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Become a chef at in 18 months at this respected culinary school..



The New England Culinary Institute is a highly respected culinary arts school based in Vermont. The New England Culinary Institute equips students with a great deal of understanding for the food and beverage industry. Students can pursue a degree in hospitality management or become a culinary artist or chef. Degree programs last as little as 18 months.

In order to enroll at The New England Culinary Institute, you must have an Associate's degree with at least 60 transferable credits from a recognized institution and relevant experience in the food service/hospitality industry.


- Small class sizes
- Plenty of hands-on experience
- Easy to transfer credits from another institution
- Offers a new, 2-year online program for Hospitality and Restaurant Management
- Can be completed in as little as 18 months


- Selective enrollment based on prior food industry and educational experience
- Only physical locations are in Vermont


The grand total for a degree from The New England Culinary Institute in Culinary Arts is $106,811 for students who live on campus and $85,786 for students who do not live on campus.


The New England Culinary Institute offers Bachelor's degrees in:

- Culinary Arts
- Baking and Pastry Arts
- Hospitality and Restaurant Management
- Bachelor of Arts Specialization


The New England Culinary Institute has two schools in Montpelier and Essex, Vermont. The New England Culinary Institute also recently started an online program that allow students to complete the Hospitality and Restaurant Management program.


Classes meet for extended periods (sometimes 8-10 hours a day) so that students can receive personal attention and instruction from the professors who are skilled professionals. Students are measured on their stamina, punctuality, teamwork, coordination, organizational skills, memory, professionalism, and use of the senses.


The New England Culinary Institute has been a leader in the culinary arts field for almost 30 years. It offers small, structured classes for those who are pursuing a career in the exciting and competitive Culinary Arts or Hospitality and Restaurant Management areas.

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