10 Largest Universities in the United States

Updated August 2018

Looking for a really big place to go to college?  Here are the 10 universities in the United States with the largest combined graduate and undergraduate enrollment as of 2018:

1) Ohio State University — 52,500

2) University of Florida — 51,700

3) University of Minnesota — 51,800

4) Arizona State University — 51,400

5) University of Texas — 51,100

6) University of Central Florida — 55,783

7) Texas A & M — 48,346

8 ) Michigan State University — 46,000

9) Pennsylvania State University — 43,200

10) University of Wisconsin — 42,000

So should these numbers scare you away?  Maybe, if personal attention and a small community atmosphere is what you’re looking for.  But for many students, the big university experience is terrific.

I should know, as I went to grad school at the University of Minnesota, #4 on the list.   Yes, there were some serious “being a number” kinds of issues at the school, especially for undergrads.  A huge percentage of courses was taught by TAs (teaching assistants), and dealing with the bureaucracy was sometimes quite a nightmare.  On the other hand, though, there’s always so much going on when a campus is that big — sports, theater, parties, political activities, and whatever it is you’re into.  The University of Minnesota is smack in the middle of Minneapolis, and students can walk, bus, or take a short drive to live music, museums, lakes, and the lively Uptown and downtown areas of the city.  I just loved walking down the streets of campus and being surrounded by a constant rush of people and activity (although not quite so much during the Minnesota winters, but that’s another issues!)

So if you like lots of excitement and activities, and you don’t mind being anonymous now and then, don’t rule out a gigantic university.

9 Responses to “10 Largest Universities in the United States”

  1. Jim says:

    Some schools have more than 1 campus. For example City University of NY (CUNY) consists of 26 campuses and indeed 200,00 plus students.
    It appears this document represents the number of undergraduates attending one campus.

  2. shaymus says:

    The actual enrollment figures can differ depending on the basis from which they consider students enrolled some students might be taking one to two credits and not considered enrolled or a campus member or whatever. But regardless however you slice it having 50,000 people plus enrolled in a campus is ridiculous that’s a goddamn factory

  3. Joe says:

    UCF has a larger student body than all of the schools mentioned and has been in the top 10 for at least five years (if not longer).

  4. mark says:

    This is FAKE NEWS!
    There are much larger colleges.
    For example Florida International University in Miami has 57,000

  5. John says:

    Is 55,873 no longer bigger than 52,500? Doesn’t that make UCF the largest in the country, not Ohio State?

  6. Carl Steere Myrus says:

    More evidence that quality has nothing to do with quantity.

  7. Ofori Malik owusu says:

    Which of the above universities is the cheapest. Am aimed at offering computer science

  8. dehstanie says:

    hey, to everybod that is reading this i really cant choose what school i want to go to. these all seem like good scools but i want to find that right one that has the best education i dont want to dumm lol:) . but yea leave more comments and help me choose if u cant thats ok but thanks you if u can

    bye. to those that are reading my comment help please. :)<3

  9. daniel says:

    wow!…. the photos is great!
    i choice University of Minesotta for the best 🙂

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