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In the EDUInReview.com Education Blog you’ll find a variety of headlines to satisfy your news needs. Whether seeking recent news in education policy or those from colleges and universities across America, our team is sure to have the latest. On the lighter side you’ll find tips and advice for navigating the college lifestyle, health information for students, follow college and high school athletics, receive information regarding financial aid, or even how to take those first steps toward a strong career.

The school database presents colleges and universities from every corner of the country, providing a thorough blueprint of each institution to help students make a more informed decision before applying. We also encourage alumni and fans to tell us which schools they love and hate with our interactive rating system. The database is continually expanding to represent the growing number of non-traditional and online colleges and universities as well.

Our extensive scholarship search has more than 450,000 scholarship listings in the database. No matter your major, school, affiliations, hobbies or interests, you are sure to identify scholarships that you’re qualified for. We share eligibility requirements, award amount, application due dates and more.

Use the education resources section to access our valuable how-to guides. Whether a student’s parent or a college-bound student, these guides offer tips and insight to help you acquire scholarships, ace exams, be accepted by your choice schools and more.

No matter where you fall on the education spectrum – a college-bound student, educator, parent of a student or returning adult – EDUInReview.com has the tools necessary to help you make educated decisions about your scholastic career.

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