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Meghan Markle Well Educated, Beautiful and Now Royalty

Meghan Markle Northwestern

Meghan Markle is best known as being the bride of Prince Harry. Her induction to royalty has earned her the title of Princess, but, because she is not a princess by blood, she is known as the Duchess of Sussex. Here husband, Prince Harry, holds the title of Duke of Sussex.

In addition to being a princess, Markle is also a retired actress who is best known for her role on the American legal drama series Suits. She has also done humanitarian work for several international charity organizations, addressed issues of gender inequality and released her own clothing line in 2016.

Personal Life:

Meghan Markle was born on August 4, 1981 in Los Angeles, CA. She grew up in Hollywood and was educated in private schools. She started off projecting her political views at an early age starting a campaign to get Proctor and Gamble to change a television commercial she viewed as sexist when she was just 11 years old.

Her first marriage was to actor and producer Trevor Engelson. The two were married only two years, from 2011 to 2013. She became engaged to Prince Harry in 2017 and moved to London shortly afterwards. The couple married in May of 2018. They have recently announced their first pregnancy.


High School: Markle attended an all girls Catholic private school in Los Angeles called Immaculate Heart High School.

College: Markle went on to attend Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. During her time at the school, she joined the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and participated in several community service and charity projects. She graduated from the university’s School of Communication in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree and a double major in theater and international studies.

Harvey Weinstein and his University of Buffalo Days


Harvey University of BuffaloHarvey Weinstein was best known for his career as a film producer. As a co-founder of the Miramax entertainment company, he produced a number of successful independent films like Sex, Lies and Videotape, Pulp Fiction and The Crying Game. He won many Tony Awards and an Academy Award for his achievements in the film industry. After leaving Miramax, he co-founded the Weinstein Company, a mini major film studio.

In October of 2017, a number of sexual abuse allegations were made against Weinstein. As a result, he was dismissed from his company and expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In May of 2018, he was arrested in New York accused of rape and other offenses. He was subsequently released on bail.

Personal Life

Weinstein was born in Queens New York on March 19, 1952, the son of Polish immigrants. He was passionate about film early on and worked closely with his brother in an effort to be successful in the film industry.

He has been married twice. He first married his assistant, Eve Chilton in 1987. The couple had three children, Remy, Emma and Ruth. The two divorced in 2004. In 2007, Weinstein married fashion designer and actress Georgina Chapman. They have two children, India and Dashiell. In 2017, Chapman announced she was leaving Weinstein as a result of the sexual allegations reported against him.


In 1967, Harvey began attending John Browne High School. There, he worked on editing the school paper, was a member of the student council and participated in a radio club.

After college, Harvey enrolled at the University of Buffalo where he was also active on the school newspaper. He graduated from the school with an honorary doctorate of humane letters. The school is currently looking into rescinding this degree in light of the sexual allegations made against him.

Michael Flynn United States Army Lieutenant General and University of Rhode Island Graduate

Michael Flynn University of Rhode Island

Michael Flynn is a retired United States Army Lieutenant General. He served in the army from 1981 to 2014 and then went on to become a National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump in 2017. He also served as the eighteenth director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Barack Obama from 2012 to 2014. During his career, he played a key role in shaping a counterterrorism strategy for the U.S. and dismantling insurgent networks in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In 2017, Flynn was accused of lying to the FBI about contacts he had with the Russian government during Trump’s presidential transition. He pleaded guilty and resigned from his position in the Trump administration shortly thereafter.

Personal Life

Flynn was born in Middletown, Rhode Island in December of 1958. He was one of nine children growing up in an Irish Catholic family. He was active in sports and had a mother who stressed the importance of education.

Later in life, Flynn would marry his high school sweetheart Lori Andrade. They have two adult sons together, Michael Flynn Jr and Matt Flynn.


Flynn attended Middletown High School where he excelled in football. He led the school’s team to a Division B state championship in 1976.

Flynn then went on to attend the University of Rhode Island. He joined the ROTC program there and earned a degree in management science in 1981. He also acquired graduate degrees in telecommunications, military arts and sciences and national security and strategic studies as well as an Honorary Doctorate of Law for The Institute of World Politics in Washington, D.C.

Did Kathy Griffin Attend College? Or Even Graduate High School?

Kathy Griffin High School

Kathy Griffin is a well known actress and comedienne. She is most celebrated for her reality TV show, My Life on the D List. The show earned her two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Reality Program. She has also starred in several comedy specials and has released a number of comedy albums, some of which were nominated for Grammy Awards.

Though Griffin is well celebrated in the industry, she is also known for her subversive humor. As a result, she has been banned from several talk shows and dismissed from roles on many television shows. Perhaps her most daring stunt was posting a video of herself holding a mask styled to look like the severed head of President Trump. She later took down the video and posted a public apology.

Personal Life

Kathy Griffin was born in Oak Park, Ill on Nov. 4, 1960. A born entertainer, she would talk a lot and tell stories to her neighbors. She became passionate about musical theater early on.

Griffin was married to actor Matt Moline from 2001-2006. Since then, she has dated a number of men but was never remarried. She does not have any children.


Griffin attended Oak Park and Forest River High. While she attended the schools, she immersed herself in their musical theater program.

Following high school graduation, Griffin persuaded her parents to move to Los Angeles so she could pursue her acting and comedy career. She continued her training working with the improvisational group The Groundlings and studying at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.

Matt Lauer Educational Background – Ohio University or Scripps College?

Matt Laur Ohio University

Matt Lauer is best known for his career as a television news anchor on NBC’s today show, a position he held from 1997 to 2017. He was also a contributor to Dateline NBC and hosted the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. In the earlier stages of his career, he worked as a news anchor for WNBC in New York City and hosted a local talk shows in Philadelphia, Boston and Rhode Island.

In 2017, Lauer was accused of sexual misconduct by a female co-worker. His contract was terminated shortly afterwards. Lauer is now staying at his home in the Hamptons where he is out of the public eye. Although he says he has plans to return to television at some point, nothing is on the horizon for the immediate future.

Personal Life

Lauer was born in New York City on Dec. 30, 1957. As he grew older, he became passionate about the media arts and pursuing a career in the industry. He also always saw getting married and having children as one of his life goals.

Lauer was married to television producer Nancy Alspaugh from 1982 to 1989. The couple did not have any children. His second marriage was to Annette Roque in 1998. The two have three children together, Jack, Romy and Thijs. They are currently in the process of divorcing following Lauer’s sexual misconduct charges.


High School: Matt attended Woodlands High School in Hartsdale, Westchester until his sophomore year. After getting average grades, his parents decided to move him to a school with a more challenging curriculum. The family moved to allow him to attend Greenwich High School in Greenwich, CT. He graduated from the more academically rigorous school in 1975.

Ohio University: Lauer originally attended the Scripps College of Communication and School of Media Arts at Ohio University in the mid 1970’s. He dropped out of the school in 1997 and began to pursue his career. He returned to the school later in life and earned his undergraduate degree in 1997.

Did Beto O’Rourke even go to College?

Beto Rouke

Beto O’Rourke is an American politician and businessman. He served on the El Paso City Council from 2005-2011 and was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 2012. He is the Democratic Party nominee in the 2018 Texas U.S. Senate running against Republican incumbent Ted Cruz.

O’Rourke is known for being a progressive or liberal Democrat. His political plans include combatting global warming, increasing federal aid to schools. He supports the decriminalization of cannabis, favors immigration reform and champions Planned Parenthood and marriage equality.

Personal Life:

Born in El Paso, TX on Sept. 26, 1972, Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke is the son of Melissa Martha Williams and El Paso County Judge Pat Francis O’Rourke. His father was a political associate of former Texas Governor Mark White.

After graduating college, O-Rourke worked for an internet service provider in New York City and then co-founded Stanton Street Technology, an internet software company that develops websites and software. He also tried his luck at pursuing law by researching on websites like about the course’s acceptance in the region. He also played bass in a band called Foss which featured members who went on to have impressive music careers.

O’Rourke married his wife, Amy Sanders in 2005. The two have three young children together, Ulysses, Molly and Henry. He enjoys staying in shape and often shares his workout routine with his Facebook followers.

Beto Rouke College


O’Rourke attended Carlos Rivera and Mesita Elementary Schools and El Paso High School. He then moved on to graduate from the Woodberry Forest School in 1991. This is a private, all male boarding school located in Woodberry Forest Madison County, VA. Current enrollment is 395.

He then moved on to attend Columbia University in New York City where he was captain of the rowing crew. He graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in English literature. Established in 1754, Columbia is a private Ivy League research university. It contains the oldest college in New York State and is the fifth chartered institution of higher learning in the U.S. making it one of nine colonial colleges founded prior to the Declaration of Independence.


Ted Cruz Educational Background | Did Ted Cruz go to School in the USA or Canada?

Ted Cruz Princton Educational Background
Ted Cruz is a politician and attorney who has been serving as the United States Senator from Texas since 2013. He is the first Hispanic American to serve as a U.S. Senator representing Texas. He was also a candidate for the Republican nomination for the President of the United States in the 2016 election. He is known for his ultra-conservative political views as well as his persuasive speeches and tactics.

Among Cruz’s political accomplishments, one has been the instrumental role he played in the government shut down in 2013 which followed his 21 hour speech against Barack Obama’s healthcare plan. He opposes same sex marriage and abortion. He celebrates legal immigration and is in favor of abolishing the IRS and instituting a flat tax system.

Personal Life:
Ted Cruz was born Rafael Edward Cruz on December 22, 1970. He was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but raised in Houston, TX. He demonstrated a gift for public speaking at an early age when he joined an after school program run by the Free Enterprise Institute which introduced young people to free market economics and focused on an understanding of the Constitution. The organization encouraged him, and other youths involved, to give speeches around Texas on related issues.
Cruz married his wife Heidi in May of 2001. The couple has two daughters, Catherine, born 2011 and Caroline, born 2008. He is very religious and outspoken about his belief in God.

Senator Cruz believes that school is greatly beneficial to children and that every child deserves a quality education. He believes it gives students more opportunities and improves the schools themselves, making them more accountable to the communities they serve.
High School: Cruz went to two different private high schools, Faith West Academy near Katy, TX and Second Baptist High School in Houston. He graduated as valedictorian from the latter in 1988. Second Baptist serves approximately 1200 students from PK-12 and has access to nearly 1,000,000 square feet of educational and recreational facilities.
Ted Cruz College
Following high school, Cruz went on to go to Princeton University. He graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. While at Princeton, he competed for the American -Whig Cliosophic Society’s Debate Panel and won the top speaker award at the 1992 U.S. National Debating Championship and the 1992 North American Debating Championship and was also named U. S. National Speaker of the year. Princeton is an Ivy League School that has been ranked as 7th among 300 Best World Universities in 2011 by the Human Resources and Labor Review.

A Healthy College Lifestyle in 5 Steps

Bags have been packed and unpacked, dorms have been filled with cart-full after cart-full of bedding and living essentials, and the new semester has officially begun. The excitement of starting or returning to college is real and there are dozens of new places to explore and friends to meet. The first month of school can turn into a blur of running from classes, completing piles of homework, and spending weekends at the most popular parties. It may seem completely out of reach, but there are some great tips, tricks, and resources to make it a successfully healthy year.

Best Credit Cards For College Students

Best College Student Credit Cards

Finding a credit card as a college student can be a daunting task. Many banks and lenders won't even hand them out. However, the ones that do, give some pretty good perks in hopes that you'll stay aboard as a long time customer. We came up with a list of the best credit cards for college students with no credit history.

SoFi Review: Refinancing My Student Loans

Getting started with the refinancing process with SoFi is pretty easy. It only takes about five minutes and I didn't have to look up any of the information they were asking. The forms were simple and easy to understand and everything was modern and user friendly. Within a few minutes, I received a few different offers to consider.


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