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Babylon was founded in 1997. Babylon is a software program that features foreign language dictionary and translation solutions. Babylon has a database of 1,400 sources in 77 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, and many more. Babylon has definitions and translations for slag, jargon, and technical terms. Each language features single-click dictionary and translations options, which allow you to translate or define practically any word imaginable. Babylon also offers text translation in 33 languages, making it easy to translate a paper or work presentation for multiple audiences who speak different languages. There is a fee to use the full Babylon program; however the basic translation program is free online.

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–    Text translation in 35 languages
–    Definitions from internationally renowned dictionary publishers, such as Britannica and Merriam-Webster
–    Database of 1,400 sources in 77 languages
–    Single-click technology makes it easy to select and define words
–    Very popular in more than 200 countries

–    Prices range from $128 to $160 for a lifetime subscription to the full service
–    Monthly fee per user per computer for the full services


–    Afrikaans
–    Albanian
–    Arabic
–    Azerbaijanian
–    Basque
–    Breton
–    Bulgarian
–    Catalan
–    Croatian
–    Danish
–    Dutch
–    E nglish
–    Esperanto
–    Estonian
–    Finnish
–    Flemish
–    French
–    German
–    Greek
–    Hebrew
–    Hindi
–    Hmong
–    Hungarian
–    Indonesian
–     Interlingua
–    Italian
–    Japanese
–    Korean
–    Latin
–    Latvian
–    Lithuanian
–    Luxembourgish
–    Maori
–    Mongolian
–    Norwegian
–    Papiamento
–    Persian
–    Portuguese
–    Polish
–    Quechua
–    Romanian
–    Russian
–    Serbian
–    Slovak
–    Slovenian
–    Somali
–    Spanish
–    Surinamese
–    Swahili
–    Swedish
–    Thai
–    Turkish
–    Ukrainian
–    Vietnamese
–    Visayan


Babylon is a great resource for those who need to communicate in several languages. Babylon also features full translations in 77 languages, a huge database of resources, and highly respected scholarly dictionaries. What really sets Babylon apart is its ability to translate slang, jargon, and technical terms, which is an incredibly valuable tool for communication. Babylon offers free translation online; however, if users want to access the complete library of Babylon services, they must pay a monthly fee or the lifetime membership fee.


Bablon, Babolon, Babbylon

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Thumbs Up

Love this app. Was able to learn spanish & chinese quickly. It allowed me to be a step ahead for my college language class. Nice software!
posted Mar 22nd, 2018 4:23 pm


Thumbs Up

the babylon app is so money for translating
posted May 18th, 2010 3:28 pm

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