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The University of Oxford has a very long tradition of excellence. Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world, and although there is not a definitive founding date, classes can be traced back to 1096. Since then, Oxford has established itself as one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Oxford is a moderately sized university, with around 20,000 students enrolled each year. Students at Oxford can choose from 38 different colleges to find a major that they are interested in. Students also receive academic guidance, help with career skills development, and have access to many museums and libraries to use in their studies.

Classes at Oxford are tutorial style. In this style of teaching, small groups of students meet with a professor once or twice a week to discuss the week’s work. This work can be an essay, a project, or a problem sheet. This tutorial style of learning allows for more personalized teaching and individualized attention for each student.

Although tuition at Oxford is more expensive for foreign students, the vast availability of scholarships and financial aid make it easier for students to pursue their education at Oxford.


There are more than 20,000 students who attend Oxford. More than a third of the students who attend Oxford are citizens of a country other than the United Kingdom, making Oxford a culturally diverse school. Oxford typically admits only 20 percent of applicants.

- Males composed 53 percent of the undergraduate population and 58 percent of the postgraduate research population in 2009.

- Females composed 47 percent of the undergraduate population and 42 percent of the postgraduate research population in 2009.


Oxford offers majors in 38 different colleges and four main fields of study. These fields are:

- Humanities

- Mathematical, Physical & Life Sciences

- Medical Sciences

- Social Sciences


Tuition rates are determined by residency and degree program. For citizens of the UK, the tuition for most undergraduate degree programs is £3,290. For students from overseas, tuition ranges from £12,200 to £25,500, depending on the degree program. (International students would pay about $19,439 to $40,712.)


The largest university library system in the UK is located at Oxford and includes more than 100 libraries for students to use. The main research library, Bodleian Library, is open for both the public and students. Oxford is home to many impressive museums, including the Ashmolean Museum, which is one of the oldest museums in the world, and the Bate Collection of Musical Instruments.


There are many student organizations at Oxford. Students are encouraged to be active in the campus community, and also to volunteer throughout the larger community of Oxford. Some opportunities for student involvement in organizations on campus include the Oxide, a student-run radio station, The Oxford Union, a debating society, and Oxford Hub, a volunteerism society.


55 Little Clarendon Street
Oxford OX1 2HS
United Kingdom


- Nearest Airports: Students can take The Airline Coach from London Heathrow and Gatwick airports to Oxford. The Airline Coach operates 24 hours a day.

- Nearest Train Station: The London Paddington train station has a direct service to Oxford that runs approximately every 30 minutes. Other train stations with service to Oxford include the Birmingham New Street Station, Reading Station, and Didcot Station.

- Oxford streets are mostly pedestrian, so parking is difficult. Students are encouraged to use public transportation at Oxford instead of having their own cars.


The University of Oxford does not have a mascot.


The University of Oxford is a very historic, prestigious school. Oxford is a smaller school. This makes it possible for tutorial style teaching, which allows for more one-on-one instruction. Oxford is home to the largest library system in the UK and all students have access to these libraries. There are also several well-known museums that students can also access. Although admissions are somewhat strict, many students who are admitted to Oxford qualify for some sort of financial aid. One-third of the students at Oxford are foreign students, making the student population quite diverse.

Oxford is a great school for anyone who wants to pursue a degree in humanities, mathematics, physical and life sciences, medicine, or social sciences. The prestige and history associated with the University of Oxford make a degree from this institution very valuable and recognizable.

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