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As senior year draws to a close, there are many things to keep upcoming college freshmen occupied. There are standardized tests to take, prom, finals, college applications and much more. Many students are so excited about going to college that there isn’t time to think about how to pay for it. Most students plan to lean on federal student loans, but loans come with a hefty price tag even if a degree isn’t obtained. Granted, students don’t have to pay back the money until they’ve been out of school six months or more, but the interest continues stacking up throughout your time in school. Scholarships are free money that can be used as the primary, if not sole, means of paying for a college education. And typically their only cost is keeping your grades up.

There are over a million scholarships available, worth billions of dollars, and many ways to find the right group of scholarships to pay for college. One method of finding money for school is the Internet. When using the Internet to search for scholarship help, it can be difficult to sort through the clutter of sites that will fill up your inbox with everything, except scholarship information. One trusted site that’s been around since 1995 is FastWeb has helped more than 34 million students find scholarships since it first launched.

FastWeb can be your link to scholarship information. It is the Web’s largest searchable scholarship database, and there’s no need to worry about outdated information, because the database is updated daily. Just when you thought there was no way to pay for college other than loans, or having a perfect grade point average, there is hope. With FastWeb, you fill out a profile, and search scholarships and internships related to your field of interest, all for free. A couple of drawbacks are that the profile section is rather lengthy, and there are some advertisements that will interrupt the process. As long as you don’t get distracted with the ads, you can be well on your way to finding scholarship money for school.

If you are not sure which college major you’re interested in just yet, that’s all right. You can go for general scholarships until you choose your specialty. There are so many decisions to make at this point that you shouldn’t rush it. Throughout college and even before you start, you’ll learn that many of your decisions heavily depend on resources. This resource is one that can greatly help ease the financial burden of furthering your education. There are many web sites, books and message boards available to help find scholarships for college, so shop around for the one that’s right for you. Check everything out and be sure to find the route that will best fit your needs.

As you look toward a college adventure filled with classes, pop-quizzes, mid-terms and finals, the last thing you should be preoccupied with is how to pay your tuition. Work with FastWeb to find the right scholarships, while you enjoy your senior year stress-free.

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