10 Things Every College Student Should Experience

If you ask your parents or professors about the most exciting period in their lives, you’ll probably hear this answer: “my years at college”. Think about it: if you don’t use the years you have at college to have the best time of your life, when will you set yourself free? You’ll face huge responsibilities as soon as you graduate, so you should definitely relax and do some things you always wanted to do. You know, just like in movies.

Here are 10 things that every college student should go through:

  1. Meeting tons of people

During freshman year, students are really excited to see new faces everywhere they turn. They want to meet new friends and ask about their cities and countries. However, that excitement goes away as they get used to the campus environment. Don’t let that happen to you. College gives you great opportunities to meet new people and make friends every single day.

  1. Sleepless nights

Everyone tells you to sleep at least 8 hours every night. That’s important, but sometimes it’s impossible. In some situations, you’ll really need to deprive yourself from sleep for the sake of studying. You don’t have to do that when you’re supposed to write a paper, since you can always hire the professional writers from EssayOnTime to help you with that. However, no one can study in your place, so you’ll definitely go through some sleepless nights before and during exam week.

  1. Taking easy electives

Who said you should constantly challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone? It’s okay to take easy subjects, mainly because they are fun. Elective subjects can easily get you easy scores, so why would you waste your time and energy with something you don’t understand?

  1. Going on road trips

You don’t plan road trips; you just decide you should go. If one of your friends has a car, then benefit from the freedom you have and get moving. Travelling is a great activity that helps you develop strong bonds with your friends.

  1. Skipping classes

Let’s get something clear: yes, you are paying for those college classes and you should definitely attend them. However, it’s okay to skip a class or two when you don’t feel like listening to a lecture. You might be too tired, or maybe you have great plans for the evening. Don’t skip classes too commonly, but do that when you know you’ll benefit more from another activity than from the lecture you would attend.

  1. Spending time with family and old friends

Don’t forget to maintain old connections, and stay in touch with your family. You’ll get vacations during college, so don’t spend them on campus. Organize trips with your family and high-school friends and remind yourself how much you care about them.

  1. Partying

Don’t do this too often, but make sure to experience it at least once throughout college: party like a rock star. People will keep inviting you to parties, and sometimes you’ll have to say no because of studying and other responsibilities. However, it’s okay to set yourself free and get wild from time to time. Enjoy college life, but remember not to pass the limits.

  1. Finding new hobbies

You’re too young to focus on your major and avoid finding new interests. Do you like singing, playing sports, or writing poems? Join a club and get involved. Your hobby will add a new dimension to your college life, so you won’t spend a minute being bored.

  1. Dorm life

Without experiencing dorm life, the entire college experience is somehow incomplete. Living with other students teaches you not only to relax, but to be a responsible person as well. You’ll learn how to take your share of responsibilities and control your temper when you don’t like someone’s actions. Plus, you’ll make friends for a lifetime.

  1. Graduating

That’s an experience you can’t compare. You’ll have a lot of fun throughout college, so maybe you won’t want this moment to come. However, graduation is the whole purpose for going through this journey. It will make you feel like an accomplished, responsible individual who is ready to deal with the world.


There you have them – the 10 things you should definitely experience throughout college. There is still time until graduation, but keep that final goal in mind while you go through all other adventures on the list.


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