as well go finish what I started and get the degree, just for the sake of being able to say I have a degree. Other than giving you "free" laptops nothing has changed. The teachers, at least for the graphic design program, are incredibly conceited and rude. Constructive criticism is good, but they can be downright mean for stupid little reasons. My math teacher was teaching us how to multiply decimals wrong and ended up basing the whole grade on one take home final exam. The graphic design program, to me, seems incredibly dumbed down. If you already know a little about the programs used and basic design you probably won't learn much new stuff that you couldn't have figured out yourself by playing around with it a little. Nobody should waste their time, and especially not their money, at this school. I understand that people like getting degrees faster, but sacrificing a decent education for a quick degree at those prices is so not worth it. posted Nov 30th, 2010 8:24 pm

jackie brown


how about a class action suit against the college since no one wants to do anything about them ripping people off posted Nov 2nd, 2010 12:26 pm

Brian Fortner

Thumbs Up

It's funny how people who complain always feel the need to share their opinions more than people who are satisfied. So, I will say - I have obtained my Associate's in Graphic Arts at SHC, and it was amazing. I didn't have to pay for course books, the classes were educational albeit short enough to constantly hold interest. The price is worth the short time it takes to complete the course, and the instructors were *mostly* amazing. I had about 4 instructors out of 20 or so that sucked. Not bad. I would recommend SHC to anyone... everyone. posted Sep 8th, 2010 6:05 am


Thumbs Down

I attended SHC for three weeks and at the end of the three weeks they dropped me for no reason without a legitimate excuse from school and still will not tell me exactly why they dropped me. I do believe there standards are low there and this was at the ogden campus. I would not recommend going to school there or you will be paying for really nothing. just as soon as i find out the real reasons as to why i was dropped i will be bringing this to the higher ranking people's attention. they are bs and make no sense at all STAY AWAY FROM SHC ESPECIALLY THE OGDEN CAMPUS THEY ARE BOGUS AND ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY. The admissions consultants brandon and neil are awesome as is the receptionist. they do lack they one thing they preach bout which is integrity posted Apr 3rd, 2010 4:41 pm

not giving

Thumbs Down

DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL. This school and its staff care about one thing and that is getting you committed to something that they have promised and will not actually give you! They only care about getting your money, not your education they don't care that the quality of teachers is poor and the education you are getting is lacking. They don't care that their programs cost more than any other program at another school. You do not get what you paid for which for that price should be an up scaled education and it is not. The Assistant Dean to the Respiratory Program has made a statement that all the students there are whiney adults. Because we care about our education that we are paying a fortune for. Dont get sucked into they give you a computer it is a second rate laptop, you do not get to keep your course books, you have to return them to the school. The books they provide have other students highlighting and marks in them and when brought to there attention they tell you they will not give you another book. This school is lacking in professionalism and should be closed down. Do not let them mis lead you into telling you that they are nationally accredited. You will not be able to stop the program your in and go to a different school, absolutely nothing will transfer. posted Nov 30th, 2009 3:35 pm

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