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The Institute for Humane Education was founded in 1996 and is a non-profit group that encourages everyone to live in a humane manner, respecting each other, the world around us, and all living things on this planet. Humane Education specializes in teaching the interconnected issues of Educational, Environment, Animal Protection, Culture Change and Human Rights. The program created by IHE is the first Humane Education Certificate Program and Master of Education with an emphasis on humane education.

IHE also offers programs through distance learning, intensive weekend workshops, and online classes. This flexibility makes it possible for anyone to learn about Humane Education practices. The professors and staff at IHE are all dedicated individuals who deeply believe what they teach and are motivated to help others learn these ethically, socially, and culturally responsible lessons. Students who study at IHE will learn to be educators who teach others these important humane issues.


- Multiple ways to learn about humanities
- Ethically and socially responsible programs
- Emphasis on improving the world we live in
- Has reached tens of thousands of people in the past few years
- Online and distance learning available


- None to speak of


IHE offers Humane Education in the following disciplines:

- Education Issues
- Environmental Issues
- Animal Protection Issues
- Culture and Change Issues
- Human Rights Issues


IHE has collaborated with schools such as Cambridge College to establish degree programs on campuses, although it appears these may be phased out. IHE also offers online classes, distance learning programs, and intensive weekend courses. This flexibility makes it easy for anyone to attend IHE.

The Institute for Humane Education has a 28-acre ocean-front campus in Surry, Maine. The campus hosts workshops and the week-one residency portion of the master's program.


Students who learn Humane Education will become educators who inspire students to be ethical, compassionate citizens of the world. Students at IHE are concerned with creating a more humane world for today's citizen and future generations.

You will not find a traditional collegiate experience at the Institute for Humane Education, as students do not live on campus and course instruction is focused more on distance learning.


The Institute of Humane Education is a positive place to learn how to create a more humane world. IHE aims to equip all students with the passion and skills to solve any challenges they face while remaining ethical, humane, and responsible citizens of the world. IHE is a remarkable program that encourages everyone to live in a humane way.


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Institute of Human Education, Humane Education School, Institute of Humane Society, Institute of Humanities, Institute for Human Education, IHE


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Not sure what happened to the Solutionary School that was slated to open in NYC? posted Apr 28th, 2018 7:06 pm


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I'm a proud graduate of IHE's HECP program. It literally changed my life and my worldview, and now I'm doing humane education as my life's work. The faculty are amazing! posted Mar 9th, 2010 6:31 pm

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