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Someone famous once said, “Dying is easy. It’s life that is hard.” It’s true that getting up every day and going to work is difficult, especially if you hate your job. The good news is that you can control your own destiny. Through a proper education, a dynamite work ethic and a little bit of luck you can lead a successful and prosperous life. The first step is finding the right school to advance your education. ITT Technical Institute is a wonderful place to obtain an education.

The great thing about ITT Technical Institute, or ITT Tech, is that this college specializes in technical training. Technical careers such as Computer Programmer, Electrical Engineer, Information Systems Analyst, Architect and Accountant all pay extremely well salaries. Choosing a technical career will mean more job opportunities and a better chance at moving up the career ladder. ITT Tech offers Associates, Bachelors and Masters Degree programs.

Many individuals think that they cannot attend college because they are already working professionals with bills to pay. That is simply not true. ITT Tech has 85 campuses nationwide with multiple locations in some areas. ITT Tech caters to the working professional over traditional students. Classes meet around your individual schedule. The college has both accelerated and evening classes which work great for those who work during the day. ITT Tech also has a progressive online class program. In the past few years the college has taken steps to improve its online class program; offering more classes and making the systems more user friendly.

ITT Tech offers a different type of learning environment than most traditional universities. The philosophy at ITT Tech has always been one of professionalism. Since the college was founded in 1969, the atmosphere in the classroom has always been about the most current technology and philosophies that go with them.

The professors are industry experts first and foremost, teachers second. Unlike traditional universities, the professors at ITT Tech have extensive backgrounds in their industry, most with 20+ years. At traditional universities professors usually have a few years of industry experience but really lack the most up to date training.

The cost of technical schools like ITT Tech varies by location and degree program but usually are cheaper than traditional universities. Students need to be aware that taking online classes are more expensive than traditional classes as well as certain specialty classes or labs. Prospective students also need to be aware of the per credit cost of a class versus flat tuition fee. Although, it may seem the per credit tuition is lower than the flat tuition most times it is not. Credits may not transfer either. ITT is an accredited university but credits will usually not transfer to traditional universities.

Student life is surprisingly abundant at ITT Tech with many campuses offering intramural sports, clubs, holiday parties and honor societies. There is definitely a community feel to the college unlike other technical schools. The warm atmosphere continues even after graduation with work with placement programs and retraining. ITT Tech is a fantastic place to achieve the dream of an education.

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